Laketown Circus and Tournament: Opening Circus Parade

Opening Circus Parade
Summary: The Circus Arrives in Town!
Date: 12 July 2013
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Laketown - Open Field
The tournament field is expansive and properly flattened to accommodate the events. The center is dominated by the list, deliniated by a series of wooden markers. To one side is a special dais for the highest sovereigns and their guests - the berfrois - where nobles and royals sit above the rest to view the events. To the left of the dais is a small circular station ringed with a single-rail fence where the melee events are hosted. Far off to the right a series of archery targets spaced at various intervals allow for archery competitions. Beyond all of this the field has been cleared for the various pavilions of those competing.

The single packed dirt road leads back eastward toward Laketown.

12 July 1329

The tournament field has been set up for the coming circus and battles to be held. On the southern side of the field are several tents set up in the colors of silver and blue, with several banners of the Taniford houses swaying in the breeze. On the northern side if the grey and red of Rhaedan, it's banner and houses in the wind as well, allowing places for both sides to gather and celebrate and watch the events, or for those that could not afford lodgings in the town at one of the two Inns, a place to sleep.

A large tent encompasses the western half of the field, where the circus maintop has been set up, annd there are already a few wagons, befoostened with colorful streamers and cloths already set up.

Already a crowd of people are starting to make their way in, lining up as the noise of a colorful bangles, lutes and drums rings out in the air. As the first wagons appear in the distance, flanking the wagons are acrobats, colorfully and loosely dressed - probably very improperly for certain people with the bared midriffs and legs. Twirling and twisting in the crowd, they are passing out small tokens and candy as the first few wagons, these being the setting up wagons, roll onto the field.

Cordelia follows along with a group of commoners. Arms crossed over her chest as she walks, the woman grins broadly, chuckling at the excitement of her companions. Her head lifts from time to time, looking for other familiar faces as she arrives at the field.

Standing close beside the Mother Superior, Thomas is keeping a close eye on the crowd and those that come to pay their respects to the Mother. Knowing full well that the atmosphere is fully charged and that Tanifords and Rhaedan, two that are near war, have come to Laketown for the fun and excitement. It is his duty to ensure that it is only that that occurs.

Having come to check upon those Chosen already settled to keep watch over the field and the separate tents, Tylon stands simply observing again in a place along the edge of the field. Eyes taking in how it has been and continues to be transformed with the arrival of the circus wagons and the setup in progress. Noting to Thomas,"I imagine Sister Alyona is muttering my name within interesting phrases for giving her that added responiblity just prior to the arrival of all of this."

Castor Westmark, finally looking like his usually, cheery self again (sans bandages, sling and sour expression) stands near Thomas with some of the other attendees from the Temple. Experimentally flexing his left arm, he glances aside at Thomas and Tylon and smirks.

"Really, Mother Superior?" he asks with certain amusement. "That doesn't sound like Sister Alyona at all!" The lad grins and returns his attention to the field, looking for persons in particular. "Why do I feel like this is either a great triumph of mutual merriment over political differences… or one of my dear twin sister's experimental concoctions?"

Having recently vacated his title and promoting Coriaria to Baroness, the former Baron Paule Westmark is watching the events unfold while he munches on a candied apple. There's a glance over to Katarina and a grin as she excuses herself to go get a second one. "At least you are not looking for candied venison." he teases her quietly as his wife wanders off and he goes back to watching things from the Rhaedan side of the field.

Hearing his son's voice, the Count-Palatine gives a glance over, and a nod of his head towards Castor, but doesn't want to interupt the young man while he's 'on duty'.

To the blaring of horns, the flying pendants of Rhaedan, Prince Jerric arrives a top a Lhostren war horse. At the edge of the field, He calmly surveys the scene before him as his Royal Guards fan out to keep an eye on any that would dare bring him harm. The closest five are his usual personal guards, seen with him daily. "Well, this looks interesting," he says as he moves from the saddle fluidly. A squire rushes up and takes the horse and leads him off to the Rhaedan pavilion that has been set up, of course, on the northern side of the field.

