Ravas Festival

Ravas Festival
Summary: The Ravas Festival of 1329 in Laketown….Face painting seems all the rage this year and there is a appearance of a Red Knight that seems a hit with many of the ladies, and perhaps not so with a few as well.
Date: 2 July 2013
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Laketown - Open Field
The field has been setup for the nights festival, long tables covered with a lavish spread of food and others yet with drinks. Fruits and berries, meats and cheeses, ales, and wines, it is all to be had this night for those come to celebrate the Guardian Ravas. Several bonfires are spread out for groups to gather and dance to the musicians that play lively tunes sprinkled with the occasional love ballad. Though it seems that several wandering minstrels also can be found, should an expiring lad wish to have his lass properly serenaded. A few tents exist about for those seeking a bit of cover. Offering feathers for offering and prayer are Priests and Priests of Ravas, as long with offers of face painting for those truly wishing to get into the festivities.
Tue Jul 02, 1329

Arriving with Niniane and Prada, the red knight of Ravas from the South is apparently making his way with to the open field with the two women. Releasing Niniane, the knight offers a bow to the northern Princess, though he takes a few moments to linger with Prada, turned away from the crowd so the two can have a few private words as he prepares to hand out small pendants to the young women to eventually gift back as favours to their chosen partners for the evening.

As the time for the bonfires starts to near, the various members of the Temple can be seen about the area seeing to last minute details. Acolytes tend to the various festival tables now and through the evening, ensuring there is always plenty of food and drink for those who have come to celebrate, even if perhaps fish is yet a thing not highly found amongst the offerings, but with what is offered, it might be hard to miss it. The Chosen have all shined up their armor, how it gleams in these moments as the sun light starts to fade, the Priests and Priestess in their finest robes. The Ravas the easiest to pick out with their showy robes of red with gold, the feathers that some wear both as part of their robes and often within their hair. It is their Guardian's day and they have been a twitter for most of it.

Just as the sun hits the perfect place upon the horizon, there and yet slipping away, the Temple Priestess steps up upon a box in the center of the field. Decked out in her finest that day as well, silken robes that swirl with endless blues, intricate banding of silver upon the edges marking her rank with the Temple. A headpiece of silver links and blue gems rests within Tylon's hair, easily missed with the many feathers of blue and red that have been worked within the long locks, showing that not only those who have been called by Ravas have gotten into the sprit of it. A horn sounds through the night calling for silence of those gathered.

Now and then Thomas does have to stop and catch his breath. Even in his "new" armor that seems to chafe in all the wrong spots anyone with a keen eye would see that the left arm and hand are much bulkier than the right. His right hand goes to his chest now and then as if to hold it together. But only when no one is looking. Of course. The young female Acolyte that trails behind him seems all a fluster "But, but Mother Superior said you were to rest. I don't see how this is resting. I was to watch after you! Oh, she will have me scrubbing the floors from now till the end of time." Wringing her hands together, her eyes pleading "Please, Chosen Thomas, do not do this to me."
Thomas turns stiffly and offers a smile "Child," he says to the nearly 16 year old "stop your fretting. It will be ok. All you have to do is tell Mother Superior that I would take no for an answer. That I gave you no chance to stop me. Now," he smiles again "None of that is a lie, correct?"
The young Acolyte, nearly in tears can only node her head before she bolts back in the direction of Laketown. A sigh and a shake of his head as Thomas turns back and begins to make his way to the festivities are about to begin. He smiles at a few of the other Chosen and makes his way near to where Tylon has stepped up on the box and he waits.

Roltoff follows the lady prada at a descrete distance, and making sure to keep an eye on her at all times. He's dressed in his new armor and leaves his helmet on as he fears very few will try to engage him in conversation during this feast so it leaves him with more freedom to protect his charge.

Princess Niniane of Rhaedan having been allowed to the festivities in Laketown smiles to the red knight who escorted her and the Lady Prada saying, "Why thank you good sir." Dressed in a red, orange and yellow gown, the blonde woman's skirt is stylized to have an appearance of fire while the bodice is of a modest cut, and the princesses hair is held back in a interacted braid from her eyes. Looking around the laid out festival, bon fires and food the young woman looks a touch excited before saying to the woman beside her, "I must thank the queen for approving this visit, such lovely fare and oh face painting. I should pretend to be childish for once, would you join me Lady Prada?"

Cristof has found a discrete spot near one of the tents where he can watch the opening festivities, and particularly the opening ceremony will begin soon. His eyes seep the line of priests and priestesses, studying those who have decorated themselves in tribute to Ravas more closely than most, as if the whole thing is new and strange to him.

