Rumor Board Posts - July 2013

Rumor Board Posts for July 2013

A Solitary Man?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/01/13

According to some of the servants in Wolveshire Castle, for the last few days, Duke Pawel has confined himself to his rooms, and not letting anyone in there. Even the servants bringing the meals was told to leave it just by the door. The only people, including family and all, that's seen him in those days were the guards on duty in the hallway his rooms are placed at. Question is, why would the Duke isolate himself from everyone?

Missing Armor
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/03/13

Notices are posted around Laketown:

Missing: One set of red and gold armor. If found, return to Laketown Temple to be recovered by the Knight that wore it. Reward offered of five silver.

Of course, this brings up rumors of the red knight that had come from the south, but left to the north. Was it all a ruse? Was this knight a disguise? A spy? Or something else?

Missing Ladies
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/04/13

Throughout the night at Wolveshire castle, there seems to be an exhaustive search for two missing ladies. The first is Lady Elenore Taniford, who was last seen in a field outside of the city, before her husband went to take care of some duties and was last seen heading towards Laketown.

The second is Lady Collette Lohstren, who has just disappeared after the festival of Ravas. Her guards are being detained for their failures to protect the young Lady.

Has Kerilyn struck again? Will these two poor women be found headless as well? Rumors are racing through the castle - Elenore's gone on another flight of fancy. The two women ran away together to the north. Noone seems to know what is going on, but there is far more activity amongst House Lohstren as riders were dispatched to Estermarch.

The Northern Border Opens
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/04/13

With the borders to the Northern and Southern kingdoms barred to outsiders, there has been a recent number of grumblings from various traveling merchants seeking buyers for their wares. Yet even with the various royal edicts banning travel, rumors begin to spread over tankards of ale and near various booths about Southerners being smuggled into Northern lands via Laketown by a the Auldholme heir.

Is he a sympathesizer to the Southern cause?

Are Southern turncoats being given sanctuary in the North?

Has Prince Jerric become so weak that even their noble houses ignore his edicts?

No one can say for certain, but as the rumors continue to spread more and more merchants flock to Laketown in hopes of finding a way past the closed borders.

Spurned Princess
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/04/13

Couple of barflies chatting.

"I was there. At least one of my cousins who serves as one of the guards of the Princess that they still have from Rhaedan."

"You mean the older one?"

"Yeah, anyway, she was chatting up with the Westmark Baron and Baroness and their son and they brought up the M word."


"Marriage, you idiot. Apparently the King had designs on the young man and Princess to be a couple and is running off to the Temple has brought disfavor on the House."

"Even worse, he poured his wine out on her."

"Wow, I thought she was the best of the Princesses.."

"Well you know what they say about those Northern princesses…"

They both continued drinking and chatting and laughing.

Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/05/13

Word has begun to trickle out of Estermarch in the past few day. Some by normal messengers, some by merchants. Even a horse trader has talked of it. For the news is to big to keep under wraps for too long. It seems that Count Dedrick Lohstren has fallen ill. Not just ill they say he sleeps so hard that no effort to wake him has been successful. Healers from as far as the Citadel have been brought in to no avail.

Some say he was poisoned, some say it was bad meat….what ever the cause, what will befall Lohstren now?

Missing, hiding or dead?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/05/13

While declarations are made about one of the missing woman, the other seems to yet remain…missing. And many rumors and whispers are had on the matter, everyone having their own thoughts and opinions on just what has become of Lady Elenore Taniford.

Some are just certain that Lady Elenore was seen leaving with Lady Collette. Some thinking that she went willingly and is caught up in whatever doings the once Lohstren is, and yet others are certain that the Lady Elenore was taken as collateral assurance to achieve the nefarious goals.

Others whisper that it was the Lady's once adored cousin Darrin who has lured her off and is surely only going to be found dead, the next Taniford to beheaded at the very least. A few dare to whisper that she ran off to join him and his Queen willingly to help build up their court.

There are those who are still ever certain the Lady was simply a prize given up in trade, and that she has only run away from a loveless marriage, unable to stand it any longer. Or at the very least, has taken to hiding out in some corner of the castle itself to escape it and the charade for a few days.

Whispers speak of a sighting in Laketown, that somehow the woman ended up there and has been taken in by a kind stranger. Others say she was seen wandering off in that direction but surely never made it there on her own, bandits got to her first by those whispered tales.

Whether missing or simply hiding, the only thing that seems to be known for certain is that Lady Elenore Taniford has not been seen around Wolveshire Castle for several days and some people seem to be looking for her.

Surely it can't be?!?!
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/05/13

"Fredrick, what up, you'll never guess what I just heard from Aria!"

"What? That Father Bryon is making pies again or wait..let me guess, those loaves of date bread?"

"No, ain't a like about that. Though a bit, cause seems when she was in sneaking a few rolls, she over heard him talking about the Mother Superior. Seems she's taken ill, can't keep a thing down. Nothing bit a bit of tea or some roll. Says even the smell of food makes her up and turn green."

"The Mother Superior ill? I hope she is feeling better soon, probably just got a hold of something turned. I really don't see what has you all up in arms about that. Everyone gets a bit ill now and again."

