Request Declined

Request Declined
Summary: Paule is summoned to Prince Tomas' office to discuss the Baron's daughter.
Date: 18 June 2013
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Tomas Paule 

Stewards Office — Brivey Keep
A single arrow-slit window is most often hidden behind a faded tapestry, thus requiring the presence of several sconces fit with candles to provide the necessary light. The room consists of a single desk and a handful of faded chairs, and a separate table in the far right corner for the taking of meals. A fireplace against the left wall ensures that the room is always warmed.

The door leads out into the hallway.

18 June 1329

The desk has been cleared, and a map of the region is spread on the surface. Small figurines are setup on the face of the map to represent troop movements. Tomas is standing near the desk with his arms crossed behind his back, studying the positioning of the figurines. Beside him is Sir Elron the Great of Rhaedan. Sir Eldron is also studying the map. "I believe Brivey has enough Westmark soldiers to defend, if it comes to that." The Knight says to the Prince. "Yes, I believe you are correct." The Prince moves to pour himself some wine as a guard enters, informing Tomas that the Baron has arrived. "Send him in."

Paule is dressed in his travelling clothed. Having heard of the battle for the night before. "Your Highness." A bow is offered by the Baron as he makes his way in fully. "Katarina and I were getting ready to return to Westmark with Coriaria. I will send Castor to handle the garrison we are leaving behind." he offers. "With Princess Fayre's words, I believe she has set up things for a war footing."

Tomas nods once, "Yes, I believe you are correct." The Prince finishes pouring his wine, a brand other than Westmark on the barrel. A glance is given toward the Knight, and the Prince sends him away, "You are dismissed, Sir Elron." The Knight nods once, offering a bow, then another to Paule before heading out the door. Once he is gone, Tomas smiles across to Paule, "Come in, come in." He motions, "Care for some wine? It isn't as good as Westmark wine, but it shall do in a pinch." He releases a laugh, seemingly at ease, much different than their first meeting. He also has clear eyes, having just started drinking.

"Ah, no thank you." Paule says with a shake of his head. "I perfer a clear head when I travel." he says as he remains standing for the moment and folds his arms behind his back. "How may I help you, Your Highness?"

Tomas nods once, "Straight to the point. I like that, but it makes it hard for me to woo you, Baron Westmark." He laughs once more, and perhaps the Baron may notice then nervous tone in his voice. He moves around the desk, slipping into the seat, "Please, have a seat, your grace." He motions with his hand toward one of the stuffed chairs on the other side of the desk.

"I am a man that believes far more in getting to the point than wooing. After all, action prevails where words fail." Paule says as he frowns towards the chairs, but moves to take a seat finally, his cloak and armor settling as he settles in. One leg folds over the other, and the Baron pulls back his hood. "Now. As you were saying?"

Tomas grins at the man nervously, as he leans back in his chair, looking across the desk to size the man up. He takes a slow drink of his wine, before setting it on the desk in front of him. He shifts his weight uncomfortably as he clears his throat. He looks down a moment, then back to the man, "I suppose I should get to the point." His nervous grin remains as he stands now, pacing to the window slit as he looks out, his arms crossed behind his back. After a short moment, he looks back to the Baron, "I have brought you here to talk to you about Coriaria." There. Its out. He said it. Now he appraises the man for a reaction.

Paule reaches up and rubs his fingers against his nose. "What has she done this time? Is there a bill for the damages?" he asks, glancing towards the Prince. "She gets.. rambunctious at times, so if there are things that Katarina and I need to recompensate for, just present a bill."

Tomas raises both brows, his mouth opening as he begins to speak, then closing. After a moment, he shakes his head, "I have already taken care of that myself, your grace." Another hesitation is given before he moves to sit back in his chair, leaning slightly toward the front and Paule, "Your daughter is… very interesting. Her ability to comprehend natural laws is absolutely amazing." He brags on the Lady for a moment, "She knows more about mechanics…" His voice trails off, "She is very intelligent. I assume she inherited that trait from you, Baron?" He tries flattery now, shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

"Actually, she got most of that from her mother. Her killer instinct and need to act rather.. un-ladylike is her traits from me. That and her hair and eyes, of course." Paule says with a glance and a raise of his brow. "If I am hearing you correctly, are you asking me for permission to pursue Coriaria's hand?"