Despite the fanfare and jubilation, the excitement in the atmosphere, and his own squire's inability not to turn his head at every flash of skin on a woman passing by, Sir Gustav Sollinger remains leaning against a carriage parked on the side of the road, his one good eye glowering out into the crowd, scanning and seeking for something in particular.

The Sollinger knight is dressed in the green dyed leathers of a garb meant more for travel than for pleasure seeking, and his cane, mostly unused, is resting at his side today. He smokes lightly from a long pipe while he waits, puffing gently but meticulously often.

Bryony is on the Rhaedan side of things. She smiles widely as the prince arrives. A faint flush of excitement colors her cheeks and her hands can hardly stay still, wringing themselves against her skirts. "I love the circus," she confesses to the prince, stepping a tad closer for conversation. Recalling belatedly, the apothecary drops a quick curtsey. "Do they not come up to Rhaedan, your highness?"

A bow of his head "Lord Castor, how well it is to see you again." He says in greeting and chuckles at the Lord's words to Tylon. He smiles as the Mother speaks of Alyona "Oh, I am sure she is just giddy with excitement," he notes deadpan. But that one raise brow of his rises a tad indicating his jest. As the horns are heard he turns "Rhaedan is here," comes the soft spoken words.

There seem to be all kinds turning out to take in the arrival of the circus from all stations of life. Including the highest of them, needing no blaring horns or grand fanfare, the arrival of the Summer Queen is a simple and regal affair. Giving the area a quiet and calm study as the Blue Guards that accompany her and her 'companion' give the area a far less kind look and inspection. Regina taking in the activity for many long minutes before observing to Niniane,"It does have a promsing apperance." Not even a blink given to the guard who comes over and whispers something into her ear.

Cordelia just kind of slips away from her group at sight of the pipe smoker and his companion. Reaching out, she ruffles the lad's hair. "Looks like you'll be stayin' awhile." She nods towards the queen to indicate her meaning. "Tavern wenches beware." Her elbow nudges at Gustav's ribs as as she jokes.

A smile goes Castor's way,"I did give her a promotion, if you have not yet heard. It is not entirely offical yet, but I am sure she had not expected to be required to expand her security efforts quite so quickly. Nor face such a complicated affair." Tylon's gaze going back towards the field before she nods,"I beleive the answer to that will be known by the end of the week, one way or another." A soft chuckle slips when Thomas manages to deliver that comment so deadpan. "Yes, I am sure, utterly giddy. " Turning her gaze in the direction of the horns before giving a light turn of her hand in the direction of all the blue arriving,"It would seem Taniford as well as arrived."

Princess Niniane is quiet as she enters the area beside the southern queen. The blonde northerners eyes are downcast for a moment before she looks across the way and seeing her elder brother in the same vicinity as her after quite some time, a small smile touches her lips. Remaining composed however Niniane gives Regina a small smile, "It does your majesty, it will be good for both of our people to enjoy themselves." Her green eyes scan the northerners first and she inclines her head to a few known faces and smiles brightly to Paule and Katarina before seeing the choosen and lifting a hand to Castor in greeting, but she does not leave the queens side at the moment.

As the wagons for the set up roll in, next is the wagons for the zoo that is being set up. The next set of wagons that are carted in are far more colorful. Pulled by large stallions, a man stands at the front of the wagon, dressed in pieces of plate mail and leather armored decorated with several medals and awards. "Come one, come all!" he calls out loudly, the handsome older man runs his hand through his beard. "Come to the zoo of the fame adventurer Captain Javan Emrick, the lone adventurer from Eikeren to successfully travel to Ellowe and come back with these beasts of wonder and amazement for you to see and stare at in awe!"

In the following wagons are teaser arts and paintings of what may be contained within. One is painted with colorful boars mixed with bats. Marvel at the feats of fancy of the flying pigs of Ellowe!

The next wagon actually shakes, and there's a roar that comes inside of it. 'Fear the beast of Boras!' the art calls out in loud colors, a fearsome creature painted on the side of it. The following wagon sloshes water, and as it does, a creature of blue leaps from the surface for a moment, spread what appears to be wings and then splashes back beneath the surface 'Visit the living embodiment of Stilltha!' the paintings proclaim.

