Recovery and Friendships?

Recovery and Friendships?
Summary: Cassia goes to visit Collette to thank her with interceding with the queen, but old habits and feelings are hard to put away.
Date: 30/09/1329
Collette Cassia 

RBrivey Keep - Falcon Room
In this room, the most eye-catching decoration appears to be the large rug centered upon the floor. Handwoven, the cream colored article has been marked with the symbol of a falcon head in red to stand in relief against the light background. Molted feathers of various birds of prey have been carefully mounted against a wooden backing and framed, and are arranged neatly against the far wall. To the left, a feather bed is made up with a red coverlet and draperies, and a chest for storage sits at its foot. A plain wooden screen in the corner of the room allows for a private washing and dressing area. A fireplace is present to keep the room heated, and two chairs and a table are set about the hearth.
Returning through the door takes one back into the hallway.
Mon Sep 30, 1329

It's an early morning, but two guards in front of the door can easily hear noise in the falcon room. A noise of many irritated, disappointed and worried voices.
"I can't! I just can't! I am tired of this. I need air. I can do that!" young girl explains, trying to slip out of her bed.
"No, you can't you need to rest, my lady. It's just…" tries to explain healer, but young lady already tosses her healthy foot on the ground, trying to carry the bandaged one too. Her right hand is bandaged as well, so she waves with the left hand for handmaiden: "Please, come here, help me stand up," whispers the girl with these wild serpentine curls, whirling all around.
At first handmaiden is ready to move closer, but healer stops her and leans near lady Collette, putting his hands on her shoulders and trying to force her lie down again. "I understand… It is hard for you. You are used to run a lot, but you just make things worse.."
Collette sighs and gets back to her bed, frowning a bit, when her wounded hand is touched.

It was a slow road home from down south once Cassia was released from the dungeons there. More time passing as she deals with family things and quelling rumours of her time there. This morning she finally makes her way to visit the fiance of her eldest brother. She is dressed for riding, in pants, doublet and long sleeve shirt with leather vambraces on each arm showing she plans for some archery as well. She nods to the guards as she enters, ensuring she has no weapons on her presently and that is but a friendly visit. She is entering as the commotion flairs in the room and Cassia takes note of the patient and her healer with a thin lipped observance. Finally the Lady strides forward toward the healer. "Is the problem the air or the walking there healer?" She says with hands braced on her hips, "If the latter surely that is easily remidied."

The healer bows for the lady deeply. "Oh, she just speaks and speak a lot,how she must go. Walk herself and ride.She wants to ride and find some kind of arrow…"
Collette pouts, not giving too much attention for the visitor. "Not some kind of arrow. Arrow is my stud, who is missing right now and scared without me. I-need-to-find-him…" girl frowns.
"My lady… You have just one arm and one leg…" healer sighs and shakes his head,bowing for the visitor again "Maybe, my lady, could convince her…" and he leaves for now, but handmaiden remains sitting in the corner of the room.
Then Collette glances at the visitor and lowers her head, blushing a bit and chewing on her lip. "Good morning, my lady Cassia…" Collette inhales deeply as she would be preparing herself for a trouble or these horrible lectures to which she was used to, at least while she was a commoner.
"Could you bring us some refreshments?" Coll asks for handmaiden, who quickly leaves to bring some wine.

Cassia listens to the healer, "I will attend her concerns, please leave us be unless you have more business here." The Lady moves towards the side of the bed and takes the seat vacated by the handmaiden. "How far were you planning to get injured as you are?" She says to the young woman before her. She crosses her legs and leans back in her seat looking over the woman. "From what I have heard, you were a long time asleep and even now still very injured. Leave those that can to look for your horse." She then grows quiet for a moment as she looks the woman over, "How did this happen?"

Collette's left hand fingers are nervously running through the bed sheets. Her healthy leg is almost dancing and the girl weaves in a bed a bit nervously. "I can't leave my Arrow for anyone. He is mine. He is used to me. He can't be…like a normalstud with others. He might be killed as unuseful, when they just don't know how to speak with him. My poor Arrow…"
Girl's eyebrows frowns in the way,when person frowns before starting to cry, but she manages toswallow allthe sorrow and straightens in the bed. "It just happened…"drawls the answer young girl and hides some wild curls behing her ear "May I ask you…What brought you here? I mean in this room?"

At Collette's concerns about Arrow, Cassia sighs softly. "I will see that someone looks for him and ensures he is not killed. You will not be bedbound forever and when you are healthy you will ride him once more. You try to hurry things along and you will end up in bed longer. Well that is what the healer's say anyway." No doubt Cassia would make as bad or worse patient. She has never been a sitting idle type. As that question is asked, she first glances down to her boots. "My feet." There is a touch of a smile on her lips. "My brother loves you and from what I hear tell you did me a favour down south so I figured I owed you a visit."

Quite haughty grin flashes in girl's amber eyes. Haughty or proud. But she is quick to hide it. "You are a sister of my betrothed. I did, what each future sister-in-law would do, even if…"
Handmaiden comes back with two goblets of wine. One is given for Collette and another is offered for Cassia. Coll just starts sipping the winein silence.

Cassia arches a brow slightly at the look but remains silent as the handmaiden returns. She takes the drink and nods to the maid, "Thank you, you can leave us now." She directs the servent even if not her own. There is another sip of the wine before she rests the glass on her knee. "Even if?" She probes the woman to continue her sentence.

