Prepared For Anything

Prepared for Anything
Summary: Deidra and Brennart catch up to the force that travels by land. Deidra engages in a conversation with Roltoff and Stefan, and a pair of healers draws some unwanted attention.
Date: 10/06/2013
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Road to the north
A road. Trees to the left. Trees to the right.
June 10th, 1329

The group who remained on horseback heading north are seemingly just packing up for another long day of riding. Horses whinny, men and women yawn as they adjust saddles and repack saddle bags. Tamara Taniford, so far still in disguise as a temple healer, pulls her hood closer around her face as she rolls up her blanket and generally looks sullen over the damp weather that seems to have found the riders.

Waiting around and standing next to Sam and stefan is Roltoff. One hand holding the reigns of his mount as they wait for orders to proceed North. The main army of the combined north and south somewhere around him as he follows his charge and makes sure to keep the prince safe. Roltoff manages to keep his mount under control his hand on the reigns, guiding his horse along as he glances back at those who are assembled and spots the healer(tamara) who's joined them. before once more looking ahead for sighs of trouble.

The activity in the camp is stirred when the idyllic tranquility of tweeting birds of the forest and the homely clang of the riders preparing their departure is disturbed by the sound of approaching hooves. Hooves of two riders, as it would seem, wearing slightly worn armours of plate and chain that contrast nicely with the gleaming blue cloaks that flap behind them in the wind. The horses are looking slightly fatigued from a hard ride as do the riders. One of them, Deidra the Swift, brings her steed to a halt as they reach the camp and dismounts with the swift elegance she is known for, her steely green eyes gleaming with eagerness, while the corners of her mouth point slightly downwards - a hint of a recent disappointment maybe? Spotting Roltoff, her demeanour lightens up a bit, no, it was Prince Samwell her gaze was brushing. And with two swift steps she approaches, bowing deep before her prince, the greeting extended to the other two standing nearby. "Commander, sir. Glad we've found you finally."A pause, before she adds: "Prince Stefan." offering the Rhaedan a nod, and then another, slightly friendlier one in thr Sellsword's direction: "Roltoff. I hope you've kept Prince Samwell safe…?"

As Deidra the swift pulls her mount to a stop and dismounts in front of him the other Blue Guard, Brennart the yeah got nothing for here, brings his horse to a stop as well sliding from his saddle not as elegantly but still with the fluid grace of an at least decent swordsman he follows behind the deputy commander pausing in front of Samwell and offering a bow, "Your Highness, glad to find you safe and hale."

Tamara fastens her blanket finally as she wants it to the horse's saddle and chambers onto the beasts back with practiced grace. The cloaked woman moves herself through the other riders to get a closer look at the new comers and listen in a little.

Roltoff turns as he spots the two royal guards and nods to both, yet provides Deidra with a warmer grin of the two. "Sir Deidra, …Sir ?? " as he has never met brennart so he's not sure what to call the other knight.

Deidra's gaze flits to Brennart as he joins her, the slightly sour expression on her face diminishing momentarily. Turning her attention back onto her prince she explains: "Commander, sir. I wish I could bring you any news,… alas. Our… mission was not graced with much success. But… maybe I can tell you later, your highness. I see you are about to break camp." The latter part added a bit cautiously at the end, as she shoots the nearby Tamara a wary glance.

"Yes, Roltoff. It is me. This here is another Blue Guard, Ser Brennart of Wolveshire." Deidra replies to the sellsword, using the opportunity to introduce her colleague.

Brennart offers a nod towards Roltoff, "Pleasure meeting you… Master Roltoff? As the Deputy Commander said I'm Brennart of Wolveshire." He glances over at Tamara but as she's dressed up as a healer and looking like a camp follower of sorts he doesn't pay her much mind.

Roltoff gives Deidra a cocky grin as he smiles, "really Sir Deidra, ya see I wasn't sure as ya know with all that armor on and stuff I just wasn't sure.." as he's seen you in armor before and grins while he teases the Deputy Commander. "Though I am pretty sure I noticed quite a while ago as I …… " he pauses and seems to reign in his usual flippent remark as he turns to sir Brennart and nods, "Likewise Sir Brennart, likewise. " he then reaches up to pat his mounts neck as he has the reigns gingerly in his other hand.

Tamara's cheeks flush a slight red as it seems her blending in and sneaking skills are not quick up to snuff. The red head tries to make herself look busy with her bags as she waits for the group to move out. Still situated on her rather patient horse the lady pulls out a pouch from her saddle bag and starts to check through her supplies, mutter to herself and frowning.

Stefan does nod to those arriving. Though surrounded by mostly Tanifords there isn't much he really knows to say. He does smile to them though. Then being silent while the others are talking until now finally he raises his voice. "All you Blue Guards keep showing up everywhere." He says with a smirk and then looks to Deidra. "You know, I got stuck with a boring one after you left." He tells her and grins. Glancing to what the others offer as well. "Pleasure, sir Brennart." Roltoff getting a bit of a grin as well before he looks over to Tamara, not really knowing her that well but he does still give her a sweet smile.

