Player Policies


Game of Kings is a game run by adults, for adults. As such, we expect our players to behave like adults, and keep in mind the feelings and enjoyment of other people on this MUSH. This means that certain behaviors will be considered unacceptable.

No Cheating
Players will not subvert any hardcode or softcode on the game, either by exploiting code flaws, or by setting up code that attacks the game. It is also considered Cheating by playing against the game's intent of game play.

Play nice
Players out of character behavior will be polite and friendly. Harassment of any kind of other players or admin is totally unacceptable. Players will not employ profanity on public channels.

There will be no spying. Players set dark must announce their presence to anyone else in the room as soon as possible and as often as necessary.

Logging is permitted. Players are not required to announce that they are logging. Posting or sharing logs is permitted. So if you don't want something shared, either don't say (or do) it, or discuss the matter with the players involved.

Keeping it real
Players are expected to fully understand the separation between IC and OOC. You are not your character, and what happens to your character does not reflect on you. Players are asked to not take IC conflict OOC. Likewise, players are expected not to let OOC dislike of a player affect their IC actions. This also means that you must keep careful track of what your character knows, and IC information gained OOCly may not be used ICly unless there is good IC reasoning behind it.

The Admins are the Admins
When players have a problem in the game, either with another player, with the theme, with the rules, or with an admin, they should go to an admin to discuss it. If there are issues that require a decision, the admin will try to make the best decision for the game first, and the best decision for the player second. Hopefully, what is best for the game and the player is the same decision. If a player disagrees with an admin decision, he or she may appeal to the admin body by submitting a detailed +request. That decision will be final, and the player is expected to accept the decision gracefully.

The Admins are players too
The admins are volunteers who spend hours of their time trying to keep a fun and viable game running for everyone involved. They are to be treated with respect and courtesy. Admins are also players, and at times may want to shed the admin mantle, and just play. Players are asked to respect their wishes during those times.

Staff guidlines
Staff is permitted to be dark and listening on channels. Staff are not permitted to be dark in a room with a scene or conversation without announcing themselves.

Staff are not to use their position as staff to advance their characters, either by friendship with staff, or knowledge gained as a privilege of being on staff. A staffer might hold key positions in the IC world, but it would be because they have been asked by staff to play that position, due to the known reliability or imagination of the staffer.

Staff should show good judgement in handling players and staff decisions. If a staffer's feelings start to cloud his or her judgment for good or ill, the staffer should recognize such and hand the matter off to another staffer. A staffer should never make a judgment on a scene they are playing in as a player if there is another staffer online.

While staff are encouraged to keep other staffers apprised of any given situation concerning a player, if the issue becomes serious enough that it begins to affect staff's willingness to deal with a player, another staffer should talk to the player directly and try to resolve the matter personally.

Staff are permitted to keep their alt identities private if they wish. However, staff are not permitted to use information disclosed to a secret alt on an admin level unless they make themselves known. e.g., If a player pages a secret to a staff-alt about another player's conduct, and the staffer thinks he or she might want to act on this information on the admin level, then the staffer must immediately disclose that he or she is a staff alt, so the player may make the decision about whether or not the player wants to make an official complaint to staff. If the staffer has no intention of taking action, or passing the information on the staff level, he or she is not required to disclose his or her identity.

Staff are not permitted to reveal alt information about other players including other staff alts.

Character Creation Policies

Character Names

We encourage creativity in naming your character, however we will not accept any name that is a well-known literary figure, taken from a popular medium, or is completely modernized. Examples of naming no nos: Merlin, Lancelot, Frodo, Gandalf, Harry Potter, Skywalker, and the like. We also encourage you to avoid popularized Real Life names such as Joe, Sally, and the like. Should your name violate any of these conventions, you will be asked to change it before you are approved to enter the grid. There are many great Name Generators out there that can help you figure out a name if you are stuck.

Nobles maintain the surname of their birth House, even after marriage. For example, despite a Lohstren marrying into Sollinger, he/she will maintain the surname Lohstren. For more information, see the Etiquette page. Commoners have a bit more freeform with their surnames. Some maintain a family name, while others are named after their place of birth. For example, a commoner from Brivey may be Thommen of Brivey. Orphans who are raised in the Temples are given surnames based on the Guardians — Bornin, Althearin, Stillthin, or Ravin. For more information on the Temples, see the Religion of the Four Guardians page.

Should you wish to change your name, we do require you to submit a +request giving old name and the new name and a brief reason why. This is done so that we can run the necessary commands to switch the coded systems (such as +mail, +actors and +alts) to the new name.

Character Ages

While we have nothing against children nor old folks, we have set a standard of all player characters can be between 16 and 40 years old. Should you have a concept for either a character that is younger or older you will have to submit a +request detailing the reasons why such an age should be considered.

Be advised that any special +request for an age waiver will require a detailed explanation for the request and may delay the approval of such a character out of CharGen. Additionally, significantly younger or older characters will have greater sheet restrictions during character generation.

