Rumor Board Posts - August 2013

Rumor Board Posts for August 2013

Trunks and Trousers
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 08/03/13

All day and night banging and clanging of trunks being moved into the Princess Niniane's quarters have been seen and heard. Oddly it was not the hand maidens of the Princess directing servents about, the Queen herself. Could this be the beginning of the end? Where in woods will Niniane be sent next? North or South?

Murder at the Inn? No. Betrothals.
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 08/04/13

Those staying at the Blue Duck Inn had the peace of their respites interrupted today, when word reached one Victricia Auldhome about an upcoming betrothal. Hers. In fact, those nearest report that it sounded as if someone were trying to kill the woman in her room. While others swear they heard the sound of something breaking. Truth, for some of these rumors has been verified, because at least one commoner was nearly clipped in the head with the vase that went sailing out of the young ladies room. Along with the candle that went out the window first. At least one person heard tell that there was yelling about killing the prince, but that of course may be false as surely such a lady would never speak such treasonous words. Others swear that it was Sir Sammel himself she was shouting about killing. Only time will tell.

The ever changing tides…
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 08/05/13

"Are you going with the group heading out to make rounds ta check on folk?"

"Na, least not this one, Father Byron says we'll be going out with the next lot in another week. Says I got to work on a few things before he's willing ta have me go along. Personally I think he's just stalling so he can have at the berries that I heard won't be delivered fer a few days yet. "

"At least we'll be getting some tarts then, though I'd rather be going, I hear the Mother Superior is getting things around and will actually be going out. I'd rather have liked the chance ta learn from her out and about. It's just different than what comes along in the infirmary."

"Oh you'll not be missing anything. I've heard she ain't going along with them, but going out with Brother Thomas."

"Really? Where are they off to then? Not Wolveshire again?"

"No, ain't Wolveshire. Off ta see his folks from what I heard, wants them to meet her."

"Eh? Why for?"

"Why not? Especially cause as I hear it, they're actually planning on marrying after all."

"Marry? Wait…How? I thought she couldn't? By the Guardian's she's not giving up her robes and…."

"No, it ain't like that. I went and asked, seems it ain't so much an impossibility as we were thinking, just more like an improbability. A rarity of sorts. Being there ain't many folk willing to be second fiddle and all."

"Don't there gotta be some sort of announcing or something? And Ravas' Fire, they're already sharing…"

"Suppose not really, that announcing stuff with all them here in's and what for's is just for them fancy, nancy nobles. And honestly, don't even try to be all scandalized now. You who were all so eagerly chatting on about her being with child and just how many different fathers did you have her paired on up with?"

"I…I…..but..but….this is different!"

"Let's see…there was some Ravas Priest…the sea dragon even, that one was a stretch, a handful of different Chosen… and I think you even had her with a Prince along the way. And why ever is this different? Just cause you're still mooning over Brother Thomas? I told ya….that one is a lost cause…ya ain't got a chance no matter how many time you bat them eyelashes of yers at him. Now come on, else we're gonna be late."

Throwing Away the Key?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 08/05/13

"Did you hear what my brother's wife told me she heard in the market?" One man leans over to speak to another in the Golden Crown Inn.

"Rolling his eyes the taller man shakes his head, "Nah, what?"

"Apparently the Summer Queen looked up one of the northerners who came down with that older princess."

"What? Ya gotta be kidding?"

"Nope she says she heard it from someone who say they heard the whole thing, right in Wolveshire's courtyard! That Lady Cas-something wouldn't admit she was spying but the queen insists she was for that younger northern prince, you know the one who was here for months?"

"Well if the queen says she was…"

"That's the thing, apparently Stefan was right here at this very Inn, right under our noses. Can you imagine the balls on that boy?"

"What are they gonna do with the girl?""

"I heard it said the summer queen wants Stefan himself to come down south. Who knows if he'll bother, ya never know with Northerners."

Tavern commotion
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 08/07/13

A large commotion was heard over at the Drunken Clam and spread like wildfire. There a bunch of different version depending on who you've spoken to. Some say that northerners started a commosion and got their asses handed to them by the owner. One of the northerners even being a prince at that! Other say that for no apparant reason people started passing out all over the tavern. One thing that most agree on is that there was at least drawn weapons there.

