Summary: Deidra and Brennart finally catch up to Savaric and Ashlan, leading to a tense stand-off.
Date: 1 June 2013
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Wilds near Haven
The woods near Haven. Trees with branches to jump up on, brushes to hide behind, etc.
1 June 1329

On the northern shores of Lake Haven, Savaric, Talia, and a young girl have made an encampment in the woods, temporary at best, but well watched. Right now, the girl is leading the way towards her raft so that they can set sail back on the trail of the Prince and Princess and their companions. The terrain is forested and thick to the north once outside of town with the ranger and healer on foot in order to cross the area quickly, especially since boats are involved.

Somewhere close by a woman stretches carefully her limbs, trying to avoid making any sound that might startle the small group. Steely green eyes glance about the area and come to linger on the small encampment for a moment before she gives her sleeping companion a swift but harmless kick into his ribs. Her index finger moves upwards, signalling him to stay silent while her eyes lock on his, alas, too late. The sleepy fellow can't help but groan as he rises rubbing his still sleepy eyes. "Quiet now." Deidra hisses, her voice almost inaudible as she lets her eyes do most of the talking with a slightly irritated glare.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Savaric=perception Vs Deidra=stealth
< Savaric: Great Success Deidra: Good Success
< Net Result: Savaric wins - Solid Victory

Shouldering the pack that carries her half of the gear that they have been porting for the last several months at this point, Talia is a few steps behind the girl that is leading the way toward that raft - her position between the child and Savaric. Her steps are careful, light, following closely in the child's footsteps while trying to make as little noise as possible and still make good time.

While moving to his feet, something doesn't feel right, as Savaric pauses, lifting his head up and looks around. The forest has gone silent, and the northern ranger senses the change immediately. He gives a slight warning whistling bird call towards Talia before he steps off of the path, drawing his bow and preparing to notch an arrow. He waits for Talia to get to cover before he brings up his arrow, aimed in the direction of Deidra and her companion, and there's a slight growl in his breath, his eyes locked towards the encampment. "Who goes?" he says simply, and prepares to fire in case they even twitch oddly.

The young child immediately takes to the trees, leaping high as she disappears from view.

Deidra turns her head and motions her companion to follow her less obtrusively, as the group they are following is about to move on. Doing her best to avoid making more noise than necessary is not easy when one wears an armor of plate and chain. At least the cloak of greyish brown offers a little protection from fleeting gazes. And so they move onward. The female knight's eyes widen a touch as she catches a glimpse of Talia's red hair through the trees. But then she hears the whistle, followed by the ranger's question. And relaxing slightly her tense posture Deidra lets out a frustrated sigh. "No enemies." she calls back, casting her companion a glance. At least not yet. "We do not wish to do you any harm, ranger. Nor your wife and that child." And after a short moment of hesitation she shrugs and steps out of the shelter of trees and undergrowth. Alone, for now.

The whistling bird call that Savaric uses to signal to her makes Talia ease off of the path as well, drawing her bow and keeping one arrow ready - not drawn but ready - as she scans the trees ops and the surrounding brush. Her eyes trace the path of the child that leaps high into the trees, eyes narrowed as she tracks the child until she's safely high enough on limbs that no adult could use, before turning back and taking to one knee, crouching in the brush now. Even the called words do not bring her rising out of the brush, not at first, waiting for Savaric's signal before she does more, keeping the arrow notched, but still not drawn.

"Not know who you are. Leave weapons. Step into clearing. Snoring companion as well." Well, now Deidra knows what gave them away. Glancing towards Talia, he gestures with two fingers, for her to take further cover, in case this goes south. His eyes remain locked towards where Deidra and Brennart are, eyes tracking them both.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Talia=stealth Vs Deidra=perception
< Talia: Failure Deidra: Good Success
< Net Result: Deidra wins - Solid Victory

Talia doesn't need to signal her receipt/compliance with Savaric's signal, they've been married long enough - been together long enough - that he knows she'll heed the signal without needing her to say something/anything back to make it clear that she is doing so. She moves quietly, but not quietly enough, both the gleam of sunlight striking her russet colored hair and the rustle of dry leaves under foot betray her location, but she doesn't rise to her feet or bolt through the brush like some addled hare (stupid rabbit, that is, which she isn't).

At least Deidra's view is not barred anymore by any leaves and branches. Her gaze flits over to the brush were the red haired healer has disappeared, then upwards to the still swinging branch where the child is hiding. Then she lowers her gaze until it comes to rest upon Savaric, her frown deepening as she hears his words. Her hands start to fidget reluctantly at her sword belt, from which an unsually slender weapon hangs down by her side. "We mean no harm, master ranger. Come out of the cover, Bren." she then calls, turning her head to the brushes behind her. "He knows you're there."