"Off with you. Do your job." Prada whispers to the Red Knight before seemingly adjusting his armor with a light touch. "I will stay with Ni." she tells the man quickly as she moves toward the one Princess of the North she has little issue in giving the title to, "She would have it no other way, you are not a prisoner. Just as your sister came and went to Laketown shopping, though to hear her tell it she was kept behind bars." Dressed in a manner quite becoming of the Lady, yet far from her liking, the Lady reaches up to push the feathered cap lower on her head with an impish grin to Niniane, "By all means, we are her to enjoy the evening and shall. Roltoff? Come now, we need drink."

Stepping up beside Lady Prada and the Princess Niniane, Roltoff bow and gives a pleased smile even if his helmet masks most of it. Though his warm and joyful tones as he speaks doesn't lie. "What can I get for you two lovely ladies.. " as he glances up at prada his eyes twinkling with michief.

The red knight offers Prada a smile before he closes the helmet back in place and turns to start to mingle with the crowd to hand out the pendants, before the Mother Superior calls attention. And as a good servant of the Guardian, the knight halts in his work for Ravas to allow Tylon to speak. Though he does move to head towards the young Mother Superior to be prepared to offer her a necklace to handle as her favour.

Once the crowds have settled, the calm woman's voice rings out over those gathered.

"Today has been given over to honor the Guardian Ravas. Filled with prayer and celebration. And surely many a Red Knight seeking the favours of young men and women within the Citdael and at Rhaedan Castle as they sought honor and courage in the tournaments that have occurred there this day.

The day has been a time not only to consider the love, the courage we yet seek within our lives. But that which has already been given, and also that which has taken from us before we were ready. Today we have drunk to those who have been lost to soon, to loves ended before they began, to the people that they may have become. We have had reflection upon the courage of those around us with the trials that have come upon us, the courage of that has been had to continue on, to endure life without and more importantly, the courage to seek again the passion of life, of love.

Tonight as we light these bonfires, we continue to honor Ravas and seek the blessings he would bring to each of us in the year ahead. May the artists be blessed with new insight, greater creativity to continue their works, to create new ones for all to enjoy, to see the work of Ravas in our world. May each of us continue to delight in the loves, great and small within our lives, of family, friends. May the passion of lovers renew and burn ever bright this day and through the year ahead. May those seeking their love, their partners in life find luck this night as the fires reach to the sky and dance with the last rays of the setting sun. May we all find courage to be true to our love, our path in life, courage to the young and old alike who wish to steal a moment this night, courage to take up the path ahead and to dance with joy as we celebrate this night.

With passion and love in your hearts, dance and feast this night in the name of Ravas!"

With the last of Tylon's words, her hands raise into the air along with roaring flames as the bonfires come to life. Flames licking an easy twenty feet into the sky mixing into the colors of the setting sun. In those moments so to do the voices of the many Chosen and Priests/Priestess of the Temple rise up in cheers, most loudly those devouted to Ravas.
<Temple> Tranquil Tylon whistles….

Ever the protector, Thomas watches the Red Knight as he moves closer to Tylon. Nothing outward, more like just doing his duty. But when Tylon speaks again, about love and love and being true he begins to take a deep breath. Not a real smart thing to do with the wounds he has. Again his right goes to his chest. Then with the raising of her arms the fires roar into life. As if Ravas himself had set them, so perfect in timing. A smile comes to Thomas, as he looks up to Tylon and gives her an approving nod of his head.

The Red Knight ascends and presents Tylon with Ravas' favour. "For you to hand to the one you choose to accompany you. Ravas' blessings upon you, Mother Superior." the knight offers as he hands over the silver braided necklace and feather charm, before he starts to make his way through the crowd, handing out the small necklaces as he does so.

Cristof turns his attention to Tylon when she begins to speak, projecting her voice as all priests, priestesses, and rulers do so that large gatherings can hear them. When she speaks of family, and then of lovers and love, he bites his bottom lip for an instant. Then he sees the Red Knight approaching her, and the man's actions with interest until the necklace has changed hands. When Tylon lifts her hands into the air to signal the igniting of the bonfires, and he hears the roar of flames springing to life, he nods, knowing that the festivities have begun.

The northern princess nods to the southern lady before smiling at Roltoff's arrival, "Ah such lovely help you have acquired Lady Prada. I don't believe we have met master?" Niniane however turns as the priestess starts to talk and seems to listen wholeheartedly, as it ends however the one track minded woman is again focusing on the face painting booth and starts slowly in that direction, "Oh lets, and my lady, please bare in mind my sister is yet young. She does not always understand the delicacies of appearance." To Roltoff though she does say, "Wine if they have any, something fruitly."

As the cheers settle down, the strains of music take their place, offering song and rythym for those who wish to dance. Or simply a backdrop of music for those who prefer to converse with the friends they have gathered with, or perhaps woo the young lad or las that has long caught their eye and tonight has courage enough been built to speak with them, seek a few words, a shared cup of wine, and just maybe..courage enough to ask for a dance.

