Reunion in the Rain

Reunion in the Rain
Summary: Princess Amira and Lady Rakel bump into each other in Brivey Keep and catch up despite the poor weather.
Date: 28/August/2013
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Brivey Keep - Upper Bailey
Were it not for the walls and the towering keep one would think they have stepped into a garden. Here paths of cut stone wind their way through well-tended flower plots and trimmed topiaries. Short hedges line the walkways leading up to the keep's entrance, and lanterns hang from posts set at even intervals to light the way.

The main, wide path leads from the lower bailey to the keep's entrance hall, while two other smaller paths split off in opposite directions to head to the guest wing and the temple.

Wed Aug 28, 1329

Rakel, a first cousin to the princes and princesses of Rhaedan, has been out and about in Brivey today. Without her lady in waiting it would seem, or any other manner of guard or escort that might have followed her this far into keep. She shuffles along quickly, making for the guest wing, but doesn't quite make it through the bailey before she has to drop herself on a bench, breathing a bit more heavily than her gait had warranted. She is distracted enough with the hands digging through one of the small purses on her belt to not notice who is about her for once, unusual as it is for her.

Guards, escorts, handmaidens - lavish trumpets to announce the presence of someone important, simply dangerous in the times as they are when the Fifth's name is taken as a battle cry. A simple cloak drawn over her shoulders, lacking colors but that of the Temple, white with weaves of thread to honor the Four, is what hides the noble from her trouble. For the moment. No doubt there is some guard or two that is sneaky enough not to be seen by her, or to keep his distance great, so not to intrude on her request for them to stand aside and leave her be. The Chosen are respectable enough for now, standing at their posts in front of the Brivey Temple. She has … faith in them? Truly, the Princess to have taken up the faith so closely now, could it be something to do with her sister? Understandable perhaps, as she glides along, a pensive look across her face, arms folded together underneath her cloak, hood draw up so those who first look may think her a temple faithful, if not a priestess. It would be the sudden rush of air and heavy breathing that has her eyes turn from the manner of flowers and hedges that would make some confuse this place for a garden, turning her blue eyes upon a familiar form. Or was she? Is this a proper time for a Princess to break cover? For a moment, Amira just watches, continuing her quiet steps forward.

Familiar, in that distant sort of way. Her relation was close, but on the orders of the healers, she had spent much of her youth in the southern regions of Rheadan, not far from Brivey as it would happen. Rakel fumbles a little in her hurry, with a quiet squeak of a wheeze from her throat. When she coughs after, it leaves her frowning into her palm. Soon enough though, she has a small handkerchief to wipe her hand in, and a small box no wider than a coin. The box she pops open and holds it near her nose, to breathe in the vapors off of the goopy smelly stuff inside. It is all distraction enough that it is several moments before she does notice Amira, or rather, she notices Amira's cloak. She is still too distracted to make a guess at who is in the cloak. Instead, it is thin greeting of, "Forgive me, Mother, I did not see you there."

Mother. Now that's… not right. Amira couldn't go through with the deceit. "Sorry, you mistake me," Amira's voice is soft and confident as well, poised with the air of being well trained to speak diplomatically, "I took refuge here in Brivey not long ago, perhaps a week now. In my hurry to find solace, I packed lightly. I seem to be borrowing on the good faith of the Temple for now." She approaches, hands going up toward the draw of her hood, setting it back along her shoulders. Distant familiar was at least, familiar enough to risk shattering her peace and serenity for now. She tilts her head though, upon her approach, "You're ill. Have you been to see the healers?"

Mistaken. That is what draws Rakel's attention more fully up. Her breathing is still strained, enough to make her eyes glossy and her mouth open to pull at the breath between words. "Oh.. Oh! Princess," she realizes, her words broken around breaths. She does dip her head, but it doesn't stay low long. She closes the box quickly, and clutches the cloth into her hand. "I have. It is the weather. The damp." She finds a tense smile when she looks back up again. "I never know which cousin I will stumble on…when I pass through here." She tries to clear her throat once before adding, "They are pleasant surprises."

"What's in that box?" even though the woman tries to conceal it in her hands, the question is raised, "Does it help at least or… does it only mask your symptoms?" The Princess is a known student of the healing arts, or at least she always seems to be there in situations that call for it. She approaches now, tipping her head politely, "It's a strange world we live in Lady Rakel," the Princess responds, wandering closer to the point of gesturing out with a hand toward the bench, "May I sit with you cousin? It has been some time." She shifts the cloak ever so slightly, so that she doesn't stretch it as she sits, assuming that Rakel has granted that request.

"It's ah - " She looks to the box and flushes a little in her cheeks. "I do not know really, everything that goes in it. It smells awful and stings a little." She holds the box out, if the Princess wished to take it from her palm. "But it does help cut through a little." The question about joining her is met with a quick, "Of course. Please." She scootches a little, and pulls her gown in closer to leave plenty of room. The box, if it were taken or opened, has a concoction of a sort of grease and jelly with a very potent menthol mixed with sharp pungent herbs that all amount to the cumulative effect of making the nostrils and airways try to flare open, even if the smell that comes with it is regrettable.