"No, you don't get it. Aria says that is just like how all the women get when they're with child." The young Acolyte looking quite smug in having to explain this to his friend.

Who just blinks and then stares with wide yes, "You're not saying…." Blink. Blink. " Surely not. I mean…how…or even…who?!?!"

"That's what we've been trying to figure. We've been seeing that one Chosen getting cozy near her of late, and there was them Ravas who cam through a bit back, rumor had it one spent a far bit of time with her, and a few are saying she's been spending an awful lot of time down by the lake, that sea dragon and maybe thinking it's a gift straight from Stilltha to her, for being so devote."

"But surely…..we don't even know if she is. And really…" The Acolyte's mind just seems to boggle at the whole idea. Could it even be true, the Mother Superior….pregnant? And if so…by who? Or is it just a bought of food poisoning?

Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/06/13

In the darkest hours of the night, two riders have been seen returning to the Wolveshire Castle, one in Taniford colors, the other wearing the colors of House Varghem. It seemed a third was with them, riding with the Taniford guard, a wisp of a woman who he carried up to a room that was soon beset with guards.

It is whispered that the lost Lady Elenore Taniford has been found and returned, though just where she had been and what passed in that time seems a thing much whispers about. Especially since some whisper that she has refused to budge from the room she was taken to and there are some maids who claim the young Lady was actually hiding under the bed for a time.

Troops on the move
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/06/13

Word has reached laketown and more than likely points south as Rhaedan men at arms have moves south to the Rhaedan side of the Old Stone Bridge. Nearly 400 strong, some say. Other's claim it is closer to 500 with cavalry and archers as well. Could this be the makings of an invasion force? Already every merchant that tries to cross the bridge is being searched, in both directions. Why some have said that the Prince's own pavilion sits right dab in the middle of it. Then it is told that riders have been sent out calling for Prince Jerric's advisors to meet him there. Do the drums of war beat loudly, right on the eve of the Laketown Circus and Tournament?

Dragons in Rhaedan
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/07/13

With the apperance of the so-called dragon of the seas north of Laketown, now there are rumors of a large dragon that appeared over the ruins of the former castle of the North. Could it be true that the new Queen of Ellowe has aligned herself with her father and that these dragons are the first signs of her troops arriving in Rhaedan to prepare to march on the South, along with all of those troops on the border? Is Jerric simply waiting on that reinforcement to begin the invasion? With the memory of the last Tournament still fresh in many minds, nerves and arms are up with the upcoming Laketown tournament and troop buildup.

Council rumblings
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/07/13

Late in the day the doors of one of the council chambers is observed to be thrust open - quite forcefully - as a gaggle of outraged councilors (Noblemen all) exit the room in what can only be terms as a indignant stampede. The cause of this stampede appears to be the replacement of one of Prince Jerric's advisers and, with this replacement of council personnel, a shuffling of sorts of remaining council members. Several of which were offered retirement (in polite terms, of course) and several others were encouraged to simply return to their lands and perhaps to stay there for a while.

There is always the hope, after all, that enough fresh air from the countryside will spark what few remaining brain cells these now-retired council members have left into clacking together in some vain effort to spark original, or merely coherent, thought.

Word of the exact name or title of the new adviser has not been made public knowledge as of yet, it would appear that the indignant stampede did not pause long enough to relay the salient details.

Not again!?!?!
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/10/13

Around the Temple and Laketown in general, more Chosen once again seem to be making their presence known. A occurrence that seems to be required far to often of late, though some whisper that there seem to be even more of the Chosen than before. They can be seen working with the city guard with patrolling around the neutral city, and there are always several patrolling and standing watch over the Temple itself.

Some say it is simply because of the army parked just to the north of the neutral city, and that the Temple won't stand idly by if an attempt is made to make Laketown a launching point. Others say it is because a certain Chosen is on the verge of promotion to Lieutenant and has gone overboard in proving themselves with elaborate security solutions. There are even whispers that there has been yet another assassination attempt made on the Temple Priestess herself, one such tale gives accounts of three such attempts in a single day. Others simply note that the Circus is about to arrive, along with the influx of people for that and the accompanying tournament, there are just always more patrols at those times. But whatever the reason is, one thing is known for sure, there are more Chosen on alert and watching over not only the Temple but much of Laketown. Again.

Riedel Duke takes up ill
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/10/13

Why, he's ill, I say! On death's door! No other reason for the old Guardian of the Eastern Shore himself to go missing from the training grounds for a full fortnight! The man runs like clockwork, I tell ye. Of course they're tight-lipped. Mark my words, get ready for Sir Sammel to be the new Lord o' the keep.

Where's Lyam?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/10/13

Rumors abound on where Lyam went. That he was down in the south, helping with Ellie's family when she wandered off. And now that she's been found again.. the two have spent a lot of time in their room in Wolveshire castle on a long overdue post-wedding celebration - rumor has it they're even trying to catch with child before any wars can break out.