Before the cheers are have even begun to fade, the Temple Priestess has stepped from the box, the box itself taken away a if it never was. It is then that Tylon notices the wayward Chosen that stands near, his nod of approval. A light smile coming to her lips even if she shakes her head at him,"Brother Thomas, I see you found you could not be a good patient and rest but were yet drawn to the festivities. And the Acolyte that had been assigned to keep watch upon you?" There is gentle concern in her eyes as she looks over the recovering Chosen, even if she lightly teases,"I would ask how you are feeling, but I doubt you would tell me anything but fine."

Though the Red Knight come to Laketown is also noted in stepping down to join the festivities, Tylon dipping her head towards him,"I see even without tournament, we are graced by your attendence this evening. Ravas see's that we are honored, sir." Her hands lightly accepting the favour offered with a slight bow of her head,"Thank you, sir."

"Do you need ask Roltoff? You know my taste for which poison." Prada comments to the man as she grins. Her hand instictivly reaching toward Niniane's arm to steer her toward one of the many fires, "Then we shall dance, drink, and eat till our hearts content." Although the Lady speaks with the Princess and for all her attention with her, her sapphire gaze continually travels toward the Red Knight. Occasionally an arching of the brow is seen as he moves from one Lady to the next. Leaning in toward the Princess she drops her voice to a bare whisper, "Not to know her bed." The ladies eyes widen in mocked shock for a moment before moving deeper into the crowd.

Roltoff chuckles a bit and looks to Prada … "yes of course. "then his eyes fall up on the lovley Niniane and nods. "Roltoff Highness, Roltoff Delmort. " he winks and steps back as he goes to get the drinks required for the two noble women. The coc armor looking quite formidable as he pass's thru the crowd a the light reflects off the helms life like eyes.

"The red knight will always be where Ravas is celebrated, Mother Superior." as the Knight in crimson and gold offers a bow of his head to Tylon, the smile is heard in his voice. "If you find none that are willing to share your generous blessings, do let me know, I will see what I can do to sate your thirst." One might hear the wink in his voice before the knight moves amongst the crowd, being similarly cheeky with several young women that recieve the favoured necklaces from the knight as he finds himself near the Princess and Lady again. "Ah, Princess. I have not offered you the blessings, yet." he says to her, and bows his head to offer her one of the silver necklaces. "Find the one you wish to spend time with, and I am sure that he would be honoured to spend time with such a lovely and sensual depiction of the fire that would want to see what it would be to be close to such.. royal heat.. especially one as regal as you."

An innocent shrug of his shoulders is given as Tylon speaks to him. "She had no choice in the matter, Mother Superior. I would take no orders from her and I think I scared her half to death. Do not be cross at her. Besides," Thomas smiles "It is my place to be by your side." He turns stiffly and looks out at the partiers and nods "The Temple has done this well," then to Tylon, "you have done it well." Even as he turned he notes "And you have even brought Taniford and Rhaedan," a nod in the direction of the Princess "To gather together."

As the Red Knight speaks to Tylon there is nearly a growl from him "I shall escort the Mother Superior, but my thanks to you for offering, good sir." And with that said he holds out his right hand, to allow Tylon place her's in his, if she so chooses.

Niniane's cheeks flush as Lady Prada whispers to her and the blonde captures her bottom lip between her teeth to stop herself for saying anything further. A small smile is then offered to Roltoff, "Very much appreciates Master Roltoff." The lady's apple green eyes roam the crowd before she catches the red knight, her escort seems to keep watching approach again, "Oh why thank you good sir, I am sure I can find someone willing to in such a large crowd." She smiles sweetly to the man before trying to take Prada's hand, "I think you need a little color still my lady." She tries to drag the southern woman towards the face painting again.

A loud gagging noise sounds through the crowd. Perhaps someone has gotten ill from too much drink? Most like no. In this case it is the Varghem maiden making such a noise at the Red Knights words, "Tell me Sir are you also poltical minded or does lying run in your family? Perhaps you were dropped on your head as a child. Would explain your attempt at honeyed words. Certainly you can do better than that line." Lacing her fingers through the Princesses her other hand shoots out to smack the Red Knight in the arm, "Next time it will be lower. Roltoff! To the face painting we go. You are first. And might add that helm is disgusting."

A small incline of her head is given towards the Knight,"I do not doubt that, sir. Ravas does see that it is so." Tylon just giving a faint smile to the Knight,"I am certain your talents are needed by far to many for me to even to think to deprive the many young lasses here of your time, sir." A look going to Thomas to hear that growl and his words before confirming,"And it does seem I shall have accompanyment this night." Her hand does take up the hand Thomas' offers, so what if that favour ends up in his hand in that action as well.

