Reunion in Wolveshire

Reunion in Wolveshire
Summary: Master Gabriel Thorn, tutor for the children of the Lohstrens, is returning now from a visit to his relatives. He stops in Wolveshire on the way, and meets his favourite student in the Golden Crown Inn…
Date: 08/06/2013
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Gabriel Collette 

Golden Crown Inn
The Common Room of the Golden Crown Inn
8th June, 1329

Master Gabriel Thorn is tired.

Sitting as he is at a table by himself in the Golden Crown Inn - mid-afternoon - his feet hurt. He has his boots off and is massaging one foot at this moment. A mug of ale rests on the table before him, and he grunts and groans with the trials of old age and long journeys…

…whilst casting a keen eye around the room. Of most interest to him is the game of cards three tables away. The older man - a tutor by trade - snorts to himself and reaches for his mug. He is garbed in a tunic of modest quality, bearing the colours of House Lohstren - since he represents them in his profession.

"'Tis times like these," he mutters to himself. "That I profoundly regret giving up riding… By the old gods, my feet hurt!"

Young lady descends from upstairs. She yawns and looks quite tired. Moreover, her curls sticks crazily in all directions and she is dressed in a simple linen burgundy gown. Theough, there is a pendant on her neck, very very expensive with Auldhole on one side and Lohstren sign on another. Still at first glance you could think, that she is just a commoner. Though, everybody knows who she really is. Collette Lohstren spends all her days in the Inn. For this reason, when she reaches first floor Innkeeper offers her a friendly smile and asks "As always?" young lady just nods and lets her amber look slip through the room.

This is the moment, when shadows fade and her gaze sparkles again. Rosebud lips form surprised, but very warm smile. Collette just runs through the room and unexpectedly hugs old man from his back shouting "What are you doing here???! My brother send you here to take me away with you??? I miss you so much!!!"

<FS3> Gabriel rolls Perception: Good Success.

"I — ooff!" the old man exclaims in surprise. He only just caught sight of the girl approaching, but for the fun of it pretends to be surprised. "Coll — Collette! Child, please! I cannot breathe — !" he hugs her back just as fiercely and then motions to the spare chair at the table. "Please, My Lady — sit! Talk! Take an old man's mind off his protesting feet!" He frowns, looking curious. "I haven't laid eyes on any of your family — the Old Ones bless them — I merely thought I should return via Wolveshire. I am thrilled you are here! Now… sit, child, sit! Tell me all! What have I missed?"

Collette frowns and suspicion flashes in her eyes, though there is that warm wide smile in her pale face, framed by dark curls. She slowly utters "If you are here not to free me… Where have you been?" Girl glances at Master's foot and shakes her head "You definetly need to get back on a horse…"

Sever brings a cup of watered wine and grapes. Collette takes a sip before offering "Grapes?" and she grabs the pendant on her neck waving with it for the tutor "See??!!!" she shouts so loudly, that half of people in the Inn flinch. Seeing that young girl blushes and chuckles "He is so awesome! How long will you be here? Maybe you will meet him, when he gets back from the battle, where all the people left? I am waiting him here… Well, brotehrs too. They are in the battle too…" smile slowly fades.

The old man beams at the praise his favourite student gives him. "My Lord, the Count, was gracious enough to allow me some time to visit family - distant relatives, aye, but still family. I am on my journey hom — " he pauses and smiles at the mention of horse-riding. "Someday, my dear young lady, someday. I have heard of this war - even the smaller villages across the March have heard of it. What, pray tell, is so grave a cause that good folk should have to take up arms?"

He smiles, his eyes studying the girl's features as one committing them to memory. "And… you're being held here, am I supposed to believe? Against your will? What is going on?"

Collette takes another isp of wine and shakes her head "Not someday. Not someday, Master Gabriel. You need to get back home saftly. I would go with you and we both would be on horses, though…" now she crosses her hands on abdomen, leans back and pouts "Yes, I can't leave…" but suddenly she starts laughing "I am not held here aginst my will. I must admit, I had to go to the battle too. I wanted to be close to my brotehrs and my light in darkness, you know… But he… He said it's too dangerous and he doesn't want to loose his future wife. So, my love asked me to stay here, while he gets back…" young lady sighs and starts whirling her curla round fingers "I hated that he had to leave, you know…" drawls she and ore lively adds, leaning closer to her tutor "Will you stay here for a longer time? You will rest and I show you around. Please! Stay here!"

The kindly-faced old man blinks at the girl. "You? You would wish to take up arms as well? Dear Collette - have I taught you no better than that? — Aye, aye! Of course I will stay! You have only to ask once, child. I would not dream of leaving soon, if it meant leaving you behind." He winks at her whilst reaching for his drink. "Someone has to look after you — it might as well be me!" He laughs.

Then his countenance grows more sombre. "We will pray for them, My Lady. You and I, both. The Old Gods will see them safely home, I know it." Gabriel had always been a strong advocate for the near-dead religion of the Marches.

Youngest daughter of the Horse Lord claps "Finally! I won't be bored anymore!" another sip is taken "You have to see gardens. They are just perfect in here. And roof!.. Oh, when you will see Wolveshire from the roof… It's so beautiful!" just for a few seconds Collette drowns in her minds, but quite quickly turns all her attention back to the tutor nodding "And we will visit Temple. I was afraid of going ther alone… I am starting to cry, usually, when I think, that my love may not come back or that this battle will break relations between north and south again," sighs girl tossing grape to her mouth. "I had to be there. I am so good with a bow! I could help them. Save them all!" childishly states Collette before changing the subject "Though, better tell me how was your travel? Who you visited? For how long?"

With the patience worthy of song, Gabriel listens to this girl — his most beloved pupil — as she talks of rooftops, bows, and saving people. In truth, he is having the time of his life! Nothing could have made him happier, today — he even forgets about his sore feet.

"I went to see my cousins, child. It has been so long since I shared a meal with them. Their children have children of their own… my how time flies! Now. Where are you staying? Here at the Inn? I have a room here, myself." Slowly he rises to his feet.

"I would love to take a walk with you, though, before retiring. We walk. I listen. You talk. I want to hear it all. First things first — which are the best rooftops?" He winks at her and offers his hand to lead her out of the Inn.

"It is good to be back."

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