Rumor Board Posts - June 2013

Rumor Board Posts for June 2013

Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/04/13

How long had it been since she'd been moved up to be the Temple Priestess? It seemed like years but it had barely been months, and yet Mother Superior Tylon was quite certain that she had to deal with more in those months that Father Geric had in all the years he had watched over the Temple of the Four in Laketown. And it was not over by far, the Followers of the Fifth..there was still much she was having to track there…and… A knock on her office distracted her thoughts, looking up, "Yes, what is it?"

A intrepid Acolyte ever so boldly steps into the office to report, "It seems Laketown is getting a bit full, Mother Superior. Soldiers from the north and south have been spilling in all day and seems there is no sign of them stopping any time soon, looks like there are ta be quite the armies gathering about."

It so was not the news that Tylon needed to hear at that moment, green eyes widened only a moment before settling back into their usual liquid calm look, "Very well, it seems the Guardians have decided we've been resting to long and are in need of testing." A rare sigh actually slipping from the slight woman, a hand reaching to press at her temple and remember to late about the still colorful bruise that is there. A slight wince is all before Tylon gives a nod, "Fine….Send word to Sister Alyona she is to keep the watch set as it is upon Lady Westmark, and send a runner to the Captain of the Watch to inform him that we will give aid should this surge of…guests dare to trip over our town's place of neutrality. And…just a moment… " Something is calmly written out over the course of a few moments, "Give that to Brother Thomas….Guardians watch over you, Daughter." An incline of her head occurring with the dismissal to see to it.

Eyes flit for something to throw once the Acolyte has departed, but Tylon is left wanting and can only give a growl before sighing and letting the tranquility flow back over her. Seems Aylona cleared her office after that last little…incident.

But within the hour, the Temple of the Four in Laketown has Chosen and their Acolytes standing watch over the Temple and the near area. Guardians help the person, and their soul, who dares so much as make a sniff that threatens the neutrality of Laketown whilst near the Temple.

Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/04/13

News from Wolveshire is that after those troops that went north had left, the stores of the Castle have been replenished, and even filled up a bit more. Does someone expect trouble, or is it just routine happenings? Who knows?

Whispers that float around
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/09/13

Overheard somehwere in a tavern in Westmark….

"Merk! Wasn't figuring ta be seeing you again fer another week. Already back from Sipon I see, business going that well?"

"Oh..Hail there Garis! And indeed, went fine and far quicker than I thought. Figured least take me another week, if not two to fret up a proper buyer for that lot. But found one straight off, not a speck of dithering, gave me time ta get in a fine stay at my favorite spot. And you'll never be guessing who I swear by the Guardians I saw in there neither."

"No dithering? Sounds like you more than dithered at the Flowering Vine if you're gonna be gossiping about other folk paying it a visit. Best buy me a tankard and get on with spilling it."

"Oh but that's the thing of it, weren't who were visitin' but who was seeming ta be workin' there. Was the right spitting image of that eldest Westmark girl, I swear ta it, others were figuring as well. Weren't going by that name, but a right spit fire all the same they were saying."

"Bornas's Balls! You got ta be kidding! Ain't no way that lass would be allowed far enough upon that leash they keep her on ta even consider, let alone….."

"Na! I swear it! It was her…Just be asking Josnin when he comes back, he paid visit and saw himself."

"Surely not…I just can't believe that."

…more rounds of grog are bought and on the talk flows to other things.

Where is the Wolf?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/12/13

It seems no one has seen Duke Pawel Varghem emerge from his room in days. Of course tongues have been waggling regarding the absence, some whispering he is depressed or drunk, some suggesting he isn't even there, and some bold folks wondering if he has holed himself up with that Taniford Steward who seems to be missing as well. A blonde and a red head is such a short time? Men whisper of the duke's good taste while most of the woman just shakes their heads in distaste.