While the way Deidra was addressing Roltoff before was not exactly very forthcoming, it was not unfriendly either. However, all colour seems to leave her face for a moment as she is addressed this way before her prince and commander, to return in the form of slightly rosy cheeks. She tries to make up with the icy tone of her voice for her lack of unaffectedness. "With all that armour on and stuff?" Deidra echoes, arching a brow while she offers an almost imperceivable shake of her head in Roltoff's direction. "I can't recall having met you without it. Ever. Master Roltoff."

As if eager for any other distraction, the Deputy's green eyes wander over those present and come to linger upon Tamara again. "Lady Tamara Taniford, if I'm not mistaken?" she remarks, inclining her head in a respectful nod, cheecks still slightly flushed, but already about to pale a bit. When Stefan addresses her, Deidra's eyes narrow slightly, while the tone of her voice is amiable, if slightly forced. "We need to be everywhere in times as these, Prince Stefan. And I am sorry to hear that my replacement was not able to keep up to your high standards."

Roltoff looks at Deidra and sighs. "yeah thats the point I was trying to make sir Deidra that I'd recognize you pretty much anywhere while you were in … that.. " he grumbles, *try teasing a blue guard and see what happens. They get all formal and proper on ya. * Roltoff then looks to Stefan and nods to the northern prince and smiles. "Must be nice to get back into your own lands hmm, Princes stefan?"

Stefan grins and nods to Roltoff. As for Deidra's response to him, he grins. "I suppose so. Although you shouldn't be in northern lands without permission. Not that I am blaming you for it. Just that you shouldn't be everywhere in that case." Grinning at her and shrugs. "Nah, not high standards. I've just got a bond to you." He continues to speak in a rather playful manner.

One more glance is shot in Roltoff's direction as he continues on that subject. But the words that follow are uttered in a tone probably not as chilly as other similar words Deidra has offered to a Rhaedan prince not very long ago. "Indeed. I am a Blue Guard. I am aware that this is not my usual armour, but it will have to do for now." Choosing to interpret his remark in another, slightly less embarassing manner.

But thank the Guardians, then comes Stefan's reply and with it the required reaction. "The Blue Guard is needed right now in the north, is it not, Rhaedan prince?" Deidra inquires with feigned innocence, raising a brow. "I understand House Taniford and Rhaedan have joined their forces, have they not?" She snorts with slight disapproval at his latter remark. "A bond? I should feel flattered, I suppose? Although I really do not know how I was able to deserve such an honour." And with these words her green eyes dart to Prince Samwell for a moment.

Roltoff snorts a bit, if in a playful mannor at Deidra's remark. "just cant take a compliment when its given can you. " as he decides to not get into the specific's on how he was complimenting the Deputy commander, as it seems she wish's to stay formal around Sam and that brings a sly grin to his face.

The male healer that's been wearing his hooded cloak and keeping quiet for most of the time is now making his way to the horse he's been using, patting it gently and whispering something to it as he looks to the people present rather carefully from beneath his hood at the moment. Still keeping silent as he does.

Stefan chuckles at Deidra. "Well, first of, yes. More or less joined forces, if not fully. As for the Blue Guards in the north, I can't tell. I don't think they are fully needed. Truly we don't know who is on which side. Due to the two of them could very well have turned people on both sides which means we could have enemies among us." He offers and shrugs. As for the bond, he grins. "A bond of swords, sir." He explains to her before looking to the others. Nodding to Roltoff. "So, longing back for your new tavern?" He asks with a grin. Glancing towards the male healer but not saying much to him other than watching him a bit from time to time.

Her hand clenches on that pommel of her sword, when Roltoff keeps talking to her in that manner. But when Deidra raises her steely gaze to meet his the corners of her mouth twitch upwards in a little smile. "Fine," she remarks, commenting on that grin of his in the hope he has finally realized that any of such talk is not appropriate - especially with her prince and others overhearing him.

The male healer gets a curious glance, as his suspicious attire with a hood that covers most of his head and his conspicious whispering to his horse seems enough to draw Deidra's attention.

"Do you mean to say you think it is possible that a Blue Guard could turn into a traitor?" Deidra retorts, frowning as she hears Stefan's remark about enemies among them. "You truely know nothing of the loyalty of our ranks, Your Highness. As for the bond… If you say so…?"

Roltoff due to the horse he's with he doesn't see or chooses not to see the deputies grip on the pommel of her sword tighten as he turns his attention to The northern prince and smiles. "Aye, Should be finished soon I hope, had the tables and chairs built of the strongest oak wood and made thicker and from what the master carpenter told me the joints are nay unbreakable. " he smiles. "These should be used for things other than being sat upon is a good thing, Even had the bar, and tables cut thicker, as well as the legs that support them. Due to the nature of my soon to be clients I've not had them do anything fancy with them save a simple protective coating, figgure that they'll get quite some abuse so no need to fancy paint or the like, such as you'd find in a good inn."

"I think what His Highness wants to say is that in this day and age, you can't really be sure of anything, Sir…" The voice from under the hood is coming rather quietly, and sounds rather deep as he speaks. He still keeps most of his attention on the horse for the moment, patting the animal.