Border Justice
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/10/13

In Lohstren lands, some few men have been taken seeking to smuggle southern foodstuffs across the border into Rhaedal in defiance of the royal edict barring trade. The public execution of these men, and the displaying of their bodies in gibbets along the waterfront have made very clear the harsh policy taken by the Lohstrens to uphold the Taniford ban on trade with Rhaedal.

Changes in Westmark?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/11/13

Amongst the guards and maids and servants of Elkmound Keep is a discussion of a recent decree. Lady Coriaria Westmark is no longer the heir to the House, apparently she has become the head of house. Rumor has it that King Breac asked Paule and Katarina to vacate their positions and allow Coriaria to advance. Does it mean that she's being considered for a match? After all, it was done the same way that brought Coriaria into the world with her twin - and what of her twin? Rumors have it that he was passed over so that Laurel would be named heir. Are they adopting the south's matriarchal structure? Noone knows for sure. Just that Cori is now to be called Baroness Westmark.

Age of Innocence
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/11/13

Both North and South Heirs are finding themselves under the grinding wheel of the political machine at the hands of some of their own people. The whispering from the north of Jerric's recent council stirrings have made their way south, in those mummers are comments of Jerric's arrogant behavior and refusal to heed the advice of those with far more experience in war. Some suggest he was simply busy admiring his own reflection in a hand held mirror, others say he remained steadfast in his control of the council. While proving a well suited mind for the devices of war. Yet can be true of whispers? Such as those of South.

Overheard in bars and taverns through- out the south are mummers of their own heir's troubles by some. Could it be she has a hidden malady of the mind? Or perhaps the stress of being thrust into being heir as the youngest of four has caused her to become heady with the power? Others choose to believe the young Princess is fully within her right to bring justice upon the remaining Rhaeden under Southern control. Arguments and disagreements are found nearly daily of those who choose to trust and those whom choose to doubt on both sides.

What is true and what is rumor shall never be known in either Kingdom. What can be certain for both is the simple fact someone among their trusted council members or guards has taken their turn at turning the wheel of politics.

Those Crazy Curls
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/13/13

When the Circus and Tournament in the Laketown started it was known many from the North and from the South would find their way there. Of course, where there are crowds of people, whispers start floating around. Ladies are speaking about the gowns of other ladies. Commoners are gawking at nobles, trying to decide, who of them will participate, where and who could win. But also, one of the most interesting and common whispers is about how will South and the North will live so close to each other?

However, between these whispers one new started quickly, when a company of Riedel's entered the city. The Reidel's looking impressive, shining and glinting as they should. But some of the natives of Laketown had their attention taken by one of the servants of Riedel's.

"I do swear, that I've seen those dark curls somewhere before," One old man in the Blue Duck Inn whispers to his companion as the Reidel's servant enters the Inn.

"She comes with the servants, but her dress looks much better in make than the others. Finer weave, not as good as Ladies are draped in, but still!" answers another man, taking a huge sip of ale.

"Yes, I've seen these curls somewhere…" drawls the first man, not giving too much attention what his friends chatter of dresses.

"Oh! And look!" the second man points at two people, who enters the Inn after the woman they are talking about "Two northern guards are following her! She must be valuable servant indeed."

"I remember!" very loudly shouts the first man, bumping his fist in the table, then quickly lowers his voice, almost to a whisper "I saw these curls swaying crazily not on the purple dress she wears, but a burgundy one!"

The second man gasps: "You are suggesting that…" somehow words become stuck deep in his throat "You are suggesting that she may be… She is the one called… traitor? Alive?" the last two words are spoken very quickly and almost unheared, moreover, a hefty gulp of ale drowns out the rest. The first man follows his companion in it, just slightly nodding with his head.

Archery Competition Results
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/14/13

The results from the Archery Competition in Laketown are as follows:

Third Prize - Mistress Sarah of the Sky from Whereabouts Unknown
Second Prize - Sir Xander Lohstren of Estermarch
First Prize - Chosen Thomas Marby of the Temple of Laketown

Rumors abound from the tournament. Thomas gave up his medal to young Lady Laurel of Westmark, who was competing in her first competition. Lady Prada's rather folly of a round - was she taking pot shots at what she wanted as one arrow landed near the Westmark family and another pierced nthe bottle that her brother was drinking from? Baroness Katarina of Westmark forfeiting the third-place match that allowed Sarah of the Sky to place at all. The near fight that broke out between Sarah of the Sky and Lady Prada as Sarah attempted to make eyes at Sir Xander and in the argument that followed, the knight, who had the highest score of the competition and scored an unprecedented bullseye in each round of the tournament seemed to slip in concentration and stormed off after the final match - with Lady Prada soon following after.

The true prize?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/15/13

Whispered around the Temple of Four is how after Chosen Thomas placed first place in the archery contest that he was greeted not only by a banquet of celebration by the other Chosen of the Temple that he had another prize coming his way, a kiss from the Mother Superior. Which to the gossips seemed to only confirm that out of all those pairings that he was surely the father of the child that some of them are still certain she's carrying.

The attendance at the zoo seems to only solidify for the gossips that something is up between them, especially those who talk about the words the Harpy Princess spoke to Thomas, something about how she could give him what the Mother Superior never could. Though now the tales change from that the child has been lost to the Tylon is barren to the rare spin that she was never with child at all and the Chosen is just watching over her as is his duty.