Rumblings and Rumor
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 08/10/13

Some time has past since the rumbling of rumor found way to a message being sent directly King Braec from old repected rival. Current rumors rumble the message was receive and acted upon. And still today more rumblings were heard as many now claim the King is headed South alone to Laketown to meet in private with the sender. Whatever could be the rush? Perhaps a long ago game of chess needs to finished? Perhaps a new store of liquior to be shared? Or perhaps the King and his rival have decided enough is enough. It is time to do what they were called to do, act.

Sick or well?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 08/12/13

"Now what's got ya looking all down in the mouth there?"

"Oy, Beth, ain't ya heard yet? That young lad done taken a turn for the worse, done be told it won't be long now. It's just a sadness, they being such a fine match and something so tragic. Just breaks the heart."

"What? Don't be playing now, Yolia. Ain't what I heard at all. Last word was he was doing fine and even up and about. Not a thing ta worry."

"Both of ya are wrong. Last I heard, it was her who'd taken ill. Fits, ain't got a thing in her for over two weeks done be told. Wasted ta near nothing, expecting her ta pas any day now."

"By the Guardians, surely not, Noleze?"

"Got it straight from Gunther when he came in last night, he swears by it, heard it from his friend who's sister's cousin's best friend's daughter-in-law who knows the cook whose son is one of their runners."

"Really? I done hear from Gyth this morning that both of 'em were right as rain, least til the accident just the day past. Frail things the both, busted beyond recovering. Said place is near in mourning already, right saddness with all the brightness that pair brings about. Such hopes had that been dashed now fer her ladyship."

"You heard that from Gyth, Lornen? Don't her work in their stables too?"

"Oh aye, he does. Was running messages this morning, urgent he said. Was ta be off again soonest he got a response ta something or another about slates for water wheels. Odd thing, weren't much giving mind ta that after hearing the other."

"No doubting, such a sadness. Wonder when we'll be hearing…."

"Don't be thinking like that…."

"As if you're not?"

"I'm trying not…now done leave me be."

"If it were true we'd have been hearing something more official…"

"Now stop that, ain't any way of knowing. Best be off the lot of ya, the market will be open soon."

Unsafe travels…
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 08/12/13

"How be the day, Merta?"

"Oh it is going fine enough, just thought to come and knock these on out. Mainly ta get a bit of piece. Master Gibbs is all up in arms again today."

"What's gotten stuck in his craw this time? Missing a pot again? Or what….run out of butter?"

"Nay, ain't about pots or butter this week. Seems he's spouting on about the thieving that seems ta be going on. Ain't rightly anything that happened ta him, but ya wouldn't know it from how he talks. Swear he's fussed enough about it fer any who has though."

"Oh, aye, I be hearing about that. Couple rounds of folk been hit again lately on on the roads. Heard a couple woke with some right nasty headaches and all too. Least ain't heard of anyone getting kilt. Yet."

"That be the way of it, least by what I heard myself, taking off with anything shiny. And I," dropping her voice as she adds,"heard that one of the parties said they overheard them talking about these things just being practice. Something about something bigger coming down sure. Makes me wonder what they really be after, ya know?"

"Something bigger? Ain't heard of any moving or any grand traveling going on."

"Bigger is what they said. Ain't hear about anything either. Guessing we'll find out sometime. Now what's this I be hearing about that pretty one finally being off the market?"

"Oh don't be paying no mind ta them rumors now. Nothing but hogwash that."

A triangle made….
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 08/13/13

"Good day on to ya there, Merin. How's things down over at the shop?"

"Greetings, Jolin. Oh they be going fine, been a bit slow with new commissions this week. But been having plenty on ta watch across the way. Been seeing that healer stopping by that new weapon smith's shop a fair bit."

"The same healer that's been hanging about that pretty knight?"

"That very one. Catch her just staring in through the window for long stretches before even going in sometimes. Taking in the view, if ya know what I mean."

"Ya don't say? Though I heard that Knight had been taken her out fer dinner the other night. Sammie was saying things were getting serious there, some were even thinking that man might finally end up off the market."

"I wouldn't be betting on it, don't seem like the healer is done having a look around by all rights. Half expecting some fight over the gal, especially when the Sir stopped by the shop himself. But weren't nothing that came about."

"Can't say I'd be blaming her, both are fine looking men. That would be a fight ta see. Think we'll actually be seeing such a thing?"

