Lord Paidrig Riedel
Philip Winchester
Philip Winchester as Paidrig Riedel
Full Name: Paidrig Riedel
Byname: ?
Age: 28
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: Riedel
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: Co-Heir
Place of Birth: Brivey
Father: Duke Neale Riedel
Mother: Duchess Krista Moray
Siblings: Sir Sammel Riedel, Lady Guinevere Riedel
Spouse: {$spouse}
Children: {$children}


Lord Paidrig Riedel was born second son to Duke Neale Riedel and Duchess Krista Moray. For most of his early years he lived the typical noble life. There were even periods of that time that he thought that he would make a better ruler than his brother Sammel when it came time for his Father to step down. However, that changed when he met his first love. He began to court her and realized that living in the glory seat was not the best to encourage the reception of a woman who was not interested in bulging muscles, or prowess with a sword. Instead, he won her over with his voracious appetite for trade and understanding of how lands are meant to be lead. They would spend many evenings discussing the finer points of trade routes, trading posts, tariffs, and taxation and while it may not have been many people's cup of tea, it was something that they shared and grew to love each other over.

Immediate Family

Duke Neale Riedel - Father
Sir Sammel Riedel - Brother

Character Features

Physical Features

A tall man in his late twenties, though from the look in his eyes, he seems several years older than that still. There's loss written upon the man's features that seems to haunt him. Blond hair has been cut to a length that allows it to be pulled over the ears and hang down his neck, from the look of it, that hair has probably seen a short pony-tail for most of its existence. Dead blue eyes stare at the world in a shadowy way, while the man's face has the cursory signs of a few days growth.


Not Interested in Glory Paidrig prefers to remain out of the spotlight, choosing to conduct business away from the crowds. What strong skills he has, he keeps to himself and abhors the idea of grandstanding, or showing off.
Reluctant Co-Heir Paidrig has come to the realization that Sammel will be a better visible leader for the house and so has moved into the Steward position, while supporting his brother in all respects for when the time comes for Sammel to assume the head of the family.
Widower Paidrig lost his wife during a complication in the pregnancy of the their first child. Both mother and child were taken from him over six years prior. He still has yet to fully grieve, or let the past go.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Victricia Iron Lady Victricia : She is an interesting woman. She boasts and cuts with her wit and her tongue as good as the best of them, but she also has the skills to back up the boasts when she needs to. She's decided that tasks for tutelage will be their future engagements, but it is possible that she does not know fully the destination to which such a path will lead.

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs


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