Harpies, Bogs and owlbeasts, oh my
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/15/13

Words abound at the many strange creatures that were to be beholden at the zoo! A harpy princes who tried to seduce a Chosen, word conflicts on she failed or succeeded! While talk of her healing abilities sent others a flutter! Bogs! The flying boars that sent some hunters a twitter! And the massive owlbear of fur and feathers! A fearsome beast, who snoozed right on through his introduction!

But none of it compared to the baby seadragons! Mystical and impressive to behold, but the real excitement is said to have come when it was announced that one of them would be auctioned off. A rush for purses to count coins, that is until the distressed babies had the Temple of Four seeking to intervene. Yet, some say something even greater came to their rescue, that Stilltha herself came to save her children. Some scoff at this, but those who were there swear by it. They speak of a shadow so great that fell over the entire grounds. Talk speaks of some fool hardy lad who took up the tank wagon to see them back to the lake. Whispers say he was crushed right along with the wagon by the magnificent dragon, others say that he survived by some miracle.

Tangled rumors are spoken about the bogs having been set free, hunters already setting out at this new prey hunt up. About the harpy Princess having ridden off on the owlbear. Or that she was kept and taken as a 'guest' to serve as a bargaining chip in dealing with Ellowe. There is talk of how the zookeeper is being held, while others say he's already been delivered to the harpy Princes as she was heard demanding.

It seems that only thing that is truly certain is….that there was quite the ruckus surrounding the zoo.

The shrine grows
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/16/13

"Have you been down by the shore since that disturbance at the zoo, Erik?"

"Not had ta go that way about, why ya askin'?"

"Went down this morn' figured ta see how the fishin' was. And that shrine thin' has grown! Near covered half the sands."

Just great, tis all we are needin'. Fishin' ain't ever gonna get back around will people making a ruckus down there all the time."

"Maybe, but ya think it was really her like they be sayin'. Stilltha that came herself ta rescue them babies up? Can't say it seems to cause much harm for 'em to try and offer up something. Ya know be safe about it."

"It weren't nothing like that, Jeth. All just a big production trin' ta draw people in and get 'em stirred up. Get focus off some of the worries about now. Quit listening ta all that poppycock and start worryin' about somethin' actual important like whether Martha be waitin' with some of them biscuits again fer us."

It seems with the reported sighting of a sea dragon come to rescue baby sea dragons the impromptu shrine to Stilltha upon the shores of the lake have gained renewed interest and actually grown. How long will it last? Was it really a sea dragon? Will it come back? Was it Stilltha herself? Was it all a hoax to bring more people in? Is the Temple doing anything about it?

More Offerings
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/16/13

"I saw that baron this morning. The one from Westmark. The one they say ain't got no honor and would cut his own mother's throat to get what he wants."

"What was he doing?"

"Him and his wife and a couple of guards, they were down there at the shrine at the Lake. They had a couple of barrels of that wine they make that they were leaving for the dragon."

"Yeah? Their wine, or the cheap stuff?"

"Saw one barrel of that blood wine that's the best in the Kingdoms, and then some of the Capiros stuff. Real good vintages, both."

"Really? Think they'd notice if we went down there and tapped a little for our own blessings? Haw!"

"That ain't the point. I heard the guards talking, and they were referring to the two as Count and Countess something."

"You think they got a new land?"

"Well, I heard that the Baron's been making some moves in the Rhaedan court - something about taking over Auldholme, which is why that lord heir of Auldholme stormed out and is now courting some southern lady. He's getting ready to flee before Paule has the whole house put to the sword."

"Dunno, but the baron or count or whatever, he was resting his hand on his wife's stomach and sharing sweet nothings."

"Apparently the dragon ain't the only thing they're blessing!"

More laughter ensue as the two dock workers continue on their way.

Devotion or fraud?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/16/13

Ever the gossips, a bit of conversation overheard at the Temple of Fours infirmary as a pair of Acolytes roll bandages.

"She already back again?"

"Yeah, she ain't much left really. Even been coming ta sleep here at night, pulls a chair right up along the bed there."

"Why bother? I mean he sleeps most of the time, which I would to in his shape. Think it's one of them acts? You know how some of them noble folk are in putting their shows fer their politicking. Cause really, he ain't a looker at all, so what she see in him?"

"Nay, it ain't some act. I seen how she looks at him, the lass is smitten with him fer certain. Though don't be asking me the why of it. Them mystries are best left up ta Ravas, which the way I hear it, the lad be touched by with being such a brave fool doing as he did."

"Touched or not, surely she'd be better off getting out and about, perhaps catching the eye of someone else. You kno…"

"Jyl!! You hold your tongue right there. By the Guardian's you've been to much time with that Brivey Acolyte. If that's where she is wanting ta be, ain't none of yer business to speculate on what she is better off about."

"But…I heard Chosen Fryl is even talking about asking ta escort her ta…"

"Shush, I tell ya. Ya shouldn't be trying ta pull apart a thing that like, ya should be praying Ravas blesses ya with someone so devoted. And really, when did you become such a gossip. First all that talk about the Mother Superior, now this."