"Can't say fer sure, but wouldn't be surprised, especially once they find out she's spending such time with 'em both as she is. Be a right way to settle who ends up with her."

"Ya think that smithy would stand a chance against a Knight proper though? I've seen him fight, there is more ta him than just them pretty looks."

"Don't know rightly. He's mighty built, and do figure he knows about handling them weapons he makes. Most of 'em rather do. But I'm with ya, either one would be a fine thing ta see in action, but the two of them. Need me a fan just thinking about such a display."

"Least a cool drink, off fer that myself. Be seeing ya!"

Urban Renewal in Laketown
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 08/14/13

"I got fifteen silver for my home - if you can call it a home! Rhaedan silver for my home."

"Silver? I got three gold from Taniford for my old ramshackle shop."

"Wait, you just lived right down the lane from me, didn't ya?"

"Sure did."

"And Taniford gave ya gold?"

"Yep. Represenative of the Court but my land and shoppe, made sure I was able to set up elsewhere."

"Rhaedan bought my land and home as well."

"What could they be up to?"

"Dunno. Maybe they figure they can't war on it so might as well buy it up."

"But I ain't seen any troops in the area - just the former Baron of Westmark and rumors that the pale Lady of Lohstren are down here and having talks."

"They are right across the river from each other, maybe they're negotiating."

"Might just be discussing hitching the new Baroness to a Lohstren lad, after all, that Dalyros fella had a liking for northern gals."

"I doubt that's gone happen - heard they shipped him off to work the northern border guard up at Ellowe."

"Still don't explain why their buying up lands in one of the worst city blocks."

"Ain't worst, we lived there after all."


Where'd they go??
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 08/15/13

At a tavern in Brivey sits man upon a bar stool nursing an ale to make it last longer and delay the inevitable need to go home.

"Had another fight with Mira, did ya now?" says the man who plops himself into the open stool next to him.

"Oh, aye, Wes. Ain't so sure about what, but I know better than ta be keeping 'round when she's swinging that pan around." Taking another sip of his ale. "I done heard that the Princess be back up here right proper now, about time I say."

"I hear ya on that, Isaac. Always best be keeping low when they're up and riled like that." Wes gives a wave to the barkeep to see about an ale himself. "So I hear, even saw a pack of them Malgraves they said escorted her along with that new Guard of hers. Though rightly ain't heard a thing other than that. Seems odd ta me."

Squinting hard at his ale as Issac gives that some thought,"Yer right, ain't heard a peep else save she's back north. Do know she is though, Pylia spoke of seeing her, well more nothing it was here and then twittered on about that damn Knight who's keeping after her now. He's pretty, I get it, but I don't want ta be hearing about him or anyone from her."

A laugh rumbles out of Wes,"I bet not, but does sound like yer girl is growing up, best be thinking about marrying her proper before long now. But she's doing work as a maid up in the castle, aye?"

"Aye, so she'd be knowing well enough. Just sounds like they're maybe keeping the Princess tucked away, or secreted her off somewhere, cause ain't been seen about at all since she arrived. Not a sign. 'reckin ain't all nonsense my girl's babbled, for seems that Sir Alek ain't been since about either. Pylia was bemoaning about not spying him out in the practice yards like before."

"Really now? Both of them? Sounds like perhaps yer daughter might not be the only one that new Royal Guard's gone and made an impression on."

The man blinks before staring over at his mate,"Ain't thought of it like that. But there were always rumblings about him and that Westmark, just might have raised his sights. Ain't sure if that's right brave or foolish of him." Giving a shake to his head before downing the rest of his ale. "Ain't no more putting it off, I be on my way…though if I ain't on the' morrow, make sure ya come and fetch up me body."

"With that sort of opportunity, why not? Heard she asked ta keep him on ta. Rightly sounds like something brewing ta me." Giving a shrug as he takes up his own ale, a smirk going towards Isaac,"Good luck with that. I be looking fer ya on the 'morrow one way or another."

Wedding Bells.
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 08/15/13

Sunday was it? Aye, Sunday and so the rumor says as the arrangements around Brivey go, that Sir Sammel and Lady Victrica will be married, two weeks from the day the King ordered the betrothal. They say too, that there wasn't a single Southener on the guest list, as none were invited. A fact heard from a gossiping courier who delivered the invitations.

