Wolveshire Tournament: Opening Feast

Opening Feast
Summary: Everybody is welcomed to Wolveshire for the tourney there.
Date: 26/04/2013
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Lord's Hall, Wolveshire Castle
With its high, arched ceiling and flying buttresses, the Lord's Hall is one of the loftiest rooms in the keep. Grand, stone fireplaces occupy opposing walls as the heat from both is required to warm the entire room. On the walls in between, extraordinary tapestries intricately woven and colorful in features outline the history of the Taniford kingdom beginning with Taniford Eikros and ending with a decadent depiction of a battle with Corsairs. The final touch is a scenic depiction of current day Wolveshire and surrounding lands. A dais dominates the area of the room opposite the entrance, and the high table upon it is surrounded by a series of chairs for the Duke and his guests.
Near the dais, a small door leads back into the kitchens. The main entrance is marked by a pair of heavy, wooden double doors leading into the entrance hall.
April 26th, 1329

To open the festivities of the tourney, there's a grand feast in the Lord's Hall, where quite a few long tables have been set out. Some of them with the finery meant for visiting nobles, while some just has the simpler things for the commoners, near the back of the tables. At the High Table with the rest of his family, Pawel is seated looking out into the crowd for the moment, scanning through the gathered people to see who that's arrived in time for this event. Near the back of the room, there's a space set aside, with some instruments on a raised podium nearby. Seems everything is set for the feast now.

The youngest daughter of house of Lohstren looks around curiously, than she enters the hall. Her sparkling amber eyes full of excitement is slipping through the room so quickly not knowing where to rest. However, the young woman tries to walk slowly and proudly with manners of the noble lady, not letting her inner enthusiastic child out from the heart.
The notch neckline exposes her pale skin. Her soft fingers gently whirl a small golden pendant on her neck. An incredibly beautiful burgundy fabric of her gown has embossed patterns of flowers, which are finished with tiny little jeweled stones, which just twinkle softly. Because of heaps of fabric in the skirt, it looks like, that Collette glides through the ground, not touching it with her feet.
The stook of curly dark brown hair is tied with a yellow metal band. However, as usually, the curls stick this way and that, and it is just impossible to calm locks down. This gives the young lady mischief and playfulness. A young blond handsome guard follows his lady. She glances at him, slightly nods and he remains at the back of the room, intently following his lady with the blueness of his eyes now. The young woman continues her walk farther, offering a smile for a few people around. Finally, than she comes closer, where the Duke with his family sits, she tenderly nips the soft fabric of her skirt and raises it a little bit, offering a respectful curtsy to them. The warm smile follows the gesture.

Carisse is dressed in her family colours, and the young lady is in her proper position at the head table. If over near the end. She catches Pawel's glance and inclines her head to her big brother briefly, a smile decorating her features. "Everything is ready," she says, and there's a quiet confidence in her voice, even if she is a bit nervous and excited about the event. "I am so looking forward to this - it's been a long time."

Settled in amongst the simple fair set aside for the 'common folk' is a small contingent from the Temple of Four, a small presence put in perhaps as some assurance of the few services to be given during the tournament ahead. Found amongst them is the Temple Priestess from Laketown, Tylon. Dressed in the usual simply standards of a priestess, Tylon seems to be listening more than actively contributing to the current conversation in progress in her area.

Already seated in the Lord's Hall, Amira Rhaedan, youngest of all of the Rheaden siblings had been accompanied by a single guard. The guard is having his own meal with the more common folk while she sits with others from the north, hopefully. Her dress is a vibrant red trimmed with gold, the colors of her house. In her hand is a goblet containing wine and across her features is delight as she laughs at something said near her. For now her meal is left mostly untouched as she listens to the flow of the conversation around her.

The blue guards seem to be in their best clothing today as the feast begins. Marla Mentros stands amongst her peers looking a touch awkward as she seems to be trying to hide the fact she is wearing such a fancy outfit. The taller red head still has a sword at her side but more of a ceremonial one as she is dressed in loose trousers of the navy blue normally seen on the blue guards and, for her, a daring low embroidered top that fits snugly to here, the neckline designed with golden horses of the Taliford family. A silver sash wraps her waist, showing off her form. The red head long hair is pulled back into a elaborate braided style as she sips at a cup of wine shifting from foot to foot.

The second son of the late Duke of Wolveshire has chosen a fine garment for this occasion, a white silk doublet with red lines adorning the sleeves in a flourishing pattern. A wolf in silver colour has been sewed in the chest of his outfit, giving a more important look to the wearer.
He sits close to the Duke, a smile on his face as a servant refills his glass with mead, "So, brother, do you have something special waiting for us today?" The knight questions, glancing briefly through the hall to see who is already there.

Entering thru the grand double doors, his clothing freshly laundered and his armor equally cleaned and polished. As much as one can polish leather armor, comes Roltoff. His weapons have been left behind in the small guest room he was assigned for now, though the sellsword feels practically naked without them. He moves up to the low table and finds himself a seat. He spots the priestess Tylon and nods to her briefly before bowing to the duke and his family before taking his seat.

Pawel smiles at Carisse as he hears her words, nodding at her words. "Good work," he offers, before he looks to Aethel. "Well, for this one, I hope it'll be less surprises, actually," he offers a bit quietly. Looking out into the crowds, and letting his gaze go over both nobles and commoners in attendance alike, he gets to his feet, raising his hands a bit to signal for quiet. "Highnesses, My Ladies and Lords, Knights and other people. I want to welcome you all for the tourney here in Wolveshire. I'm glad so many people could come here, and hope there will be more people attending the actual events themselves." A brief pause, as he looks out into the crowd now.

After a greeting with the host family, Collette looks around one more time taking a few steps and letting her incredible dress, which has twinkling jeweled stones on embossed patterns, sweep the floor. She is trying to see a familiar faces unsuccessfully. For this reason she just finds a place to sit. The young lady takes a grape and mannerly chews it, still a little bit nervously staring at all the unknown people and listening what the Duke says. Finally her eyes catches a familiar figure - a sellsword, who once saved her life. A warm smile lights in her face and she lively waves to him, not even knowing if he could see it. After that she just takes one more grape.