"No more buts….off with you. And ya best consider some time in reflection."

Gone away…
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/18/13

Whilst most were yet enjoying the tournament and circus…it seems others were hard at work…

"By the Guardian's what all they got in these things. They were only here for a week." Comes the complaint from Lyle as he pauses in lean on the trunk he just hauled out..

His companion shrugs, "Got me. Though they seem light and few compared that that pile I seen forming outside that one room. Though I'd much rather be putting them inta this one, ya seen how spacious this thing is?"

"Ya think it's spacious here, ya should take a peek inside. Swear there is room fer a small army in that thing, and plush to. Almost seems a waste with only the two going, but suppose a bit of room with that busted leg I hear he's got be a blessing considering how far they're going."

"What da ya mean, how far? Aren't they just going back ta Wolveshire like the rest of them? Standing orders and all, least last I'd been hearing."

"Naw, heard the coach driver talking, they're heading all the way down south, straight along ta her family's estates this time. Got permission straight from the Queen so they could both rest up and recover."

"I'd bet he'd be needing time after that…wait ya said both. What happened ta her? I seen the wreck of that wagon, know he's busted up something awful too. Least from the reports out of the infirmary. Heard she was a wreck herself after that but been fine."

"Oh that be the way of it then, but what Merta told me was that between that and her lack of tending to herself…the girl started falling ill, which is when it sounds like they discovered she'd been with child."

"Been? You don't mean?"

"Yes, I do. It was a right mess, near killed her right along with devastating the Lady. She said they're keeping that news from him too. But considering all of it…seems why they're heading ta them southern estates."

"Bornas Balls! That just ain't right."

"I know. But we best get these loaded, got plenty more waitin' on us."

It seems that the hired hands gossip as much as washer women, but it also seem that Lady Elenore and Lord Lyam left Laketown before the festivities were entirely through and have headed southwards to take up residence with her family proper. And while the condition of her Lord husband seems to be common enough knowledge, the exact condition of the Lady seems to be of some contention, some swear she's just a bit run down from the stress of her husband's accident, others that she's had herself a nervous breakdown between the loss of her cousin and then the near loss of her husband, while a few swear it was something much different that passed.

An unexpected result
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/22/13

"Gyrth, where in the Kingdoms were you last night? You missed the entire thing! it did start out a bit slow, though you should have seen just how steamed that Sir Sammel got. That man just does not like to lose. Don't think I'd ever want to end up on his bad side none either."

"Don't remind me, Milith just would not ease up, first it was that then it was this. The woman was just insufferable last night. And any time I so much as said the word joust she flew into a fit. Made me wonder if she'd had a fling with one of 'em before. But go on, I heard there was a bit of excitement, somethin' about a double tilt?"

"Ya need ta get yer woman in line there!" The man shaking his head at the way of things. "And yer getting ahead of me there. Prior ta that, that Black Knight showed again and was clearly ahead against that Sir Alek, then he up and withdrew. Finished up the match with nothing more than raising the lances. Heard there was speculation about some sort of injury, but that's how that pretty one advanced."

"So? I mean I heard he…"

"Won? He did, but not before facing Sir Deidra. Now there was some excitement, them two, Sirk Alek and Sir Deidra, matching lance for lance, all the matches. Ain't seen a matchup end up in a draw like that in a long time. Just don't happen. Mde 'em go straight into another tilt, now that was something. The pretty one was riled up by then."

"But I thought ya said that Sir Alek…"

"Don't you know nothing man, haven't ya ever seen that man. There be a reason they call him Sir Alek the Pretty. Finished Sir Deidra off with a lance smashing into her helm. And took so ta that, he did the same to Duke Pawel, twice off the start. Though, I have ta say that them two were far more gracious about losing…oh and I nearly fergot, how could I, I don't know…But after the awarding been done, that Prince Jerric upped the Tournament Champion's prize, and is having armor commissioned fer him."

By the Guardians, ya don't say… Bet he'd not done that if it were the Duke who'd ended up winning."

A Royal Guard?!?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/22/13

"I saw him, and almost got ta touch him, Veria. I swear, I nearly swooned. He's just so dreamy."

"Truly, damn my luck, getting stuck in the kitchen like that. But he was there, Nyra swore he'd not come."

"Aye, he came. And alone…at first," the girl wrinkling up her nose," then some plain looking thing ended up sitting near him. Ain't rightly sure who she was, some no nothing healer girl from what I heard Meira saying. But he weren't paying her no mind, probably got set there ust ta fill in the chair, wish they'd sat me there."

"Quit yer dreaming, ya know Nyra would have booted ya and taken it herself. And get back ta spilling. What was he like? What'd he wear? Don't keep me waiting here, ain't every day we get such a fine looking Tournament Champion."

"Just perfect, he was….even dressed proper, ya know how some of 'em are, yet wearing every stitch of armor. Not him, so fine, Veria. And I was near about ta serve the platters, a hair's breathe away from touching him and he got called up by Prince Jerric. Gave me one of them smiles, ya know the one, swear my knees near gave out."