The Red Knight having moved on easily enough, Tylon does return to the matter prior,"I will not be, I know how stubborn you can be. I think it is a requirement in all Chosen, Brother. And I cannot deny that I was pleased to see you and have you here tonight." Giving a small bow of her head at his praise of the evening that unfolds, noting gently,"It is Ravas, the Guardians that bring them together. In them, much can be put aside, even if only for an evening. "

The red knight would smirk at Prada, but visor. "I am but a knight of Ravas. I have no name and house. It is my place to merely.. share and spread the gospel of my Guardian. Such honorifics do not come with borders, or thoughts of what I may or may not do, m'lady. Perhaps you are merely.. considering such things with me, Lady Prada. For which, I am deeply flattered." With that, he glances towards the retreating Prada. "Perhaps you and I can discuss negotiations and battle lines later!" he calls out after her. "Or the finer points of what suggestions I can make in a proper offerings to you for Ravas." he says, before the Knight continues on his duties, handing out a few more necklaces.

Having only gotten a few feet away Roltoff turns to look at the Lady Prada and the Princess Niniane, and says.." So no drinks? " as he cocks his helmeted head. Then sighs. "My helmet dear lady isn't disgusting. Quite festive I think" his tone light and teasing. When he hears the whole face painting bit he's like Oh-no.. " I um rather not get my face painted.. might mess up this cool helm of mine. " (yeah that'll work… maybe not..) as he is redirected to follow the two noble women.

Chuckling a bit, Thomas listens as Tylon's words address the Red Knight so. As if winning a prize he stands a tad straighter as she takes his hand, to which he smiles "That was a lovely opening, Mother Superior. The best I have witnessed." And with that he slowly leads her along to mingle with the crowd. Here and there he pauses to speak to one of the Temple's Chosen. Mostly telling them that he is well. "Stubborn?" He asks turning to Tylon. "I don't think I am stubborn at all. But I gave the lass no choice in the matter. In fact my words were if she was to watch over me then she better dress for the Festivities." As she speaks of him being here "I can think of no better place to be, Mother Superior. It is by your doing and healing hands that allowed me to attend." He looks over to the Red Knight, "I wonder who that is. I would think for a night like this even a Red Knight would remove his helm."

Cristof remains by the wall of the tent for a time. Other people go for drinks, queue at the face-painting booth, or look for friends. His bewildered expression only intensifies until finally he leaves the tent and heads toward one of the tables to look for something to eat.

A small chuckle can be heard from Niniane, though she politely hides it behind her hand, "Lady Prada, your master Roltoff ought to be painted to match his helm. Then we shall decorate you in a manner befitting a proper southern lady." The princess taps a finger on her chin, thinking or trying to make it look so before Roltoff remind her of drinks, "Oh yes drink first please." The blonde woman uses a tone as if she is use to being listened to. Looking back to Prada she asks, "Now who shall we give our necklaces too, or did he not think to give you one as well?"

"Thank you, Brother. I had been considering it for sometime, but was not certain all would be done in time." Things had been a bit hectic of late. "I should not have worried, those of Ravas are always energetic about today. And the Guardians have a way of ensuring the words are there when it is time to give them." So what if Thomas might feel a light squeeze to his hand as he leads Tylon along through the crowd. A gentle smile and calm words offered to some of the Chosen paused near, a passing priestess. "I see, and as it seems she did not do so, I shall just have to watch over you tonight." A bit of amusement touching her voice, though she does soon shake her head a little,"I was doing my job, Brother. The Guardians have simply gifted me with uch abilities." Tylon does glance off towards the direction of the Red Knight as he continues to mingle. "It is more tradition, that they remain unknown. Those who take to the guise, for whatever reason drives them. A curiosity to wonder, but it is rare to see one reveal themselves."

"There is naught you can say Sir. Lest to temp me from my purity." Prada calls back to the man over shoulder. As the trio continues their way toward face painting Thomas words are slightly over heard, "You are a man. Religious or not. Stubborn lot, every one." Prada calls to the man with a light teasing tone to her voice, "Perfect idea! Roltoff, off with the helm my good man. It is time for a make over, you are far too ugly for my liking. Now ale me." Reaching toward the golden necklace about her slender throat she lifts it for the Princess to view closer, "He provided me with one earlier, though with his current behavior he shall never see it again. Perhaps I should melt it down into a nice bangle."

"Maybe the Lady isn't as secure and confident in her feelings that she claims to be." the red knight responds simply to Prada. "And does not realize that the knight has his duties to perform, and she has allowed her feelings to cloud her judgement." A low blow, perhaps, but the Knight does have his duties to perform, and he is out of necklaces to hand out, so he heads off to go find some more.

From around on of the far bonfires a cheer goes up, any who glance that way will catch sight of just why. A young lad looking quite smug about himself, even for the hand shapped welt clearly seen upon his cheek. Most certainly delivered by the young lazy who blushes scarlet as she stalks off in haste. All signs someone grew brave enough to steel a kiss.

Off upon the edges where the light of the bonfires fade to shadows a group of children are seen racing along, a shout rining,"There, I see it there!" Followed by another,"No, it is over there now!" And off they race after whatever it that has grabbed their attention so.

