Lady Rakel Asvi Nadia Rhaedan
Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson as Rakel Asvi Nadia Rhaedan
Full Name: Rakel Asvi Nadia Rhaedan
Age: 30
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: Rhaedan
Title/Profession: Lady
Place of Birth: Rhaedan
Father: Geirvulf Rhaedan
Mother: Margred Westmark
Siblings: Some
Spouse: None
Children: None


Rakel started life with every advantage. She was the first born daughter of King Breac's younger brother, Geirvulf. The only way that she might have been better off was to have been born a boy, or her uncle's child. This is something her mother, Margred, told Rakel many times as she grew up.

Immediate Family

Character Features

Physical Features

…By Persona

If looks could slice, wound, and kill, the narrow grey-green eyes Rakel lines in black kohl to feline points would be among the most lethal. Her brows and her nose are sharp, with a pointed chin and high defined cheek bones. Her complexion is fair, and is powdered to a matte porcelain finish, but made up very little beyond that. Her hair is a rustic sandy blond and grows in loose curls down beyond her shoulders. She is of middling height, standing around 5'7, but she might be perceived as less as fragile as her build is; svelte with only hints of feminine curve and wiles easily lost beneath clothing.

She is dressed in a gold-on- dark red brocade gown, with glimpses of rich chocolate brown through laces up the bell sleeves and down her sides. She wears a light smattering of gold, about her neck and waist, and comfortable ankle boots in chocolate kidskin. Her hair has been gathered back from her face, exaggerating the severe lines. Braids and twists weave in and out of the elaborate bundle while small gold pins secure loose strands.


  • Chronic Illness - She is physically weak, and has a sickness in her lungs. She keeps close friends with apothecaries and healers.
  • Deep Pockets - How much does it cost? She can come up with it. Somehow.
  • Long Fuse, Big Boom - She is patient. Her feathers are difficult to ruffle. But when her temper blows…it is best to be clear of the blast zone.
  • Questionable Morals - A means to an end is a perfectly valid means.
  • Silver Tongue - Her voice is pleasant. Her words are sweet.
  • Social Chameleon - She is comfortable in nearly any situation she walks into, with people of any station, and falls right in line.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Amira Princess Amira Anya Rhaedan : Princess Amira is Rakel's younger cousin. They have caught up a few times in Brivey, and begun to kindle something of a friendship that was not allowed to grow as children, with Rakel living so far away from her cousins.
Collette Collette Lohstren : Collette is associated with Rakel. Rakel found her in a Laketown stable. She finds the woman novel and intriguing, and the potential usefulness of the acquaintance can not be ignored.

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs


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