Rumor Board Posts - April 2013

Rumor Board Posts for April 2013

A Table?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 04/07/13

A rumor has been heard by one of the apprentices of the Stonecutters Guild. The Stonemasons, the WoodCarvers and the Metalsmiths have been commissioned by Rhaedan, specifically Prince Jerric, for all three guilds, working together, to create a table worthy of the richest Royalty. The strange thing is that it will only sit 8 and it is to be made round. Once completed it is to be shipped to Brivey. When pressed further the young apprentice shut up and said no more. Perhaps the arrival of the Stonecutter's Guildmaster silenced him, for the look from the Guildmaster was not one of pleasantness.

What would Prince Jerric want with such a table?

A Traitor In Our Midst
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 04/09/13

Did you hear how two members of the Blue Guard half-dragged Ruthers Taniford back to the Blue Duck Inn in Laketown? He met with his royal cousin, the Princess Aylanora in private. Since then, he's been confined to his rooms, watched over by one of the men in Blue Cloaks at all times. Word on the street is that he is being sent back to the Citadel to face judgment on rumors of being a traitor to the Crown.

OOC: Ruthers Taniford has been considered a loyal member of House Taniford for many years - a trusted friend to the Queen and her court. Those from the Kingdom of Taniford would be aware of just how shocking this news is and should consider it a warning that things may not be as peaceful in the South as they may seem.

Troubles on the road?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 04/14/13

Word comes from the Apothecary in Laketown that a single survivor from a well do do family, traveling from Tala to Laketown were accosted on the road. The lone survivor, the wife, badly injured was only able to give the sketchiest of details to those tending to her. Could it be that there were 2 or 3 bandits that waylaid the family, or as some suggest nearly 10? The Sheriff of Laketown dispatched a few men at arms to investigate but little was found. Nothing but a broken arrow, the signs of a scuffle, a few blood trails and little else. What has become of the woman's husband and the two men hired to protect them and the coins to bring goods back to Tala?

— Reply by Azrael at Sun Apr 14 14:09:42 2013 —
Roltoff has the lead on this. So if you are interested in joining in seek him out.

— Reply by Azrael at Sun Apr 14 14:19:56 2013 —
I will need three players that would like to temp-alt for this. The first three to apply gets the slots. If you main character is going to be involved with the hunt don't apply, this will allow those that are not or can not be a part of the hunt.

— Reply by Azrael at Mon Apr 15 13:10:31 2013 —
In need for one more "bandit" as two slots are filled up.

Burning Clams
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 04/16/13

Did you hear that The Bad Clam in Laketown burned to the ground? Whispers through the markets say that it was deliberate and a number of men, women and children were cut down while trapped inside by shadowy men of unknown origin. What does this mean? Who was behind the attack?

OOC: If you have any questions or want to do some investigating, page or +mail Nantucket.

Missing Princess?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 04/1/13

In the wake of the disaster at the Bad Clam Tavern, it is being rumored that the Princess Aylanora Taniford, Royal Heir of Taniford has not been seen or heard from since before the fire took place that burned the establishment to the ground. Was this a ploy to distract her keepers while they absconded with her royal highness? Or is it merely coincidence? The members of the Blue Guard assigned to the Princess are already on high alert and searching for her, but remain tight lipped about what may have happened.

Another survivor?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 04/16/13

Word is whispered that a rather buxom messenger showed up at the Apothecary with a letter for the survivor of the recent roadside attack. Thought to be the lone survivor of the ordeal, it is rumored that the letter bore news of another survivor, her husband. And a ransom demand in order to ensure that remained to be true. The terms and amounts laid out for his return vary with each retelling. But what seems to be consistent is that the husband seems to have survived as well and is alive, there is no mention of the hired men who accompanied them and with whatever coin the bandits have already gotten, they are demanding more. Oh, and the messenger seemed to make quite the impression on the young lad at the Apothecary, though he seems to be having an impossible time finding her to get his own message delivered.

