Preparations for a Journey

Preparations for a Journey
Summary: Prince Samwell has summoned Lady Claire to make a request of her services.
Date: 28/10/1329
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Wolveshire Castle - Royalty Suite
Larger than the other guest rooms, this suite is reserved for visiting members of the royal family. An expansive sitting room with high-backed, cushioned chairs and Taniford-heraldry tapestries sports both a fireplace and a series of stand-mirrors to brighten up the room. Beyond the sitting room is a formal dining room, with a long table surrounded by high-backed chairs and portraits of famous Kings and Queens of Taniford on the walls. Finally, there is a bedroom with a wide four-poster bed in Taniford blue and silver. A floor-length tapestry hides the wall on one side of the bedroom, showing Queen Essemra Taniford escaping Rhaedan assassins.

A single door leads back out into the hall connecting the noble rooms.

Oct 28, 1329

After some days of silence Lady Claire would have received a royal summons, Prince Samwell asking her to meet him at the royal castle.

In light of the recent incident in Laketown, the summons was undoubtedly coming in some measure. It was a matter of 'when'. Stepping into the rooms, Claire first settles herself into a deep curtsey before replying, "You wished to see me, Your Highness?" Her maid and escort, lingering just past the doors waiting to see if she will be required.

"Indeed, Mylady, thank you for coming so swiftly. Please take a seat." Samwell offers and goes to pour her a glass of costly wine. He ignores the maid, it's Claire's decision whether she wants a chaperone for appearance's sake around, "How have you been, Mylady? Did you find out what happened to that unfortunate at the Harvest festival? I haven't yet seen Sir Jaren to ask him about this."

Claire would maintain appearances, maid in tow but lingering just at the door and no further to be as inconspicuous as possible. For her own part, the noblewoman steps forward to the offered seat with a nod and a hand accepting the glass in kind. "Thank you. And, I have been well. Since being back in Laketown and Wolveshire, I have been able to speak with some of my cousins - for good or ill. The usual teasing abounds, of course. As for Sir Jaren," she begins, pleasantries fading somewhat. "I believe he is in the Temple's care for now. Until they deem to give him a clean bill of health. That may have changed since this morning, I have not been able to visit with him nor.. would it be necessarily wise."

Samwell looks confused now. "Sir Jaren is ill? What has befallen him?", he asks worriedly, "I was wondering about that unfortunate man who had fallen from the sky. Whether people have found out how things had come to pass."

"Harpies." Spoken after taking a sip of the wine, the quality is appreciated with suitable pause before Claire continues, "It seems as if one almost wanted to take him back with them. To the east, that is. From what my cousin, Lady Cordelia tells me, it produces quite an effect of longing in males. To be gentle about the terminology. But speaking of that." Settling the glass lightly into one upturned palm, she asks, "Are there any groups traveling in that direction, do you think? Clearly, there has to be some occurrence for them to send such a warning."

"Harpies? I heard tales of them." Sam looks worried now, but shrugs it off with a sigh. "I do not know of anyone traveling East at the moment. I wish they would busy themselves with that useless piece of scum that used to be my brother." He looks annoyed, then swigs some wine until he's smiling again. "Speaking of travels, Lady Claire, the reason why I summoned you here… I would like to ask for your services again."

Claire quirks the slightest of smiles, "Sometimes people are not always prone to do what the -majority- or otherwise thinks should be done, Your Highness. It is merely a comment for thought, should people be adventurous to attempt such traveling. However, you wish for my assistance?" That may very well lower the smile across her features to be replaced with something more professional. "In what manner?"

"I've spoken to my Mother, the Queen.", Samwell explains, then pauses for a moment to run things through his brain first. Which leads him to add: "This is strictly confidential as of now, Mylady, so please do not share this information. We will return to the March to evict Sir Robard Dalyan from his mountain fortress and rout the bandits. My Mother has given permission for me to assemble a small capable force. Naturally I will take my Blue Guards again and Sir Gauvain and Sir Jaren… and I would like you to be part of that force again, too, Mylady. If you wish.", he adds almost shyly.

The glass which remains in Claire's hands barely moves to disturb the contents within, thinking over the invitation and the reason for such travel. "I would go, of course. But, I -do- hope that there is no need for my skills in this situation. On the other hand, he will either be glad of the removal or resist given our dinner conversation with him."

"We are expecting some resistance - after all he is in a comfortable position up there.", Samwell predicts and smiles, "But that's exactly why we should travel with a capable healer in our company. So your services will be much appreciated by everyone, Mylady. And please name your price.", he adds politely, "And whatever you will need to take along."

"I would like to have the rest of the evening to properly draft a list of what will be needed for a troop the size of which you are taking." Answered easily enough, Claire supplies the rest of her thoughts easily, "And the necessary supplies that may be needed, expecting the worst and hoping for the best. I will not be excessive in the tally, Your Highness. Sensible. Given that we have seen what the odds may be, that gives me some idea as to what will be expected."

Samwell nods and smiles. "Thank you, Lady Claire. I look forward to hear from you again. And I'm glad you will support us again. We will leave in about a week or two, whenever we have all supplies ready. Since we cannot draw on Lord Losthren's hospitality in the mountains, we will need to take more tents and supplies,", the prince explains.

"I will ensure that those traveling with me will be aptly prepared for such arrangements," Claire replies, preparing what needs to be done as a mental list before exchanging further pleasantries with the Prince and setting out to complete preparations for the upcoming trip.

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