Player Policy Disguises

Sometimes, your IC situation calls for a good disguise to get you what you want or where you're going - and there's no
limit to the possibilities of your disguise but what your imagination can dream up. However, we do ask players to exercise
common sense when writing disguises. Often, Staff will have to be called when PLAYER A puts on a disguise and PLAYER B
doesn't buy it. Here a few simple guidelines to follow when traveling incognito:

— A cloak and hood can conceivably serve as a good disguise. However, should combat or heavy action occur, be realistic
about how well that disguise is going to stay in place.

— Heavy use of makeup or prosthetics to change your appearance will be scrutinized carefully.

— Hair, hair dye, wigs, facial hair, and makeup and clothing are entirely valid and not likely to be questioned.

When called in to decide whether PLAYER B recognizes PLAYER A - Staff will generally request that the disguised player produce
their Normal description along with the Disguise description to be compared. If your normal eye color is blue but you disguise says they
are green expect to called on it. Also, personal relationships between characters will be taken into account as in Character A has known Character B for many years a disguise may only raise eyebrows and further questions.

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