Glad for the distraction how ever brief, Roltoff goes to get he perscribed ale, and the sweety fruity tasting southern wine for the princess. Hoping that by the time he returns (oh heaven help me) that both ladies forget to include him in such and event.
He though looks to the red knight and then the mug of ale and sighs.. ( a waste of ale) as he returns and *ahems* to draw Prada's attention to the fresh mug of ale, as he then turns to offer the princess her glass of wine.

Thomas nods "Still, it seems not right," Thomas says about the Red Knight. "As far as we know it could be anyone," and Tylon would have felt a bit of tightening in his hand "But it is a festival so," He looks to the face painting and all those gathered and smiles "You could get your face painted. Or perhaps a drink, or both?" Then he looks down as he holds her hand all proper like "I shall be in your hands, Mother Superior. You do have the duty to watch over me. It is as I told the young Acolyte."

Accompanied by a lean and rather ascetic looking fellow, a man who bears a rather distinctive resemblance to her - by nose and coloring alone that is - Katarina has a plate in one hand and is lifting food from the lavish banquet to heap onto her plate. The advantage of being a mother of three, and two of those three being enchanting young ladies, Katarina no longer has to worry about her svelte figure. Which is to say, "Oh look, pastries," she says and makes her cousin Duncan add some to his plate too, by sheer dint of putting some on his plate too.
Long distance to Bryony: Tylon dies!!!

"Tis not the ladies feelings in question, she is not fawning over ever male to found. To be true you have your duty, be careful to maintain your honor." This is all said in a soft tone barely audiable as Prada shakes her head and takes the ale from Roltoff, "I have paid you good coin to do my bidding. Tonight I bid your face to be painted. Perhaps something in a lovely shade of pink with just a slight daubing of purple." her attention is shifted to the one doing the painting and lady leans forward to speak, "Perhaps you have something to make sparkle? I do believe he would be most lovely with an added touch of shine to his lips. Do you not agree Princess Niniane. Most lovely indeed."

"Why thank you." Niniane says to Roltoff in a bright tone taking the wine from the sellsword, then her eyes roam to the gold necklace, "I see my lady." she comments towards Prada, "I think you perhaps for once should head his words, he does look rather dashing in red." The princess winks before looking up and catching sight of a northern familiar face, "Oh my how delightful!" She exclaims and raises a hand in case Katarina needs help seeing the princess in a dress with a skirt styled like flames.

"It could be, as is always the case, Brother. They are an unknown, a mystery. It is part of the festival." The suggestion of face painting actually draws a laugh from Tylon,"Are the feathers not enough for you, Brother? " The very things dancing a bit as she shakes her head,"I think a drink may be needed first, and I would not wish to take away the chance for someone else, as it does seem a popular thing at the moment." A light smiles goes to Thomas,"I do have that duty. And will ensure it is seen to at the utmost. An early night, and no dancing, I imagine are in order." Lightly teasing the Chosen.

Roltoff sighs and shakes his head. "sure lady prada to make sure I got a certain someone home safely, I dont recall reading anywhere in that print that I had to get my face painted nor in 'PINK!' of all colors. " He does give Princess a warm smile and nods. "My pleasure Princess. " as he looks back to Prada with a resigned look on his face. " well worst case senerio I can always slip my helm on backwards might be an improvement to the paint.. " his tone light and teasing, even if he must endure something as … sighs. aggrivating as this.

Katarina passes a wine skin to her cousin, he gets to carry the good stuff, and balances her plate with her good hand so that she may lift her other to wave to Niniane through the crowd, a warm smile forming on her face as she taps at Duncan's elbow with hers - she's allowed to act like a ill mannered hooligan at times, hence the elbow tapping and eating of food she ought not to - and leads the way toward where Niniane and another gaily dressed young lady are standing. "Niniane, you look splendid," she declares upon arrival.

As the two near the table of food and drink, Thomas casts an eye to the side and spots the Katarina. "That is the one that was with us at the Bandits, is it not? Lady…Lady… can't recall it." He asks Tylon as he releases her hand so she may get food and drink. "A bit different dressed than that day." Turning back to Tylon he nods "They maybe a mystery, they may claim to be for Ravas, but I still have to wonder." He looks to the food and his lips tighten a bit "I think just tea will do me."
Kameron has arrived.

Back and wandering the crowd, the Red Knight continues to hand out the favours, but for the moment, the Prada group does not get a visit as there are plenty of other women that require necklaces to hand to their chosen dates.

"Does she not always look splendid, aside from when she awakens with a head full of tangles and drool coming from her lips." Prada asks of the newcomer with a teasing wink tossed to Niniane, "Quite frightful in the morning I hear." the lady comments while leaving her gaze to follow the Red Knight with a bit more confusion than before. "Such a blessed distraction." she mutters to no one in particular.

