Pawel Varghem
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Pawel Varghem
Full Name: Pawel Varghem
Byname: Lord of the Wolves
Age: 27
Kingdom: Taniford
House: Varghem
Title/Profession: Duke
Position: Duke of Wolveshire
Place of Birth: Wolveshire
Father: Duke Wilhjalm Varghem(deceased)
Mother: Duchess Saraiya Varghem, nee Rhodin
Siblings: Lord Aethel Varghem
Lady Prada Varghem
Lady Carisse Varghem
Lord Lyam Varghem
Spouse: Lady Alisandra Varghem, nee Rosendal(deceased)
Children: Unnamed daughter(stillborn)


Recently inheriting the title as Duke of Wolveshire, Pawel Varghem proved himself a commander on the battlefield against the Corsairs, before being called back to Wolveshire by his father a few years ago, marrying a daughter of a vassal. Unfortunately, his wife died giving birth to a stillborn daughter.
He’s known for an unpredictable temper, but also his sense of duty, and loyalty to House Taniford.

On April 15 1329, he was one of the people inside during the attack and fire at the Bad Clam Tavern in Laketown.

Immediate Family

  • Dowager Duchess Saraiya Varghem : Mother
  • Lord Aethel Varghem : Younger Brother
  • Lady Prada Varghem : Younger Sister
  • Lady Carisse Varghem : Youngest Sister
  • Lord Lyam Varghem : Youngest Brother

Character Features

Physical Features

Standing a few inches below six feet, this man in his late twenties has broad shoulders, and a muscular build, looking like someone in the habit of regular workouts to maintain his physical prowess. He's got dark brown hair that can be mistaken for black in the right light, hair kept relatively short, and kept back from his face. Facial features include blue eyes that seem to watch the world rather intently, a nose that seems to be slightly larger than the average, pale lips that frame two rows of teeth that seem to be rather well taken care of. There's also a thin mustache going along his upper lip, from one corner of the mouth to the other, and a small beard along his chin. His entire bearing seems to be that of a man with a lot of confidence in himself.


  • Loyalty to Taniford: Like his family before him, Pawel is very loyal to the royal House.
  • Mercurial Temper: His temper is very unpredictable, and can go from calm to enraged in a few moments, and just as quickly the other way. There are some few people that can get through that, though.
  • Pleasures of Life: He's one of those men that's been known to enjoy the pleasures of life. If that's food, drink, or women, that's not much difference to him. What's the point in not enjoying yourself, when tomorrow might find you dead?
  • Sense of Duty: No matter his temper, mood and other things, he has a strong sense of duty, and what he'd need to do for his House and the people depending on them.

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