A few good people
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 04/16/13

The hunt is to begin, for the Injured womans husband and guards. Roltoff is seaking anyone with advanced tracking skills (profecient or better 4+dots) as well as any brave souls willing to help hunt these bandits down to recover the missing husband, guards and what ever else we might find.
As for the bandits, well none should be allowed to survive, though perhaps the lords might wish one to talk too to find out if its a small cell or a large one. For now Roltoff requires aid from those willing to give it.

A ghastly discovery
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 04/17/13

Word on the street around Laketown is that a pair of merchants stumbled into town looking paler than a ghost. The story goes that they'd been disturbed at their camp by some feral dogs not far off digging and fighting over something. While the dogs were sent on their way, what they had been fighting over was ghastly to be hold for it seems the dogs had found shallow graves. After having dug up the contents, well they were wild dog and rather hungry. There are some who tell this part of the tale with fair to much relish. But what seems certain is that it was two men who were buried after being striped of anything of value. And rumor is it was the hired men that had been companying the recently attacked couple.

And in other news, it sounds like the apothecary apprentice has been in a frantic whirlwind after hearing that the buxom messenger he's been seeking was sighted at the markets gathering up traveling supplies, food stuffs and bandages. And he missed her, now he seems to be staking out the markets in hopes she appears again.

The search continues
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 04/18/13

Oh that poor apprentice at the Apothecary, running about Laketown every spare moment he has trying to search up that mysterious messenger. The lad seems to be following up ever possible hint of a sighting that might be her; down at the docks meeting a ship, at this tavern having a drink, that tavern taking the noon meal, at the markets again for even more bandages, and on. Though it seems some seem to simply delight in sending him on frantic wild goose chases, especially after having to hear him gush one to many times about how her hair glimmers under the sun just like a shiny new copper. Though it seems at least one person was heard commenting on how it sounds just like this fine tavern wench he used to know at this tavern in Brivey.

Roughed up Sailor
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 04/18/13

Did you hear about how a group of nobles and guards roughed up one of the more seasoned sailors at the docks in Laketown this evening? As Captain Derkin of the Storm Chaser was preparing his cargo for departure to Rhaedan territory, he was accosted by Prince Samwell Taniford and his men. Captain Derkin was injured in the fighting and is how being treated by healers. What could have caused this questionable attack? People are starting to whisper that the Prince may not be acting like himself in the wake of the Princess Aylanora's kidnapping, but is it just frayed nerves to blame or has the Prince become truly deranged?

<dunking 101>
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 04/19/13

Today at the docks it seems that the Lady Victricia Auldholme of Rhaedan decided to explore the Docks today with her guard, but she was in disquise as a simple merchant. He happened to come across a disgrunteled sellsword you all know and love, Roltoff Delmort Who was at the docks seeking to applogize to the Captain of the Storm chaser, One Derkin Fairwind.
AFter a brief discussion and the learning knowledge that the sellsword has been currently aiding those of the Taniford house, did she proceed to edge him towards the end of the pier in an attempt to send im into the chilling lake for his allegences. Unbeknownst to her that his quick reaction would cause the noble lady to find herself in the same perdiciment as she too fell into the water chilly surface.

An Unfortunate Gift
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 04/21/13

Word is spreading through Taniford lands as swiftly as the horses can carry word that the Queen Regina Taniford, Royal Monarch and head of House Taniford now seeks blood and vengeance against those who have sought to strike against her. Rumor has it that a courier arrived to the Capitol in the early morning to deliver a parcel to her Majesty. What was inside, however, was beyond what any could have expected.

Princess Aylanora Taniford's gown lay within the packaging, covered in blood, along with a dark lock of her hair. A note was pinned to the clothing:

The unworthy shall perish in a fiery pillar of retribution to Kharnas. The Princess shall be the first in a glorious exhibition where the Kingdoms meet.

Is this a boastful hint of where the Princess will be murdered? And when will this frightful exhibition take place? People can only gossip and wonder what will become of the royal Heir…

A sea of Blue to Laketown
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 04/21/13

Whispers are trickling out of Laketown that a large contingent of Taniford guards have arrived, claiming they are here to protect the Royal Family. However, this has also included a number of un-uniformed men who seem more intent on asking questions about the missing Princess than being here to guard the lingering Taniford children. Who are they and what is their true purpose?