Green eyes drift to the woman Thomas speaks about, a gentle smile coming,"That is Baroness Katarina Westmark, Acolyte Castor's mother. We are fairly well aquainted in truth. I have known the family for a long time." That little favour being left to Thoma's hand when Tylon's is released.The Chosen….having been…chosen. "I recall being dressed a bit differently as well that day, Brother." It isn't every day she gets to break out the 'good' robes and run around with feathers in her hair. "I admit, I often wonder as well. Especially upon the matter of courage, it seems to me it take mores to walk without the helm, then to hide beneathe it." Eyes drift to Thomas when he says just tea,"Have you eaten already tonight then?" Seeking out the area with tea, there is one, small as it might be.

Castor Westmark enters the field, his left side bandaged up and his left arm in a sling. Glancing in either direction, he spots his mother and heads in her direction.

"You're looking well, Mother," he says with a faint smirk as he draws closer. The lad has more colour in his cheeks now, and a bit of a spring in his step.

Niniane reaches out her arms to offer Katarina a hug, "Lady Katarina so lovely to see you, and Sir Duncan, always a pleasure." The princess gives them all a bright smile before saying to the southern lady beside her, "Oh Lady Prada have you met Lady Katarina, I foster with her for a year, such wonderful times." A small chuckle to Prada is given, "I wake up looking to lovely Prada, never a hair out of place I assure you." The blonde's eyelashes flutter before she adds to Katarina, "Oh I have some letters if you could get to Stefan for me, I would very much appreciate it."

Shouts continue for some time along the fringes of the bon fires, easily allowing the roving group of children to be pinpointed as they continue on the chase. In time there is a loud cheer that raises up from them. And soon after they are careening through the event, one of them having been housted upon the shoulders of the others with a set of silver antlers with red feathers trailing from the tips held aloft above his head. A running chant of,"Brin got him! Brin got him!" trailing after the energetic children. The stag having been caught and nothing stands in their way, even when they almost bowl straight through the Red Knight, without so much of a how do you do, or sorry. Ok, on bounces off the Knight before daziedly straggling after the group.

"Frightful? Perhaps. I was going to suggest dangerous when riled, deadly when not fed properly," Katarina suggests with a grin that is shared with Niniane before she settles a look of amusement upon the young lady standing with her foster daughter before she hands her plate as well over to her cousin and gives her son a quick hug. That's right, hug, in public, where other people might actually SEE her son being hugged by his mother. "You're looking well," she agrees in return before going from one hug to the other, this time hugging Niniane. "It's lovely to meet you," she says with a smile to Prada then adds, "and Castor, you remember Niniane?" she wonders, "And have you met the Lady Prada?" she wonders, conducting a terribly informal round robin style introduction, "and my cousin of course, Sir Duncan," she waves to the gentleman standing at her side (with the food and the wine) who looks both mildly amused and incredibly patient.

Kameron makes his way into the festivities, walking with a confidence that announces he is a Hallstrom and that all parties belong to them. He's dressed in find clothing, slacks with a burgundy long sleeved shirt covered by a beige, sleeveless doublet. Clasped around his neck with the lion broach of a Royal Guard is a burgundy cape. He smiles, and makes little time heading to get a glass of wine.

Roltoff blinks as it looks like the distraction of others have currently saved roltoff from the dreaded pink and blue .. sparkily face painting so he carefully back tracks to get himself a mug of rum while he's still able.

As Thomas hears who the lady is, he nods "Well that explains much then." Maybe to him but his words leave some doubt to those that are not privy to his mind. he smiles as he looks Tylon over "And you look stunning, Mother Superior." As her hand is withdrawn there the trinket lays and he looks at it. For a time it doesn't seem to register then he smiles again as it is clutched tightly. "I'm not really hungry, is all," he explains "just tea is fine." As Castor approaches he turns and looks the man over "Lord Castor, you are looking more fit. How are you feeling?" Then as the voices of the children raise he squints to see past the fires "From the sounds of it I would guess they caught the beast or what ever it was they were chasing?"

As the kids run past the knight, the red knight catches the child that smacks into him, and he steadies him. "Careful there, fellow." he offers as he moves towards the trio of ladies finally. "Lady Katarina, for you." he heard the name as he walks over and offers the necklace to Katarina to accept to give to her chosen later as the Knight's helm takes in Prada for just a moment and then he turns and walks smartly. And then he picks it up to a run and then leaps over one of the burning bonfires, landing with a clatter on the other side as he slips into the darkness beyond.

Quietly, one of the southerners enters, though there is no mistaking a very slender waist should any be looking with wagging tongues. Carisse has a neutral expression on her face, along with several guards and a maid. She simply drifts quietly in, taking a look around, but not making any attempt to speak to anyone.

