Summary: Macsen sticks his head in to greet Roltoff and a group of guildsmen talking about rebuilding the Bad Clam Tavern, and he seems a bit taken aback by what he hears.
Date: 05/11/2013
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Road to the Docks - Laketown
The road to the docks was once the heart of Laketown, now moved inland some away from the industry of the docks. While the bustling port town seems to shimmer from the polished stone and intricate wood and fancy metalworks, here by the docks, things are still rough, evoking a time when Laketown was a sleepy backwater port. Craftsmen from the Guilds, the sailors of the Docks, and the laborers of both convene for some lodging or a hot meal or whatever money can buy away from the gaze of the city guards. One should keep an eye on one's purse, or fall prey to those that seem to live out of the shadows. Here, it is the well-to-do that scurry away as quickly as they can.
Yet, to the south lies the venerable paved road to the Craftsman's Quarter and the Guild headquarters and to the north the well-to-do Merchant's Quarter. The broad cobblestone road leads west back to Laketown proper and east to the busy and expansive docks. The Bad Clam Tavern is a place to get a cheap mug of ale, a hot meal, and then some, at cheap rates. An apothecary serves as a clinic and makeshift emergency care in this part of town.

The Bad Clam Tavern - where it once stood at least - has seen better days. The smoking heap of charred timbers and rubble smolder still, despite the efforts - heroic - of the water bucket brigade that tried to safe the building it burned down to a heap. The buildings nearest it are scorched somewhat and soot stained.

Sat May 11, 1329

Though the setting sun throws long shadows down the road toward the docks, dusk has not lessened the traffic at this crossroads. If anything, the press is heavier as the last of the day's cargo is carried and driven toward the Quarters and westward toward the town itself. Macsen has just let the Merchants' Quarter gate and stands mostly out of the mud at the roadside, shifting foot-to-foot impatiently as a roundly cursing driver whips a reluctant ox-team around the bend to the south in a maneuver that effectively blocks the road in both directions.

In the ruins of the old tavern resides a large table, many chairs and a group of men all gathered around a large parpus sheet with marking on it. They are all from the various guilds as they seem to be discussing the deminsion of the Tavern and how its to be laid out. The only man who really doesn't fit stands at one end of the table and stabs his finger onto the parpus and then points to a corner of the room. Small arguements insue before things get settled and the one in combat leathers steps over the Chalked line of the soon to be rebult wall. " Good I hope things get started soon Master Penderghast." Roltoff says. "This tavern's been down for quite a while and Im sure the duck would like to get us … rif-raff out of their fine establishment. " this causes those inside to laugh and nod before they once more look at the drawing and squabble some more.

"Bornas' balls… Get a move on, there!" The first part's muttered and last shouted as Macsen, shaking his head, steps off into the muddy street and strides up to wagon. "Toss me the lead!" he barks at the driver, who gives him a look, then dips his head and complies. Macsen wraps the lead a turn around his hand and, tugging, yells "Haw!" The driver adds reign (though he has put his goad aside) as together they move the team across the one road and down the second by the ruins of the tavern where the men can be seen arguing.

Roltoff takes a step back as he see's the wagon and this gets a chuckle from those inside. "watch yourself Roltoff, yer likely to get run over. " Roltoff turns his head and snort, "yeah wouldn't that just be my luck." as he waits for the waggon to pass and then looks at Macsen as he's a new face for the Sellsword. He then nods at seeing it cleared, before asking those inside, "so how long until my supplies get here. ?" The Guilders just shrugs all depends on when The tanifords and the rest allows us to move our stuff. What with the troubles going on ….. " they cut off and go back to working on the tavern's plans.

Macsen does not appear to be immediately concerned with the activity in the tavern as he has tossed the lead back to the driver and is now stomping mud and muck off of his boots onto the roadside. Only then does he turn his attention to Roltoff and the guildsmen inside, taking a few steps in to stand in one ruined doorway as he calls out to them, "A good evening to you."

Roltoff turns to face Macsen and nods. "Evening, sir.. how might we be of assistance to you this eve?" as roltoff ignores some jibes sent his way. He then looks back out onto the street, "seems your quite busy out there." he adds with a ease of a smile.