"If you don't mind," Amira does add in before she does with some curiosity take the box, sizing it up with her eyes before she opens the lid, briefly wafting her hand over the box to draw up the smells to her nose, rather than inhaling it directly. There is an immediate squelch of her features, which has her snapping the lid back closed and returning the offending smell to her cousin. "I do hope it works for you, otherwise that is rather … potent to be having to smell all the time." There's a soft smile worn briefly to reflect that she meant no harm by her gestures, "I'm still studying the healing arts myself, though I'd be curious to know what's in there as well." She plays with the folds of her cloak, the gown underneath plain, something an acolyte would be caught wearing, not a Princess. Yet, there she was. "Have you been here this whole time cousin?" She does change the subject, in case it was getting uncomfortable.

It is hard not to laugh, even if it is a weak hoarse hiccup of a laugh, at Amira's reaction to the medieval inhaler. Rakel takes the box back when it is held out to her. It isn't put away. It is held in her hand, tightly, like a life line. Her breathing is not completely seized up, she can hold the conversation, but it is still a hair strained. "The healers at the Guild put it together for me. I am certain that they would be willing to share their secrets." The shift of conversation is kept up with easily enough, the later question met with a thoughtful look up to the gray sky and drizzle of rain. "Not all this time, no. I travel more than I did as a child. Often, really. But I always find myself back in Brivey. Home is a half day's ride outside of town, but there is no one there to have a conversation with." Looking back to Amira, she asks, "Are you taking up the Faith more seriously, Princess?"

"If I had a lifetime to spare, it would be spent at the Guild and to the ways of the healing arts," she has a certain amount of praise in her voice for the Guild's ability to heal those suffering, smiling politely at Rakel for her efforts, "Were it that easy to convince their secrets out." The time it takes to learn simple healing after all, had been all consuming. "I'm glad for that, that you are able to see more of the world now than you could. I do hope you can come to the next family affair, which I'm sure will be the Prince's marriage." Fingers fan through the tips of her hair absently, nodding, "I sometimes find myself saying that within my own Home, despite how many doors there are and how many people are actually present." Such are the plights of young noble women. She does look up though at the last, mmming softly, before her eyes glitter toward Rakel, "It has been a comfort when many things haven't been. I don't think I'll ever be a Mother," here she gives a soft laugh, for Rakel's earlier mistake, playful as it is, "Though I truly hope to find some inner strength being here before returning home."

Rakel nods slowly, agreeable enough on the vice grip the Guild as a whole keeps on their secrets and skills, not that the lady had tried to crack too many of them for herself. "I do mean to intend," she adds, regarding Prince's wedding. "I came for the celebrations for Lady Victrica and Lord Sammel. It would be a slight to attend theirs and not my own cousin's. The Prince's at that." She clears her throat into the handkerchief and wipes at her lips after. "When do you mean to return home?"

Amira smiles, "I'm glad." Although she makes no posturing or comment about Lady Victrica's celebrations, instead, she seems to fixate on the topic of her brother's wedding, "I am hoping for a grand wedding, on a scale of happiness that we all need." She doesn't want to give away any details, whether she knows them or not. As for the mention of home, she lowers her head, fingers entwining together, "Once I find and speak to a dear friend of mine. I must know if she is alright. I had heard she was here last, and the more that I look for where she is now, the further I seem to get from actually locating her." She looks over at Rakel, "I won't miss anything of important and it is almost safer for me here… with the armies in the South."

"Something everyone will attend," Rakel muses with a small nod, when the discussion is of the wedding. Lots of people to people watch, to observe, to glean the unspoken state of affairs from. Yes, a large affair would be nice. "Who is your missing friend? If it is not out of place to ask. I might know eyes enough here in Brivey to have seen where your friend went." The armies in the South, those just dig a small furrow in her brow that give away her years over the Princess, even draws out the small wrinkles at the corners of her eyes. "They are worrying," she murmurs.

There's only a nod of confirmation given to the sentiment that everyone will attend. It will be a big day after all. To her friend though, she gravitates, turning ever so slightly in her seat, to position herself with a hint of urgency, "The Lady Lohstren, Collette Lohstren." She clarifies so that there is no mistaking whom she is worried over and wishes to see. "We lost contact a short while ago and I hasten to see her again. Have you heard if she is here? I was told to seek her out here." Although that in itself could be a ruse! There's no telling whose playing the game of houses and when. The last startles Amira a little, tilting her head, eyes wide and wondering, "Who’s worrying? About me or about the armies?"

Rakel remains just where she is, but there is something in the steadiness like an older sister or a nanny. The small box is left on her lap, leaving her hand epty to reach over and rest it gently on Amira's knee. "I have not heard of her here, but I might ask around. That is a name that would stand out here, in Brivey." She draws her hand back, and retrieves her back again, clearing her throat once more. "I should go bid my lady in waiting to help me steady my breathing," sighs, more than a little annoyed with the fact. She stands from the bench and turns an apologetic smile to Amira. "The armies are worrying. The amassing of them. The trouble in Laketown….It was very good to see you again, Princess. If I find you friend, I will send word where you might find her, if I do not see you first. "

The comfort of the touch is most welcomed and returned, her hand gently resting on top of Rakel's in a genuine response, "I will keep my hopes high, though if you have not heard of her, it is likely she has moved on from here long before I arrived. I was given an old lead to follow, the more I think upon it." She gives a slight squeeze before she allows the other woman to retrieve her hand, rising too with the other woman, "Yes, I should not keep you from that. It was a pleasant surprise to catch word with you again, Lady Rakel," she tips her chin in a polite and respectful way upon the other's departure, "That would be most appreciated and kind of you. I hope to see you again cousin. Farewell."

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