Player Policy Names

While we do not have hard and fast rule on names we ask you to use some thought when selecting a name for your character.

Consider the setting and the theme. Names like Bill, Joe, Bobbie Sue or other common modern names will not be allowed. This is a fantasy world. Use your imagination!

Also be aware that easily recognized names from popular culture (movies, books, tv shows) will not be approved. There will be no Merlins, Eddard Starks or anything along these lines. If staff, while reviewing a player coming out of Chargen, sees a name that violates our loose rules on names we will ask you to change the name before you are approved.

Should you wish to change your name we do require you to submit a +request giving old name and the new name and a brief reason why. This is done so that we can run the neccessary commands to switch the coded systems (such as +mail, +actiors and +alts) to the new name.

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