Princess Harvest Archery Tournament

Princess Harvest Archery Tournament
Summary: Crown Princess Fayre Taniford and Princess Amira Rhaedan sponsored an archery tournament in Laketown.
Date: 15/10/2013
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Laketown - Open Field
The tournament field is expansive and properly flattened to accommodate the events. The center is dominated by the list, deliniated by a series of wooden markers. To one side is a special dais for the highest sovereigns and their guests - the berfrois - where nobles and royals sit above the rest to view the events. To the left of the dais is a small circular station ringed with a single-rail fence where the melee events are hosted. Far off to the right a series of archery targets spaced at various intervals allow for archery competitions. Beyond all of this the field has been cleared for the various pavilions of those competing.

The single packed dirt road leads back eastward toward Laketown.

October 15 1329

It is a brisk fall day, the perfect day for an Autumn archery tournament. The clouds scuttle across the sky, the sun breaks out in bursts, and the air is filled with the soft decay of drying leaves and golden grasses. It would seem that noble banners are in attendance today on the open field; a variety of flags and ribbons drifting from spectator to spectator, for there will be cheers today to urge on their choice competitor. The lists are open to those who wish to sign up for the archery competition sponsored today in Laketown by Crown Princess Fayre Taniford and Princess Amira Rhaedan. Their two house colours and sigils seem to dominate the arena, intermixed and then at times on their own, in equal display and presence. Both Princesses are in attendance today and aren't sporting dresses - instead, leathers to fit right in with those who are competing. There seems to be at least some measure of excitement to see which Princess will win and which competitor will stand to earn a favour! Bets are to be placed for sure as commoner and noble may sign their name in the lists.

Settled amongst those who have come from the south to lay witness to the contest of skill with the bow, of the many and more importantly the princesses is the wispier Taniford, Elenore. To whom they keep a bow out of her hands for the most part, it is just safer for all truly. A deep blue cloak with a silver lining settled upon her shoulders to keep the fall coolness at bay, the hints of a dark silver dress worn beneathe.

Castor Westmark stands near a banner displaying his House colours (as he is, over his leather armour), testing the string of his hunting bow while casting a glance around the tournament grounds. Beside him, his roan stallion — Orion — paws at the turf impatiently, and the youth's boghound sits there with its tongue lolling out.
"Easy there," the young Westmark says to his horse, as he strokes the animal's dark mane. "And stop eyeing those mares." Castor produces a carrot from a beltpouch and chuckles as it is gobbled up, then he turns and heads toward the archery

Fayre is indeed there, and yes she is wearing a set of leathers that looks like they was made just for her. Her hair is pulled back within a tight braid, there is royal blue ribbon running through it, the same color is found upon her leather vest, and also found across the rest of what she wears to show that she is indeed a Taniford in case anyone might just not know who she is. Along with the fact that she has two blue guards with her, following her every movement here and there. She as her bow settled upon her shoulder, quiver as well, the bow is indeed an artful thing actually as it has slight symbols and a thick padded bit of blue leather to make it easy area to grip at. At the moment the young princess is making her way forward, following by her guards, and a slender hound type dog, the canine is slender, almost boney in some areas and with a set of fuzzy ears, and feathering across his tail, a thick leather collar rests around the canine's neck, gold and blue patchwork pattern seen which glitters slightly in the light. Just a princess and her dog out for the archery contest. Well and guards following there every step.

Leof is quiet, slipping from nearby with her bow balanced over her shoulder. The blonde is wearing a freshly wrapped set of feathers in her hair, weight streching out, a chunk of toasted bread dangling from her mouth. "Hello Lord Westmark." she mumbles with her mouth full, stuffing the whole piece into her mouth, amused grin soon forming as she gives her bow an eyeballing, testing the tension without an arrow and the thick wood a bit intensely.

Roltoff has arrived and like before is in his distinquished Croc armor as he walks around the helm stucked under his arm as he waits to see who all will be in attendance for the contest. he spots both noble princess's and gives them both a low bow as he smiles. Taking in all who arrive.

Cassia has of course joined the princesses on this day in Laketown, dressed in a split skirt with a leather jerkin and arm bands. It is clear she is here to compete with her short bow strung over her back and a quiver sit at her hip. She would hardly miss an archery competition if she can help it. The Lady of the Auldhome house stands next to Amira watching as the crowd gathers. "This should be a good day your highnesses." She says with a warm smile upon her lips.

Elenore's dark gaze drifts about the many people who have turned out for the event before someone does seem to catch her eye and she is gliding her way over towards the Lord Westmark, or so it would seem to be her goal until she is soon crouching before his boghound,"Sir Cerberus! How long has it been since we have been seeing of you. Fuzzy are your colors as ever and looking of well, aye. " Oh yes, he has an owner doesn't he. Elenore glances up and offers a warm smile towards Castor,"And of you Lord Castor, I am hoping things have been of well with you also? Aye? "

Castor smirks at Leof briefly, and offers each princess courteous bow. When he stands to his height again, he chuckles at Leof. "Journeyman," he remarks with a raised chin and mirthful eyes. "Competing too, I see! I'll try to accord you a sporting chance, eh?"
To Elenore he beams brightly. "My Lady! There goes my hound's loyalty again…" and surely enough, Cerberus leaves Orion's side and bounds forward in Elenore's direction. The immense dog stops just in front of Elenore and lifts his head (about chest high) for a pat.
Castor rolls his eyes.
"The competition has yet to start and already I am losing…" he laments aloud, to the wind.