Stefan shakes his head to Deidra, "Perhaps not the Blue Guard per say. But there are other soldiers. And if the main line, and I do wonder. Wasn't he part of the Blue guard as well, or have I got that wrong? Lord Darrin that is, if the rumors are true then he has turned. Others might follow him if they deem him to be right. Are they truly being disloyal then?" He asks and shrugs. Nodding about the bond. "It is." Nodding to Roltoff as well. "Sounds good." If he noticed the pommel grip he ignores it, since nothing happened. Then hearing the words from the hooded man, nodding. "Indeed. You always need to be careful, no matter how much you might trust someone." He says and focuses on the hooded man. "Tell me, healer, what is your name?" PErhaps being suspicious and wanting him to talk more most likely.

Deidra seems to relax slightly when Roltoff's attention shifts from her to the rebuilding of the tavern. There is even the hint of a smile on her face as he starts speaking about how things are proceeding.

Then her gaze darts to the hooded man. "Excuse me, Sir. While you may indeed be right, I'd like to know to whom I'm speaking." Deidra inquires coldly, as she assesses the man rather attentively.

Frowning even more as she hears Stefan's remark about Prince Darrin the Deputy clears her throat before she gives her answer. "Prince Darrin… well, some signs point to him being a traitor. Possibly. But. They haven't been found yet. And until that is the case I am more inclined to believe these two to be imposters, or forced into it by some means. Judgement comes after a trial."

Roltoff steps back a bit as he grounds his horse and seaches for a brush from the pack, a harder task with only one serviceable arm but he manges. He then proceeds to brush down the horse. if to avoid being yelled.

"Who I am, Your Highness? Just a man who spent some time in the armies, fighting the Corsairs, and then decided to become a Healer. Name's… Wilhelm," the hooded man offers a bit quietly, before he chuckles at Deidra's words. "Quite understandable, Sir Deidra. I would probably have done the same, if our roles had been reversed."

The other healer from before can be seen at the edges of the group gathered as they ride. She seems to not be paying much attention as she reads through a book she has perched precariously on her lap. Slipping it back into her bag finally the woman covers a yawn and watches the trees as they proceed.

Stefan nods to Deidra with a small grin, "Yes, that is true. But!" He says and raises a finger and takes a moment. "While judgement comes after trial preperatins comes before the trial. Be prepared for anything just in case. It doesn't mean you have to act, only that you take it in consideration." He says and shrugs. Not fully knowing the one under the hood well enough he for now just keeps a watchful eye on him, in glanes of course. "Pleasure, master Wilhelm." He says and tilts his head. "Where are you from?" Glancing to the other healer as well. Roltoff, for now, getting to deal with his own things.

The preparations of breaking camp have been finished already some time ago, the riders have remounted, most so fortunate as to have enjoyed a night's rest, some others… less so. Nonetheless, the cavalry is on the move again, following the road that leads further northwards.

"Wilhelm, eh?" the Deputy inquires, watching the supposed healer with a doubtful look in her eyes. The deep voice… does it not sound familiar? Also the ease by which he uses her name. Her eyes narrow a touch. It is clear she will keep a keen eye on this one healer here.

Her eyes flit briefly to the woman with the book and Deidra shakes her head, probably surprised at the idea of reading on a horse. "I am prepared, Prince Stefan." she replies firmly to the Rhaedan, casting him a stern look. "I have been ever since I have left Wolveshire."

"I grew up on a small farm just outside Wolveshire, Your Highness. Family farm, and my aunt used to breed horses…" The hooded man offers, before he offers a brief grin in Deidra's direction. "You seem a bit suspicious, Sir Deidra," he remarks. Glancing over at the female healer, offering her a quiet smile. "Everything well there?" he asks, quietly.

Roltoff finish's grooming his mount as the others seem to be ready to mount and so he puts the brush away and reclaims the reigns and with some work mounts his horse and watches as the rest mount or get ready as well.

The hooded female looks over towards the gathering and seeing Wilhelm's smile nods her head, "Of course Wilhelm." She answers without hesitation but stays away from the nobles, already having been almost called out once. Putting her head down again the lady tucks a stray lock of red hair back under the hood.

Stefan doesn't really know the female healer. But the male one does seem quite suspicious. "I think I once knew a farmer out there somewhere. What's your family name?" He asks. Nodding to Deidra as well. "Good." Glancing towards Roltoff, "Eager?" He asks curiously.

"Not suspicious. Just cautious. As anyone would be in the presence of one who does not show his face." Deidra remarks to the hooded one. Her gaze flitting to the female healer next, she stares for a moment before a little smile lightens up her demeanour. As a new suspicion seems to dawn upon her. Roltoff and Stefan are offered little more than a nod, and then the Deputy falls silent, as weariness makes her thoughts drift for a while.

"Which is probably why my…" Wilhelm begins, before he pauses. "Why my Queen has seen you fit being one of the Blue Guard, Ser Deidra." He then looks back to the hooded female, offering her a smile now, "I'm glad to hear that."

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