Another cart is actually opened, for viewing within. Chained within the cage of the wagon is a woman - a collar is festoned around her neck, leather straps locked suggestively around her body. Upon closer inspection, she has feathers braided into her hair, and along her arms and back. Deep golden eyes and a bird-like nose peer out at the unfamilar crowd, as one man calls out to her. "I'll make you smile, darling!" he laughs uproariously. Come, see the seducer of Ellowe, the amazing and beautiful 'Bird Girl'. She doesn't appear to be any more than eighteen or so.

'Try the test of strength of the Bovine Snake!' comes the next wagon, a massive cow crossed with a reptile of some sort that is hauled in on numerous chains, and held in place by at least four guards armed with crossbows.

More wagons continue to file in, carrying lessor beasts and some more common to Eikeren.

Gustav's attention turns sharply towards the procession of the Blue Guard and their royal charge as Cordelia points them out, and for a moment there is a jealous reminiscence in his eye. It fades quickly, however, as he takes the elbow to the ribs. "Took you long enough to get here," he grunts, spitting the pipe out. "Did you know all of this was coming through, or did you just want to stall me for the joy of it?"

Prince Jerric smiles that sly smile of his as he spots the Queen arriving. His eyes narrow a bit and then he shrugs his shoulders. Right before he begins to make his way to where the sea of blue surrounds her. "Well," he says as he nears Regina, ignoring the stares from the other Tanifords that arrived with the Queen. "If Father had known you were coming, Queen Regina, I am sure he would have made the trip as well. Instead," Jerric sweeps out his hands to the side "Let me be the gracious one and welcome you to the Circus and Tournament." No bow, of course." For what seems forever his gaze remains fixed on the Taniford till he turns to his sister and there comes a true smile to his features "Niniane. It has been to to long. I have missed you terribly. I hope," he cuts his eyes to the Queen momentarily, "that you were at least allowed to receive my letters?" He holds out his arms for a hug as he does. Just then the wagons begin to make their way into the compound a quick glance over his shoulders "I have hard that there be all manners of beasts coming to this, it should prove most interesting."

As Paule watches the events, he notices Niniane and considers for a moment. Calling over one of the royal runners for Jerric, he writes a simple note and hands it off to be sent to the Taniford side. As the runner moves across the lines, he's checked by guards first before his note is taken and presented to the Queen.

Cordelia sticks her lower lip out at Gustav, pouting for him. "Awww. Don't be mad. It could be fun." One corner of her mouth twists upwards into a wry smile. "You remember fun, don't yo- oh… There's one for you," she mutters as the harpy is revealed. "She looks about your speed."

Castor lifts an eyebrow to Tylon. "How does one get promoted from being the Mother Superior's Chosen?" He chuckles and nods to Thomas. "It is good to see you too, brother!" The lad's eyes catch sight of his father, and Niniane, but he doesn't move just yet.

"Does this mean Alyona shall no longer be my mentor, given her new responsibilities?" He inquires of Thomas and Tylon together, as the lad casually massages the side of his neck with a hand.

It had been quite some time since Amira had been in Laketown. Long before the last tournament. Finding herself here once more she cannot seem to get enough. The delighted smile on her face is infectious to her handmaid who tarries at her side while no less than four guards surround her person at all times. Enchanted with the different wagons and the promises each make by the lovely arts on the side of each, she debates on where to explore first. Only then does she catch sight of her siblings and with a skip in her step, she approaches them as quickly as possible.

Thomas begins watching the wagons roll in. And for once there is actually an expression of excitement written across his expression. Turning his head and finally tearing his eyes from them he looks to Castor "You hadn't heard? Aly is now the Lieutenant of the Chosen. So she can be your mentor but is also my boss. A title she is non to keen on." He smiles to Tylon "Yes, now if they can just keep the peace here in Laketown," but his words fall away, noticing the Prince heading to the Queen's entourage.

Niniane's eyes meet her brother's eyes and the princess returns Jerric's genuine smile with one of her own saying, "I am sure father would have loved this Jerric." Her tone is almost sarcastic but she catches sight of Amira and smiles to her younger sister, a hand lifting to her as well in greeting before eyeing the runner that arrived from Paule's direction. A slender eyebrow rises as she gives the former Baron of Westmark a questioning look, then once again schools her expression to a placid and faintly bored one.