Tomas clears his throat once more, his hand moving to his mouth in surprise as his eyebrows raise toward the cieling. He leans back, shifting his weight yet again as he crosses one leg over the other as men do. Finally, he manages a nod, "Yes." He says rather plainly. "I had hoped you would consider allowing me to pursue her in courtship. I had struggled since yesterday as to how I should approach you, but alas, as you were about to depart for your own lands… I knew the time must be now."

Paule blows out a slow breath. He considers the Prince for a moment and then folds his hands in his lap and looks towards Tomas. "I do not think this is the best time for such pursuits, Your Highness." the Baron finally offers calmly. "With Princess Fayre speaking for Taniford and her thinly vieled threats to Rhaedan, the inability of the joint force to capture the traitor Prince and Princess, the release of creatures from Ellowe into our lands - as we are the closest to Ellowe. I think we should be more concerned with a war on two fronts." he offers plainly.

"I do not mind you sending correspondence to Coriaria. She could use a friendly face as she starts to step out on her own as the future Baroness of Westmark. But her place at this moment is with her people - not courtship." he says with a small shake of his head. "I just feel that such a scenario is not best for Rhaedan or Westmark at this time."

Tomas purses his lips, disappointment taking over his face, visibly. He offers a fake smile. He looks toward the window slit, then back to the Baron, "Would you agree to an extended courtship, Baron Westmark? I believe we both would be willing to take our time. We need not be married next month. This will give you time to find if I am right for your daughter and lineage." He raises a brow in question, hoping to strike a middle ground, "I assure you, I will not allow this to hinder my responsibilities or hers."

Paule again, gives a shake of his head. "You have only known Coriaria for less than a week. And I am aware that she reminds you of someone. And it may be because of this that you may be blinded to your own thoughts." the Baron says firmly. His voice is not angry, or raised, he keeps calm as he speaks. "It is not about your lineage - I am married to your cousin, after all. But I think that at this time that courtship is not the best use of time for her pursuits. Not when she has to concentrate on the defense of her lands, of which she has actively asked to be a part of. And you have your duties as Steward, as well." the Baron considers Tomas again and his reaction, and his hands remain folded. "She is still young, barely into her adult years, and there is no rush to press a match to her. So again, I ask of you - be her friend for now. Do not search for further."

Tomas gives another smile, bowing his head graciously, "Yes, my lord." He stands once more, moving toward the window yet again. His arms cross behind his back as his mind races. He tried twice. Some say the third time is the charm. He looks back to the Baron, opening his mouth, then closing it. He decides better of taking another shot at the request. "I am sure that you will find the perfect match for Lady Westmark." He then lifts his goblet, taking a long drink of his wine before wiping at his mouth with the back of his sleeve. Setting the goblet gently on the desk, he raises a brow, deciding to change the subject, "Are there any matters you need to discuss with the Kings Steward?"

"I'm sure we will when the time is right, and it will be the match we both agree to and she may at least consider as well." Paule says as he rises to his feet. "I have already received a request from the King for Katarina and I to speak with him in a couple of days, but other than that, we will be continuing to prepare for our defenses. Thank you for your time, Your Highness." he offers. "You have been a most gracious host and we have enjoyed our time here."

Tomas inclines his heads at the Baron's words. "And we have enjoyed having you. I will pass word to the Riedels of your gratitude." He moves around the desk, moving to open the door for the Baron. As he approaches, the Prince offers a bow from the waist, his eyes averting toward the ground, "Thank you for your time, Baron Westmark." He says in a quiet tone.

Returning the bow, Paule turns and makes his way out, his expression calm as he steps out, pulling his hood back into place as the shadow baron goes about with his preparations.

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