Where are the Varghems?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/15/13

The lustful Duke Varghem still has not made an appearance. Many speculate that he is still holed up with that Taniford woman. While many people like to tell stories about what the Duke is really up to, some spread gossip about the Duke's sister, Lady Carisse, who is also missing. Some say she was swept away by Prince Stefan Rhaedan. Other's say she has joined the Acolytes at the Temple. Still yet, some people murmer about her joining the expedition north, disguised as a healer. Two thing are certain. Firstly, commoners enjoy telling tales about the nobles. Second, Lady Carisse Varghem is not at Wolveshire Castle.

Messenger Captured
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/15/13

<OOC: Since I'm way under the weather and can't run this scene right now… - Darrin>

A messenger is captured in the Golden Sword at Brivey. Among his possessions were several more fliers and a missive:

Princess Rheadan,

We understand your plight however, in light of recent events, we cannot offer you shelter or safety at this time. While we respect what your family has done for us in the past, considering the recent activities as of late, we do not wish to get involved. If you travel here, and you are caught, we will turn you over. Good luck with proving the Taniford's innocence.

Baron Westmark

Does this mean that the missing Prince and Princess are on the move? Heading west to get away instead of towards Brivey Keep? It certainetly seems that way, especially as the messenger relates that he was supposed to meet the Prince and Princess south and southwest of Brivey, on the road between Brivey and Sipdon.

Things are not as they seem
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/15/13

As the words of Prince Darrin's posted letter spread through the lands like wildfire, from a friend of a friend of a friend who's cousin's brother's hairdresser's blacksmith's sheep's wool trimmer who saw a copy of the posting himself…what some people latch on to is different from others, but there is certainly plenty of gossip to be overheard…

"I knew there was something not right about that match, I could feel it me bones."

"What are you going on about now, Byrdie? Not that lovely arrangement just announced between Gerta's boy and Fyritha's girl?"

"Oh, by the guardian's, no. They're a fine match. It's that Taniford and Varghem one, haven't you heard? She's been saddled with that runty dog as if she were some prize ta be won in a game of ring toss at the children's fair. Bet it was the only way that Duke was ever going to get a match for that boy, had ta force it….."

"Wait, wait just a minute. What are you talking about. I done heard that the pair was getting along splendidly, something about meeting at the tournament and ain't been apart since, a love match made by the Guardian's themselves, I'd heard."

Byrdie's voice drops as she leans in,"Oh, that's what they wanted us all ta think. Think about how quick that betrothal word came. And she ain't been left alone by him, and been one of them cooped up in that castle just so they could make sure she didn't get away. Why else would they have been keeping one of our own locked up so tight? And I heard she could step a foot anywheres without a full contingent of guards keeping an eye on her. Worse, I hear that now that word is getting out about the truth of it, them Varghem's are finally letting her go home…so they can arrive just in time fer them to be married and he get himself settled proper in claiming his position before anyone can think ta put a stop ta this and he loses out on the only match that he's ever got a chance of getting. Mark my word, Mira, that girl is more miserable than a frog dropped straight inta a frying skillet."

"Surely…" Mira blinks as she recalls with a shake of her head,"I did hear from Kyric, saw that the Taniford Lady's carriage left this morn, had a mix of Taniford and Varghem guards with it…..You just might be right about it after all."

Byrdie gives a smug and knowing look as the pair continue on their way. More gossip to be shared and spread about like jam on a fresh slice of bread. But it does seem some are looking at things they thought they knew about and wondering if there is something else truly afoot.

Quite the presents!
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/16/13

Overheard between two gents knocking back a couple tankards of ale at The Golden Sword in Brivey…

"Did you see them fine wenches living this morn? Looked like some of them fine girls back at the Flowering Vines, didn't know Brivey had such offerings as well…when did that happen?"

"Oh, aye, I saw them, and heard 'em, they were up there with Sir Alek all night. But we ain't got such a fine establishment, Merric. Might be getting one though, least that's what Jullien overheard at the keep the other night."

"Sir Alek? Both of them? Guardians alive, didn't know the man had it in him. " The old soldier Merric shakes his head half in disbelief, half in awe. "Go on man, spill it all and quit being coy like some old hag about it all."