A slight dip of her head goes towards Roltoff when Tylon spies the nod in her direction. Though her gaze sweep towards the Duke when he raises to his feet and begins addressing those gathered. Green eye calmly looking on as those around her quieten down to listen to the welcome and address given forth. A flicker of a smile at the mention of attending events.

Carisse nods to her brothers, a smile lighting her features. As Pawel makes his announcement, she turns her attention to listening to him. And then her gaze goes over the folks who have joined them for dinner, curiously. She nods to those she recognizes, but otherwise settles in politely, primly, properly. As befits the youngest daughter of the family.

The pensive eyes of Aethel glance around the room to find some already familiar faces, once he is done the knight leans towards Carisse, "So, have you already found a strong knight to bestow your favor, sister?" He questions, taking the glass of mead towards his lips and sipping from it rather cheerfully.
The younger Varghem nobleman watches as the sellsword makes his greetings and move away to get a seat, "Did you spoke much with him after I left, brother?" He asks.

Rae isn't precisely late Late, so much that she isn't exactly on time when the rest of her family arrives. In fact, she's notably absent at first - there being some disagreement as to the nature of her attire. That being, not in armor. But she's arrived at last, arriving a bit out of breath and tapping Collette lightly on the shoulder with one hand while the other is tugging at the left sleeve of her gown which insists on falling to rest along her upper arm instead of over her shoulder - not quite realizing that's the FASHION not a tailoring error.

Roltoff does seem to catch Lady Collettes wave, returning it briefly as he spots the arrival of her sister Sir Rae. Smiling to both ladies as Rae seems to have a bit of trouble with her dress. He looks at the assembled fruits bestowed and plucks up a pear and with the utensils on the table proceeds to cut it in half and scraping the seeds out before taking his first bite. He then turns to the priestess and asks. "So how was your journey here Priestess Tylon?"

Sitting at the table with a few of her other northerners, Amira continues just sipping her wine and occasionally sampling the food from her plate. At the welcome from Pawel, she lifts her goblet in a silent toast to him before sipping. Now and again she lifts her head to regard her surroundings and those who look familiar in any capacity. If she happens to catch the eye of any of the others looking around, she will offer a smile.

"We all know that for many a year, there's been trouble in the lands, but with the recent times of peace, our tourneys become something important. A way for people to meet, without the normal suspicion between us people here in the South, and the people in the North," Pawel continues, offering a smile and a nod to the entire hall now. "So for the length of the tourney, I will request that we all do what we can to enjoy the events, without thinking too much about being 'us' or 'them' or any such thing." Another brief pause as he reaches for his own goblet of wine, lifting it. "So, on behalf of House Varghem, welcome to Wolveshire, and may we all have a splendid series of events out on the tourney field." Seating himself again, he shakes his head a little to Aethel. "Not really. Not this time, at least." That part said a bit more quietly now.

Carisse gives her brother Aethel a sweet smile, and shakes her head. "Not yet," she says. "Though perhaps I will meet someone at this tourney." And if not, she's still young enough that she won't worry too much about it. "Though pray don't let Pawel here you ask me such things. I am certain he might lock me up." That gets a teasing glance at her eldest brother. And then with the toast, she lifts her own glass, echoing out a "Hear hear."

A few grapes are taken up and eaten in time by Tylon, a sip of wine taken in her ever calm manner. Offering a smile to Roltoff when he makes the inquiry, "It was peaceful and pleasant, I admit it was nice to get out in the open air for the time. What of your own journey, I hope it was pleasant and not to eventful?" A glance back towards the Duke, managing a slight rise of her own wine glass in response to the simple toast-ish words given by the Duke, their host. A sip of wine before asking further of the sellsword, "Will you be partaking in any of the events?"

Than Collette feels a gentle tapping on her shoulder, she flinches a little bit. However, than her amber eyes glances at her sister, the young lady grins from ear to ear "Not in armour!?" she shouts joyfully "What a nice gown, dear sister, who was a tailor? I believe I want to take a visit to him. I am so happy to see you," Collette winks and adds a little bit nervously now with some hope in her voice "Will you sit next to me?"
The youngest daughter of house of Lohstren looks around once more. There are so much strangers around her… Her look sticks for a few seconds to the young and beautiful lady. Collette frowns a little bit and gasps understanding, that not so far away, the princess from the north is sitting. She remembers meeting her once. For this reason Collette smiles to her, clearly whispering "Your Highness."

Roltoff shrugs a bit to Tylon. "It wasn't too bad. " he grins, "finished up some work with those willing to assist me once I find backing on rebuilding the Clam. I have plans to make it better, but until I’m able to get funding and aid, she'll stand as is, Though I've spent the past few days hauling out the ruined timber and saving what I can to lower costs should I get the backing required to proceed with the rebuilding." He looks at the selection of drinks and notices not a drop of rum or mead, and reluctantly picks up a goblet of wine and sips it.

Rae tugs at that sleeve one more time before she nods, smoothing her gown with both hands, a wry smile on her face as she takes a seat alongside Collette, "I don't really know. Malcolm had the gown made as a gift and all I had to do was sand still for the last few touches," she admits in a soft voice, trying not to make the conversation heard by EVERYONE. "I feel silly without my armor or weapons," as though she's completely unarmed, right, no stabbity-jab hair pins or extra keen eating knives. Once seated she nods in greeting to Roltoff, smiling wryly at the sell-sword, recognizing the same slightly twitchy look that she saw in her own eyes at having to leave her sword and gear at 'home' so to speak. She reaches for the glass before her and lifts it with to toast Pawel's words, a smile forming on her face.

Aethel raises his glass of mead in the toast and winks in the direction of his sister, nodding back to the answer of the Duke. He reclines a bit on the chair, slicing a bit of the fowl and nibbling from it, "You did quite an inspiring speech, albeit short, brother. I stand in awe. The union of the kingdoms, while harsh, it's a mandatory thing if we are to best a common foe." He says, offering a broad smile to the older Varghem.