Cordelia rolls her eyes at the dour expression. She, too, has noted the kerfuffle with the royals. "Even the northerners are not so stupid as to do something this publicly," she mutters to him. "And if you're going to be grumpy and irate, I'll go off to find more pleasant company." Even as she utters the words, she leans back, settling in for the show.

"It is always good when the people enjoy themselves, Princes," notes the Queen calmly as dark eyes continue to take inthe changing scene taking note of southerners and northerners alike. In fair time Regina's gaze tracks the movements of the Northern Prince when he takes a path in her direction but by the time he has arrived something of greater interest has captured her attention. Though for several of the Blue Guards ther eis no greater interest then the Prince, certain he is nothing more than a sly viper slithering along by the looks in their eyes.

The Summer Queen does eventually look to Jerric somewhere in mid hand sweep, simply looking ever so calmly upon him for several long minutes once he has finished speaking. Even accepting the note that seem to get delivered on to her, which given the direction it came from, unimportant in the moment and it is tucked into a fold…unread. "Prince Jerric, most gracious of you and you will have to give your father my regards, I do hope his health is well since he was not fit to travel this week." A brief once over given of the Prince before looking to the arriving wagons as the brother and sister have their moment.

As soon as she is near enough, Amira cannot contain her glee any longer. "Oh Niniane! I cannot believe you are here!" If there are no protests, then she will delicately hug her sister, looking over her to reassure herself that her sister is indeed well and healthy. Only when she looks to Jerric and offers him a tight hug does she notice that he is speaking to the… Ohmy… The Queen. Almost as carefully as Niniane had done she loses the smile and takes a rather intimidated step back to stand with her own guards, but her upbringing has her offering a curtsy and a dip of her head to the Queen despite the current situation. "Your Majesty."

The next set to come through are the entertainers. Here a man is swallowing a whole sword as he walks - a young woman juggles fire with the greatest of ease. Belly dancers and little people dressed as magnificent creatures, and some of them comical. Clowns and satyrs perform tumbling acts to the delight of children and adults alike. A young slender man works on escaping from a series of intricate chains and bonds that hold him tightly, as he winks at Niniane and Amira he passes by and offers them a rose with each hand passed between his bonds. "If you need someone to help you escape your captors.." And he wiggles and snakes his way free from the chains. "Let me know." he winks as he slips back into line with a chuckle.

Large women bounce along, giant men, a man covered in warts that cover him from head to toe. A set of cojoined twins, both girls pass by Cordelia and Gustav, and one of them winks at Gustav as she wiggles her hips, the short haired blonde smiling. "Double the pleasure…" The other twin, joined to her sister at the hip winks at Castor, and rubs a hand against her side. "…double the fun." they giggle as they continue on their way through the crowd. The bearded woman is next, and a 'wolf boy' that claims he is the lost Varghem heir, a half-man with wolf like features, hair growing all over his body and appearing to have a snout. A man with what appears to be lobster claws. How much of it is real and how much is imagination is left to the observer, but isn't that most of the fun of circuses?

Tylon glances to Castor,"She was not my Chosen in that regards, she was often called to travel. And Brother Thomas is my Chosen." A brief, if somewhat meaningful glance sent towards Thomas with those words. Giving a slight nod as Thomas explains the rank now given on to ALyona, confirming,"She will yet be your mentor, if she does not feel she can be, then I am sure she will talk that over with you before anything there changes. " Green eyes taking the various wagons as they roll on, a little bit of a blink occuring at some of them,"My…it does seem there is quite a few things we'll be having the chance to take in this week."

"Oh, come off it," Gustav chuckles to himself as Cordelia settles in. As the belly dancers pass by, he gestures towards them with his pipe, asking, "So, you say you dance. As well as these ladies, perhaps?" he chides, his tone only slightly mocking, as his eye flashes back and forth between the festivities and the Queen.

A tight hug is given in return to Amira's as he looks from one sister and then back "It's so good to have Family back together. I have longed for this day," Jerric says to the pair. Another hug is given before he turns that smug look t the Queen "Oh, father is not ill. Actually he was going to come down but then pressing duties have called upon him. But I know," again that smirk "if /King/ Breac had known you would be here he would have taken time out from his busy schedule." Spotting the wolf boy, Jerric grins "Look he could be straight from Wolveshire, no?" Then chuckles deeply.