Castor glances at each of the party guests as they are introduced. "Sir Knight — Lady — Niniane!" he says with a rueful half-smirk, brightening even more on the last greeting. "You'll have to forgive me if I don't bow. I'm certain the apothecary slipped something into my drink for the pain… I can't guarantee I will get up again."

He turns to Niniane and grins — except that is when he hears Thomas' welcome. "I am fine, Thomas," he says with a bright-eyed nod. "A slight dizziness, and of course the rest is… as you'd expect. I'd also like to apologise — belatedly — for anything I may have said or confessed to while I was… semi-conscious. The delirium, you see."

He chuckles — and instantly regrets it.

"I see you Roltoff. Have you forgotten I have long been accused of having eyes in the back of my head." Prada calls over shoulder to retreating sellsword. The tosses back her head and laughs in earnest at Katarina's words, "Sire Duncan. Castor Westmark. It appears you ran into more trouble than the sharpness of my tongue." she comments while looking over his arm, "Tell true, was it true battle or go around with a lady?" chuckling at this, the lady turns to watch the Red Knight disappear and sighs with an added shrug, "At least the children have found their mark this night."

Castor's arrival also receives a bright smile from the northern Princess, "Oh Castor, it as well has been far to long." She takes the silver necklace she is still holding in her hand and holds it out to Castor, "Ah least I have found a male worthy of this token at least." The green eyed woman's lips stay in a perpetual smile as she sips at her wine and then looks to the face painting again, "Oh I still want to."

Is that a blush actually threatening to rise in the Temple Priestess checks? Hard to tell as she faintly ducks her head as the compliment is accepted by Tylon,"Thank you, Brother, you are to kind." Her eyes drifting over the food that is laid out, it is quite the spread. "If you are certain, they did do a fine job with everything. " A cup or two of tea are selected, on being offered to Thomas,"Ah, the stag…It is custom, a chase that occurs as part of the festival. Something the children can enjoy in it all." Turning a bit as Thomas gives greeting to the Westmakrs, eyes flitting over Castor a moment even as her head bows a touch,"Another who should be resting, but preffers to be stubborn." Lightly teasing the lad. A bow of her head also offered to Katarina,"Baroness." Though with the others not far upon the other side, the Temple Priestess does offer a general bow of her head to them in respectful fashion.

Katarina turns slightly, spotting Tylon and - since her hands are free at the moment, thanks to Duncan - she moves forward to offer a hug to the Mother Superior. "it's good to see you, when no one is currently shooting at us," she says with a glimpse of a grin before aiming a measured nod at Thomas. "Negotiator," she greets him by his last known activity, "I had not thought that negotiating with bandit sum was a course taught by the Temple but I see it has some merit," she offers by way of cordial greeting. This greeting offered she THEN spots Kameron, waves a greeting, accepts the offered necklace and coils it around her wrist to give to Paule later. Back to Castor, "are you sure you're quite well?" she asks in a lower voice, fixing a quiet look upon her son, allowing him to decide on a measure of truth in his own reply.

Castor looks toward Prada and a wolfish smirk spreads across his boyish features. "Aye, My Lady! These… other sharp objects actually touched me." He grins — then blinks — blushes a little and goes wide-eyed at Niniane.

"I — thank you, Niniane!" He holds out his hand to take the necklace, still blushing somewhat. "I'm honoured, Nin — iane…" Grateful for the chance to recover what little remains of his pride, Castor glances down at his mother, and his lips tighten. His fingers flicker — force of habit — and then flex tightly… for his mother's eyes only, the lad reveals he is in pain.

Standing by the kegs roltoff is in mid swig of his rum when he hears Prada and begins to cough as he's caught and does his best to down as many cups before he has to return and figgures if he's to get painted odd colors best to be more than slightly intoxicated. The only problem is two cups of rum isn't getting him there as he returns. "No lady prada I've not heard that, but I sure believe it. " he sighs as he spots The Baroness and gives her a bow.

Carisse catches sight of her sister way over with a crowd, and she waves briefly, but does not interrupt. She instead pauses to watch the children as they play, a slight smile crossing her face. And then she heads over towards the bar area, which brings her nearby to a familiar face. "Master Sellsword," she greets with a courteous smile. "How are you doing today? Enjoying the festivities?" Polite to a t, though there is no real emotion to be seen in the woman at the moment.

Roltoff whispers to Carisse.

Kameron secures himself a large glass of wine, sniffing it, agitating it a bit in the glass to watch it, and then taking a sip. He makes a rather disdainful face, not really approving of it, and then drinks some more anyway. Noticing Katarina's wave, he makes his way over towards her. "It's good to see you up and about, Sir," he greets Katarina, giving her a bow, before taking another drink. His eyes move to Castor, and he tilts his head a bit, taking in the other young man. Slowly, he smiles, and he offers, "I'm Kameron. Kameron Hallstrom." He gives a little bow, "It was an honor to fight beside you."

