Player Policy Consent

Game of Kings is a **NON CONSENT* game. To an extent. While you are on the grid your character may be attacked, with in IC reason, at any time. We do limit player killing and should such a situation come up before death of a character can occur a STAFF member (Wizard or Admin) must be called in. During the wait time for Staff to arrive the scene is considered frozen and play must be suspended.

Your IC property, freedoms, and life may constantly be in danger, and you may lose any of them against your wishes.
We allow players a remarkable degree of freedom to gather power and property, and we expect players to be willing to lose them with equanimity.
If you cannot accept losing your money, play someone poor. If you cannot accept losing your castle, you should not be a Lord. If you cannot accept being targeted by your enemies, stay unimportant and avoid a high profile. You aren't here, after all, to lead a dull but secure existence in a coddling environment—you're here to enjoy all the excitement, passion, and drama of life in the medieval period!

You have the right not to RP situations which make you uncomfortable, in which case you will need to decide what happened to your character with your opponent and a staff member. In combat situations, refusal to RP will usually mean you lose. You may also freely ask for a scene you are involved in to go on hold until the earliest possible time you can RP it out properly; if you abuse this privilege, you will lose it.

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