Leof eyes Castor "We'll see. If I embarass you to tears I'm going to tell your mother, lordship." she teases towards Castor, smiling, although she gives a few bows, before extending her hand to Castor. "You've yet to have a bird shit on you, so the day isn't lost." she offers, grinning lopsidedly to offer him a feather from her quiver with a lopsided grin "Wind is idea. If it was beating us it'd be hard to shoot." she seems amused at the group. "Mistress would be fine too, you realize."

Whose really tasked with the affairs of such things of keeping order and tournaments in check? Amira is trying to run a few things by the steward of the Tourney, the poor man beset with numerous names to sort through and an elimination round robin to draw up. But it's easier than it looks for someone experienced in these events, as names were already flying up onto the tournament pools. Evidently it would be a matter for each archer to have an alotted three arrows each, dueling a rival to see who could put the arrow closest to the target on each shot, seperated onto three distinct different fields that were marked by ribbon and rope (only one for the PCs). With the last measures in place, Amira nods to the steward of the tourney who then signals the trumpets to sound. Official business this is! Amira and Fayre both seem to float toward a centre dias, Amira giving a bit of a sprint to get there before the crowds turned to see what was all about at the blaring of the trumpets.

The steward announces the games in a loud echoing voice that speaks volumes for his confidence in doing such presentations: "Welcome one and all on this fine Autumn afternoon! For your viewing pleasure, a mighty competition of a noble sport of archery will be a feast for your eyes! Sponsored by the lovely Princess Fayre Taniford and Princess Amira Rhaedan," he waits for the applause and the women to give a wave, "we give you the Princess Harvest Archery Tournament, first of its kind on this glorious day of October the 15th. Your Tournament Champion will be awarded the illustrious prize of a 100cp and a favour from the Champion's choice of Princess!" He waits for a dramatic pause before he extends his arm and captivates with a gesture or two, "But WAIT, that is not all! At the end, we shall see which Princess has the makings of being an archery master as they duel it out before your very eyes! Oh the excitement!" Cheers and the buzz hits the audience before he bows to the Princesses… It is there turn to say in unison: "Let the Games Begin!" Yay! Oooo ahhh!!! It starts!

Roltoff draws his Hunting bow and strings it and tests the pull and notices Leof from the last arcehry competition and grins, as he walks closer to her. "Good luck Mistress Leof. " as he nods to the nobleman and then over to Elenore. as he smiles brightly to the noblewoman.

Cassia looks towards the steward as he announces the day's proceedings before her gaze shifts over the crowd to take in stock the competitors she may face today. One hand shifts to rest upon her quiver as she looks down the range at the targets now set up. "This should be a good day." She murmurs as she dips a curtsey to the princesses and goes to join the group of competitors for the day.

A laugh easily comes from Elenore at Castor's word,"His loyalty is ever your, my Lord, ah but he is yet my friend, no?" The boghound getting a petting and then a good ear scritching,"And you, Sir Cerberus, shall we be going to find seats and be seeing to how it is your Lord and the other end up doing in this event?" Still giving the large hound some ear scritchings as she does go to take a seat again with her Southern 'friend' and 'guest'.

Leof grins a bit "I'll beat you one day, friend." she offers to Roltoff "Need a hand adjusting the tension?" she asks, she holds up her hunting bow as well. She waves to people she knows, seemingly in good spirits for now. Her weight shifts, pulling her leg up behind her, stretching her entire body, leathers creaking from the strain. She's quite eager though and it shows.

The steward calls six names, pairing off the individuals into their prospective fields of aim. "To the first field, could have I have Lord Castor Westmark and Mistress Leof Eadberht! To the second field…" and he continues to list off the competitors, each field with several judges to attend to the official measurements of the archery targets set at a considerable distance away from the archer's start points. Not hard this round, an average normal shot for any practiced individual!

The young Westmark lord shakes his head in defeat and motions with his hand for Cerberus to accompany Elenore. The hound is all too happy to play guard-dog, and trots off after the lady, tail wagging. Castor himself lifts up his chin as his name is called and then bows in farewell to Elenore.
He flashes a grin at Leof.
"It takes a bit of effort to embarrass me, Leof," he retorts with a smile. "My mother is just very good at it. Aha! That is us. May the best man win, hmm?" he remarks with jocularity, and with that he makes for the first field, whistling softly.

Fayre catches sight of a few she knows, which causes her to ling back to speak with them and as thus Amira 'beats' her to the dias they are to be at. She sends her canine off with one of the blue guards that has been following at her heels, the other is following after her up until the very edge of where he needs to be in order to keep an eye on the princess. Fayre sends an amused glance to Amira along with a soft chuckle escaping her. "Should be an interesting match, yes?" She questions with an amused tone before she pushes a bit of hair behind her ear that failed to get tucked back into her braid. Her gaze drifts back towards the ones that are coming up to take the first turn, a warm smile is seen along with a slight bow of her head to show her respects to the ones about to start this match.

Leof steps up to field one, taking a moment to put on her chest guard, tightening the sinew holding it down, "Good thing I'm considered the sixth son of my family." she comments. Her expression is amused "You do have the prettier face dear, would you like me to fetch you some cosmetics?" she comments towards Castor trying to keep her voice so only he can hear her heckling, shoulders straightening as she takes her mark, taking an arrow out and standing at the ready with her arrow still unknocked. Her weight bobs with the wind as she takes her glove off. Seamus - a small falcon - takes to perching on Roltoff due to familiarity.

