Father Ravos Althearin
Aneurin Barnard
Aneurin Barnard as Ravos Althearin
Full Name: Ravos Althearin
Byname: Father Ravos
Age: 20
Kingdom: Temple of The Four
House: Brivey Temple
Title/Profession: Father
Position: Priest
Place of Birth: Unknown / Temple
Father: Bornas
Mother: Stilltha
Siblings: Ravas, Altheara
Spouse: The Covenant
Children: Mankind


Ravos is a member of the Covenant and a servant of Lord Bornas - a rare thing for a priest. He is far from Chosen material, but chooses to serve despite his physical limitations. Though a commoner of unknown origins, he possesses the Northron's emerald eyes paired with a Southron's dark hair. And from his last name alone, Althearin, one can tell that he has no proper parentage and is but a ward of the Covenant. Many will often find him in Brivey Temple, helping to healing the injured, tend the gardens, counting the stores and assisting in the daily operations of the temple.

Physical Features

Beneath the emerald hood of his Covenant robes, black wisps frame a soft face still flush with youth. Yet there is a darkness, bound in the heavy circles masking his green, stern eyes. Perhaps those eyes are the only remarkable thing about Ravos. For he is otherwise perfectly average in size and build. No taller than tall. No shorter than short. If not for the hint of arrogance in his priestly posture, there would be nothing of note in his slight frame.


  • Devout: Ravos places nothing higher than the True Faith of The Four. He would never compromise his religious principles and despises those who would.
  • One Faith Or None: The Priest cannot live side-by-side with those who worship the Faith of The One. It is a crime against the natural world.
  • True Tongue: This Priest will not lie. Although that does not mean a clever word cannot be twisted to favor the cause of the just.
  • Ambitious: Ravos wants to help his brothers and sisters in the temples. But to do so he has to help himself by climbing the ranks.
  • Art Lover: Although talentless in most arts, Ravos appreciates the aesthetics of beauty and believes The Guardians are present in great works.

Known Associates

Amira Amira Anya Rhaedan : Sought my counsel. A good child with a kind heart.
Johan Johan Grimson : One of the company defending Laketown during the Festival raid.
Breanna Breanna Andrea Widdicoe : An woman archer from the battle at the Festival of Altheara.
Bryony Bryony Fearn : The Laketown healer present at the Festival of Altheara.
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