Player Policy - Alts

Alternate Characters (Alts)

After your initial two weeks of game play you may create an Alt. There are some rules to alts in order to allow as many players to hold positions of importance and to avoid conflicts with alts.

1) You may have up to four characters.
2) Only one Noble or one Guild master position can be held by any one player.
3) You may only have one alt that is the head of any position, be it a House, Keep, Smith, Inn, etc.
4) Alts can not be in the same house.
5) At no time shall alts come in contact with one another. If alts are in the same room one or the other must leave.
6) There will be no sharing of information or any objects with one alt to another.
7) One alt can not take actions that would benefit another alt. Avoid conflicts of interest.
8) During Character Generation you must use the +alt command to register an alt. See +help +alt. Failure to do so may be grounds for loss of that alt.

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