Amira gives a long armed wave toward the crowd before she's skirting off out of the way. She's also dressed in leathers that seem to suit her, cast with a crimson sheen to pay homage to Rhaedan. She looks just in time to hear the names being called and tips her head to Castor Westmark as he moves out onto the field. Amira ends up near by Fayre, grinning as she darts her gaze toward her Southern counterpart, "This is exciting." Her own guards are likely somewhere about, in amongst the crowds, near the parapets, or in amongst the blue guards. She doesn't seem to worry since there's a weapon strapped to her back and it's a special rare sort of weapon, long bow made from Altheara's blessings, or so they say of such heavenly items. Her own hair is done up in royal braids curled up like a crown upon her hair, loose wisps of hair pinned and easily tamed this one time. She settles back on a foot as she crosses her arms, studious of the pairs lining up to test their skills against one another. "Very interesting," she tells Fayre, "It's good to see a Westmark in the bunch."

Roltoff moves up to get a better look at the contestants and is seemingly rewarded by getting the bird. He looks over to cassia and then up to fayre and Amira, as this seems to have turned out to be a who's -who of a competition.

As the first set of competitors are called up, Cassia joins the crowd to watch the beginning of the competition. She may be a diplomat in many things, but this is a competition, this is war. Her gaze flickers across some of the other competitors waiting in the wings and notices the look from Roltoff and she inclines her head to the man before turning her gaze back to the competition.

Castor spares one more glance toward his fellow competitor, and steps away from the range-marker on the ground. He motions with his hand toward Leof and flashes another brilliant grin.
"Ladies first, Mistress Leof." A brief gust of wind blow's the lad's mane of black hair into his face and he gives his whole head a shake of mild annoyance.

Leof 's weight steps up, swiftly knocking an arrow and with a graceful pull her elbow goes up over her ear, her voice letting out a grunt when she releases the arrow, staying perfectly still until the arrow hits the target. Her smile shows, the arrow not quite in the center, but it is respectable for a no-name pissant from the middle of the snowy nowhere. No smack talk, No courtesies, just a quick clean shot.

A bow of Elenore's head does go to Castor as she manages to steal his dog on along. It was a tough thing to do. Really. Cerberus getting many an additional ear scritching as the taniford artist settles to watch the contest, lightly chatting with the dog all the while just as easily if he were an old friend. Commenting on this or that shot taken amongst the contestents. Stoically does her own House Guard watch over the pair.

<ROLL> Castor tests his ranged-weapons skill (48) against Leof's ranged-weapons skill (65): Leof wins by 17 points.

The young Westmark lord leans forward a fraction to peer at the target and then steps back to give Leof a congratulatory nod. "A fair shot, Mistress," he comments in a light tone of voice, before reaching to his hip to draw an arrow from his quiver.

Before firing, he turns to acknowledge Princess Amira with a cordial bow, and in the next moment, he nocks arrow to string and takes aim at the distant target. Just as he looses the arrow, his fingers pluck the string and send the shaft thudding into the left side of the target. The boy peers, wrinkles his nose, and steps away from the line.

<ROLL> Leof tests her ranged-weapons skill (51) against Castor's ranged-weapons skill (44): Leof wins by 7 points.

Leof smiles at Castor "I did not get thick by missing my marks, young lord." she offers, stretching her shoulders. "Best of luck." she purses her lips, without missing so much as a beat she knocks and pulls up again. With not even a broken sweat she lets another arrow loose. Once the arrow thunks against the target she lowers her bow and stretches her body out, letting her tension wash off of her frame.

<ROLL> Castor tests his ranged-weapons skill (54) against Leof's ranged-weapons skill (54): They Tied!

Castor arches an eyebrow at Leof and chuckles. "Thick by another means, then, Mistress?" he retorts with a jovial grin. Then he holds up a placating hand as he steps to the line again. "Forgive me, I could not resist." He takes aim at the target again, and fires
this time scoring better. He smiles. "Luck indeed…" he murmurs, lowering his bow

Amira is loitering close enough to the audiance to speak with a few of those who wish her well or that of Princess Fayre, still in a good range to view the first field's competition. She smiles as the young Westmark seems to outshine his competitor, hey she's rootin for the home team, as her hand suddenly comes up with the appropriate colours to encourage her marked favourite on. Evidently, the Westmark boy has a fan! She does give him a nod to acknowledge his cordial bow, unable to hold back a cheer to join in with the crowd as the battle is fierce!
The Steward steps forward behind Castor and Leof, announcing - maybe even startling them, "The last shot of the first field! Who will be the victor and move on?!" Doesn't he sound super official! He tries to stir up the crowd, going down the line and prompting the names of each and where the standings currently are. Last shot for most fields it would seem!

<ROLL> Leof tests her ranged-weapons skill (60) against Castor's ranged-weapons skill (52): Leof wins by 8 points.

Roltoff catches sight of Amira and bows to the northern princess, giving her a warm smiles as his attention is drawn away by the announcer as the seemingly final shots are done.

Leof stretches her right arm, pointing it up wards before grabbing an arrow. Castor is given a sharp frown. She knocks her arrow, pulling back with an elegant movement. Her concentration is focused entirely on the target some variety of mantra is whispered to herself, her hazel eyes quite narrowed as she lets the arrow fly, waiting for the thud before turning around to hold her arm out, waiting for her bird to leave Roltoff and perch on her left arm, while her right fingers gently ruffling the bird's mantle(tummy).

As Amira joins the crowd, Cassia dips a curtsey for the princess. "You have attracted a large crowd your highness. This is what we need. Friendly competition." There is a glance to the archery line, "Though I hope to take the prize from all these archers today." She grins as she looks over to the other archers. A rather feirce grin that shows her competitive spirit.

<ROLL> Castor tests his ranged-weapons skill (43) against Leof's ranged-weapons skill (52): Leof wins by 9 points.

Castor eyes the shot, and purses his lips in thought. Raking a hand back through his hair to get it out of his face for the moment, he draws another arrow from his hip-quiver and steps up to the marker. His eyes look sideways in Princess Amira's direction, and he offers a lopsided, somewhat cocky grin in her direction.
He takes a breath, prepares himself for the shot, and fires
just shy of his intended mark. both eyebrows go up as the bow goes down and the youth swivels on the ball of his foot to look toward Leof. He shrugs minutely, then grins. "Well-played, Mistress."