OOC: There will not be an offical event to mark the auspicious occasion, however, there will be an informal RP session of 'after the feast' dancing, for social mingling. No offical time will be set and the wedding itself will be an off screen thing, so if you're a northern noble and you would have been there but RL got you busy, well, you can be!

Just another scandel…
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 08/17/13

"Freya, did I be hearing right, that wedding is already happening? Not but two weeks after their bethrothal were announced?"

"Aye, ya heard it right, Mildrid. Two weeks."

"How ever they manage ta get everything round in two weeks? But more importantly, why they rushing and cuting it under the normal amount of time? Ain't ever heard of 'em going less than a month, most of them noble folk like ta draw it on out. Unless…."

"Exactly, unless there be something else afoot. And ya know how the rest of them from the Lady's House has been heard ta be behaving. Weren't be surprised at all if there be some scandle about her they be trying ta keep hushed up. A few of us gots bets on the sly about how many months after we'll be seeing about it to."

"That be so? I want in on that, I seen how she's been looking and acting. And right overheard how that maid of her gets up in arms about some impopriety or another."

"Ah, well then…let's get along. I keep the things back at the room. A few of 'em are right more popular than others. But ain't been but a few who are saying that ain't why they be rushing along ta the Temple."

A death in Estermarch?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 08/17/13

News such as this can not be kept quiet for long and now out of Lohstren it comes on the tongues of servants, men at arms, Knights that Count Dedrick Lohstren has succumbed to the mysterious illness that struck him some time past. Now the lands wait for the official word out of Estermach, though the riders that were swiftly dispatched from Lohstren to the Citadel might be an indication that such an announcement is forth coming. Sooner rather than later.

Neutrality Challenged
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 08/18/13

"Those Northern bastards!" Jaxon spits to the side, standing outside the Drunken Clam, riled up.
"What are you going on about now Jax," an older gent shuffles on over to the young pumped up knight hoping one day to prove his valor for his Lord.
Jaxon snorts, "You didn't hear? How could you not know? They -attacked- the Temple."
The old gaffer laughs, "How much wine have you had tonight boy?"
"Boy? I'm not a boy!" Jaxon is irritated by his mentor's chidings, though not to act upon it, "And I've only had a few cups!"
"Aye aye, a few cups then," he waves the young man to continue, taking a seat where he can. "Go one then lad, out with what you saw. I'm in need of good entertainment, the bards get tiring, with their sing songs."
Jaxon paces, shaking his head, "A small band was seen chasing a woman on a horse through the forest, just north of the bridge."
"North of the bridge? How in the name of the Four do you know this?"
"Trust me old man, I have my sources."
"Of course, of course."
"So, like I was saying, turns out they chase her right through a camp where a Priestess and her Chosen were staying. Bastards turned their arrows on them! The Chosen had wolves at his side, two or three of them by the things I'm hearing. The pair managed to get the idiots to drop their swords, but that Priestess let them go right and fair."
"There you go then lad, why be so angry about it if she forgave them?"
"It's not right to be attacking the faithful. They should be punished."
"Let their liege Lord do that. We have no say in these matters."
"You wouldn't be saying that if your daughter road into town with an arrow wound to her shoulder. The Chosen brought the rider back into town, wolves and everything. He took her to get further aid. I guess those Northern men must think everyone riding through is a spy."
"Maybe she was. We should go talk to her. Catch a name in all this business?"
"Yeah, Breanna."
"The Chosen and The Priestess?"
"No. But there's a name going around for the Chosen because of his companions."
"Brother Wolf," Jaxon gives a snort. "A man fighting with beasts at his side is worth talking to as well."
"I'm more curious about this woman they called a spy, she's not bound by Oaths." The old man grunts, standing up and moving back inside, "Feel it out lad, I'll tell the boys inside."

Race Results
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 08/20/13

With the observance of the Festival of Altheara starting up across Eikeren, many a horse race was to be had in the many cities and towns across the Kingdoms and Laketown was no different. It was said that each of the races were spectacular to see, close and with plenty of excitement, but in the end there can only ever be one winner and this year it was Lady Victricia Riedel who claimed that honor by just narrowly beating out Brother Thomas Marbry. It's been said that the races weren't the only excitement to behold, with some going away talking about some of the rather colorful words being tossed between the Northern and Southern nobles in attendance with some hoping to see some more excitement later on when there aren't Chosen around ot keep the order, and others just hoping that the other events keep the excitement off the sidelines and on the field of competition.

