Sir Peronell Savage
Virginia Hankins
Virginia Hankins as Peronell Savage
Full Name: Peronell Savage
Byname: The Blue Slayer
Age: 34
Kingdom: Taniford
House: Taniford
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Blue Guard/Knight
Place of Birth: Small town between two mountains
Father: Sir Ferdich Savage
Mother: Mistress Meli Savage
Siblings: None
Spouse: None
Children: Son

It was late evening. A man in his twenties was training in the field. His sword‘s sharp edges kissed a poor dummy. All his moves were so professional, so perfect, that he couldn‘t be just a man. He was a strong knight. However, he was famous not about his good deeds, but about his wild and unpredictable temper. He even was called Ferdich Savage. Moreover, everybody knew, that he was incredibly strict for himself and for people around him. To be good meant to be quite bad for him. To be perfect meant to be quite good. He always tried to be someone more than perfect. However, these traits gave him a possibility to become well known knight, who honourably fought in tourneys and brought justice for people, who desperatly were looking for it, but were too weak to get it in their own hands.

A lot of young boys dreamed about the possibility to become squire to Ferdich Savage. They knew, that it would require a lot of energy and nerves. That would be the most difficult years in their lifes, but still they wanted to be near the side of such knight. However, this man had a woman. She worked as a serving girl in the Inn. She was quite pretty even if she was quite plump. However, when she was talking, everybody wanted to listen. Her laughter was so soft and infectious. She was quite crazy woman with a lot of funny ideas. She was a soul of the Inn called Meli (later Meli Savage).

This couple did not love each other. They respected each other and had the same home. This marriage was made of two people, who just knew, that they have to create a family and that is all. So, a lot of young boys dreamed of being squires to Ferdich, but he said, that this position is for his real son. That late evening, he was beating poor dummy from thrill, because his young wife was screaming in a small, but lovely home, being ready to fulfil her duty. Even if the knight was faithless, that night he asked Guardians for son.

Maybe because he was called Savage. Maybe because he was faithless. Maybe without any particular reason, guardians were deaf at that moment. So, when Ferdich came home, he found a strong and quite huge baby girl in the midwife hands. His wife was dead. At first the man was so angry, but later, he decided, that he will make a son from that baby, which looked too firm, too strong, too big as a baby. However, he had his own needs: fights, tourneys and other knight‘s things. So, he left the baby to his older sister, who was that midwife till the young girl become 13 years old.

The midwife took care of the baby girl, who grew up very quickly and showed a lot of strenght. She was quite bold and persistent as her father. However, you could see her mother‘s eyes in the young girl, also these long fiery hair and hear the same soft laughter from her throats as her mother had. Midwife tried to teach the young girl some needlework, cooking or even some literature or healers skills, which she had. However, the young girl had too rough hands for such work. The only things she was good at – commanding a poor midwife, what she should do, listen stories about her father and track all the places where midwife hide all the most tasty snacks. Moreover, she loved playing a war in the yard with boys from neighbourhood. It looks like that she already knew, what plans her father had.


From all these games outside the young girl brought a lot of wounds from fights, she even was a commander of the children gang, which tried to terrorize a few children from the richer families. She was not praised for such behaviour. Her relations with midwife with each day became worse and worse.

Finally father came back and said „This is time for you to learn some real things.“ From that day the young girl became a squire to her father. She followed him everywhere. She was in each tourney, she saw him fighting in the real fights and with dummies. Father never told her, that he loves her. He just always said, how horrible she is at everything and that he is dissapointed with such child. He even called her „Peronell, boy, common, hurry!“

Naturally, all these years, being a squire, she was taught by her father, how to use a sword, lances, axes and hammers. He even showed her how to use arrows. However, she was the best with sword. She was really good. However, Ferdich Savage said, that she is bad at everything and that she has to train even harder. Her muscles strenghtened with each day as her anger and the same perfectionism of her father.

Finally, when she saw her 18th summer, her father put his hand on her shoulder whispering „You are ready.“ The young girl was knighted and a father gave her a horse as a present. This was the only moment he believed in his daughter and was happy. However, he said „I have a son, who maybe will become a perfect knight, someday.“

The young girl was very happy, she clenched reins of the sorrel horse. The horse stood quietly and had the same pride in his eyes as the rider. She still has the same stallion with her. If rays of sun catches the fur of this horse, you could think, that this one is a burning horse. His manes have a glare of fire. The rider has the same fire in her heart and proudly carries the name of her father - Savage.