The judges at Field One, lift a flag on Leof's side to announce a clear victor! The judge announces, "Mistress Leof moves on!"
The same is repeated down the line as the final shots are loosed. This has the Steward of the Tourney turning back with an expressive display, "Fine skills indeed, from across all fields! Brilliant! Those who won and those who didn't, stick around! There's no telling when a wild card draw might just get you back into the tourney!" He clears his throat and adds, "Contestants! We need to see Lady Cassia and Master Roltoff in field one! Sir-" he trails off and he continues to list off the names of the others once the cheering has lowered enough so that names can be heard, repeated in the lists and to squires incase someone missed the call.

Fayre glances to Lady Cassia and offers her a warm smile before nodding. "That is true. I'm glad that so many have came out to join this today. Nice to see that they are all out and about." This said with a soft tone while letting her arms fold loosely in front of her, fingers resting loosely upon her elbows. Her gaze drifts back and forth as the arrows hit each time, a soft whistle escaping her as she chuckles and soon claps once the winner is picked. "Well done!" She calls out with a friendly tone.

Leof offers her right hand to Castor, in a show of good sportsmanship. Her expression softened "You do have a pretty face though." she looks amused "I'm sorry for teasing you, but you started it, would you like to sit with me? I've got some jerky in my bag." She bows low to Fayre and Amira, politely. She stands up properly, giving a light bow of her head to Castor "You are a good shot, don't be discouraged." If Castor is a good sport, she's quite willing to walk beside him.

Roltoff hears his name being called and stroll up to the range to see his opponet and waits for the event to get started. He nods to Castor and Leof and grins. "see ya soon, he tells leof" one wy or another he thinks win or lose he always has fun when he comes to compete.

Amira claps as the fields come to a decided victor, giving a sporting clap for Castor even if he's beaten by Laketown's previous crowned Champion of the sport. "Well done," she repeats as she claps, looking up as she hears the next names to be called out. "Oh my! I've no idea which one I should cheer for!" She knows both Lady Cassia and Master Roltoff well enough and neither deserve to be without her support. "Good luck Master Roltoff!" And when Lady Cassia strides near, "Good luck Lady Cassia!" She bounces a little on her feet, eyes moving over toward Fayre as she smiles warmly at the other Princess. So much is going on though, that it's hard for Amira to acknowledge everyone, but she does her best to tip her head and smile, smiles always win people over right?! She has a pretty one!

"If you will excuse me your highnesses, it seems it is my turn to test my skill." Cassia says as she drops a curtsey to the princesses and moves over to the first field. As Roltoff joins her she inclines her head to the man, "Well met sir, shoot well today." She waves a hand to the target, "Would you care to make the first shot good sir?"

Castor chuckles.
"I am never one to turn down a compliment — we take what we can get, aye?" He nods respectfully to Roltoff, motioning next with his bow-arm toward the stands — smiling at Leof. "Lead the way! I have never had more fun, losing. Some day I should tell you about the time I shot a bandit in the hand — I was aiming for his throat…" He trails off when Princess Amira speaks, shifting his gaze toward her as he walks.

Roltoff grins as Lady Cassia shows up and bow. "actualy I was planning on letting you go first if you dont mind dear lady as its only proper. " he turns to spot Amira and gives her a playful wink, as he continue so to grin and steps back to allow Cassia to take the first shot.

Leof chuckles at Roltoff "Best of luck, dear friend." she offers, "Perhaps I'll beat you this time sir Roltoff." She smiles brightly for now. "We've all shot a bandit in the throat, dear. It is part of living." She finds a bench seat near the field and sits down, taking her time to open her bag and take out dried meat wrapped in thin cloth. She offers some of the meat to Castor as if he's one of her brothers or a close friend. "Perhaps you can go hunting sometime and we can get some pelts to make jackets for the needy." she suggests to Castor, legs folding as she settles on the bench, her bird hopping to steal a bit of the dried meat for himself. "Lard arse bird." she mumbles at the little Hobby on her arm, chuckle giving away she isn't angry at him at all.

<ROLL> Cassia tests her ranged-weapons skill (75) against Roltoff's ranged-weapons skill (71): Cassia wins by 4 points.

Amira catches that shifty gaze, torn between watching the next set take their marks and being polite, but she does give a little wave to Castor, "Lord Westmark, it's a pleasure to see you out enjoying the festivities," she nods, adding a pert smile. Oh and then there's people demanding her attention again, to which she offers a soft laugh for the wink she gets from Roltoff and a head bob for Cassia's curtsey. Then it seems to start, the display of ability out on the field. She leans toward Fayre, speaking lowly, "I doubt my abilities compared to what we've seen today."

Cassia inclines her head to the Barkeep as he gives the line to her, "You show fine courtesy good sir." She says and steps up to the line. Her bow is lifted into position and she looks down the line. Her gaze flickers to the banners of Rhaeden before she draws an arrow from her quiver and in a smooth action fires her bow. A respectable shot to be sure. She nods slightly as she steps back from the line and motions for her competitor to take his place.

<ROLL> Roltoff tests his ranged-weapons skill (59) against Cassia's ranged-weapons skill (61): Cassia wins by 2 points.

Roltoff watches as he takes time to aim and loose's his arrow only to see that its Not quite as smooth or as fluid as his competitors. "hmm Well done lady, perhaps today isn't my day.." he says with a joyful smile, clearly not upset that his opponet is out doing him, though the shots are quite close.