A small nod is given by the prietess, "Yes, I had heard and seen a bit of that work in progress. I am sure there are those who are most wililng to aid, even if only to offer up their help in sorting the timbers." People always do like their local taverns. Tylon chews on the corner of her lower lip a moment before offering, "Have you perhaps considered seeing if any of the local smiths or carpenters might be willing to volunteer a bit of time here or there to aid? They might not be able to offer much, but even something may bring the cost down for you." A grape is slowly turned in her fingers, "I do hear you are to thank a well for the many supplies that were recently given to the Temple, they have been very much appreciated."

Amira happens to look from the toast Pawel offers, after sipping along with it and repeating, "Here, here," to notice Collette. Her own smile is warm and friendly as she leans forward slightly to see her better. "My lady," she whispers in return, "It is lovely seeing you again." To the lady beside Collette she also offers a smile of acknowledgement. "Sir."

Roltoff can't help but grin at the Priestess and nods. "Oh I've managed to get the aid of the carpenters, stone masons, metal smiths, as well as the laborers. They've agreed to lower their costs on helping rebuild the Tavern for a concession on the drinks and food I'll be selling, but still require some funding for new timber and stone to be cut. Which is why I've recently asked his Highness Prince Stefan. He informed me that he'd have to talk to his brother and sister before giving final verdict."

Pawel grins at Carisse's words now. "Lock you up, dear? Why would I do that? I'd make sure you had a number of guards with you, and then, if someone misbehaved, I'd lock *them* up instead." Spoken a bit lightly, before he nods at Aethel's words, "It's important, yes," he replies to the part about the union of the kingdoms, before he adds, "And as for the length of the speech, I've always found it's important to do things in a way that does not delay people's meals." And it is about this time that people arrive with food for the tables, meats of different kinds, lots of different vegetables and so on.

Collette chuckles and whispers to her sister "Maybe you feel silly, but you look beautiful, like all the… Well, I know, that swords and… Well… Fights and such things is a passion for you, but first of all you are a woman. So, don't be afraid to feel like a lady and rest your minds from all these sharp weapons!" Collette gently palms her sister's back and cheerfully adds "Take a grape! Vary tasty and good riped!" she tosses one in her mouth and her amber eyes slips back to the Princess "A pleasure to meet you again, yes. However, I am more waiting our hunting trip, if Your Highness remembers an offer!" Collette smiles warmly.

"It does sound as you have things well underhand, nevermind been quite busy in getting so many agreements into place." Eyes lightly shifting to take note of the trays of food being brought out and delivered to the tables. Tylon continues gently, "It would seem this almost a break for you then, from all the work you are putting into the rebuilding. Shall you be keeping the name the same or choosing something else?"

Carisse grins impishly at her brothers, especially after that bit of teasing. "As you wish, Your Grace," she tells Pawel, with a sunny smile. Aethel's wink gets a laugh, and a toss of Carisse's head. "And if I do find someone upon whom to bestow my favour, will you lock him up, Pawel?" she asks, first. She glances between the two, and then asks, "Are you going to ask anyone for their favour?"

Roltoff looks back to Tylon for a bit and gets tired as he asks a passing server to see if he can’t get some Mead, or rum or something stronger and tastier brought to him. Then he faces the priestess while grabbing a bit of meat that’s being passed and places it on his plate. "Well I'd been thinking on that, and as it’s near the docks and the Clam part fit, I was thinking as how much people tend to get drunk there, I would combine the two and call the Tavern the Drunken Clam. Figure if I’m able I'll expand it a bit, to enlarge the kitchen add a back room for well games of chance." He says with a rueful grin. “Figure once things get going and people are able to return to good drink, and food as well as some fun we'll make a considerable profit, and if well managed more than enough to repay our debts and keep the doors open." He then begins to tear into the food with a healthy appetite.

Rae aims a wry smile at Collette, "You know, you're pretty wise," she reaches out and threatens to ruffle Collette's hair - but doesn't quite muss it up - "for a kid," she teases. She reaches for one of the grapes that Collette is raving about and aims a nod of greeting at Amira, "Good evening, your highness," she says with another smile.

Aethel smirks, nodding to Pawel words, "A direct statement it's the better way to show conviction." He says, hesitating a bit on the question asked by his sister, "I… I don't know, maybe… Should I found the proper lady." The brown eyes move almost immediately from the table to glance at those nearby, lingering with some interest in the table occupied by the sellsword, he leans to a servant and orders mead to be served for him, raising his own glass and smiling as a greeting.

Careful not to interrupt the conversation between Collette and Rae, Amira responds when she is spoken to again, this time her eyes dance with excitement due to the idea of hunting with the Lohstren lady. "Oh yes, my lady, I do look forward to hunting with you. If you like, we could meet in Laketown in mid-week and take a tour of the woods? Also, will you be participating in the Archery competition as well?" Switching her gaze to Rae, she returns the smile. "Good evening, Sir. Are you participating in any of the events?"

Having hidden away from the main group of the crowd Marla is forced out from her reclusiveness and enters the hall again as she hears the toast. Still holding back the red head look about for those she knows and hearing the conversation from the nobles moves in their direction saying to the duke quietly as she moves up behind him, "Lovely toast your grace." She smiles trying not to look so awkward is her fancy outfit and slips into a seat finally receiving a cup of wine, "Favours?" She asks with a slightly amused smile touching her lips.

Pawel takes a sip from his goblet of wine, leaning back in his seat a bit as he hears Carisse's words now. "Well, that would probably depend quite a bit on who it was," he replies. "But I might give him a chance to prove himself first, at least." That to the part about locking up someone. At the other question, he pauses for a few moments, taking another long sip of his wine now. "You know, this is an excellent vintage," he offers, nodding to the goblet in his hand now.