Now she is 34. She is tall and strong woman, who never parts with her sword, armour and horse. However, all her life had just one goal and she reached it. But if we want to know more about that goal, we have to come back to the day she became a knight.

She was still young and not so strong as she is now. Nell, came back home. She just wanted to make a visit to the sister of her father. She wanted to show the woman, how much she reached. The young girl decided to stay at the Inn. She left in sorrel horse in the stables and took a walk around town. She wanted to rest from all the long trainings with her father. She wanted just to remember her childhood. So, she paid a visit to a small forest, where a lot of childish wars happened.

That night a few men had a small feast of their own. They drank a lot of strong wine, laughed and intently stared at all the women around. Likely, they saw Nell, leaving the Inn. She was tall woman with a body as strong as man‘s. However, she had something in her, what attracted the men. The young girl was quite thoughtful that day. There was too much emotions in her, for this reason she did not saw the group of men, who all lead by their beastly desires and wine, followed her. They were five, but there was the one, whose eyes was burning with passion to the young girl.


I think, we don‘t need to talk about what happened. We need to talk about results of Peronell‘s meeting with the five men. Nine month after this meeting, she gave a birth to a baby boy. These news was an arrow straight to the heart of her father. At first, he wanted to disown his daughter and that bastard. But after that just angriness came. He told „If you still want to be my son (he still called her a son), you have to get your honour back. The death will bring it to you.“

Peronell remembered the face of that man, who was a father of her child. She remembered it very good and even dreamed it in her nightmares. A few years, her father lived with the young girl and his grandson, and midwife. He trained his daughter once more. Especially, he tried to train her soul. To be firm, fearless and perfect. When she get her energy back, not just physical, but spiritual too, she left with her sorrel horse. She had just one goal. To find the man, challange him to an honourable dual till death.

She was travelling around all kingdom. She was participating in tourneys, she helped for people, especially women, who needed her strenght. After twelve years of search, twelve years of fighting and intenltly looking in the crowds, she finally saw that man. There was the day, when Tourney in Wolveshire was arranged. However, she saw that man before the tourney. Maybe for this reason, she just couldn‘t participate. She chose to follow that man, to know all about him.

Peronell was quite happy. She knew, that she finally reached her goal. She will make her father be proud. She will take her honour back! However, quite interesting message reached her ears. That man was a Blue Guard. Quite an honourable possition. She started to hesitate about her motivations. However, she remained in the shadows, looking for a possibility to show up. Looking for the right moment.

Sometimes strange luck comes for someone with horrible things for others at the same time. The Princess of Taniford was killed. There was some problems inside the Blue Guards and the Prince took a possition of Blue Guard. Now Nell just had to get a chance to talk with the Prince. She knew, that this was not the right moment, but also she new, that she has what to offer for the favour.

Finally, she dared to come out of the shadows and respectfully bowed to the Prince. Somehow, he gave her a chance to tell him her story. The Prince Samwell believed her story, but she was granted with permission to prove this version at the eyes of the Guardians in one condition: she can only proceed to challenge him if she wants to take his position, if she won. Peronell was so full of desire to get justice from the duel till death, that she aggreed. Finally the justice was done. Her sword tasted the blood of the man, who destroyed her honour and her woman‘s life.

Now, when she reached her main goal, she wants to give a visit to her father, to take her child as a squire to her. But also, she has to give a thank to the Prince, because he was the man, whose word let her to throw away the stone, which pressed her heart all these years. For this reason Peronell Savage took the Blue Cloak and is ready to do anything the Prince asks.


Sir Ferdich Savage (Father) - I respect him so much. He never showed me love, but he taught me how to live. He was a professional knight. I was his squire, his son and his disappointment. But I hope now, when I got my honour back, he will be proud of me. He always was so strict and even cruel, but he was perfectionist. He was with me the same person he was with himself. I knew, that this was his love for me.
Meli Savage (Mother) - She died giving a birth. I never met her, but people say, that when she was talking, everybody wanted to listen. She had a soft and infectious laughter. Meli was quite crazy woman with a lot of funny ideas. She was a soul of the Inn, where she worked as a server.
Midwife (Father's sister) - She took care of me till I become thirteen. I respect her, but she is a little bit annoying.
16 or 17 years old son - I love him with all my heart, even if he showed up in my life unexpectedly. However, I read him stories just till he saw his 4th winter. I had to leave… I hope he understands it. I really want to meet him again. Father promised to prepare him for being a squire to me. I have to get to know my own son.

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