Pie and Prayers

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Summary: Pie break leads to Collette finding Merrick in prayer and distracting him from it for a little trist!
Date: 08/11/2013
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On the trail to Estermarch
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Merrick didn't really come back to enjoy those pies with Jaren and Collette… Instead, he was giving Collette the opportunity to work her magic on the Knight, to ensure his loyalty once they were to face Eldrick. That meant that his scouting was a little prolonged and while he -did- scout the roads ahead and the forests as well, he was now sitting on the ground while his gelding was nibbling at what grass roots were left, despite being brown from the autumn season. He was a little further up the road from the clearing and the rocks, sitting on one knee, while his head was bowed into the hilt of his broadsword, the blade stabbed into the ground in front of his knees. A prayer… It seemed only right.

Collette, after some talking with Jaren, finLly decided to stand up and carry Merrick's pie back to the bag of her stud. She smiles to Jaren and walks near her horse, leaving Jaren to finish his pie and sit in a peace. After all, he remembered his wife and cinversation became a bit awkward. Maybe he wants some privacy.

When she comes closer near the Arrow and looks around, the girl catches the sight of Merrick. Huge warm smile appears in her features. Collette glances at Jaren briefly and walks to the direction of her beloved man, leaving Jaren out of sight.

When she comes closer, the girl kneels beside Merrick and extends him a pie. "My love, you should taste it!" She is not afraid to inerrupt his prayer. Collette never was too religious. Who knows how people pray?

Merrick's one hand is wrapped around the hilt of the blade while his forehead touched the end of it, his eyes closed, lips tight and thinned. Apparently his prayers are of the silent nature, between him and the Four, or maybe he's just trying to work something else out. Either way, he doesn't hear the girl approach, completely enthralled by the task, by the scripts mentally being delivered, his mouth moving some at points, whispering the divine lectures and oaths yet again, but loud enough only for the guardians to hear him.

The smell of the woman, her presence, the faint whiff of the pie, and the words of the young woman break him from his religious petition. His eyes crack open, his head lifts from its bent stature over the sword, his gaze falls upon the woman who has changed him in so many ways. He regards her for a time, not quite certain what to say for the offer of the pie and secondly, for the interruption of his prayer, and thirdly, for calling him 'my love' so openly when the other knight is about and could overhear.

"You should not call me that…" he whispers softly to reprimand her, looking then at the pie, then back at her, "Not now."

These loving and caring amber eyes are watching at the man with so much admiration, "He won't hear… and… I would love to shout for the whole world about my love to you.." The young girl places a pie on the groud, because it is in the handhershief, so it is okay. Collette leans closer, "It is too hard to be close to you, but won't be able to kiss you and get warm in your armful…" She remains close, that her breath can be heard, but she lowers her gaze a bit, "You might not like it, but… I adore you… you are my life, oh! And I want to make you happy and see you smile," and then she very quickly and unexpectedly places a brief peck on his lips so boldly.

Merrick twists just slightly in the way he's kneeling, so that one hand can reach out to cup her cheek, "Collette…" his tone is remorseful and perhaps sullen, "You cannot shout it out to the world… It would destroy something bigger than we as individuals are," he pushes back some of that wild hair, before running his thumb over her lips and chin - while the other hand is holding onto his sword which for him symbolizes the Templar Order. He does smile, though such a thing barely touches his lips, smothered by concern and doubt, "Then believe in your brother and the faith that he will not spill the blood of his own over such an absurd thing as love. But love to me, he will," his worry is deep, "For if he asks me to confirm or deny the accusations against me, against us… I now cannot say they are false, for what we have done makes them anything but." Only then is he kissed and the worry deepens, though it is all for her and none for himself.

"It is better to die, knowing that then I will be able to be forever around you, than live in the darkness and pain, knowing that you are somewhere and with someone, but not with me…" The girl taps Merrick's nose gently, "I am yours. You are mine and we shall not be worried. I believe guardians will be just. They brought us together, they won't separate us. We are meant to be together. I will speak with my brother and maybe even nor you, nor Jaren will need to say anything. Eldrick should leave me as commoner and free to live with you! Merrick, you won't get rid of me with these dark thoughts and offers not to love you. Once you told me. And we were separated. But you came back. We were not happy apart, we are happy together and we will be together. I am not afraid to die because I love you. I am afraid to live without you… It will be worse than death…"

His hand upon his sword slips off the hilt, leaving it wobbling there for a moment in the dirt as he fully turns toward Collette, cupping her face with both of his hands as she speaks of living and dying and the differences of. He stares into those amber eyes of hers, absorbed in them yet again, lost to their mesmerizing features, his chest heaving, "I am yours," he repeats, "You are right, I was lost when I left you… as I could not think of anything but the adventure to the river and the purpose your presence gave to my life…" he looks between her eyes and then draws her close to him, risking a kiss for as long as he can. There could be symbolism behind the sword left there in front of him, kneeling, but turned toward the woman who has enraptured him so.

Collette almost swoons in ghe armful of the Wolf. The kiss… This honset kiss and his final understanding, that they will never be and can't be apart… Finally!

Suddenly, Collette just doesn't care about anything. It is worth some risk, really! She smiles widely and jumps on her feet, gently grabbing the hand of Merrick and tugging him. "Come…" She giggles mishievously. If the man will follow her, the girl will tug him out of the road tk another side of the forest from there Jaren is. When they will be in safe distance, she will lean against the wide tree and will clasp her hands around man, cuddling him tightly to herself and giving his lips long kiss.

The man watches her as she rises to her feet, dumbfoundedly as she grabs his hand. He's always one step behind her, always surprised by her, he can never predict what she's going to do next and maybe that is one reason he was so drawn to her in the first place. The unknown factor plays to his kindred wild spirit, one that was confined to the scriptures and the oaths of his Order but is now strengthening in its freedom by her passionate madness. He gives a bit of a chuckle as she tugs him up and he goes, leaving behind the sword for better pursuits. He allows her to lead him, keeping up with her mischievous pace, simply amazed by her as she draws them both into the forest.

Once at that safe distance, there's a wolfish grin on his face as she draws him toward her, quite willingly going along with it, hungry once more for her kiss as his arms encircle around her waist, leaning into her with eager and desirous noises stirring in his chest. How easy to rile him it truly was, how securely he was wrapped around her finger…

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