Collette a little bit blushes and frowns, than her sister touches her hair "Oh, why you always do this. It is so hard for me to make this stook look pretty," she quickly starts running with her fingers through hair, trying to put some curls in the right place. However, the job is vain, so, Collette gives her all attention to the Princess "I am not sure…" her voice has some disappointment "Well, I would love to meet in the Laketown, but I have no idea, where we will be going after tourney…" an inquiring glance is given for a sister, however, it quickly slips back to the Princes. Collette shakes her head "No, I will not participate in a tourney. However, I will support my brother and sister with all my heart from afar. And you will be participating just in archery or somewhere more?"

Various bits are brought from the serving trays to her plate, meager amounts in compared to some but then Tylon isn't known for having a hearty appetite. Listening as Roltoff goes over the idea and thought behind naming the tavern to be rebuilt. "That does sound fitting with the location and purpose, and it is a combination of the old and a little something knew." Eyes only flickering when he request for something other than the wine. The priestess for her part seeming to be content with the wine already served.

"Aye, your highness, I will be," Rae confirms with a nod before she reaches out one hand and lightly touches her sister's shoulder. "Your hair is the envy of every girl with straight hair," she says softly, humor but sincerity in her tone of voice. "Trust me. If I could make mine curl like yours, there are days when I would gladly have traded mine for yours." She adds a few more grapes to her plate and samples from other food near at hand. "Hunting sounds like fun, and a tour of the woods as well," she chimes in.

Roltoff happens to glance up as he catches sight of Sir Aethel, speaking to the same server he was and nods to the knight. Then looks to Tylon. "Well, Priestess, I figured it was bad luck to rename the place the same besides it has more flair I think." He picks up the leg of the bird he's eating and bites into it. Wiping his mouth before adding, after he's done chewing and swallowing. "Though I would like you to be present once its finished and maybe give it your blessing, I mean if you'd be so kind and all."

Carisse chuckles softly at her brothers, shaking her head. "So, the answer is yes from both of you, but you're not telling the likes of me. Very well then. I shall learn from your examples, and should I give my favour, I shan't be telling you." She waits politely as the food continues to come around, sipping at her wine. Marla gets a glance and a nod of her head, as Carisse agrees that is the topic. "Have you a thought on favours?" she asks, simply.

Roltoff then recalls a previous question. "Ahh yes, my apologies, priestess. I will be in attendance to the Tourney. I have signed up for both the Archery as well as the Sword on Foot competitions." He smiles softly, "With all the distractions and smell of good food, it seems my mind wandered for a moment before I recalled the question."

A smile touches Marla's lips still as she takes a sip of the wine and shrugs, "Thought on favours? No my lady, I do not think I have anyone to ask who isn't competing as well. That might cause my luck so not be as fruitful." The red head smiles and hearing Roltoff's words she smirks and looks to the sellsword, "Sword on foot you say Roltoff?" The lady knight takes another sip of the wine then and adds to the duke, "Indeed it is good your grace."

Managing to stab a stray vegetable to nibble at along the way, Tylon gives a slight nod, "It does make sense to not rename it the same, since it will be different. Something reborn from the ashes as it were." Raising an eyebrow just a little bit at the mention of wishing here there, "I do think I can manage an appropriate blessing, and that is perhaps fitting, all considering." Partaking of the food she's selected in a slower fashion than Roltoff before Tylon offer a smile at his apology, "There is no need to apologize, there is much to be distracted by here. Two events then? If there is time, perhaps I will come to watch, and hope you will not have to come see me after either event."

"Whenever you are ready, my lady, please just send word to me and I would be pleased to meet you anywhere you would like. I do look forward to it." Her own smile brightens to hear her support of her brother and sister. "Please tell your brother I wish him the best of luck in whatever events he finally decides on as well." As someone beside her opts to excuse themselves for whatever reason it gives her a better view of the two she is speaking too and can again lean back in her chair. "Yes, my lady, I am only participating in the Archery competition." When Rae affirms she will also be competing in competitions, Amira nods in return. "It looks to be a very successful tournament."

Collette chuckles at sister's words and some more reddish roses blooms on her cheeks. "Deal! We can change it right away!" the young lady giggles, mannerly covering her lips with fingers. She extend her hand to take a goblet with some watered wine. The young girl whirls it in her hands, watching how the wine waves inside. "Your Highness is very kind," she whispers. "Now I will wait for our trip even more," a smile appears and Collette takes a one sip of her drink. After that she adds "Thank you, I promise I will tell him. We wish you best luck in the archery field too." The youngest daughter of house of Lohstren turns her eyes back to the waving wine in the goblet and remains silent.

"Thank you, Sir Marla," Pawel replies to Marla's words about the toast, offering the knight a smile. Nodding a bit at the mention of the wine again, he then looks to Carisse, shaking his head a little bit. "To be honest, I haven't asked anyone for one," he replies, after a few moments of pause now. Taking a few moments to sip some more of his wine, before he makes a gesture over in the direction of the podium at the back, where the musicians have arrived, and they now start playing some quiet music now.

Grinning, Roltoff looks to the priestess and says. "Well I doubt the archery competition requires us to shoot at each other, so chances of my having need to be medically tended to after that are slim. Though if I have time in between events, I might just to see how you’re doing." He then turns to Sir Marla and nods. "Aye Sir Marla, I too will be participating in the Sword on foot competition." As he smiles at Marla. "I hope to see you there." As his grin grows.

"Thank you, my lady. I have yet to enter any competitions, so I do not know exactly what to expect." Amira returns to Collette, watching her swirl her wine in her hand then fall silent, she goes back to her eating for now, debating on calling it an evening.

Roltoff's comment does bring a gentle smile from Tylon, "That is true, though arrows have been known to go astray at times. Least it is not completely unheard of." More likely to hit a bystander than one competing though. Dipping her head a little, "I imagine it will not be difficult to find me, for I do not imagine I will stray far from the healer’s tents." Calmly working her way though some of the food with stray sip of wine.

Collette's fingers are dancing on the edge of the table. Even her feet is stirring under the table quite quickly. She looks around a few times. Amber look slips to the Roltoff, watching him for a moment with a warm smile in her face, then sparkling eyes catches the host family. She glances at the Duke for a few heartbeats, then to strangers near his side. However, Collette quickly turns her look back to the grapes. She tosses one more to her mouth. "Beautiful music," she says for her companions "But we all are sitting for sooo long." Collette starts weaving in her seat as she would be feeling uncomfortable "Everybody just sits. It is so… There is no action." Her dreamy eyes slip to the empty space "It would be so nice to have a dance or something." The young girl takes one more grape and her look starts running from the Princess to her sister.