"Aye, I do know the one…Ya get all Ravas luck. Though I heard something about the Prince making some sort of announcement about him?"

"Oh yeah…near fergot about that. Ain't all sure what lead along ta it, just that the Summer Queen and him were conversating about something and he gave out an announcement about how Sir Alek was now not only the Tournament Champion, but now ta be a Royal Guard and his personal Champion! And I think there was a bit about him now going with Princess Niniane ta be her guard."

"A Royal Guard? Ravas' Fire!! He's gonna be scrumscious in that armor. I just….wait, he's gonna have to guard her? How are we ever gonna chance ta see him if he's having ta…damn the luck. Stuck in the kitchens and now this. I swear, the Guardians have cursed me."

It appears that the Tournament Champion might have gotten more than he bargained for as a prize, and there is some rumors that some sort of deal may or may not have been made between the Northern and Southern Royals.

Down by the docks
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/22/13

It seems the morning after the closing feast and banquet, there was still some excitement to be had of a different variety down by the docks.


"Hail Jyth! When did your sorry carcus get in?"

"Eh, this past hour. Just saw most of the cargo offloaded."

"Ah, then ya missed our bout of excitement this morning?"

"Excitement? I thought we always had somethin' excitin' a foot."

"True dat. But this be something different. Had us a girl throwing herself straight off the pier, tryin' ta get herself up and dead. Though that ain't the best part of it at all."

"Wait….throwing herself in? Usually people ain't doing that on their own around here. Who was she and ya mean there was more?"

"Ya, up and tossed herself in. Heard it was that Collette girl who used ta be from one of them Southern Houses. Even had a pair of them Rhaedan Guards with her. They just plum sat by…which is where the best part of it all comes in, the Temple Priestess was about at the time and went in right after the girl, robes and all."

"Wait, what was she doing about, thought she went north mooning after the one Auldhome Lord. And what in Guardian's name is good about the Mother Superior going in, don't tell me you're happy she's gone?"

"No, no! That ain't the way of it, ya fool. The Mother Superior pulled the girl out, which if fine by and by. But the best part, my friend is…she weren't in them robes any more. And by the Guardian's the figure that has been hiding under them robes all these years right under our noses. Ain't no wonder that there been rumors of late."

"She was naked!?!?! Guardian's Burn me."

"We weren't that lucky. Still had some sort of dress thing on. But weren't much at all with being drenched. Fine sight, a mighty fine sight ya missed out on. Heard some of the lads even slinked along after ta get a few more glimpses when they took the girl off ta the Temple Infirmary fer looking after."

"Might fine? Now I know ya gots ta be pulling my leg."

"Na, I swear on me mother's grave! Done saw her myself. And my heart be still, cause the rest of me sure weren't. Makes a man want ta be about his prayers more proper."

As rumor continues to filter out, it seems that the former Lohstren is currently in the care of the Temple, and for some reason there seems to be an uptick in 'faithful' followers amongst the sailors and dockworker.

The Iron Lord's Daughter
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/22/13

A few guardsman in Auldholme livery converse at the Drunken Clam while waiting for their horses.

"My lord will be less pleased about this, her releasing us like that. Two, only two guards, and to the South?!"

"What is wrong with you Gill? Quit your grumbling, he'll be most pleased, an honor is that. What, with the madness his son has caused, a little extra favor from the Royals in't a bad thing."

"I suppose. That Lady Cassia is not one to be told no, either. She'd have gone anyhow. Foolish woman, I think."

"Foolish? Ha! She is a beast with a bow, perhaps, that there Prince has more brains in his head than that Southern Queen would wish to give him credit for.

"What is she going to do with a bow, anyhow, I scarce think she'd be able to use it. Lest she stands up on Bornas's Peak, doubt she'd be long range from anyone."

"Have you ever taken an arrow, shoved right to the eye?"


"Me'either, I'm guessing no one has lived to tell the tale of it either, you fool."

"Oh. Yeah."

"Gill, you've been need'n to get a brain in that head of yours, halfwit. Come, let us go home and tell the Iron Lord what's happening and give him this here missive."

A Festive Banquet or Royal Farce?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/22/13

"Never in all my life, did ye see?"

"See what?"

The collective voices appear to be long to the washer women; arms laden with their loads while lye soap makes heavy scent on the air. There are many here mingling among the smallfolk, some that pay homage for their coin to the men of the encampment and others that could be connected to the various nobles who'd been in town for the festivities, though it seems that the dinner party is the topic for the day's duscussion.

"All them Lords last night an that Prince!"

"He just stormed off! Right off from tha table, left 'es sister sitting there and tha Queen too, afore tha meal was even served."

"Gotta temper on him tha' one."

"Didn't seem much temper to me, seemed like what tha Southern Bitch deserved, insulting tha Prince a'his own table."

"Bitter she was, because none o'her men came away tha Champion."

"By the Four, speaking of Champions, did you hear? He made that Westermark knight his own personal champion, assigned him to leave with the Princess."

"It's a pity she isn't allowed te stay home."

"It's a pity he's trying to start a war."

