Roof Top Acquaintances

Roof Top Acquaintances
Summary: Princess Amira comes across Countess Katarina upon the Brivey roof top and have a quick but proper conversation.
Date: 21/Sept/2013
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Brivey Keep - Roof
Here is one of the treasured views of Brivey Keep, while there is always a guard posted to stand watch on hand, one may still partake of the view from beyond the slated ridges that in times of need, archers post at. While the wind whips and the scents are fresh, all of Brivey spreads out beyond, offering one not just a view of the upper and lower baileys, but the scattering of hamlets that line the horizon, while little trails of white smoke float like calculated strokes of an artisans brush. To stand here, is to feel as if one is standing on top of the world, in so far as Brivey goes and the view is as cherished as the township. On clear days, one can even hear the clang of steel that carries up from the training grounds beyond.
Sat Sep 21, 1329

The crisp evening air is rich with the scent of autumn mingled with the smoke from the many chimneys that surround the keep and the town itself. The evening breeze tugs at the smoke to cast it ever eastward, the moon steadily rising and, with it, the temperature dropping subtly as the evening wears on. Standing near the wall that surrounds the rooftop, Katarina has one hand resting lightly on the subtle curve of her abdomen and the other resting on the cool stone surface. The rustle of footsteps marks the departure of her youngest daughter, Laurel, carrying a sheaf of correspondence to be sealed and dispatched by courier.

Amira has quietly attended the ceremonies of late, not exactly a presence in them and some altogether whisper she wasn't even there. Either way, she is in presence now and she continues this new regime of silent grace, joining it now with the autumn eve. Her gown is simple for one of her status, likely a dress that is selected more for comfort and practicality of quick movement than for the flourish of status. Her hair is let down in loose wavy curls, some which pick up at the breeze with her gentle stride. Her attention is caught by the departure of Laurel, whom earns a quiet eye and perhaps a nod if the girl was paying close enough attention to whom is coming now that she was going. Amira searches for the direction the girl came from, spotting Katarina nearby. She approaches with good intentions at least, dropping in a few steps away from where the other woman perches, Amira's own gaze upon the landscape below before casually asserting her acknowledgement of the other, a timid smile uncommon on the girl presented to Katarina.

"Princess Amira, good evening," Katarina murmurs as she turns toward Amira and offers a bow to accompany her words, "I hope you do not mind company on a clear evening such as this?" is wondered, her tone of voice hopeful and cordial at the same time. She's straightened as she's voiced the question, moving with the wiry grace of one whose life has been spent in nearly constant action against enemies of the crown. Wiry, yet no longer as lean as she has been in these past many years. Rumors of her delicate condition, said somewhat tongue in cheek, appear to be accurate.

Amira respond only after Katarina has lifted herself from her bow, "I believe you had come prior to my arrival to the roof, so, I should be asking if you do not mind." Though with all things, it always the other way around. Being a royal does that to people. The ground moves for them and while she's used to it, she doesn't make a point of following traditional all the time. "It's a splendid evening," she remarks to carry on the conversation, to keep the other woman rooted to her spot, as those very same traditions almost demand. Her gaze does find the Countess in a delicate manner, "How have you been Countess?"

Katarina turns slightly, just enough to send a glance over the wall again toward the view of the world, the world that is as it surrounds the keep and land beyond. "It truly is, this is my favorite time of year," she confesses to the young princess. "The days are still warm enough to be a delight, the mornings are cool and crisp and the evenings are perfect. Every other season is nice, lovely in their own way," and her shoulders move in a subtle shrug to accompany a laugh. "Well enough, now that the morning sickness has passed. My children, the Guardians bless them, are still a bit mortified, but we are well," speaking in the plural only for herself and the youngest Westmark she is carrying.

Amira leans up against the wall in total disregard for her dress, pressed up against the rough stone like that, some may positively fret over the possibility of catching a stitch or ripping the fabric. She just leans there, so she can lean a little more out upon looking at the hamlets below and the world that is theirs. The remark from the countess on the season causes the girl to continue that soft smile, a pensive smile if anything, until she agrees with the other woman, "It is a beautiful time of year. The best for hunting as well," she says as the breeze teases her hair about enough that she has to reach a hand up to tame the wayward pieces, "I am surprised the Prince, my brother, has not yet called for a celebration hunt." She returns her gaze politely as the topic shifts back toward the Countess, "For that I am glad Countess," she averts her gaze back to the land, "It is such a blessing to bring a child into the world."

"If I were to wager on such a thing, I would wager that a hunt will soon be in the offing. After all, a gathering of nobles usually calls for all manner of games and casual contests. It's how we keep ourselves entertained when we aren't doing the real work, aye?" she suggests with a chuckle and a grin of amusement aimed at Amira. "It is a blessing, your highness, just a unexpected one. Most women my age are welcoming grand children into their homes, and - while my children are grown - this is not yet the case. however," a smile curves her lips, a gleam of fondness now in Katarina's eyes, "my husband and I do not find this unwelcome; merely unexpected."

"That is very true," she states with a bit of amusement coloring her tone, "What else would we ever do with out such entertainment?" She smooths her hand down her side idly, a thing to keep her hands busy, "I wouldn't mind seeing a tourney myself. It's been a… a while since I've been able to enjoy such festive occasions." An secretive smile wins over her lips as she turns to the Countess, "The pleasure of watching the knights have their competitions is often all a noblewoman needs to get her spirits up." A soft laugh, though short, follows the sentiment. "The Four are truly giving you a gift. I should be so lucky one day," she tells the countess, "May I ask how long we must wait to receive another Westmark?"

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