Aethel stands up from the table as the musicians start to play, moving towards his sister, "Would you care to join me in a dance, my dear? I promise not to take you for the whole night, so we both may find another pairs." He says, glancing to see if someone else is willing to join them, should she accept his invitation.

Oh so very late, that is what the two newest figures that arrive are. The Lady Victricia Auldholme is on the arm of Lord Paidrig Riedel, the former dressed in the colors of her house. Vibrant rich purple set with gold threading and accents. Her skirt parts as she moves, the underskirt of rich gold adding to the flare. Her plain steel circlet has been replaced with one of gold and her silver torque with a pendant of Ravas.
She glances up to her escort and smiles at the tall northern Lord. "We should go pay our respects to our hosts, do you not think so?" A glance around the room is given, familiar faces seen at every table and she offers a faint smile to those that she makes eye contact with before glancing towards the head table and the Varghems seated there.

At Victricia's side is a tall Northernman, his pale blue eyes peering out from beneath blonde hair that has been stylishly drawn over his ears and tied at the back of his head. He's dressed in a resplendent vest and coat that shows off the colours of House Riedel. He wears it cut short on his arms preferring to allow for ease of movement than for the frills that have become so common these days. His one ear holds a heavy ruby stud a reminder of the trade that his house partakes in. Several other gemstones dot his clothing, but they are only accents and nothing gaudy.
Paidrig walks the Lady Victirica along the seated guests to the head table, bowing slightly at the waist to the Duke and his guests, "Your Grace," he tells the man, formally announcing his presence within the keep.
Paidrig nods to Victricia, "I do believe we should, they seem so lonely way up there at that high table."

Carisse chuckles and rises to accept her brother's offer. "Certainly, Aethel, if you also promise not to trounce my toes too badly. That seems to me to be quite a fair suggestion." She looks around as well, giving Pawel a raised eyebrow. "Pawel, surely there is someone you should ask to dance?" she suggests, with a bit of a smile.

"Have fun," Pawel offers to his siblings as they move to the dance floor, before he shrugs a little at Carisse's suggestion. "Perhaps," he replies, with a bit of a smile now. Looking around at the crowd now, but then he spots Victricia and Paidrig as they approach, offering them both a smile and a nod as he drains the last of the wine in his goblet. "Lady Victricia, Lord Paidrig," he greets the two northerners. "It's good to see you both. Welcome to Wolveshire." It's offered with a smile,, as he slowly places the empty goblet on the table now.

Watching Collette, Amira smiles at the way her fingers are dancing on the edge of the table. "Perhaps you should take the initiative and ask someone to dance, my lady?" Giving her a cheeky smile and nodding towards any random gathering of noblemen. "The music is indeed lovely."

Smiling up at Paidrig, there is that inherent wryness to it as they approach the main table. Victricia lowers into a gracious and elegant curtsey, dipping her head as he speaks. "You are too kind, your Grace. It is our honor to attend, your Grace." She rises slowly and glances after Aethel and Carisse, smiling faintly before she looks up to her escort. "Forgive us for being late to the festivities, we got off to a late start and the road is long from Brivey." Waiting for Paidrig to say his piece, she glances around, searching those seated amongst the tables. Collette is noted and receives a dip of her head before catching sight of the the Rhaeden Princess.

Aethel takes his sister by the hand moving her towards the center of the hall. "You will be amazed how a knight can have swift and yet steady movement, sister." He says, moving to get into the stance as the dance begins. While his execution isn't perfect, there is a moderate grace on the way the Varghem moves across the hall, "I hope just you are having a good time." He adds.

Carisse offers a curtsey at the beginning of the dance, her attention on her brother, as they take a spin about the dance floor. She too moves with a light grace and presence that hides any mistakes that might be made. "I am indeed enjoying the party, Aethel. It is so far quite a fine affair. I look forward to meeting all our guests and enjoying all the events. And you, are you also enjoying this time?"

Collette glances a little bit haughtily to the Princess. "Me? Ask someone? Never! It is not proper," she explains and nervously drinks a half of her watered wine in one breath. The young lady cleans her lips with a handkerchief and a smile comes back to her face. She takes one grape and leans closer to the Princes. Words leaves Collette's throat in a whisper "A few minutes and if nothing interesting happens, I will go to change mine clothes. I believe my stallion misses my. I guess, I could have a ride or something." Collette looks around than, trying to find something interesting. Her eyes catches lady Victricia, respectful nod is given to her, than Collette lets her look to slip to the sellsword. She watches him and his company now with a warm smile.

"I'm sure I will." Marla responds to Roltoff before sipping at her wine quietly apparently not touching any food, from the look of the commoner thrown into the crowd of nobles and northerners to boot, it's fairly safe to assume it's because of nerves.

"Indeed, as the Iron Lady says, it was a bit of a long road, again, our apologies. After all the work you went through, it was a pity we could not show up on time. Thank you again for your hospitality, your Grace," Paidrig tells Pawel and stands beside Victricia, waiting for a moment to see if she has anything else to add, though he does pause, "I've had two casks of Riedel wine brought with me, if I could trouble you for the use of a few of your servants, I would have them unload them from the cart as a gift to you for your welcome." Paidrig bows his head again, and leaves it at that, he turns to Victricia, "Do you find yourself in need of a drink and a nibble, or shall we head straight to the dance floor after we have made our rounds?" He asks her. The Northernman does however nod to the various other members of the Hosting house that he knows and offers smiles to the others whom he has had the pleasure of meeting already.

Roltoff nods his head to Tylon and adds, "Well, let’s hope the events are injuryless, priestess so that you might enjoy the festivities." He sips the mead that’s brought to him and chews on some veggies as well as his meat, clearly enjoying the festivities as best he can. He catches the lady Collette looking over at him and he smiles softly and nods to her.