When kites go bad
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 08/26/13

Heard around the markets in Laketown after the Festival of Altheara….

"Oh aye, I was there, thought it'd be a fine way ta round out the day and it being the Festival and all. Ain't ever good ta be missing out on them. Especially with the spreads the Temple tends ta be putting out of late."

"Is it true then, what they been saying about an attack?"

"Aye, it be true, were only the five that came through, but were enough. Swung swords and the like about as they were, hitting anyone they could manage. Saw that one priestess hit the ground like a sack 'o turnips. Weren't sure she was even gonna make it pale as she got and that pool of blood."

"By the stars! All them families about, weren't there Chosen..I mean I saw plenty of 'em earlier on?"

"There rightly were, likely would have been worse if weren't for them and some of the townsfolk, saw that new weapon smith in the fray even."

"Ain't make no sense though why it done happened at all?"

"From what I heard of it, they'd been tryin' ta steal something from the Temple. Ransacked a few rooms before getting caught at it. Heard 'em shouting something about the Fifth."

"Bornas' Balls! What ever were they after?"

"Ain't sure. Ain't heard word none about a thing since. Would have figured ta hear something, even if unofficial like. Ya know how chatty some of 'em are. And especially with 'em having rounded up two of them attackers. But ain't been so much as a word."

The pair soon falling into speculation about what purpose was behind the attack, simple vandalism, to steal supplies or gold, and on they go. What is for certain is the Temple has been rather quiet about the attack that occurred in Laketown during the Festival of Kites. Though word soon trickles in from other corners of the Kingdoms that the Laketown Temple of Four was not that only one that had trouble that day. A handful of others seem to have been targeted by vandals as well, what they were after and what if anything was taken seems to be something the Temple isn't talking about.

Priests and Priestess
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 08/30/13

Word from the High Temple in Taniford has leaked out that the High Priestess, after hearing from the Priests and Priestess through out the lands, has decreed that Priests and Priestess can now marry after approval from the Temple.

The Four Among Us
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 08/30/13

Milling around in small groups, are several people who witnessed a catastrophic and some say a prophetic event in Laketown. Here is some of their conversation:

Shipmate 1: "Corsairs… Here… Now…Why?"
Commoner "They want to take advantage of all the unrest. They need women to breed with I hear it. Prettier women. They wanted the Mother Superior you know."
Faithful: "You're wrong. Have you not heard Father Ravos speak? Have you not heard the message he sends? We must submit to the temple and to the Faith of the Four, as we are weak and divided. We care too much for ourselves and not for our brothers and sisters. Repent. That is the only way you'll survive the storm coming."
Shipmate 2 snorts, "The only storm I see coming are Corsairs. They have swords. Real sharp things. You can't fight REAL things with some illogical nonsense that doesn't exist. What, are you going to preach at them until they drop their swords?"
Shipmate 1 holds up his hand to keep his other shipmate from wasting his time.
Commoner looks thoughtfully at the Faithful, listening while the Shipmates banter between themselves on the situation. Was it intentional? Was it truly the first ship to call upon the Laketown dock? Would there be more? Would there be a bigger war to come?!
Faithful turns to the Commoner, sensing the interest, "You know the truth in those words, don't you? You have seen it for yourself. The Guardians saw their side weakening, saw Chosen bowing to the might of the Corsairs, falling on the field before the enemy. Yes, our Four saw to it too teach us a lesson, to let their importance be known. To make us all remember."
The shipmates are listening again, staring unbelievingly at the two.
Faithful continues, "You see, at the hour the Temple's might was tested, the Four gave their powers to Four upon the field. Stilltha gave the Mother Superior the intellect and knowledge to heal in battle, Altheara lent her wind to the Ranger's bow, Ravas gave the Stonemason his fiery anger in battle, and Bornas favoured the Brother's sword as they all squared up against the monster of man leading the fifth's element here upon our shores."
Commoner takes a breath, "The Four preserve us!"
The two shipmates have bowed their heads, "We saw the final battle. He has the truth of it, the four remaining to fight on the Leader were … amazing. Like the Guardians themselves come to life."

The topic of conversation hums around that theory and that of Father Ravos' grand speech. What is coming shall break but we shall not be broken!

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