That was a voice that didn't speak again, the curt looks the southern wench was given were enough to send her taking her wash elsewhere from the group, obviously aware now that she was amidst a sea of Northern supporters.

"Why would she want te, I ask ye? Didje no see 'im, invitin' that lady te tha table fancy as ye please an her not even his. Auldholme, wasn't she? Sat her by the Queen 'erself!"

"Ye dun think…."

Some looks require no words; at the moment the majority of those speaking were sharing such a look.

"What else? An then all've a sudden it's er sister he's sendin' off with the Princess? Heard that Queen invitin' that Lady for a visit too."

"What would the Queen want with tha likes o'her?"

"Same as the Prince?"

The laughter was akin to the cackle of a bevy of hens, deep and full and from the gut; though the jovial moment was cut short, by a slim blond waif of a woman, rushing towards the group.

"Yuns are never gonna believe what it was ah just 'eard!"

Expectant looks prompted her to continue, gestures but again, no words.

"Tha Mother Superior was naked! Heard that Souther slut done tried t'kill herself. Chalk right full o'shame for her ways, she heaved herself straight into tha lake!"

"Did she die?"

"Sir Auldholme's little girl? The one goin' round dressin' above her station?"

"Oh aye, wish I'd the same dresses she did. Ah'm a servant I am!"

Again laughter washed between them but this grave bit of news was it seemed now the main topic of the conversation.

"Did someone push her?"

"Did she die?! Get t'tha end, me girl!"

"No, no they pulled 'er free, a whole heard of 'em there, it seems. Had a horse doin' crowd control."

"Crowd control?"


"So they was a bunch o'folks there?"

"Seems so."

"Reckon why she jumped iffen they's someone there te catch 'er?"

"Maybe that was why?"


"Well, she's certainly whored for enough of it, hasn't she?"

"So…what did the Mother Superior look like….?"

"What did the Prince and the Queen finally decide?"

Gamblin Time
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/22/13

Boy don't them Northern people like ta twist some fancy tales. Talkin bout the Prince bein insulted at hims own table. Werent his table ta'll. It were a table fer all o' them high fancies. And dat Queen dun ruled it.

Stormin off cause an insult? Ha! Cub tried to play with the Lioness. Got hiself bite in the ol family business he did. In front a ta womens too. Oh ta be a fly on dem walls when his Da a learn his son done give up control for a woman.

Now dat Queen. Calls her a bitch if ya wan. Dun matter ta me. Never broke a sweat in rilin that Prince up. He come for the tournament, she come for blood. Like got her some ta boot. Ah da while a smilin and being calm. Mine me not ta gamble with dat one. Knowd jist when ta hold and when ta fold.

Aint jist no woman he give it up fer. Give it fer his sister. Though old beardy Breac aint zackly ta kind to give, not even fer hims children. 20 ta 1 say some high temper be a comin out when he learn. Son had the upper hand hand for a time so it seem.

Most them youngins do's think days know ta gamble. Aint a one em knows life aint zacktly sumthin ta gamble wif. Special if yous a facin a pro.

Pro ta be ser. Come wit her own deck, stack it too wit dat Princess she be aholdin.

It's Tough Being a Royal…
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/23/13

With the festival at an end and most of the nobles returning back to their borders, several of the tradesmen and merchants gather within the 'Clam for food, women, and a whole lot of gossip:

"Seems like that one Princess done found herself a new man, now that she can't be having that other Prince."

"Who's the lucky guy?"

"Wouldn't know that I'd call him lucky or her for that matter either. She's been taken up with one of them twin heir knights from Riedel. You know, the one that looked like he wanted to kick his horse when he lost the joust?"

"Her brother can't be liking that none. Think he's done plucked her petals yet?"

"Her brother? Ewww…."

"No, you idjiot, that Riedel knight."

"Dunno, but don't be thinking she's got many petals left to be plucked if'n what they say's right. Doubt the Crown Prince cares much, he's too busy throwing his own fits to be worried about her lovers."

"Wait, he threw a fit? What happened? Someone steal his favorite chair or somethin'?"

"Hardly, seems he tried to threaten that Southern Queen with his huffing and puffing and she wasn't having none of it. Wanted his other sister back and some people from the South to be hostages - something about being fair and all."

"Well… did he get his sister and them hostages?"

"You kidding me? The Queen pretty much laughed at him in front of everyone. Told him if he wanted his sister he needed to remove all armies from the North and pretty much leave his entire kingdom defenseless… and then? Well, then he could take his sister home."

"He told her to go suck it, right?"

"Guardians, no. He actually agreed to all of it. Traded his entire damn kingdom for the return of his sister. Damn fool that he is. Ain't no matter how fine that Princess Niniane be, ain't -NO- woman worth an entire kingdom."

"Damn, I'd really hate to be him when the King finds out about that."

"You and me both. Hey, Tisda! Another round on me!"

At it Again!
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/24/13

Two people just sitting and talking over lunch, discussing some of the rumors that have been floating through the Clam.

Rymun: "Yeah, he seemed a bit nervous."