Castor turns toward Amira and slows his pace to a halt. Grinning, he bows flouridly to the princess. "I thank the Four — and Your Highness's kind invitation — that I was able to attend," he replies brightly. "It is a fine event — I look forward to enjoying many more!"

He bows again, lightly, and motions toward Leof and a nearby place to sit down. "Ladies first, Mistress Leof. I have wine with me — some of my family's finest. Care for some?"

Fayre tilts her head slightly and sends a glance towards Amira, there is a soft chuckle escapes her and she soon grins. "On indeed They are all doing very well that is for certain." This said with a soft tone before she smiles and nods to Cassia as she is moving off to her turn. She watches while lifting her head a touch once the new has started.

<ROLL> Cassia tests her ranged-weapons skill (62) against Roltoff's ranged-weapons skill (72): Roltoff wins by 10 points.

Leof smile at Castor "I would love a mug, thank you." Castor is given a genuine smile. She takes herself a piece of meat "I've been so spoiled lately." she offers, laughing softly. "Roltoff beat me the last round. He's very talented." she admits. She watches the group "Thank you." Castor is given one gentle shoulder squeeze in appreciation for his kindness. She does actually sit where instructed.

Cassia glances at Roltoff as he steps away from the line, "It was close, very close. I will definitely need to keep my eye on you." She says with a light laugh before stepping to the line once more. There is a deep breath as she lifts her bow. Again her gaze goes down the line before she draws another arrow from the quiver. There is a slight hesitation this time before she looses the arrow. As she steps back from the line she wrinkles her nose slightly, not completly happy with her shot it seems.

<ROLL> Roltoff tests his ranged-weapons skill (69) against Cassia's ranged-weapons skill (78): Cassia wins by 9 points.

Roltoff hmm's as he replies " yes My lady very close indeed, Though I have a feeling your not in too much danger. " As he looses his shot and furrows his brow just a bit as it not as close as he'd like it to be. "this will be a tight run thats for sure. " as he steps back to let you shoot.

<ROLL> Cassia tests her ranged-weapons skill (77) against Roltoff's ranged-weapons skill (68): Cassia wins by 9 points.

Amira steeps her chin down to Castor again, "It's an honour to see the Westmarks out enjoying themselves." There's an honest and sincere tone behind that, not just a facade put on for the sake of being polite. Her eyes show some concern, sympathy perhaps, before he slips away into the crowd to share a mug of some drink or another. A clap or some shout draws her eyes back to the field, watching with pride the show that Lady Cassia and Master Roltoff are putting on for the crowd. It's been a close battle and that seems to draw the attention of the onlookers. Whose it going to be?!
"Very close indeed, I may come talk to you after the competition good sir." Cassia responds as she nods her approval of the man's shot. Once it has been tallied she steps up to the line once more for her final shot. Again she looks up to the Rhaedan banner , then to the Taniford one and salutes them with her bow before she looks down to the target. She lifts an arrow to her quiver and kisses it before setting it to her bow and firing it down the range. It lands with a thud in the target. A faint nod given as she steps back to see how Roltoff will compare. It is still anyone's game.

<ROLL> Roltoff tests his ranged-weapons skill (60) against Cassia's ranged-weapons skill (80): Cassia wins by 20 points.

The expression upon Castor's youthful countenance sobers for a moment, and then yet another cocky, roguish grin brightens it again. He offers a seat to Leof first, and then walks to where his horse — a 17hh blue roan stallion with a shaggy mane to rival Castor's own — stands. A skin of fine red wine is produced from the saddlebags, along with two mugs — and with these in each hand, he returns to take a seat himself.

"1321," he remarks with a smile to Leof. He holds out a mug and opens the skin with his teeth. "A good year…" his face flinches just a fraction on the word 'good', but only for the smallest of instants.

"Do you compete in these tournaments a great deal, Mistress?" he asks coolly.

Roltoff chuckels as he steps into the line and looses his arrow, only to have the fletching scrape across his fingers and as such sends the arrow further from the bullseyes instead of at it. " Ahh man… " he shrugs. "Oh well better luck next time. " as he smiles to Cassia and gives her a warm welcomed bow. "congratulations Lady cassia, you are the victor. "

Leof chuckles "So your wine is eight years old?" she asks voice soft "looks like I'll be going against the lady, she's fearsome." she offers to Castor. At his slight flinch she offers a smile "Whatever is the matter lord?" she asks, taking a soft cloth to rub along her bow, bird climbing to perch on the tip top as she watches the crowd, looking slightly nervous for the moment.

The judge at the first field lifts his arm to flag Cassia's victory shot as the final arrow strikes the target solidly! "Lady Cassia moves on!" And the crowd gives a cheer for her dramatic performance of kissing the bow and saluting both banners on the field!

The Steward rounds up the winners and calls for quiet. "Believe it or not, the next names on the tournament sheet will surprise you! For we shall have Princess Amira facing Mistress Leof in field one, and Princess Fayre facing Lady Cassia in field two. Who will it be? Will the Princesses get to duel head to head in the tournament, or for our wildcard spot?!" He does a few gestures, "Let the competition continue!"

As Roltoff's shot does not make the mark, the Lady Cassia finally allows herself a smile of victory before turning towards the barkeep and extending her arm. "And to you good sir, it was a close fight to the end. You are a fine archer felled by an unlucky shot. I hope to see you at the line again soon." Then she turns to the Princesses and curtseys before looking up to the steward as he calls the next names. "Shoot well your highness.." She calls out to Amira before heading to the second field to face Fayre. She offers a curtsey to the princess, "May the winds favour you your highness, the line is yours."

