Character Roles

Here is an outline of possible character roles.


The noble Houses of Eikeren are the aristocracy of the land and the rulers who are charged with governing the people. Amongst each Kingdom, there is one royal House and a series of smaller vassal Houses to serve their chosen King/Queen. All Houses are responsible for the activities of their vassals, and consequences of a vassal's actions can reflect upon their ruling noble House. The rise and fall of the Houses is commonplace as each family vies for the favor of their monarch. Titles and positions of power within the court are administered at the pleasure of the Crown. Be cautious if you seek to favor your monarch, for the outcome of the venture can be uncertain.


Knights dwell at the top of the combat hierarchy, and they serve as the heavy cavalry of the period. They are also permitted to take part in tournament jousts.

In this game there are two types of knights: the noble knight and the common knight. Most knights of the nobility are trained in combat and squired at an early age; they are the privileged dedicated solely to the service of their House. Commoners, however, may earn their knighthood in a variety of ways: as a reward for heroic deeds; through displays of chivalry and prowess in tournaments; in acknowledgement of service to nobility; and through any other impressive works.

All Knights are addressed by the title of "Sir" (regardless of gender) whether they are common or noble, and they are required to furnish their own gear through whatever means they can manage. This may include the use of family money, personal funds, gifts, or a noble sponsor.


Tournaments will be held approximately once every 4 to six weeks. They will be held at the various Vassal Keeps. There will be two Specials that will be held at the seat of the two Kingdoms: one at the Rhaedan Castle and one at the Taniford Citadel.

When there are more than 6 entrants in an event that event shall be single elimination.

When there are 6 or less entrants that event shall be Double Elimination. Winners will advance to the Upper Bracket and losers shall go to the Lower Bracket after the first round. In the Second round those of the Upper Bracket shall compete with the losers dropping into the Lower Bracket. This shall continue till there is one Winner left. Next shall come the Lower brackets. Those that win shall continue, those that loose shall be out of the competition. This shall continue till there is but one left in the Lower Bracket. For the Final Event will be with the winner from the Upper and the winner of the Lower. The events that will be held will be:

  • Joust - The crown jewel of all the Tournaments. The contest will be held in the arena at the lists. Pairings will be selected at random. The winner of the Joust shall be declared the Champion of the Tournament. See +news Joust for the scoring of the Joust.
  • Archery - Archery shall be held with fixed targets. Each competitor shall have 6 arrows. See +news Archery for the rules and scoring.
  • Sword on Foot - The sword on foot competition shall be held in an arena. See +news SOF for the rules and scoring.
  • Miscellaneous on Foot - Shall be held in an Arena and shall be with two contestants at one time. Weapon shall be at the entrant's choice. See +news MOF for rules and scoring.

To enter an event just submit a +request once the announcement for an event goes up. As participants enter announcements will be posted as to who has entered and what events. No one character can enter in more than two events.

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