As to what the other man shakes his head, "True. Though have you heard the latest things about the Riedels and that Princess?" The man leers suggestively, "You know the one."

Rymun: "Of course I did! Question is, will it stop there?"

Tylor laughs ale out his nose. "What do you think? The Princess? Course it's not stopping there. From what I've heard there might be a guard in the mix as well."

Rymun: "Seriously? Can't say I'm surprised, she's not all that particular."

Tylor winks, "Yeah. Holding each other and whatnot. I am sure that's not all they've done. Wonder how that brother of hers is ever gonna find her a husband. He better hurry 'fore there's no one left who'll marry her."

The talk then continuing on about other topics about local folks of Laketown.

Missing Count
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Post Date: 07/25/13

Ever since Countess Westmark was promoted with her husband, her husband shortly disappeared before the tournament in Laketown was completed. Noone seems to know where he has wandered off to, but rumor has it that he went off towards Brivey after emptying several supplies from the Flowering Vines in Westmark, and in fact, some of the ladies went with him. Perhaps he is looking to form an army to prepare for the march, or he is heading into Ellowe with sacrifices. Noone really knows what he's up to half the time. He's just not in his usual spot.

Well I never…
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/29/13

"Have you heard?!"

"Heard what?"

"Someone tried to kill that Auldholme girl!"

"Which one?"

"The youngest, the one been keeping company with Prince Jerric as of late, him and the Countess-Palantine. Said she was shot!"

"I heard that! Consairs, wasn't it?"

"No, southerners, a raiding party, what I heard."

"Weren't nothin' but a nick, I heard, tiny little thing on the arm."

"Nooooo, to the backside!"

"Was it?"

"Sir Sammel had to carry her back, heard tell. Poor thing couldn't walk at all. Nearly drown."

"Didn't he shoot her?"

"They say it was one of the young squires with him, missed a stag."

"Poor thing looked bloodied to ribbons!"


"No! Him!"

"I heard it was her, dress in tatters, little cuts all over her thighs, briars all in her skirts."

"Great big gashes down his spine! Heard she tried to claw his eyes out!"

"Nooo, that was just the briars from where he had to pull her free."

"Threatened to unman him, as I heard it."

"Crying her thanks and sobbing against his neck as I heard."

"So…where did the arrow go?"

"Where do you think?"

Impassible Borders?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/29/13

Rumors begin to circulate like wildfire all through the South and into Laketown about increased patrols along the Taniford Kingdom borders over the past few days. A series of complaints begin to register amongst the merchants in Laketown about the impediment to their trade and business operations - with many citing needless searches of their wagons and wares by Southern patrols. Others report being turned away from the Southern borders entirely for failure to present proper documentation as to their guild affiliations.

Many seek to speculate at the recent change from the South. Is this a precursor to war despite the negotiations at the Festival Feast? Have there been further attacks on the South? Are the Southerners secretly mobilizing? These rumors and more continue to buzz from the shores of the South through Laketown and potentially even to the North.

Whether fact or fiction, one thing remains certain - no one seems to be coming or going from the Southern borders without heavy scrutiny.

What? No courtship?!?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 07/30/13

An Acolyte comes scooting out of the Temple, an empty basket on her arm, "Wait up, Jyn!"

"Hurry, up then Kylie, you know if we don't get there right on time, they don't hold the fish. And you know they still ain't getting a lot out of the lake." Jyn tapping his foot with some impatience as he does wait up for the other Acolyte.

"I know, I know," comes Kylie's exasperated response. But the moment she's caught up to him, her voice drops into hushed tones, "Have you heard the latest?"

"Latest about what, Kylie? You're not going to go on about how Lerin tripped up in combat practice again? Or Merith being late for dinner, we all know she wasn't off necking with Nate like half of everyone wants to believe."

"No, this is about the Mother Superior. Yolanda says she heard another in her room a few times last week, and they rightly spent the night with the Mother Superior."

"Oh that. Keep up, Kylie," Jyn just shaking his head at the gossipy girl. "Lerin said he helped Brother Thomas move a few things right after the birthday party inta her room. Or their room as it seems ta be now, he's slept there every night since and there ain't no separate cot in there either. Surely you've noticed the pendants?"

"Brother Thomas? Say it ain't..I mean..I know he's…" Shaking her head in disbelief. "Pendants? But….Jyn, they're sharing a room! Ain't that…."

"Ain't it what? Improper? Were ya expecting her ta take to some long courting period or something? You forgetting she's a priestess somehow? It don't work the same for them like it does most folk, you know that."

"It seems like it is…you know…any other folk do that and it'd be a right scandal. So surely…"

"Surely what?"

"I don't know…Just seems like there should have been…well something, ya know?" Kylie sighing, "And Brother Thomas too…we'd been hoping…"

"Hoping what? It were one of them others you had paired her up with, and one of you lot could catch his eye? Oh don't give me that look, don't think I haven't heard you all mooning after him when he's out in the practice circles. You know well enough he's only had eyes fer her near since he turned up."

"I know, I could dream though ya know…..but…Jyn, I know she can't marry…so what are they then?"

"Ya know, I ain't rightly sure. Just know they are..well whatever they are now."

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