"Of course, my lady, I was but teasing you." Amira is quick to reassure. "Should you find the need for company in a walk or a ride, I would be glad to accompany you." Perhaps the princess has also lost her excitement for the evening with the passage of time and the lack of the promised dance of a certain southerner. As Victricia nears, the youngest Rhaedan offers her a warm smile, "Good evening, I am so happy to see you have made it. It is good to see other northerners here as well."

"I would hope and pray for that as also, though experience tells me that there will be a few unlucky souls who end up injured and will need tending to." Tylon gives a gentle smile, "Even if only a few scraped knees from children rushing to quickly in their excitement." Her attention drifting to take in the various pairs moving to the dance floor with the music having taken to filling the room now.

Nodding a little as he hears Paidrig's words, Pawel starts getting to his feet. "I'll see to it at once, Lord Paidrig. Thank you for the very kind gift." A smile and a nod to Victricia as well, he adds, "And don't worry about the late arrival. You both arrived, and that's the most important." Nodding to them again, before he moves to speak with one of the servants for a little while, before the servant nods and heads off. Looking around, Pawel takes a few moments of pause, before he slowly starts making his way over in the direction of the Rhaedan princess now.

Roltoff downs the rest of his mead and then stands as he refills the goblet. "I understand that, in any event there are prone to be those who get hurt, only time will tell to see what happens." He stands up having eaten as much as he dares and moves from his spot at the table around the end of it as he makes for where Marla is seated.
He stops at her seat and sets the goblet of mead down. "Sir Marla, as much as this pains me, and probably your toes. Would you be inclined to dance with me? He looks at the lovely redhead and smiles softly. "Now I can't guarantee your toes will survive, but I shall do my best to prevent as much damage as possible."

Paidrig nods his head to Amira, offering her a bow as well, bending at the waist, "Your Highness, it is indeed a pleasure to be out and among the wonderful folk of the South who have opened their doors so graciously that we may all come down and partake in such a fine festival." The Northernman's eyes scan the crowd slowly and he even spots the Priestess from Laketown, which is a bit of an odd thing when one thinks about it, and he offers her a sheepish smile, still recalling perhaps the last faux pas at her temple. "And you, Princess, it is good to see that you are here enjoying yourself. You will of course save a dance for me this evening? It would be remiss of a Northernman to not see that his liege's family is not allowed to enjoy their evening. Though you will have to forgive me, I have already promised the lovely Lady Victricia several turns this evening. Again, it is as you say, good to see more Northernfolk here." He gives her another small bow and makes room as the Duke of the manor is arriving and Paidrig is polite enough to excuse himself.

"Indeed, your Grace." A glance is sent upwards to Paidrig and the Auldholme Lady smiles brightly for him. "Yes, let us greet those we know…" And this brings Amira's words to ear. Her smile warms and she dips into a very low curtsey, lower than that to the host. "Your highness, it is lovely to see you." She rises slowly to her feet and then hesitates, noticing Pawel's intended direction. "It seems you have drawn some interest, your highness." A glance from the woman to the Duke. "We shall speak later."
Making room with Paidrig for Pawel, she turns her head up to look at him and smiles brightly. "My lord…shall we just see to dancing? It seems we have somehow managed to miss our chances the past several times. Maybe we will have more luck."

A dip of her head goes to Roltoff in agreement on the matter, "Time will surely tell." Tylon settling back within her place as Roltoff departs to seek dances. Her gaze traveling the room and dancers as she works on sipping the remainder of her wine. Taking notice of the sheepish smile offered her way, Tylon gives a bow of her head. Odd, or perhaps not, another that time will only tell.

Collette chuckles, while a man asks the Princess for a dance later. Than he walks away, the youngest daughter of Lohstren grins from ear to ear "I believe you do not want to be a companion for a walk or for a ride. You already have a dance partner," laugh follows the sentence. Then Collette just finishes her watered wine, takes some grapes and lets her look slip through all the dancing pairs. She smiles playfully and swings her legs under the table.

Aethel smiles to his sister as the dance progresses, carrying she throught the all and making sure he doesn't step on her, "Well, I really want to meet some new lords and ladies. This tourney might be the occasion I have been waiting for." He says, dragging her towards the center as if to get more attention from the others, "But everything has been perfectly arranged by our brother, which really relieves me, he seems comfortable with the title."

"Perfectly arranged by our brother indeed," Carisse says with a bit of a laugh. "Well, I'm sure he did his part, yes." She leaves it at that, though there is definitely amusement in her bright eyes. She moves through the dance appropriately, enjoying her opportunity to enjoy the music and the movement. "You are right that you have improved significantly since the dance instructor forced you to dance. I recall you did not wish to do so with your baby sister." Or at least so she says, at any rate.

As Paidrig and Victricia offer their greetings, Amira rises and curtsies in return to the both of them, her smile lighting her eyes. "I have had a lovely time, our host has been most accommodating and it has been a lovely evening thus far. I would be honored to save you a dance, thank you for asking." Her gaze settles on the Auldholme Lady, "I am glad you are here as well, and yes it would be lovely to speak again later. Please do not allow me to keep you both from enjoying the festivities and the dance." When she realizes Pawel was approaching, she glances at Collette. "I… perhaps, my lady." Offering a quick and reassuring touch to her hand.

Paidrig nods to Victricia, "We should, though perhaps a celebratory drink? We've only just arrived, it would be bad form to truly show up and steal the floor the moment we arrive." His voice is teasing, and quiet, not one to boast too loudly. A motion to one of the passing servants and he sees that Victricia and himself are outfitted with goblets of wine. He offers the one glass to her and looks quickly around the room, "I suppose we should drink this stuff before the Riedel casks are cracked, it promises to be a wonderful evening." He lifts his goblet to her and offers her a small private toast, "To the completion of the tasks and perhaps another one finished this evening?" That said, he clinks his goblet to hers, waiting to drink with her.