Deidra turns her head to the side as she notices suspicious sounds coming from another brush. "Maybe you should show yourselves, too. Not much better at sneaking than us, apparently. Your wife." And with that said, the belt and her sword slide downwards, landing on the ground with a thump.

"Accent. Southern." Savaric says, the ranger becoming visible for a moment. "Your Prince. Murdered sister. Sleeping with Kerilyn. In league to unite lands under them." No wonder the man isn't trusting Deidra or her companion at the moment. His arrow remains notched, the bow bending as he holds his aim, and calls out to Talia. "Talia. Come out. Locate guide. Make sure she's safe." he offers, even if the child is nearby. "And if I wanted, would be at your neck already." he says, and once Deidra comes out fully, a hint of surprise comes to his features. "You. You are Blue Guard." he says, and that arrow is pulled back further. Protectors of the Tanifords. A Taniford threatening his land. This could get.. sticky.

Talia rises to her feet, the bow ready - visibly ready - at her side as she glances upward again, seeing the child high in the trees - though NOT the one she'd started in - and feels a twinge of envy at that kind of tree climbing skill. Or maybe just at the utter lack of fear at being so high off the ground.

"Southern, aye." Deidra replies with a smirk. "So you're good at recognizing accents too?" The fact that he sees through her disguise this swiftly makes that smirk fade away as swiftly as it came. "A Blue Guard, aye. And even more than-" she breaks off, her eyes widening a touch. "Nevermind. I have seen you once, at Wolveshire. I should have expected you would recognize me, even without my usual attire. Sir Deidra the Swift." She inclines her head as she introduces herself properly. No need to keep up this game of hide and seek anymore. "I… have heard rumors, yet I do not trust them. I can't believe Prince Darrin… would have commited such an atrocity." Leaving it open whether she references the murder of Princess Aylanora or the alleged affair with the Rhaedan Princess. Noticing Savaric's fierce glare she chuckles dryly. "I am here on the order of Prince Samwell Taniford, to find out about the ongoing investigation."

"Ah, there you are.", Deidra offers in a mock greeting to Talia as she rises to her feet, while behind her the other Blue Guard emerges from the brushes and trees finally.

"You believe what you want. Did not want to believe that Kerilyn involved. But is." Savaric responds, a frown on his features. "And this is Rhaedan. Not Taniford. Prince Samwell has no authority here." the ranger points out as he looks towards Deidra and her comapnion again. "Sent information to Mother Superior. She should have delivered it to person to deliver to you." he points out calmly. "You. Only slow down investigation. Truth. They're three hours ahead. Headed south. Heading that way."

"Your companion snores like a dog," is the only remark that Talia makes, brushing leaves and other detrius off of her trousers while listening to the exchange between her husband and this Blue Guard.

"I know this is not Taniford territory." Deidra retorts with a frown. "What other reason could bring me and Sir Brennart here to discard our steel armor and Blue Cloaks. No… The information you sent… some of it has come to my attention, although accidentally. The flow of information has not been as it should have been. Too many different autorities are reported to, and when those authorities fail to exchange the news… well." She gives a light shrug. "Prince Samwell needs first hand information, and so he sent us. And as I wasn't sure about you two I chose to observe you for a while before I decide whether you two can be trusted." The Blue Guard pauses, as a faint smile crosses her face. "Now I can only hope this is the case."

"Three days, you say? Then we better get moving," Deidra continues, her gaze flitting downward towards her sword at her feet. Talia's remark causes her to chuckle, however. "He does, occasionally. But apart from that, Ser Brennart is a capable fighter. In case we should get into trouble."

"Hours." Savaric corrects, annoyed just a little at the Guard not really listening to him, as he looks towards Talia, trusting her to make the call on this one, his own weapon kept held up and trained on Deidra for the moment as the ranger considers.

"I know that you're a Southern knight, but even Southerners know the difference between days and hours, I trust?" comes Talia's words from where she stands, studying the blue guard and her companion with wary eyes, her tone not quite mocking but certainly sharp and rather edgy-pointed. "Our guide has precious little reason to trust anyone, least of all the likes of you and your companion. What do you think you bring to the party, so to speak, that would make it worth taking you along with? Further, what makes you think we trust you as far as my huband can throw you? We've done all the leg work all the hunting and searching thus far, and now that we're closing in.. what makes you think that WE think that you aren't in league with those who are responsible for this in the first place?"

"Right." the Blue Guard concedes, biting her lip. That arrow pointed at her while she stands there unarmed must have hampered her attention. "Three hours then." The expression on her face turns a little sour as Talia also chooses to mock her because a single missplaced word. "Your guide? That girl who has vanished into the branches? She has little to fear from us, as we, as I already said, are only here to find out about the truth. Master Healer. And if I understand correctly,… the current theory is that your Princess Kerilyn and our Prince Darrin have turned against their families. That would make us allies, wouldn't it?" Deidra's gaze wanders from Talia to Savaric, as she raises a brow. "As for the trust… I know it is hard. I would lie if I said I trusted you two already. But, for the sake of peace between Rhaedan and Taniford, wouldn't it be a wise move to have this crucial part of the investigation have carried out by people of both Rhaedan and Taniford allegiance? I would not dare to diminish or even claim what you have achieved so far as my own merit. You recognized me as one of the Blue Guards, ranger. You must be aware that we have our principles and hold onto them strictly."