Colletet whirls agoblet in her hand and watches how the wine is weaving. "Even if…" she repeats, but still keeps that mysterious ending for herself. "You know, I am Lohstren, even if my family disowned me," bitterness glints in the corners of the girl eyes. "And I will be Lohstren until the last dropof my blood. Because of that… If something will happen for my Arrow… I will never forgive myself. I grew up with him. I found him little, when I was just a few feet troublemaker. His manes… His speed… His cool,but solovely nose. He is funny and playful," she chuckles, remembering all the adventures with her stud. "If something will happen to him, I will not be able live without him…" girl takes another sip of wine "Your brother doesn't knowhow to ride.How to ride good. When he brought me knowledge, that my father gave him permission to court me, I went with him on a riding. I hadto teach him, and he fall from his mare," chuckles the girl "Good that we had Emrys besides… But… Where is your brother now? How he is doing?"

Cassia listens quietly to the woman speak of her horse, sipping on the wine. "If he lives then I will see that he is found. Many a horse is known to find its way back to their stables when lost from their rider. I suppose it will come down to where his loyalties lie just now Collette." She may not have completely warmed up to the young woman, but at least she is here talking to her. There is a touch of smile on her lips, "Yes passable in the saddle, but not much more. He is a fair hand with a blade though, so he is not completely without merit." At the last words, she arches her brow again, "I am not my brother's keepers, surely you would have more knowledge of that. Rumours were that he hardly left your bedside."

Collette raises a brow and tosses a quick glance at Cassia. "He did what?I didn't see him more than… weeks… After I was shot, I woke up a few times…In the Laketown and I sawjust priests andpriestess and…" girl stops for a moment totake a gulp of wine. She lowers her gaze and sighs "A friend from the south. He was there, but… I don't know anything about your brother… My betrothed…" a bit unsecurely whispers Collette.

Cassia sets down her glass on the bedside table. "I have had my own things to deal with. We do not often cross paths and well…he is hardly favoured at the moment thanks to this relationship." She responds to the woman. That the woman admits to another person at her bedside, Cassia uncrosses her legs and leans forward. "So, it was another man the rumours were about? Another man that seemed overly familiar with you and you with him?" Cassia does not seem very happy.

"What do you mean by "this relationship"?" pouts Collette,maybe understanding things not right, but when a sudden question about another man comes. Coll drowns to her goblet for a few moments and even slips a bit farther from the woman. "I was… unconciousness. I couldn't choose my visitors. But… He is my friend. My friend from the south. He remind me home. My family. He told meabout their stance and how brothers, sisters are living. He told me about the woods, you know,where I used to spend my hunting adventures…."

Cassia motions to Collette , "Between you and my brother. Collette, this is hardly new news to you. He is a Northern Lord and heir to his lands. It may still come down to him giving up his lands to be with you. There are many choices to be made." Cassie says as she rises to her feet. "Well I am glad that you have someone here that reminds you of home, but beware the rumours his visit does cause. They reflect upon you and Augustus and in turn my family."

Collette frowns "I will be the wife of your brother…" she pronounces each word clearly and very slowly "I am the ward of the Rhadean now. He won't lose his lands and titles. You will be my sister-in-law,you like it or not.Betrothal already happened," girl sighs and casts quite angry glance at Cassia "I lost my family. I will not lose my friends. Even if they are from the South. They are my friends and I see that I won't have friends in the North and I know you and your sister doesn't want to see me in your family. But you should face that fact,you know. Rumors are rumors. There always will be rumors, but that doesn't mean you should come here, each time you hear a commoner whisper my name… I didn't care about what you done or said for the Queen. I didn't cared about rumors. I walked to her and begged her to let you go. I gave her my word,that you will not cause problems. A southerner,who gives a word for northerner. Can you imagine how my family feels? Can you imagine how I feel here,rounded by people who hates me and my betrothed is missing from my sight? I just want to have friends. Everybody needs friends…" and goblet in the girls hands starts shaking, while a tear ripples through the cheek,but Coll tries to clean it quickly.

"I do not take threats well my dear, but as far as you and my brother are concerned, his choice to make. I came here to thank you, thinking on you as a devoted sister and by your own words you have had a gentlemen at your side other than my brother. I am not one to take stock in rumours myself but as you say, you are on precarious ground here and you take more care with how you present yourself. Only see this friend of yours Chaperoned if his friendship means so much to you. Do not those who would see you fail have ammunition against you." She cants her head to the woman, "I could be your friend or your enemy. You have done me a kindness for that I owe you and may well build toward a friendship. You do ill to my brother, my family or my realm then things will go in quite another direction. Betrothals can be undone." She inclines her head, "Till the morrow. I will seek your Arrow and put him back in the quiver. That at least I owe you."

"I did what my heart told me to do. I just care about people and usually I do not see enemies. I never was supporter of the war and divide between North and the South. I did /that/ (helping you) willingly, not beause I had to do it. I don't want you to owe me, if there is hatred inside that "owe"… I will find my Arrow myself. I am stronger than people think. And I don't make threats. I just offer my friendship, but how you read it…It's your choice. Actually, I am tired of people, who tries to do everything the harder way. Thinking that they look more clever this way. I was a commoner for awhile. People are free there, you know. And more honest. More simple. No silly intrigues. They just say, what they think,w hat they feel. And I feel threats from you and your sister, that's not a very nice welcome… So, you shouldn't expect for obeying guest."

"There is no hatred in that oweing Collette." Cassia responds before growing quiet to hear the woman out. "I am afraid such naivite may suit a commoner, it is not the way of court circles. If this is the path you choose with my brother then for your own good you should learn this now. Do not worry, I will be truthful with you. You may not like those truths, but I will not hide false words under flattery. We protect our family, when you are one of us you will be glad of it." Then with a nod of her head, "Rest thee well milady and think no more upon Arrow. Whatever transpires between us, I would not take out on your horse." With those words Cassia strides out the door once more.


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