Cordelia laughs out loud as Gustav is flirted with by the conjoined twins, her hand finding the shoulder of Gustav's squire for support. "Och! There you are. Not that you could keep up with them, mind." Her laughter slowly fades and she straightens, wiping at her eyes as she chuckles. "'Tis just dancin'. Nothin' more."

Paule passes Niniane a smile as he works his way back into the crowd. Being out in the open is not way of this paticular shadow as he blends back into the crowd and just seems to go about his business - probably seeking Katarina out for some alone time.

As Tylon speaks of him being her Chosen, Thomas moves that bit closer to her and nods "Indeed I am, and I am proud to serve," He tells both Castor and Tylon. The later getting a bit of a lingering look. But back to Castor "How are your studies going, it is quiet a task you have undertaken, at your age."

Niniane accepts the rose from the strange man after hugging her sister rather tightly, "Amira, it is so good to see you." The tall blonde turns her attention to Jerric then for a moment and her grin widens, "Oh yes, is Stefan coming?" She asks looking behind her siblings as if searching for her twin before she frowns ever so lightly.

As the conjoined twins pass by and make their lucivious remarks, Gustav simply taps the side of his head with the eyepatch with his pipe. "One eye, ladies. A quarter the fun. Look elsewhere," he calls, but of course, they've already passed on elsehwere and very likely don't notice. "Oh, quit your laughing, girl. They /could/ have liked me," he grumbles to Cordelia.

"Well enough," Castor replies to Thomas — although his eyes are on the festivities, looking slightly curious. A moment later, he turns his head to the side to smile at Thomas. "I almost enjoy some of the things I must learn — but I do not find I have much opportunity to discuss it with anyone… outside the Temple that is." The lad snorts and shrugs his shoulders.

"I think my family does not quite believe I would enjoy what I am doing, no matter how much I insisted otherwise. Alyona… she is a very good teacher."

A gleeful northern family reunion within a circle of Blue Guards….how quaint. The Queen just simply looking as Amira makes her way into circle to add to the meeting amongst the Blue. Just the faintest of inclines of her head is offered to Amira when the Princess shows the respect due,"Princess Amira, you are looking quite lovely today." A simple and polite comment as the Queen gives a calm look to her before returning to watching the arrival of the many spectaculs that are promised in the week ahead. Even if the Blue Guard continue to rather displeased, but when are they ever pleased when the Queen is actually walking out in the world. "Ah, it is good to hear that he is well then and his priorties are as they have always been."

The cojoined twins look sad as Gustav rejects ond and Castor seems to ignore the other, and they continue on their way. As the 'entertainers' finish, the last of the parade enters the field. Those that are competing the upcoming marksmanship, joust, and battle events enter last, making their way onto the field. With everyone arrived finally, the Ringmaster steps forth. An older man, slightly balding and greying with a rounded belly. "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the Laketown Circus and Tournament is officially begun! If the Mother Superior and represenatives from Rhaedan and Taniford would like to share a few words of greetings, please, feel free to do so." he offers, as there's a caphony of happy noises as the cirucs has finally arrived!

The smile from Amira returns full force when the hugs are returned from her beloved family, and she looks to her sister to reaffirm what she had been told. "Stefan cannot come this day, but I think in a couple of days he will be coming. I do know he misses you terribly. As have all of us." When the Queen addresses her, Amira returns her attention to her, "Thank you, Your Majesty," she murmurs, but does not interfere into the conversation she holds with Jerric. In quite the opposite, she attempts to be as unobtrusive as possible as she looks towards the wagons once more, watching as the different varieties of acts pass by.

Jerric looks to his two sisters as the Ringmaster calls out. "Ok, which one of you will be the one to speak for Rhaedan?" His question leaves no doubt that he is not going to be the one to do so.

Castor smiles at Tylon and Thomas and swaggers off into the crowd to follow some of the attractions. Spotting the sword-swallower, he snorts. "Reminds me of one of the girls at the Flowering Vines…" He grins at a juggler, shrugs and walks on.

