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Player Rules

Game of Kings is a game run by adults, for adults. As such, we expect our players to behave like adults, and keep in mind the feelings and enjoyment of other people on this MUSH. This means that certain behaviors will be considered unacceptable.

No Cheating
Players will not subvert any hardcode or softcode on the game, either by exploiting code flaws, or by setting up code that attacks the game. It is also considered Cheating by playing against the game's intent of game play.

Play nice
Players out of character behavior will be polite and friendly. Harassment of any kind of other players or admin is totally unacceptable. Players will not employ profanity on public channels.

There will be no spying. Players set dark must announce their presence to anyone else in the room as soon as possible and as often as necessary.

Logging is permitted. Players are not required to announce that they are logging. Posting or sharing logs is permitted. So if you don't want something shared, either don't say (or do) it, or discuss the matter with the players involved.

Keeping it real
Players are expected to fully understand the separation between IC and OOC. You are not your character, and what happens to your character does not reflect on you. Players are asked to not take IC conflict OOC. Likewise, players are expected not to let OOC dislike of a player affect their IC actions. This also means that you must keep careful track of what your character knows, and IC information gained OOCly may not be used ICly unless there is good IC reasoning behind it.

The Admins are the Admins
When players have a problem in the game, either with another player, with the theme, with the rules, or with an admin, they should go to an admin to discuss it. If there are issues that require a decision, the admin will try to make the best decision for the game first, and the best decision for the player second. Hopefully, what is best for the game and the player is the same decision. If a player disagrees with an admin decision, he or she may appeal to the admin body by submitting a detailed +request. That decision will be final, and the player is expected to accept the decision gracefully.

The Admins are players too
The admins are volunteers who spend hours of their time trying to keep a fun and viable game running for everyone involved. They are to be treated with respect and courtesy. Admins are also players, and at times may want to shed the admin mantle, and just play. Players are asked to respect their wishes during those times.

Staff guidlines
Staff is permitted to be dark and listening on channels. Staff are not permitted to be dark in a room with a scene or conversation without announcing themselves.

Staff are not to use their position as staff to advance their characters, either by friendship with staff, or knowledge gained as a privilege of being on staff. A staffer might hold key positions in the IC world, but it would be because they have been asked by staff to play that position, due to the known reliability or imagination of the staffer.

Staff should show good judgement in handling players and staff decisions. If a staffer's feelings start to cloud his or her judgment for good or ill, the staffer should recognize such and hand the matter off to another staffer. A staffer should never make a judgment on a scene they are playing in as a player if there is another staffer online.

While staff are encouraged to keep other staffers apprised of any given situation concerning a player, if the issue becomes serious enough that it begins to affect staff's willingness to deal with a player, another staffer should talk to the player directly and try to resolve the matter personally.

Staff are permitted to keep their alt identities private if they wish. However, staff are not permitted to use information disclosed to a secret alt on an admin level unless they make themselves known. e.g., If a player pages a secret to a staff-alt about another player's conduct, and the staffer thinks he or she might want to act on this information on the admin level, then the staffer must immediately disclose that he or she is a staff alt, so the player may make the decision about whether or not the player wants to make an official complaint to staff. If the staffer has no intention of taking action, or passing the information on the staff level, he or she is not required to disclose his or her identity.

Staff are not permitted to reveal alt information about other players including other staff alts.

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