Player Policy Mush Not A Mud

Game of Kings is a MUSH, not a MUD!

While we have a non-consent policy and it is a dangerous place, first and foremost is RP. For those that feel they want to play in the style of a MUD we respectfully ask you to join a MUD.

Coded systems are in place to enhance RP, not to take the place of RP. Combat, as an example, is a part of the game but only when it is used to support the RP. Always RP the scene and use the coded systems to enhance the feel, not to take the place of RP.

There are no winners nor are there losers on Game of Kings. We are all here to tell a story in our own fashion and this is done via RP.

When player's characters are in a public place anyone can drop in and join the scene. There are no closed scenes in public places on the game.

When a player's character is set IC and on the Grid they are declaring that they are available for RP. If you must idle for what ever reason it is advisable to idle in the OOC or AFK lounge, not on the grid.

Just because your character -can- do something code wise always ask your self if your character should do it. Sure anything can be justified, but the talented player will always find a solid and creative reason to support his or her character's actions. If a good solid reason for doing something can not be found, and the coded systems allow you to do it, don't do it.

+Roll to see the outcome of one's actions is solely up to the player's involved. If a player's actions are questioned by other's in scene they can ask for a +roll. As an example if a player poses being able to out ride another on horseback then it is ok to be asked to +roll Horsemanship. Never use +roll to Power pose another player's reaction.

It is the players that make or break the game. Talented players will be inclusive and provide hooks for his or her peers. Even if your character is a die hard, take no prisoners bad guy, you can still provide a rich and fulfilling scene with the other players even when they are not involved with IC opponents or maybe on opposite sides - if common sense is applied.

Most of all have fun and provide an environment where your fellow players will have fun.

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