Count-Palatine Paule Westmark
Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill as Paule Westmark
Full Name: Paule Westmark
Byname: The Shadow Baron
Age: 39
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: Westmark
Title/Profession: Count-Palatine
Position: Advisor to Prince Jerric / Guerilla Warfare
Place of Birth: Elkmound Keep
Father: Tinan Westmark (d.)
Mother: Aithne Westmark nee Sollinger (d.)
Siblings: Ambassador Armon Westmark
Spouse: Baroness Katarina Westmark nee Rhaedan
Children: Baronet Coriaria Westmark
Lord Castor Westmark
Lady Lilium Westmark (d.)
Lady Laurel Westmark

The Baron of Westmark, Paule barely remembers a time when his land was not under siege and is currently in charge of its rebuilding and stepping out into the light again from the shadows of stealth and darkness. Married to Katarina Westmark, they have recently reunited their children to make a more public face to the recovering Westmark and its rebuilding to full force.

Immediate Family

  • Katarina Westmark nee Rhaedan (36) — Third Cousin to King Breac and wife.
  • Coriaria 'Cricket' Westmark (19) — Baronet - Heir of Westmark
  • Castor Westmark (19) — Lord - Knight in Training
  • Lilium 'Belladonna' Westmark (d.) — Lady - Died of White Fever in 1318 at age 5.
  • Laurel 'Foxglove' Westmark (16) — Lady - Raised in Church

Physical Features


Standing at 1.9 meters tall, Paule Westmark carries himself with the pride and the weathered bearing of a seasoned war veteran. His face betrays his age of nearly forty summers old, though is still handsome. Ears that are rather large frame either side of his head, with curly black hair that is kept moderately short and just off of the nape of his neck. He shaves, but there is a permanent shadow of a beard along his jaw and his dimpled chin. He has high cheekbones and slightly sunken cheeks. His almond shaped eyes are a bright blue in color, and above them is dark and bushy brows. His nose flattens towards the middle, having healed a bit crooked at some time in the not to distant past, with full bowed lips beneath that.

He has a thick neck that leads into an athletically built frame, not overly muscular, but a frame that speaks of stealth and speed over strength and brawn. Over his frame, he wears a dark grey nearly black leather robe, hinted with traces of gold and brown embroidery. Brown leather crosses diagonally over his chest to a pair of shoulder pads on his right side. Leather gauntlets and bracers cover his forearms. Over the center of his chest is a stag's head made of silver as a catch for the belt. Around his waist is a golden sash, over it is a dark belt of leather, a dagger carried in a sheath at his waist.

The robes of leather hang down to reach the calf high leather boots he wears, fine gold embroidery in the hem of the robe along with the crest of the House Westmark, are courtesy of his wife. Underneath the robes he wears a loose white cloth shirt, a pair of black leather pants with a dark belt. He does not wear gloves except in cold weather, with his left hand bearing a simple a gold band of marriage.



  • Assassin Training — In his youth, when the war first began, Paule's father thought it best to start to teach his son the art of stealth so that if something happened to his parents he could hide. What started out as stealth has branched out. It is rumoured that Paule lead many of the missions that wreaked havoc on the Corsair rear lines.
  • Deadly Wit — Paule has a sharp tongue and quick wit; unfortunately due to his time as a Baron under siege, he had to have a quick and ready tongue to get his point across quickly.
  • Dirty Tactics — From poisoning water supplies, hiring prostitutes to lure away unsuspecting Corsair officers, to trapping Corsairs in their ships as they burned, Paule Westmark is not the type to follow the standards of a stand-up battle. His units are trained in stealth and guerrilla warfare and in strike and fade tactics.
  • Family Loyalty — Ever since Katarina and Paule first bonded truly over the deaths of the Corsair Queen and Princess, they have been a bond stronger than steel. That loyalty carries over into each of his children, and there is nothing that the Baron Westmark would not do to see his family taken care of.
  • Release the Hounds — An avid breeder of the large Westmark Bog Hound (OOC: Irish Wolfhound), Paule takes good care of these loyal and gentle giants, training them in the arts of hunting and defense, and many of the best trained serve as castle guardians or as part of the entourage to the family. To own a Bog Hound is to own one of the top domesticated creatures in the kingdom.
  • Wine Connoisseur — As a result of the war and losses suffered during the siege, the Westmark barony now owns a few vineyards across the land. One of these vineyards produces a nutty and fruity tasting wine that is called Blood Wine, as the vineyard was planted on the mass grave of Corsairs that were murdered by a poisoning of the nearby water supply. The wine is safe to drink, but it is said that it is more potent than the usual wine because of its fertilizer.

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