That causesa hearty laugh before Gorth downs the last of his current tankard and waves at the barkeep,"I'll have another on my friend here." Tossing a smirk to Merric,"As Jullien tells me, was a quite entertaining eve at the keep. That Westmark heir rumbled in looking like a pup who'd gone wallowing in the pig sty, rans straight up ta that Sir Alek embraced and clung ta him more like long lost lovers as she tells it. Says that alone sent the maids all a twitter."

"Bornas's Balls, I'd heard rumors about them, but had always thought they were just rumors. Sir Alek just never seemed the type ta…ya know…"

"Oh, I know what ya mean. But here's where it gets in-ter-resting. She says some madame came in inquiring about setting up shop here…And the Westmark heir jumped at hiring the two ladies ya saw this morn, got them for Sir Alek very self, since ya know…she couldn't be warming his bed like they surely both were wishing."

"By Ravas' Fire! You got ta be pulling my leg. His own charge bought him up them girls, ta…" Merric just shakes his head in disbelief. What Knight Protector ever had his charge, especially a Lady, buy him whores to warm his bed!

"I swear by the Guardian's themselves, Jullien overheard the exchange and even saw Sir Alek walking off with them girls on his arms. Ain't some whispery tales being done made up. Them two are tempting fate, I tell ya, and using them working girls ta keep disaster from falling down on them rightly."

Both take to their tankards with shakes of their heads, part disbelief, part awe, part jealousy.

Rumors of war
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/18/13

Following the Battle of Blasted Fens, rumors begin circulating across the land about the nasty things that took place on that day. One of the legends that begins to grow is that of Dalyros Lohstren, Knight of the Blue Guard. People talk about his bravery and honour on the battle field. Some say he saved the very life of Duke Pawel Varghem, while others talk about his gallant steed, a charger from Estermarch. Gaelor the Bard, who was at the battle, penned a song and has begun singing it in taverns across Taniford.

"The armies clashed as the rain began to fall
How far had they traveled from the Queens great hall?
Like a swarm, death moved across the land
But death was doomed to Dalyros' hand!

Dalyros! Dalyros! He's the Queens Champion!
He fights! He Fights! He's the Queens Champion!
Beware! Beware! He's the Queens Champion!
Vengeance is his! He's the Queens Champion!

Thunder roared as lightning danced across the sky
Death tried and tried, but Dalyros wouldn't die!
Then death came calling for the big bad wolf
But Dalyros came, and death could not engulf!

Dalyros! Dalyros! He's the Queens Champion!
He fights! He Fights! He's the Queens Champion!
Beware! Beware! He's the Queens Champion!
Vengeance is his! He's the Queens Champion!

Dalyros Lohstren, the hero of our land
Won't you come and take my daughters hand?
Dalyros, Dalyros, won't you come to the fight
So the enemies of Taniford, will see our true might

Dalyros! Dalyros! He's the Queens Champion!
He fights! He Fights! He's the Queens Champion!
Beware! Beware! He's the Queens Champion!
Vengeance is his! He's the Queens Champion!"

A Blue Guard Left Behind
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/19/13

The Taniford Delegetion seemed quite eager to leave the battlefield, heading back southwards. Most Blue Guards went with them. Save one.

The Deputy Commander, Sir Deidra the Swift was not one of them, apparently. Too badly hurt with wounds from four arrows, some lighter, some graver, Deidra could not have gone with them, even if she wanted to. Now, two days after the battle - two days of rest in her tent - she has been seen wandering around the camp, her steps unsteady, the expression on her face showing some of her stubborness. Pale. But still alive. And not giving in to the immense pain, her wounds are causing her. A worried healer was seen following in her wake. But after all it is only a question of days, maybe hours, until Sir Deidra's willpower will enable her to take upon her the challenge of the voyage home.