"Yes, the stag chase. Out in the hamlets they do this in daylight. There are things in the night that they protect their children from. But the fires will be burning all across Eikeren I am sure." Thomas looks back to the food and actually appears a bit green "No, tea will be fine." Taking the cup he sips from it just as Katarina approaches "Lady Katarina Westmark, fire starter." As the Lady turns to her kin he slips just ever so slightly to the side and behind Tylon. Once there he leans his head to her ear and says softly "Perhaps I have over done it some. It may be best for me to return to the Temple." Looking over to two other Chosen he nods and they move nearer to be the protectors of the Mother Superior. "But stay, enjoy your self." He holds up the necklace "You still will owe me that dance. Just a bit later."

The northern princess wink to Castor as he accepts the silver babble, "No I thank you for accepting it Castor." She smiles to him then before looking over the crowd again, the lady going rather quiet as she does. A moment later though she sips her wine and then places it on the face painters table, "Match my dress." She says before sitting down and the poor man looks to the princess confused one moment before starting to paint her face, using shades to reflect flames.

"I have heard so, it seems a thing that occurs at different times depending on what work best. And yes, I am certain the fires shall burn and the celebrating shall go on long through the night." A light smile going to Katarina, "Yes, it is always better when we are not being shot at, it happens more often than I like to think about." The hug being accepted from Katarina easily by Tylon. Green eyes flickering to Thomas and back to Katarina,"I am not sure there was chance for a proper introduction, this is Chosen Thomas, Baroness. "

Tylon turns her head to catch the soft words, a slight nod, though concerned eyes do look to Thomas,"Rest, Brother and I will check upon you when I return. I shall not be long myself." A soft smile is offered,"You will have your dance, do not worry."
Long distance to Thomas: Tylon nods. Tylon will be slipping along soon as well. And certainly! I shall be about tomorrow, I have half day, so should be about earlier as well as able to stay later with Thursday off.

Prada says, "Good to see you again Castor. Roltoff stay with her." from her place in the group the Lady Prada dips a graceful curtsey and moves toward her sister. "My Dove." she whispers softly with a light touch to her sisters cheeks before her steps carry off in the direction of the now missing Red Knight."

The field is full of merriment, music, dance, food, drink, and lively conversation. Amid the controlled chose, and after collecting only a few cookies, Cristof shakes his head and slips away from the field into the darkness. Life is full of mysteries, and one is how this festive mood failed to infect the young healer. Perhaps "Fire and water don't mix" is more than a pithy saying. Perhaps he is simply a fish out of water.

When Tylon begins to speak with Katarina Thomas makes his departure, slipping past the food and the others, he takes one last glance, a hand going to his chest as a bit of pain in the ribs occurs again. Then he makes his way from the festival, back to the temple.
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Thomas leaves, heading towards the Laketown [East].
Thomas has left.

Castor looks from his mother to Niniane and raises an eyebrow. "Have you only arrived today in Laketown? How was the journey?" He nods toward Prada, and then Tylon, and stops his right hand from going to his left side. The lad's eyes cloud over for a moment, and he glances down at his hand to put the necklace in a pouch at his belt.

Hard to do, one-handed.

"Bornas' Black Balls…" he mutters under his breath.

Katarina rests one hand lightly upon Castor's arm, simply acknowledging the discomfort that he is in without speaking on it. She turns to Tylon and confesses, "I believe that I should have some of the food that we've gathered and take a seat," she says in a quiet voice, "would you care to sit with us?" she wonders.

Castor gives up on trying to put anything into a closed pouch with one hand, and looks over at Kameron. He grins lopsidedly and nods in reply. "The feeling is mutual, Kameron! I missed the last part of the battle… I think. I opened my eyes, and counted six healers who all looked the same…"

He attempts to chuckle — only to wince before he can hide it. "'Tis good to see you still standing — we must do this again. Well… most of it."

Roltoff looks to Prada, and having not been acklowledged by the baroness he shrugs and moves to stand beside the Princess Niniane, to await further instructions. Though he does clance back to the rum barrels and licks his lips. Then spots Carisse and grins. "Im doing well lady carisse, tis good to see you. " his smile warm and his tone light.

A few sips of tea are draw form the cup Tylon had taken for herself, even if a concern glance goes the way Thomas has gone. Katarina gets a nod of her head,"They really have outdone themselves with the food this time, please do enjoy it." With another glance after Thomas before Tylon declines,"I believe I must pass, I think he has more than pushed himself, and should check upon him. Do enjoy the festivities though, though perhaps ensure he," Tylon's drift to rest upon Castor before looking back to Katarina, a knowing look perhaps exchanged,"doesn't press himself to much and rests soon as well. They are simply a stubborn lot at times." Bowing out before soon slipping her way back to the temple, leaving the very capable Ravas Priests and Priestess to ensure that the festivities continue well on into the night. And the Chosen to do as they do best, keep order.

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