Author: Gossip
Post Date: 04/21/13

Riders have been sent from the Rhaedan lands. Two with armed guards that were last seen heading to The Citadel in the heart of Taniford lands. Others have gone to the major cities and notices have been posted. The ones in Laketown have the mark of Prince Jerric assigned to the bottom of each. They read:

Be it known that Rhaedan has nothing to do with the disapearance of Princess Aylanora. All Rhaedan's pray to the Four that her return is swift and that she is found well.

The one sent to the Citadel is to be delivered to the Queen herself and little with in it is known.

Author: Gossip
Post Date: 04/22/13

It's been said that Roltoff the local sellsword is looking for those who've large amounts of Influence and deep pockets to help him with a business venture, seems he trying to find someone to loan him some capital. To possibly restore that burned down Tavern. the crusty crab or something like that.

workers needed
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 04/22/13

Roltoff has been seen around the market looking and talking to carpenters, stone masons and even metal smiths, as well as the laborers to haul away the wreckage of the Old tavern that burned down a few days ago in an attempt to rebuild it. Supposedly bigger and better. There's been talk of even adding an Illicit Gambling Den to the place.

An unexpected change
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 04/25/13

Word slowly seeps out from the Temple of Four in Laketown, a change has befallen the local Temple with the current Temple Priestess having been called back to the Citadel to take up a position. Not a matter in of it self that seemed unexpected, but what does seem to have been unexpected was the choice of who was risen to file the recently vacated position - Tylon Stillvin. It seems while none can find fault in her abilities to carry out the duties of her new station and there are even some who are quite pleased about the choice, word is several of the 'career minded' are quite displeased about this development. Grumblings about how their time was due, they had been around longer, they were older and had actually worked and strived to obtain such position only to be denied. Clearly a mistake was made for it was obvious they who should have been advanced to Temple Priestess, not the nobody orphan girl.

Author: Gossip
Post Date: 04/26/13

Over the past few days, the sellsword has been seen working diligently on removeing destroyed lumber from the old Clam Tavern and putting timbers that are beyond repair into one pile and those that are salvageable into another. There are piles of stone as well that are in large piles next to the ruins of the building as It seems the Sellsword is trying hard to clear up the mess well enough that once he gains the backing he requires he'll be able to put the guilds to work on rebuilding the Tavern to His specifications.
From all talks the sellsword arrives very early in the morning sometimes before the sun even rises and doesn't get done until after the sun sets.

A Lohstren's win
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 04/30/13

The first of the events of the Wolveshire tourney, the Sword on Foot was a good event, with some closely fought matchups. In the first round, Sir Aethel Varghem won a closely fought battle against the sellsword Roltoff Delmort. The second bout of the round was between two mystery knights, the Phantom Dancer and Sir Nydan Krakensteel, ending with a win for the Phantom Dancer. The third was between Duke Pawel Varghem and a mystery knight dressed like Ravas. A close contest, that was won by the Duke, with one of the blows knocking the helmet of the mysterious participant, that was revealed to be none other than Lady Victricia Auldholme. The finaly bout was between Sir Eldrick Lohstren, and Sir Sammel Riedel, and this one was so close that it needed a tie breaker before the Lohstren heir advanced to the second round.

The first of the two bouts in the second round found Sir Aethel Varghem facing the Phantom Dancer. The mystery knight won that bout, and reached the final. The other bout was between the Duke of Wolveshire and the Lohstren heir, and this was won by the Lohstren, who went on to compete in the final, where his amazing swordsmanship gave him a flawless win against the mystery knight.

There were also a few of the competitors that asked for favors. The Phantom Dancer asked for Lady Collette Lohstren's favor, which he received. And more surprising, the Duke of Wolveshire asked Princess Amira Rhaedan for her favor, another request that was granted.

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