"It will be the highlight of my evening to speak with you, your highness. Enjoy your own dance." Victricia glances to Pawel and then smiles to Collette. "Lady Collette, good health and good tidings." She dips her head to the southern lady. Paidrig's wish for a drink is not ignored and she assents to it, taking the goblet when it is offered. "Very well, we can retire to some seats and partake of the food for a while if the road has found its way into your bones after our travel." Her eyes flicker up to his and she touches her goblet in toast with a soft sound. She turns to look at the others as she sips and catches a servant in the shoulder. Her goblet jumps in her hand and a splash of the wine finds itself patterned across the skirt of her dress before she manages to catch the spent drink. She gasps, and wets her lips. "This is a sign…" She whispers faintly, frowning.

"Your Highness," Pawel greets Amira as he approaches. "I hope you are enjoying the festivities?" Another brief pause, before he adds, "I also hope you would honor me with a dance?" Offered with a smile now, as he studies her for a few moments.

Aethel glances briefly as his brother, smirking as he asks Amira for the dance. He then moves and stops the dance with his sister, "I thank you for that, sister. When we were younger, I guess I just hadn't seen how fun this can be, since I was always listening to uncle and father words of diplomacy and war." He says, tone getting a bit somber for a while, "But anyway, I will let you find another partner, maybe someone worthy of your favor." The knight suggests and moves back to the table.

Paidrig's attentions turn to the Lady Collette, a small smile offered to the woman in passing, "Good evening, it is nice to see you again, you are looking resplendent this evening," he tells her, nodding in greeting. When Victricia's wine is spilt upon herself, Paidrig is quick to remove a kerchief from his pocket, offering it to the lady, "It is such a lovely dress, I shall send for your servants to ensure it does not…" what is the man saying, though he does at least have the decency to stand with Victricia and offer to take her goblet from her. "If you would wish to change, I am sure that your maidservants have already made your room ready for you, and if they are quick, we can still share that dance?" The blond Northman offers Victricia, his hands now currently occupied with two wine goblets. He looks for a tray, which conveniently happens to be with the servant that bumped into the Lady. Setting the goblets down upon the tray, Paidrig rises to his full height and just stares down at the man, saying nothing, but just expecting everything.

Still standing, Amira watches Victricia and Paidrig a moment longer, a fondness in her gaze. When Pawel arrives and greets her, she responds with a welcoming smile. "Yes, Your Grace, it has been a lovely feast and your hospitality is beyond compare, thank you." Dipping her head demurely. When he offers the dance, she offers her hand, "I would be honored, Your Grace." The smile for him warm, though she looks back at Collette, "Please excuse me, my lady, do enjoy the evening." And with that, she leaves the table with Pawel.

Carisse gives her brother a curtsey and then a swift hug. "Thank you, Aethel. You are too kind." She moves to collect her goblet of wine, sipping briefly, and then she pauses to look around and see how the rest of the party is going.

There is a Southron Lord that arrives a little late, certainly later than he had intended and the man is the Lord Protector of the March, Sir Eldrick from House Lohstren. His formal attire is perhaps a unique one compared to the style that is popular these days though he wears it well and everything appears to be in good order despite his lateness. At his side, perhaps one he is escorting, is his sister, Sir Moirae, who is without her armor tonight. Well, to be more precise, the armor she wears tonight is of a finer affair, made not from steel but of fine cloth. "I did not expect the horse to be delayed, we must seek out the Duke and apologize for our tardiness. But I hope with the gift we present to him, all will be forgiven." There is a brief look from Eldrick to his sister, a thin smile appearing before his gaze begins searching for the host, Duke Pawel.

Content to simply watch on, Tylon occasionally exchanges a word or three with a few of the others in the small group from the Temple. Watching those who dance and the stray exchanges and interactions amongst the nobility. Finding that point in the evening where duty has been served, in attendance long enough to give proper respect, Tylon rises from her place with another trailing along with her as she slip from the feast. Bandages to be counted and readied, splints to organize and all manner of fun in preparation for the tournament events. Nevermind the tonics for those who drink too much tonight.

Rae had excused herself from the hall some time earlier, worry compelling her to search out the arrival of her brother - whose arrival was over late by much much longer than any of them had expected. Being greeted by guards, their hosts sentries and a worried sister probably wasn't what Eldrick had expected but it's the arrival he received. "Was there trouble on the road?" she is asking in a soft voice as she keeps pace with Eldrick easily, long gown instead of armor no more a challenge to move in than anything else apparently.

"Thank you," Collette responds to the compliment with a warm smile. However, she still stares curiously at all the people, who dances. Grapes one after another is tossed to her mouth. It looks like she really loves them! However, her free fingers are dancing on the edge of the table even more. Feet are swinging in the rhythm. However, her eyes catches her sister, who just came back and her brother, who finally came. She smiles warmly and follows them with her amber look.

Pawel smiles as he hears Amira's words. "I must admit that much of the hard work done for making this evening the lovely event that it is, was done by my sister, though." A nod and a smile in Carisse's direction, before he gently takes the offered hand in his. "Thank you, Your Highness," he offers as he starts leading the way out onto the floor.

"No trouble, sister, just an annoyance. The horse threw a shoe somehow and it had to be replaced, it was smart as we do not risk damaging the steed on its way here." Eldrick quickly try to alleviate Rae's worries with his words as his gaze continues to search the busy Lord's Hall for one individual in particular. Catching sight of Pawel by the Rhaedan Princess, the Lohstren Heir nods in that direction, "There is the Duke, let us join him." With that, he begins to make his way in Pawel's direction, his steps are controlled and casual paced despite his urge to rush.

Amira follows where he leads her out onto the dance floor, her steps light, her movements graceful. "Then I must thank your sister for the lovely evening and compliment her on the incredible food and drink. It was a definite success."

Startled from glazing into her wine as Roltoff addresses Marla, "Oh dance?" The redhead blinks up to the sellsword, "I suppose…" She says warily standing up to take the offered hand. "I warn I like to dance but am not very good myself so this may end badly."

