Lady Prada Varghem
Nicole Leigh
Nicole Leigh as Prada Varghem
Full Name: Prada Varghem
Byname: N/A
Age: 22
Kingdom: Taniford
House: Varghem
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Lady
Place of Birth: Wolveshire
Father: Wilhjalm Varghem(deceased)
Mother: Saraiya Varghem
Siblings: Duke Pawel Varghem (brother)
Lord Aethel Varghem (brother)
Lady Carisse Varghem (sister)
Lord Lyam Varghem (brother)-Lady Elenore Varghem nee Taniford(Good Sister)
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A


Immediate Family

  • Saraiya Varghem (mother)
  • Duke Pawel Varghem (brother)
  • Lord Aethel Varghem (brother)
  • Lady Carisse Varghem (sister)
  • Lord Lyam Varghem (brother)

Character Features

Physical Features

The regal grace of the lady before you prominatly take over her average height. Her hair, the color of darkest night, braided flawlessly behind her small ears, flows to her waist. She has the fine bone structure of a child but she is clearly in form that of one much older. Sparkling ice blue green eyes and dark coal lashes, leads to her gracefully arching eyebrows. Full lips bloom the color of pink roses, the color deepened against her pale skin. Like a work of delicate lines on marble, her features are a show of art in high well defined cheekbones and a small delicate nose.

She wears a tight corseted red silk shirt over which a long tunic of soft brushed black wool, dark black breeches fitted to her form, and a pair of black leather boots are covered with a cloak of black wool, from the hood which is thrown back hangs an eagle feather attached with red leather.


On the Grid

Known Associates

AlisandraV Lady Alisandra Varghem(deceased) : Good Sister. My brother Pawel's wife and soul. She had a way with him I have yet to understand. I only wish he would honor her and begin to live again. Forever missed. Perhaps the reason I refuse to allow myself to love. Things change in time. She was correct. When least expected, expect it.
Aethel Sir Aethel Varghem : My Precious. We do not speak often, perhaps he worries the least. Perhaps he knows me best?
Pawel Duke Pawel Varghem : I believe I frighten and worry him at times. We are close and I for one refuse to sugar coat the truth where he is concerned. It is good to see him attempting to live again after the death of his wife. Now if he would only open himself up to Tamara in the same manner, he may find she can heal what we cannot. Time moves on, he is returning it would seem.
Carisse Lady Carisse Varghem : My Dove. Peaceful and gentle. A real lady. Like Pawel I believe I may worry her at times with my aggressive attitude. Perhaps someday I will tell her why.
Lyam Lord Lyam Varghem : My Dimples. Love him. Forever makes me smile. The bard speaks to me.
Antyllus Lord Antonius Antyllus Varghem : My teacher. Many find him dark and with foul moods. I find him to be truthful and honest. Without fault even in those times his tongue cuts deeper than an sword. It is him I choose to be like.

Other Information

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