Amira startles a bit at her name being announced so soon. Hey, she was just here to square off against Fayre. Her eyes widen as she turns to Fayre, "I can't do this!" She squeaks, the pressure of trying to prove herself against the other Princess was bad enough, but to be thrown into the tournament!? Scandalous! What if one of the Princesses won? How could this… Well she doesn't have time to answer as she has to respond to the gasps of amazement and awe, waving her hand in the air before she trots over to field one. Gulp.

Roltoff bows to cassia as he departs,"Perhaps but win or lose its all for the fun. " he moves out of the way to stop only to bow to fayre, and amira and give Leof a wink . "good luck to all. " as he moves to watch once more.

The young lordling, Castor, sets his bow upon the ground at his feet, then looks up from his mug of wine, and smiles at Leof. "'Tis nothing — please, enjoy the wine! I'm eager to hear how you and my mother met — oh!"

His attention drawn by the Steward's announcement, the lad glances straight at Amira and instantly, he is grinning from ear to ear. "This should be interesting!" He lifts his mug in a mock-toast of the event, and downs a mouthful.

Leof makes a sudden, alarmed sound at being called up. She stands though, "Castor, I still want that wine." she admits. Her bird is set right on Castor's shoulder as she moves back onto the field with her bow. Stiffness is showing as well as real nerves. Amira is given a low bow, probably over low - as she herself is wearing pants and curtsey would look ridiculous. She swallows a bit roughly.

Fayre glances between Amira and Castor with a curious look seen, though that is all while her gaze follows after Castor. There is a pause, a ponder before the end of the match is caught and she glances over to see whom the winner is. A soft chuckle escapes her and she soon claps once more. "Congratulation Lady Cassia!" Is called out. There is a faint amused look send to Roltoff. "Seems you will need to try harder next time Mister Roltoff." This said with a slight grin. Once her name is called though she shifts forward and pauses as she peers towards Amira, pondering that and reaches out to give the others arm a light pat. "Of course you can." This said with a soft tone, warm smile even seen. "Your do fine." This said with a happy tone before she turns to move off to take her spot for the new match.

<ROLL> Fayre tests her ranged-weapons skill (52) against Cassia's ranged-weapons skill (68): Cassia wins by 16 points.

<ROLL> Fayre tests her ranged-weapons skill (63) against Cassia's ranged-weapons skill (70): Cassia wins by 7 points.

<ROLL> Fayre tests her ranged-weapons skill (44) against Cassia's ranged-weapons skill (76): Cassia wins by 32 points.

Amira offers a weak smile at Leof as she slides her longbow off her shoulder, once at her position, comfort of Fayre resting in the back of her mind, "Best of luck to you Mistress. Don't humiliate me too badly," she winks at the lady, before she starts to work the string and feel the give of the bow as it flexes underneath her hand. She steps up to the mark now, eyes on the targets, which are seemingly a lot further back than the first few rounds. She slips an arrow from her quiver, letting the shaft of it rest against her finger as concentrates on her breathing to help steady the bow. The wind is accounted for as she takes aim and exhales upon her release.

<ROLL> Amira tests her ranged-weapons skill (50) against Leof's ranged-weapons skill (58): Leof wins by 8 points.

Castor pours Leof's mug, only to set it and the closed wine-skin down a moment later, and pick up his bow. He half-jogs to catch up on his way to the archery range. Behind him, Orion stamps a heavy hoof on the ground in impatience as he is once again ignored in favour of the competition.

"A second chance at glory, is it?" he asks of no one in particular as he nears the range-marker. He instantly goes quiet and bows to both princesses at once, whether anyone notices or not.

Cassia glances over to the other field to see Amira fire off her first arrow before turning her attention back to her field and target. There is a curtsey to Fayre before she steps back from the line to allow the princess to go first.

Leof is a bit pink across the face. Her weight shifts to her mark raising her bow to rather nervously knock an arrow. She doesn't talk to Amira, instead, she just makes a face giving away the situation is uncomfortable for her - out shooting your own nation's princess is not necessarily a positive thing. She pulls back and lets loose "I would never intentionally embarass you, HIghness." she offers, in a very quiet voice to Amira after the first shot.

<ROLL> Amira tests her ranged-weapons skill (44) against Leof's ranged-weapons skill (60): Leof wins by 16 points.

<ROLL> Amira tests her ranged-weapons skill (51) against Leof's ranged-weapons skill (65): Leof wins by 14 points.

As the arrows start flying, it's apparent to the field that Leof is the much stronger competitor! Though Amira's first is nearly a match against Leof's, her second and third arrow give a wide margin to Leof besting her. She smiles as the last arrow hits the target, knowing her better is the Mistress from Laketown. "It was a pleasure to test my skills against one so skilled with the bow." She claps as the Judge at her field announces that Mistress Leof is moving on. Though it's clear the Princess can breath now, out of the lime light and backing away from the true competitors of the sport! "Congratulations Mistress Leof. I wish you luck in the rest of the tournament! It would appear you're on your way to the finale!"

Fayre offers a slight bow of her head to Cassia. "Good luck to you Lady Cassia." She offers with a pleasant tone. With her bow in hand she takes an arrow and goes about lining up the shot. So far so good and then the arrow flies and thunks into the target, not near the center but not too bad of a shot really. Each shot is taken in turn between herself and Lady Cassia. The young princess is paying attention to her target more then what her opponent's is doing as another arrow hits into the target a bit behind the first and then the last slaps into the edge of the circle near the bullseye. All in all she doesn't come close to reaching the taller that Lady Cassia has. Though in theory this played out how it /should/ have been seeing how Lady Cassia has more vast experience and even years on Fayre. At the end of the match there is a soft laugh that escapes her and she grips her bow lightly between her fingers as she turns to look at Cassia. "Congratulations once more Lady Cassia. You truly rule the game field this day."