Rae's own search of the room finds their sister Collette again, aiming a smile at their sister - relief and a touch of reassurance offered in that look, now that their brother is safely arrived - as she continues to move at Eldrick's side, though a shade behind him in pace. It's instinct or maybe just a good deal of training, but shadowing their sister Morla has Rae instinctively sweeping the room, less looking at the gowns and pretty attire than looking where ever Eldrick isn't. She is a guard, after all, to the core. Dressed nicely though.

Roltoff enjoys his dance with Marla and escorts her out for the night once the dance has concluded.
Once Marla has departed he turns to Pawel and the rest and bows. "thank you for a eventful evening. I must retire for the night."

Finally Collette jumps on her feet and rushes near her brother and sister, interrupting them to reach the Duke, who dances with the Princess now "Dear brother, I just wanted to say, that I am happy finally to see you. I was a little bit worried." Then she looks at her sister "Have fun, both of you, but I will be leaving now. I need some more active… Well, I visit my stallion. So, have a good feast." She smiles for her siblings and nods to Aidan, her guard. They both rushes off.

Before Eldrick reaches the Duke, it appears the man has found a dancing partner and one that the Lohstren is familiar with. So instead of interrupting the dance, the Lord Protector slows to a stop, perhaps a tad disappointed but he certainly has patience. Turning, he catches sight of the youngest sister approaching rather quickly, grinning at her. "Collette, I was worried as well, but things turned out fine." When the young lady excuses herself though, Eldrick nods understandingly, "I hope you had fun tonight, I apologize for not being here on time."

"It has been a great success, yes. She is quite skilled with organize things like this," Pawel replies, with a smile now. Looking around for a few moments, he spots the approaching Eldrick, offering the man a nod now. As he sees the man's approach stopping, he turns back to the Princess, starting to lead her around the floor along with the music now.

This leaves Carisse at the head table, with Aethel drinking in the background. Right, she glances around a bit more, looking to see who is in need of some charming company to liven up the party just a tad.

Rae hugs her sister quickly before Collette takes her leave, watching after Collette for a moment to make sure that she's safely from the room before she turns slightly back to Eldrick. "She seems to have had fun," she says softly, a look of fond amusement in her eyes. "I think she'll have fun at the tournament, however, we should see if we can coax her to complete in the archery competition or something equally challenging."

Only when Pawel begins leading her around the floor does Amira notice Eldrick, though then her attention is caught once more by the Duke, following his lead, keeping a quiet conversation with him. "You are a very good dancer, Your Grace. I do hope you introduce me to your sister sometime soon."

"She is always full of joy and energy, the Four bless her." Eldrick says with a nod of his head as he watches the guards he assigned to her escort Collette out of the Lord's Hall. Then the noble knight turns his gaze back to his knightly sister, nodding his head in agreement, "I believe she would, she was so eager to know if I would be competing." A brief glance is thrown towards the Duke and the Rhaedan Princess, keeping track of their progress in the dance.

Pawel smiles, "I will make sure to introduce you, Your Highness," he replies, still leading on. "And thank you for the kind words about my skills at dancing. You are quite a good dancer as well."

Carisse gets a refill of her wine, and then she starts to walk around, pausing at this table here, to check on the folks who are there. Then she moves on to the next table, pausing to say a few words.

"I would like that, Your Grace," Amira continues the dance with him until the music ends and she curtsies to him. "Thank you for the dance, it was lovely."

"She worries," Rae says softly, her words honest and simply spoken, "she doesn't know how to handle a blade or a shield, nor ride a war horse into a fight or how to track in the rain or the mud. She's our sister, not a soldier. She worries," and her lips curve in a trace of a smile, "but she believes in you, as I do, and so she'll worry a bit. But she'll settle."

"It was a very lovely dance, Your Highness." Pawel offers with a smile as he offers a bow in return to Amira, before making his way through the crowds again, passing near the two Lohstrens now. "Sir Eldrick, Sir Moirae. I hope you are both enjoying yourselves?"

Amira accompanies him back, pausing at the two siblings offering both Eldrick and Rae a smile, thought she had already spoken with the latter earlier in the evening. "It is good to see you made it, Sir Eldrick." Formally, she has not met Moirae as of yet though, but her expression is open and warm.

Nodding at Rae's words, Eldrick appears to understand what his sister is saying about the youngest, "I will make sure that I do not disappoint you, either of you." The Lohstren Heir certainly feels the responsibility that has been placed on his shoulder after the loss of his older brothers. Looking back to where the Duke and Princess were dancing, he sees that they have finished and with the Duke approaching, Eldrick bows his head respectfully to Pawel. "Duke Pawel, thank you for hosting such a grand feast and the first Tourney as well. I do apologize for being late, Your Grace." When Amira joins them as well, the Lohstren knight smiles warmly to the Princess and bows to her as well, "I am glad to have arrived as well, Highness, and I promise you, I have not forgotten." He then gestures to Moirae, "Highness, please allow me to introduce my sister, Sir Moirae Lohstren." Then he looks to his sister, "Sister, this is Princess Amira Rhaedan, I first made her acquaintance in Laketown."

Rae, Moirae that is, starts to bow in reply to the introductions, remembers that she's not in armor, and turns the bow into a graceful curtsy, "Your Highness," she says, her head inclined as well to accompany the gesture, "your grace," she adds with another of those respectful tilts of her head - this aimed at Pawel - as she straightens.

Pawel smiles, "You have arrived, Sir Eldrick. That's the important thing. And thank you for the kind words. It would not have been such a wonderful feast without the hard work my sister, Lady Carisse did, though." A nod and a smile to Rae as well. "Sir Moirae. Always a pleasure." Stepping back a bit, he moves away from the little group, and circulates through the crowd for a while, speaking with a lot of people now.

"The delay was due to the gift from House Lohstren, a fine steed fit for a fine Duke of Wolveshire. It was delayed in its arrival and I had to ensure that it arrived. I saw fit to have it delivered to your stables so you can visit it at your leisure, Your Grace." Eldrick says with another nod of his head. When the Duke speaks of his sister, Lady Carsse, the Lohstren makes a mental note of that name as well before Pawel disappears to meet with the others.

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