To avoid issues of legality, sexual interactions between between a character under the age of 18 with another character over the age of 18 is strictly prohibited, as are any scenes that contain child pornography.

Alternative Characters (Alts)

After your initial two weeks of game play you may create an Alternative Character (Alt). There are some rules to alts in order to allow as many players to hold positions of importance and to avoid conflicts with alts.

1) You may have up to four characters.
2) Only TWO Nobles or one Guildmaster position and One Noble can be held by any one player.
3) Noble alts must come from different realms. EX: One Northern, One Southern.
4) You may only have one alt that is the head of any position, be it a House, Keep, Smith, Inn, etc.
5) Alts can not be in the same house.
6) At no time shall alts come in contact with one another. If alts are in the same room one or the other must leave.
7) There will be no sharing of information or any objects with one alt to another.
8) One alt can not take actions that would benefit another alt. Avoid conflicts of interest.
9) During Character Generation you must use the +alt command to register an alt. See +help +alt. Failure to do so may be grounds for loss of that alt.


Game of Kings is a MUSH, not a MUD!

While we have a non-consent policy and it is a dangerous place, first and foremost is RP. For those that feel they want to play in the style of a MUD we respectfully ask you to join a MUD.

Coded systems are in place to enhance RP, not to take the place of RP. Combat, as an example, is a part of the game but only when it is used to support the RP. Always RP the scene and use the coded systems to enhance the feel, not to take the place of RP.

There are no winners nor are there losers on Game of Kings. We are all here to tell a story in our own fashion and this is done via RP.

When player's characters are in a public place anyone can drop in and join the scene. There are no closed scenes in public places on the game.

When a player's character is set IC and on the Grid they are declaring that they are available for RP. If you must idle for what ever reason it is advisable to idle in the OOC or AFK lounge, not on the grid.

Just because your character -can- do something code wise always ask your self if your character should do it. Sure anything can be justified, but the talented player will always find a solid and creative reason to support his or her character's actions. If a good solid reason for doing something can not be found, and the coded systems allow you to do it, don't do it.

+Roll to see the outcome of one's actions is solely up to the player's involved. If a player's actions are questioned by others in scene they can ask for a +roll. As an example if a player poses being able to out ride another on horseback then it is ok to be asked to +roll Horsemanship. Never use +roll to Power pose another player's reaction.

It is the players that make or break the game. Talented players will be inclusive and provide hooks for his or her peers. Even if your character is a die hard, take no prisoners bad guy, you can still provide a rich and fulfilling scene with the other players even when they are not involved with IC opponents or maybe on opposite sides - if common sense is applied.

Most of all have fun and provide an environment where your fellow players will have fun.

Non-Consent Policy

Game of Kings is a **NON CONSENT* game. While you are on the grid your character may be attacked, with in IC reason, at any time. We do limit player killing and should such a situation come up before death of a character can occur a STAFF member (Wizard or Admin) must be called in. During the wait time for Staff to arrive the scene is considered frozen and play must be suspended.

Your IC property, freedoms, and life may constantly be in danger, and you may lose any of them against your wishes. We allow players a remarkable degree of freedom to gather power and property, and we expect players to be willing to lose them with equanimity. If you cannot accept losing your money, play someone poor. If you cannot accept losing your castle, you should not be a Lord. If you cannot accept being targeted by your enemies, stay unimportant and avoid a high profile. You aren't here, after all, to lead a dull but secure existence in a coddling environment—you're here to enjoy all the excitement, passion, and drama of life in the medieval period!

You have the right not to RP situations which make you uncomfortable, in which case you will need to decide what happened to your character with your opponent and a staff member. In combat situations, refusal to RP will usually mean you lose. You may also freely ask for a scene you are involved in to go on hold until the earliest possible time you can RP it out properly; if you abuse this privilege, you will lose it.

Game Rating

Game of Kings is rated R and the @channels are rated PG (excluding <Unrated>).

During game play in an IC setting explicit language may occur, though all @channels be kept to a rating of PG. It may be IC for your character to use explicit dialogue, but there is really no reason to do so on @channels.

If a player continues to violate our ratings policy, they may be suspended from channel use for a short period of time. We are here to be respectful to ourselves and one another, and to ensure that the game continues to be a source of entertainment.

Public Scene Content

Please note that Staff cannot control what happens in private RP between consenting players. However, no player is obligated to continue a scene where they are made uncomfortable by the actions of other players. Scenes regarding rape, torture, or other explicit violence or sex may not be posted on the wiki. Such logs will be immediately taken down and warnings will be issued to the poster. Fade to black (FtB) is an appropriate request for scenes that include explicit situations such as torture or rape. Requesting a Fade to Black does not retcon nor negate the scene, and therefore its outcome remains.