"I could do that…" Then he vanishes into the crowd.

And it is good that he has passed the remarks off to his sisters for just then a scribe comes up and whispers in his ear. A nod is given after listening "It seems that I have some duties to attend to. Perhaps you both could speak on behalf of Rhaedan?" And with that Jerric turns and strides towards the Rhaedan Pavilion.

A smile is given to Thomas when he steps that touch closer, Tylon's hand drifting to just briefly touch his arm before it settled back before her with the other. Tylon glances towards Castor,"It can be difficult at times, many do not understand this path and what it means to walk it. Nor to grasp that we might actually enjoy it. It is early yet, I am sure they will see soon enough that you do enjoy what you are doing and learning rather than it being a simple flight of fancy."

Tylon blinks just a little bit in taking in the ringmasters words. A small smile given towards Castor,"If you will excuse me a moment." A glance towards Thomas before Tylon does step to give a few words of greetings…welcome…something. A nod to the ringmaster,"Thank you, sir." Before stepping to offer up some simpe words,"Those of Laketown and the Temple of Four offer welcome to everyone that has come to our humble town and home to enjoy and celebrate the tournament and circus. May all enjoy the many entertainments that have been promised and teased," a slight incline of her head going to the ringmaster. "And for those who have not yet heard, areas have been set aside for all to enjoy a bit of additional peace and quiet for when they would need a few moments. Guardian's blessings upon us all in the week ahead as we enjoy the festivities and eventertainment.

"Not unlike your sophistication and charm, hm?" Gustav jests right back, between the announcements.

When the ringmaster calls upon each of the Kingdoms and the Temple, Amira looks at Niniane as if she wishes the ground would consume her. Now… anytime now. When that fails to happen, she squares her shoulders and lifts her chin, refusing to bow to her own fears as she hesitantly speaks out on behalf of the Rhaedans. "Laketown is proof that the two Kingdoms can get together in peace and enjoy good and simple fun. We would like to welcome everyone that has come and aspire to continue the celebrations and fun in the name of peace. We hope that everyone has a fabulous time with all the circus and festivities have to offer." Nodding to the ringmaster, offering a tentative smile before her gaze settles on Tylon and she agrees, repeating part of her words. "Guardian's blessings upon us all." Only once she has spoken does she step back and look at Niniane and laugh. Amira was certainly not a speaker. And she knew it.

Cordelia oohs, keeping her voice low enough to not interfere with the royals chatter. "Look at you showin' off the big words. Impress me," she teases. "Spell it." Her arms are crossed over her chest as Amira speaks.

Niniane smiles as her brother steps away and the princess clasps her hands in front of her as she idly watches the proceeding. As a northern representative is asked to come forth the taller princess nudges her little sister and gives Amira a wink, "Go be charming my dear." She says before there Amira is going and speaking rather well. Niniane looks on like a proud older sister and offers her, "Wonderfully done." Green eyes look towards the summer queen then as she anticipates the elder woman's speech.

The tournament field has been set up for the coming circus and battles to be held. On the southern side of the field are several tents set up in the colors of silver and blue, with several banners of the Taniford houses swaying in the breeze. On the northern side if the grey and red of Rhaedan, it's banner and houses in the wind as well, allowing places for both sides to gather and celebrate and watch the events, or for those that could not afford lodgings in the town at one of the two Inns, a place to sleep.

A large tent encompasses the western half of the field, where the circus maintop has been set up, annd there are already a few wagons, befoostened with colorful streamers and cloths already set up.

Already a crowd of people are starting to make their way in, lining up as the noise of a colorful bangles, lutes and drums rings out in the air. There is a zoo of oddities, a freak show, and other entertainers that are breaking camp to start work on setting up the circus as Amira, Tylon, and whoever speaks for Taniford to share a few words in greetings.

Accompanied by Royal Guards, Guinevere makes her way into the crowd of people. The idea to lose the guards had crossed her mind. Several times. Glancing over her shoulder now she looks at one and then turns and looks at the other. It crosses her mind again. But before she can do anything about it, her maid touches her arm. "Do not, My Lady." And a frown touches Guinevere's lips. The maid had a knack for reading her mind and it was becoming tiresome. Sighing, she continued her way into the crowd and glanced at faces at she might now. Her smile returns and she bows her head to some that she passes.