As the field continues to compete, the steward claps his hand and acknowledges the skill of the Princesses! "A grand show! Now for the wild card draw! Two names have been selected from those who failed to move on. In a final attempt to win their way back in, they must succesfully hit a target that is extremely hard. If neither hit the target, their chance to regain a spot in the tournament is over and we'll move on to the final duel of the Tournament, between the victors Lady Cassia and Mistress Leof!"

Leof blushes softly at Amira "Thank you for allowing me to shoot against you." she whispers, bowing again to Amira. "You look pale, perhaps you can talk Lord Westmark for a bit of his wine to restore a bit of color?" she offers softly, backing off the field quietly to wait for her next round, still looking a bit nervous and embarassed from the sudden switch around. She rests her bow on the ground, lightly leaning on the wooden monstrosity for just a moment to catch her breath. She moves toward Cassia, extending her right hand for a sportsman quality hand shake "May the best win. The wind seems to be with you so far, my lady." she admits.

The Steward seems to laugh, "And those two names are Lord Castor and Master Roltoff! Give them a hand as they dare to aim for the impossible!"

Amira smiles, "Wine would be pleasant though I still have yet to duel my counterpart Princess Fayre and I would wish to keep a right mind about that. We have a few friendly wagers on the line," she grins impishly toward Fayre then nods to Leof, starting off the field so that the wild card selection can make their way back down to the field. She catches up to Fayre and leans in to say a word, letting her lips smile while she speaks, so that her words are kept between them.

Castor glances over in Roltoff's direction, shrugs his shoulders and steps up to the range marker. His eyebrows both shoot upward when attendants at the tournament move the target further away.

And further away.

He whistles. "Well… if Altheara thinks I'm a worthy fellow, this would be a wondrous time to show it… even if I did not take the tabard." He nods respectfully to Roltoff, and takes aim for his first shot.

He fires.

Cassia takes the line with Fayre, firing her own arrows in turn. Her experience does show in the shoot as each of her arrows outscores the princess's. When the shooting is done she curtseys to the princess, "You have the makings of a fine archer your Highness. I will need to keep my eye on you." She offers to the younger woman before turning to the the field to meet her competitor for the final. She too extends her arm to the woman, "May the best Archer win the day milady. Let us see where the wind carries us this day." And so she stands at the line and waits for the steward to call the beginning of this final round.

<ROLL> Castor rolls his Ranged weapons skill at a Very hard difficulty: Failure (-29)

Fayre smiles and nods to Cassia while offers a slight curtsey back. "I do hope that we get to do this once more Lady Cassia. It was indeed a fun expierence I must say." She moves off and is finding herself next to Amira once more. Seems the younger princesses doesn't mind the fact that she lost, it is all for fun and games right? At the comments from Amira there is a slight pause and she nods. "I agree." Is murmured back softly while her gaze follows after the rest.

The Steward approaches the two final contestants after a solid afternoon of competition! "Ladies," he nods to them both, "If you could ready your weapons and make it to the center stage, you will be given three arrows to shoot at various targets. An easy one, at normal distance like the one which you aimed at to get you here. A second, stationary, the yards on it long and very difficult. The final, a moving target, closer in range but, not so easily hit. Where your arrow lands will determine points based on several factors. The judges will tally the points and declare a victor at the end. Best of luck to you ladies, may Altheara guide your arrows."

The First target is as he says. Normal distance, stationary. The second, the very same that Castor and Roltoff had tried to hit, stationary but at a very long distance. Only the most skilled can hit it, the best of the best! And finally, a moving target - one that is put on a pully cart and manned from either side of the arena!

Leof takes a breath, and bows her head to the steward. "Bornas keep me from screaming and running for the mountains." she mumbles, heading onto the stage, taking in a breath, holding it before releasing it. "Aye then. Shall we go at the same time, my lady?" she asks to Cassia in a calmed voice. Although she's wishing more and more she had taken the wine and taken long draws.

<ROLL> Cassia rolls her Ranged weapons skill at a Normal difficulty: Success (12)

<ROLL> Leof rolls her Ranged weapons skill at a Normal difficulty: Success (3)

Cassia listens intently as the steward explains the conditions of the final round of Archery. When the range is cleared to shoot Cassia moves up to the line. The chatting is over just now. At the question from Leof she nods to the woman. "Lets. May Althaera guide your arrows." She says with a half smile before turning to the targets once more. She looks to the banners once more before lifting arrow to bow and firing down the range for a respectable score. Her gaze lifts towards Leof's target to see how she fares.

As he stands near the range-marker, Castor lets out a breath. He lowers his bow to his side, and with his free hand he reaches up to rub at his jaw, and stare accusingly at the distant target. He inhales again through his nostrils, and releases the breath slowly as he slings his bow over his shoulder, and steps away from the range.

"Another time, Altheara — bless your little forelock," he remarks blandly, into the wind. "I need some practice. Ah! Wine! Suddenly all is right with the world… more or less…" and he makes a bee-line for the wineskin he had left behind.

Only to find that Orion has pawed at the ground and knocked the stool over… and the wine with it. The stallion tosses its head in the air, snorting loudly.

Castor shakes his head.

Leof smiles a bit stiffly "And yours as well, my lady." She knocks her arrow and pulls back, her breath washing out. Her arm pulling back so her elbow is up near her ear, breath washing out nervously. She isn't terribly happy with her shot but she does give Cassia a polite clap to her sucessful shot.

<ROLL> Cassia rolls her Ranged weapons skill at a Very hard difficulty: Failure (-10)

<ROLL> Leof rolls her Ranged weapons skill at a Very hard difficulty: Failure (-31)

Cassia nods at the clap for the first shot before setting her sights to the second target. She nocks her arrows and points it up to the sky and fires it off to the far distant target. It lands short of the target by ten feet and she steps back from the line with a shake of her head.