Please regard to these rules concerning public scenes and explicit content:

  1. Public scenes containing gratuitous violence or sexual activity are strictly prohibited. Such scenes should be taken to private rooms; examples of private rooms include on-grid bedrooms and dungeons, as well as Role Play Rooms that can be found off the OOC Center. Should any scene violate this rule, please report it immediately to Staff. If you are ever in question whether or not a public scene is going too far, it is safer to relocate it to a Role Play Room than face later consequences. Additionally, if you're not entirely sure of the willingness and complicity of your entire audience, take the opportunity to ask participating players.
  1. No player should be forced or coerced into participating in a scene in which its content makes them uncomfortable. Players have the freedom to bow out of or request a Fade to Black for any scene that contains things that are unpleasant. Please note that we still uphold a strict In-Character Action = In-Character Consequence; if the particular scene may result in negative outcomes for your character, a player can request a Staff ruling on the outcome. This still allows you to avoid RPing uncomfortable scenes, while also maintaining the story.
  1. If you are ever unsure or uncomfortable of a situation you find yourself in, stop the scene and request a Fade to Black. If the other player(s) refuses to comply or forces you to continue, notify Staff immediately and a mediator will be sent into the scene. Failure to comply to a request to Fade to Black or scene pause may result in disciplinary measures from Staff, including a revoking access to the game should the situation call for it.

In closing then, please consider: the framework of this MUSH is provided for your enjoyment, and the enjoyment of the others who share it with you. However, please do use common sense. If you, as a player, are not comfortable around violence, do not create a knight. If you do not like the idea of drinking, do not go to the local tavern.

If you feel that another player is abusing these policies at any time, contact Staff IMMEDIATELY. We will fairly examine the situation and determine disciplinary actions if they are called for.


Sometimes, your IC situation calls for a good disguise to get you what you want or where you're going - and there's no limit to the possibilities of your disguise but what your imagination can dream up. However, we do ask players to exercise common sense when writing disguises. Often, Staff will have to be called when PLAYER A puts on a disguise and PLAYER B doesn't buy it. Here a few simple guidelines to follow when traveling incognito:

  • A cloak and hood can conceivably serve as a good disguise. However, should combat or heavy action occur, be realistic about how well that disguise is going to stay in place.
  • Heavy use of makeup or prosthetic facial features to change your appearance will be scrutinized carefully.
  • Hair, hair dye, wigs, facial hair, and makeup and clothing are entirely valid and not likely to be questioned.

When called in to decide whether Player B recognizes Player A, Staff will generally request that the disguised player produce their Normal description along with the Disguise description to be compared. If your normal eye color is blue but you disguise says they are green expect to called on it. Also, personal relationships between characters will be taken into account as in Character A has known Character B for many years a disguise may only raise eyebrows and further questions.


OOC rumors are a way of life on any MUSH and in life. The Staff of Game of Kings MUSH have decided that rumors are nothing more than someone's conjecture, random thoughts or guesses. They are not facts. Because of this we, the Staff, will not deal in rumors. We can't answer to them nor will we waste our time, nor yours, in trying to deal with them. Rumors will occur, to believe otherwise is foolish, but we ask you all to consider them just what they are.

If you need to make a complaint against another player, you will be required to provide adequate evidence to support your complaint before Staff will take disciplinary measures.


Sitting connected to a computer system without typing anything at your keyboard for a long time is called "idling". Users who sit inactive for over 60 minutes will be set OOC and teleported to the AFK room by the system automatically. If you are still idle after 2 hours you will be automatically booted from the game.

Please do not use macros or other methods to avoid the idling limits. Users discovered using such tricks will be booted and may lose other gaming privileges. Please also refrain from using auto-reconnect triggers which reconnect you to the game automatically every time you are disconnected. Players observed using such triggers will have their characters temporarily or permanently disabled.

If your connection requires data to be sent periodically to keep alive, please see HELP IDLE


Requests from players to staff are varied, both in the nature and the complexity. They can range from buying/building property to asking for an alt. Due to this Staff will always attempt to work on submitted requests in a 'first come first serve' method. However, simple requests may be resolved in a few minutes, while more complex requests can take several days to fully complete.

Each player can only have 3 open requests in the +job system at any one time. This will keep the open requests to a manageable number and help ensure that player's request get swift attention.


There are some proprieties which should be obeyed before any marriage — noble or commoner. Both arranged marriages and love matches are preceded by a betrothal period of at least a month. For royal matches, a betrothal may stretch for years, but most betrothals are closer to the minimum length.

During the betrothal, the future couple is expected to spend time (properly chaperoned) in one another's company so that they can get to know one another. The betrothal time also gives noble families time to plan and finance a proper wedding.

Betrothals should be approved by the head of each noble House, or the head of family for commoners. While commoners occasionally just run off together, nobles rarely ever do, as doing so would shame their families. Exactly what that shame brings depends on the family and the difference in rank between those who eloped. In addition to family approval, those in military service such as members of the Blue Guard, Royal Guard or ranking House Guards are often required to seek permission of their commanding officer.

OOC Note : All characters are required to have existed and played by the current player for at least two weeks prior to applying for a betrothal or courting rights to the head of house.

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