Eyes briefly watch after Jerric as he departs, Regina turning her attention to listening to the Mother Superior's word as the Northern Princesses continue to enjoy the hospitality of the Blue guards, least until Amira goes to speak for the north. A meaningful look is given to Niniane before the Summer Queen goes to speak for the south, trailing several of the Blue Guards as those assigned to Niniane remain around the woman along with the additional Taniford guards that have auggmented security for this particular outting.

The Summer Queen gives a small incline of her head to Amira after the Princess finishes speaking, acknowledging the words and effort made. Gracefully stepping to speak for the south, her regal voice carrying easily,"Along with the Temple of Four," inclining her head to the Mother Superior," and the Kingdom of Rhaedan," an incline to Princess Amira whom spoke for them,"the Kingdom of Taniford welcomes everyone to Laketown to enjoy and participate in the many contests of the tournament, the many sights of fantasy and intrugie that the circus promises us in the coming week. Laketown has long stood as a place of peace and neutrality, a place we can meet and talk to resolve our issues, to enjoy life and carry forth. May peace yet rein over us as we celebrate and enjoy the week before us. May we celebrate with the passion of Ravas, but allow the wisdom and calm of Stilltha guide us as all the Guardian's keep watch over us." Allowing her last words to fade before the Queen steps away and returns the 'floor' to the ringmaster.

Upon the challenge, Gustav leans over and whispers something into Cordelia's ear. When he pulls away, his features are deadpan, and his eye is fixed upon the queen as she adds her words in her own way.

Fayre would arrive with great stealth, if she had her way, but lately she never does! Whatever Blue guards aren't with her mother and priso— Northern Guest— are following her like a small army. After all, the South is growing short on heirs and while peace and neutrality currently keep everyone in check.

She really has only just arrived, having been kept at Wolveshire by a few petitioners, and so she comes upon horseback and finishes the rest of the way toward the southern seats while her mother speaks.

With the words of the Queen, Princess, and Mother Superior done, the Ringmaster steps back up. "And with the words of those three beautiful ladies, and with the tournament ready and the circus here, I hereby welcome you all to this week long event!" Bouncing down, he gives orders to his staff as he starts to prepare the big top raising and the events area.

Cordelia tilts her head to hear what Gustav would share. Whatever it is, she has bring a hand to her mouth and gives a little cough, her grin wide. Regina finishes speaking and the sailor puts her fingers to her lips and lets out a shrill whistle in support. "So what do you think? The Clam?"

"Yes," the one-eyed knight grants, as he finally spots the person he'd been waiting for in the crowd. "I've no need to rush elsewhere for the time being any longer, in any case," Gustav indicates, pointing out towards the Princess Fayre with his pipe. "The Clam should do just fine until I can get myself an audience."

Once Amira has said a few words, she cedes the area to the Queen, offering a bow of her head in return before she returns to speak with Niniane, pleased that her sister seemed to approve. "Thank you," she whispers softly, though her handmaid and guards remain with her even as they are near the Blue Guards as they keep Niniane ah… safe. "Have you ever seen such strange sights before?"

After having spoken, Tylon had faded back into the crowd, Thomas appearing again at her side as they listened on to the words of the royalty from the north and south with only a soft murmur on occasion to Thomas between the 'speeches'. With the main festivities completed, Tylon motions to a couple of the wagons,"Shall we go ahead and take a closer look?" Moving to drift along with the Chosen and give a closer to look to some of the dealings.

"Its seems we've missed something." Guinevere whispers to her maid, coming to a stop to glance around and whatever was just happening came to a close. The maid beside her shuffles her feet a bit. "Oh, My Lady… I told you we were going to be late." Rolling her eyes, the Noble shakes her head. "You fret too much Jocelyn. Relax. I'm sure we're getting here just right one time."

"Go speak to one of the guards," Cordelia suggests. "You have to know one of them. All you knights know each other, right? The Clam's not goin' anywhere… Go on. Your boy can keep me company." She gives the squire a nudge and a wink. "Maybe we can find you one of them acrobat girls, hmm?" she teases with a wicked grin.

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