Red Hand Company


The Red Hand Company is a mercenary troupe that is currently working out of Laketown.

They have three rules.

Rule One: Survive.

Rule Two: Get Paid.

Rule Three: Enjoy yourself with the proceeds of Rules One and Two.


Not everyone joined the forces of the great houses when the Corsairs invaded what was once Eikeren. Some people decided to make a few (dozen) Silver Eagles. Mercenaries have been a part of Eikeren for as long as there has been an Eikeren, since long before it split into Rhaedan and Taniford. They may not be celebrated, and they may be only grudgingly accepted, but they are still a valuable tool in the wars that have split the land.

Sometimes a man-at-arms or a forester will decide that there is more money to be made outside of a Lord's immediate service, and takes up the mercenary life. Sometimes, even a knight will forsake his oaths and become a mercenary. This was how the Red Hand Company came to be. Sir Eikos Erham, a common knight sworn to House Varghem, left their service as soon as the Corsairs attacked, gathered a dozen more former soldiers, and hired them out to House Sollinger.

The Red Hand Company started the war with the Corsairs with 13 mercenaries, and it ended the war with 25. They lost 67 during the war. By the end, Sir Eikos Erham was the only original survivor, and he was nearly sixty. Sir Eikos' second-in-command had been born the same year the war started, and was now a man of 30. With the Corsairs driven off, and Sir Eikos' purse and hair heavy with silver, the knight decided to retire as a rich man.

In the two years since the end of the Corsair threat, the new commander of the Red Hand Company, one Termiane Koronel, has reinvented the Company as a protection and action group. Their big racket is having the female members of the Company supplement the guards of noble ladies in particular times when male guards may not be prudent. They also protect rich merchants, and are suspected of taking on more… direct… jobs.


The Red Hand Company is made up of five squads of five fighters, each led by their serjeant, with the whole group commanded by Captain Termiane Koronel. Two of the five squads are formed solely of women, and often serve as bodyguards for noblewomen or female merchants. The other three squads are formed entirely of men. This segregation is in duties only, as the men and women of the Company mix and mingle at will when not on a specific job.

Current Members

Termiane Koronel - Captain
Maeve Terannor - Serjeant

Other members of the Red Hand.

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