Macsen acknowledges greetings from around the table, and he gives Roltoff nod and part of a smile in greeting as well. "Aye, it's a right mess," he replies. His accent is definitely northern, and his voice sounds he spends too much time raising it. "I had just heard talk of rebuilding this place and thought I would take a look as I was passing."

Now this gets Roltoff's attention and you a genuine smile. "Aye, I am.. with in time some funds won and some donated. It seems a sect that doesn't like the temple went to burn down many of the nobles, some from your land and some from the south. They blockaded the doors and slew a few of the nobles guards before I and a knight from the south a Sir Rae, came in thru the kitchen, killed the two guarding it and managed to get all those trapped out. Due to the smoke some were unconcious and were first to be taken out, others managed to get out on their own , or with some minor aid. Sadly to prevent the tavern fire from spreading too fast we had to collaps the main supporst so smoother the fire, Again the knight and one from the temple aided in that endevor. Now weeks of nothing I not being able to acquire work in my profession have sought aid to rebuild and take over the ownership of the tavern and if Im able I'll get help running it. "

Macsen's eyes widen as the tale extends, and finally he lifts his right hand to show the palm. "Whoa whoa whoa, that is *far* more than I had heard before now." He looks Roltoff full in the face. "Some sect that does not like the temple? Burning out nobles?" His frown deepens. "How did you come to be part of this?"

Roltoff chuckles some. "Im a sellsword, I had just arrived in town when this all started. mostly doing odd jobs here and there even acting as muscle for a night in this very tavern two days before it was torched. I was on my way back when I smelled smoke and eventualy one of the windows burst out and we saw the smoke and flames, I and another a young woman who's disappeared helped me get the dock workers and otehrs to form a water line to try and put out the fires. After a while one of them I guess managed to slip out the back and I and the knight went in to save the rest."

Macsen's eyes stay on Roltoff's face as the other man explains, though he himself shifts to lean back against the still-standing doorframe. "Well, that is good, then," he says a little flatly. "I am still interested to hear that there was some trouble related to the temple, though. Mind you, we do not interfere out here"he tilts his head in a gesture that seems to take in not just the tavern but also the road beyond"unless the master's council see fit to call us in, but any Temple trouble could be our trouble too, if you catch my meaning."

Roltoff nods hise had. "Oh I do and I've been working with the priestess Tylon, shes a good woman and a caring one. No direct attacks have been made on the temple here, At least none that im aware of."

Macsen's nod and grunt are non-committal. He looks over at the table where the others are gathered. "Looks like you got their backing. Giving up on selling your sword to be a publican, then, are you?" The grin he gives Roltoff doesn't quite reach his eyes.

Roltoff says, "Ahh…no…" he says. "I plan on owning the building and hiring the people I need to run it, those I can trust while still being able to hire myself out, but shoudl that fail at least with an operational tavern I'll still be making an income." he looks at the guilders and then adds, "Its not like silver and gold fall from the skies just waiting to be picked up."

"No," Macsen says, "it does not. Most coin is not given up without a good shaking." Then he give his head a shake and barks a few rough notes of a laugh. "Though what do I know of coin. Most of what I see of it these days is marks on a ledger, and those ledgers I see far too much for my liking. Best you find a man to handle it for you without you having the fuss." He straightens up from the door and moves as if to step outside. "I'll leave you to your planning, then—here. Ask for me at the Watch if you need. 'Tis Sir Macsen." He extends his hand to Roltoff.

Roltoff smiles as he shakes your hand. "Im Roltoff Delmort, I can be found mostly here unless for some strange reason Im summoned away. Also if you run into the priestess tylon tell her I sent ya. She a most endearing lady."

Macsen's grip is firm. "I will, then." He drops his hand, steps part of the way out the door, then looks back. "You know, Roltoff, I cannot remember who it was who owned this place. Who was it you said you bought it from?" The sun is setting at his back, leaving his face almost wholly in shadow.

Roltoff nods his head, "Never said as it was never asked, and from all accountes the building was abandoned. as I said I waited many weeks, "

Macsen gives a nod. "Ah. Lucky break for you, then. A good evening to you." He turns and steps back out into the road, heading across and in the direction of the town's gate.

Roltoff nods his head as you depart "A good evening indeed. " he grins and looks at the Guilder and steps out to head to the Duck for some rum.

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