Jerome Flynn
Jerome Flynn as Roltoff Delmort
Full Name: Roltoff Delmort
Byname: none
Age: 19
Kingdom: none
House: none
Title/Profession: commoner
Position: Sellsword
Place of Birth: Unknown
Father: Falcor Delmort
Mother: Jeanne Delmort - Deceased
Siblings: none
Spouse: Sir Deidra Delmort, née Vangoriel
Children: none


A young man from a Unknown city, form a kingdom he doesn't know, or speak of. His mission to sell his blade and his skills to the highest bidder

Immediate Family

Falcor Delmort- father

Character Features

Physical Features

Roltoff is a Tall young man, strong built and quick on his feet, red/brown hair and hazel eyes best describe this young man. He is physically well built and intelligent as he tends to show it, he wears basic clothing save when he's donned his armor. A suit of boiled hard leather that covers him from head to his feet.


Loves to Drink
Loves to Gamble

On the Grid

Known Associates

Collette Lady Collette Lohstren : This young noble lady, has been a good friend, she is sweet and charming and loyal to a fault. The few times we've met I have seen her do wonderful things. I look forward to continued Adventures and rides with her.
Moirae Sir Moirae Lohstren : This knight is a steadfast lady and sister to Collette, currently she's aided me in the rescue of those trapped in the now destroyed Clam and is currently aiding me in hunting down bandits who are plaguing the area. She's a devoted warrior and fiercely loyal to her family and house. A woman who is highly respected and I look forward to additional adventures together.
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Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs


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