Savaric does not lower that arrow. Talia is the negotiator of the two of them when it comes down to it. "Blue Guard. This is not Blue Guard land. Have orders. Travel papers. Show." he says as he watches the knight warily. The ranger looks like he's had several long days in the field, but is still sharp as ever as he considers the Guard's words and finally, his fingers start to relax slightly from his bow.

"Your words have merit, Blue Guard," Talia says after Savaric speaks, "but if you have papers or orders we can verify, I'll want to take a look at them," she states quietly, moving a single step forward. "Unless you're abiding by some 'word of mouth' thing or 'initiative'," she suggests, as wary of the offered help as Savaric is. "And my husband is a ranger, you ought to know equally well what that means, just as he knows well what a Blue Guard is supposed to stand for. I.. well, I'm a healer, the fancy prancy notions of honor aren't something I really worry about."

"I do not have them, nor do I need them." Deidra admits with a light shrug. "Any order or 'travel paper' as you call it won't help me in these lands, especially since any paper signed by a Taniford do indeed mean nothing here. I am a Blue Guard, and although I don't have my armor nor my Blue Cloak with me to prove it, I have yet another token that will show you the truth of my words." And with a glance over to her companion she removes one of her gauntlets to present the ring she carries on one of her fingers - made of steel with a blue stone which has the royal seal of House Taniford carved upon it. "The Band of Taniford." she announces flatly, for those who do not already know what it is.

"Prince Samwell has granted me a free hand in this, as I hold the second highest postion within the Blue Guards, that of the Deputy Commander." Deidra continues, now offering that piece of information as well. Her eyes are on Talia now, as she obviously does the talking. "If we were your enemies, we wouldn't have bothered to sneak about between brushes and trees. We would have attacked, swiftly and… probably deadly."

All the riches of Taniford doesn't really hold sway on the Rhadean ranger at the moment, as he shakes his head and Savaric glances towards Talia again. "It is your decision. If they attacked, they or us would be dead by now." he says, looking to Deidra. "Just because you are knight does not mean that you are better than us. Just trained formally. I was trained in other ways. But this is not about longest penis. This is about Prince and Princess. End of the Kingdom. And you arguing with us at the moment is holding us from tracking, causing trail to grow cold."

"Enough," Talia finally says, shaking her head. "You think you could've killed us, we could've killed you, and no one would be getting a single step closer. If you want to help, then follow along and don't slow us down. You slow us down so much as a single second, my husband and I will shake you off like water and you'll never catch up again." She tilts her head back, eyes the tree tops, gives a single - clear - whistle to get the attention of their guide, signaling that they're ready to move again.

"I did not say I was better. Just tried to explain…" Deidra starts a reply, her brows furrowing in light irritation while she slips her hand into her gauntlet. "However, I agree with you. Time is running out, and instead of arguing we should follow that trail. Together. Or if you won't have that, we would continue as before, with us following you. Third alternative: You'd have to kill us." she shoots Savaric a challenging look. "So… what will you do?" Her gaze flits once again to the sword before her feet on the ground, but only for a short moment, before it comes to linger on Talia next.

The Healer's reply seems to be more to the Deputy's liking. "Fine. Sounds like a sensible plan." She bends forward and reaches for her sword belt, in a controlled and not too swift manner, and will continue to don it should she hear no objection. A nod to the side to her companion and her green eyes start searching the tree tops for that mysterious girl.

The child appears again near the side of Savaric, and tugs on his coat to get him moving again. The ranger considers. "If not for wife, would take third option." he says in simple honesty as he moves to follow after the child, his arrow sheathed as he settles the bow back around his body and lets the girl lead the way.

Talia makes a small sound that is almost.. almost amusement. But not quite. "We don't just 'try', Blue Guard,' and that's all she has to say on THIS topic.

Savaric does not seem to be a man of many words, but in this case his short reply has a strange effect on the Deputy Commander. A grin appears on her features as she inclines her head to his words. "It would have been the wisest decision probably - if it indeed were possible." Deidra eyes the girl curiously, even offering the hint of an assuring smile, but nothing more. A brow twitches upward as she hears Talia's remark, only commenting on it with a faint and slightly irritated grunt. Falling in behind Savaric and the Healer, the Deputy and the other Blue Guard exchange another glance. "Strange. I would have thought success would feel different…" Deidra muses before she falls silent, concentrating on following the pair and keeping up with them.

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