Leof 's hand knocks the arrow and pulls back, perhaps too hard, the pressure causes a slight wince from the short haired blonde. Upon releasing the arrow her bow actually wobbles and cracks her in the forehead. "Bloody 'ell!" she huffs out, holding her forehead for a moment before checking for blood. With no blood she gives the garunteed goose egg another fussing touch before trying to figure out where her arrow went .. "Well that certainly went the distance." she comments, taking a step up to look over the edge of the stage. Her arrow went an entire ten feet from the edge. "Bleedin' Bornas that hurt." she makes a few faces, blinking before shaking her head and stepping back to prepare for the third and final shot - although she's visibly not happy with herself. Yeaaah she's not terribly polite with her language.

<ROLL> Cassia rolls her Ranged weapons skill at a Hard difficulty: Success (3)

<ROLL> Leof rolls her Ranged weapons skill at a Hard difficulty: Failure (-17)

Cassia steps up to the line once more as it is reset for the next shoot. A moving target. The lady actually smiles at this though stands for a moment as she watches the target move back and forth. After a couple of passes she raises her bow and quickly fires off an arrow that hits the target. Not in the centre, but at least she won't be searching the grass for that one. She takes a breath and steps back from the line.

Leof pulls back attempting another shot. She's straining though and still just a bit off balance it seems - she did crack herself something fierce afterall. The Arrow goes flying and hits the top of the first target. Well doesn't she just look terribly green! Her weight backs off bowing to Cassia again, politely. "Thank you for the fine tournament challenge. I hope to improve and face you again." she whispers, softly.

The long distance shot is still the elusive target in the contest. Perhaps one day a Champion would come along and successfully hit it, but not this day, not this tournament, not this time. The stage is set though for the rest of the competition as all eyes turns on the moving target, cheers resulting as Lady Cassia hits the target first! The crowd knows who the victor is by the time that Leof attempts to follow suit and misses - thankfully no one got shot in the eye or the foot!

The judgement doesn't take too long and their decision is run to the Steward. He nods and waves his hands, "Cheer for our winner ladies and gentlemen! Cheer for the Lady Cassia as she brings honour to her name and house by winning the title of Archery Champion in this first ever Princess Harvest Archery Tournament! Congratulations to our victor and to all the other contestants we had the pleasure of watching this day!" He allows the applause to continue and then wane before he begins again, "Finally, the moment has come. Our Royal Princesses will square off with another. First, a duel to test their agility and speed, as both aim for the same target. -THEN- they will fire at the moving target and see if they can match the Champion's aim!" He grins and seems happy with himself.

As it becomes clear she has won the Tournament, Cassia turns to her competitor and clasps her arm. "You have honoured yourself well this day. It was a good challenge." She says with a grin before stepping from the line and letting the princesses take their place. "This will be an interesting shoot." She says to the nearby Leof. "I suppose I should cheer for my princess." She says with light humour in her voice.

Leof takes Cassia's arm shaking it back gently "I suppose so! I should do the same, lest I get a wonderful vacation to a dark hole." she jokes, smiling warmly "It is nice to meet you, mylady." she offers again, looking amused. Seamus seems to have fluttered back to her, talking a residence on her head, perching there. "Now in honesty, how bad did I crack myself?" she asks, pointing to her goose egg.

<ROLL> Amira tests her ranged-weapons skill (62) against Fayre's ranged-weapons skill (45): Amira wins by 17 points.
<ROLL> Amira rolls her Ranged weapons skill at a Hard difficulty: Failure (-13)
<ROLL> Fayre rolls her Ranged weapons skill at a Hard difficulty: Failure (-18)
<ROLL> Amira tests her ranged-weapons skill (46) against Fayre's ranged-weapons skill (60): Fayre wins by 14 points.
<ROLL> Amira tests her ranged-weapons skill (55) against Fayre's ranged-weapons skill (50): Amira wins by 5 points.

Roltoff contgratulates the winner of the archery test and once things are settled heads back to his tavern for a well earned drink.

The pressure of the eyes on the field are not lost on the Northern Princess. Every motion is scrutinized and studied. Her very presence so brazenly in the open company and working friendship with Fayre could be judged, weighted, and measured. In the moment as her hand grasps the hearty Royal bow called Far Song, all that matters is the target before her and the flap of the lion banner at the end of the range. Her mouth quirks into a soft smile as she takes her place, draws back the arrow nearly against her cheek so she lines the sight up with her targets. The first is released and it is about agility and speed, precision and aim. Her breath exhales as it lands in the center, a ring inside of the one that Fayre's own arrow strikes. Points are awarded, cheers from those crying out for Rhaedan. The second arrow while she goes through the same practice of shifting her feet, quieting her mind, ignoring the distractions, misses! The moving target gets ahead of her and her arrow plunks behind it in the dirt - a mistake that Fayre seems to follow suit in. Then it's back to the duel of the first target, losing to the better shot by Fayre and finally, putting one closer to the bullseye for the last time. At the end of it, her arms feel the uncoiling pressure and she looks a little dumbfounded as the Steward comes over and lifts her arm in the air, as if she just won some grand title. Amira quickly hastens her arm down at her side and pulls Fayre's up instead with her own, nodding at Fayre as she goes to bow to the audiance and the cheers WITH Fayre! Only then does she part her hand to give the crowd a two handed wave! The Steward goes on to thank the people for attending, welcoming them back next Autumn for the second installment of the Tournament, promising more action and more Royal crowns to descend on the field. Thus, the curtain falls and the crowds depart!

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