Battlefield Angels
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/19/13

Over the battlefield between Rhaedan and Ellowe, the dead and wounded continue to be tended to. Efforts to recover the wounded and dead have been hampered by different creatures - carrion crows, the mark of Khranas the Chaotic - feast on the flesh of the dead. Knights that were wounded tell stories of a seduction by a beautiful winged female, like an angel. While other Knights with grevious injuries have been found - not dead of their injuries - but from a neck that has been cleanly twisted and snapped. And there's the spiders. The new calling card of Queen Kerilyn Raethkin has continued to harass those tending the battlefield, biting and causing stinging injuries to healers that move a body just to discover tiny spiders underneath it. And the howls of unholy creatures, some have described as a crocodile and a wolf combined have started to sing out in a caphony of hissing howls at night, announcing their intentions to soon start to feast on the battlefield dead - and any of those foolish enough to have remained two days after the battle.

A sole Chaos Bringer watches from a long distance, ready to unleash the hordes on the Queen's command.

final break up.
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/19/13

After two days of continued healing and fending off attacks by creatures of Ellowe. The wounded men and women of the combined foreces have finnaly broken camp. With stefan and Amira secretely headed home diguised as Ironclad troops with most of the army as escorts a small detachement of Malgrave troops act as guard for the southern troops and the nobles to make sure they are safely brought home. The Malgrave troops will end at the boarder of Laketown so that they dont Violate the neutrality of the town. It said that the southern forces will rest up at brivey before resuming onto laketwon and beyond allowing for the wounded to recover more under healers of brivey and those that are with the army.

The Vengeance of a God
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/20/13

Among the group that travels south, under the night's mantle, it is said Samwell Taniford and only those closest to him, met around the fire to worship the Guardians in a very particular ceremony. But, perhaps, one of the Gods received a special gift.

The Prince's sword, the same he used in the battlefield, was unsheathed and offered to the flames. As it was covered, embraced, as it was shining with the light of a star -or so the witnesses seem to claim-, some words could be overheard.

"She, who tasted Darrin's blood.
She, who tasted Kharnas' blood."

A recited chant with the tint only the anger and bloodlust can give. But as it emerged again, the Knight of the Citadel and Commander of the Blue Guard and the Taniford Army could only smile in delight. Some say his eyes could outshine the fire, and with the ending of the ceremony, the blade was reborn with a new name.

Altheara's Vengeance.

The sword to kill the Fifth.

A rider in the night carried letters and parchments to the Citadel. Intended only for the hands of the best blacksmiths in the realm. Promises and instructions, perhaps.

A 'lesser' concern
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/21/13

When the battle weary group of injured had reached Brivey, the Laketown Temple Priestess and her group of true Temple Healers and Chosen had split off to the Temple located in the city. Their wounded being transferred to the care of those there, the truly weary give quarters to rest. But not all were given over to rest, within hours messengers had been seen departing. Official missives in hand as they scattered in directions to reach the main Temples in the cities in the North. And to the South departed the Laketown Temple Priestess, the injured woman pressing forth with the aid of her Chosen, often riding with one or the other as they continued on. Their injured and weary would follow as they could.

Upon reaching Laketown, the Mother Superior was heard to have took to her office immediately for more missives to be written, even if there were whispers that the woman was beyond the point of exhaustion. Only once the messengers had been dispatched to the Temples further to the south, the news sent onwards, did the Priestess rest, collapsing after having send word for another healer, and oh if any saw Sister Alyona to let her know that the Mother Superior was back and if she could wait a day before…coming to see her.

The nobles of North and South worried about a war between Kingdoms, they squabbled over who had been the seducer and who had been the seducee, over which Royal House was then to blame for it all, old hatreds and slights yet burned bright in so many hearts, these things and so much else did the nobles and their vassels concern themselves with….But for the Temple of Four it was the very souls of the citizen of Eikeren, all of them, for which they held grave concern, there was a much greater battle and issue at hand for the servants of the Guardians of Four.

Paid off?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/21/13

"Did you hear, Alwer?" One man working at the marketplace in Rhaedan says to another as they keep on doing their work.
His companion shakes his head a little, looking to the first guy now. "No, Andriy, I haven't heard. Or at least I don't think so?"
"That nephew of the King, the one that's called himself Prince Tomas, or something. I hear the King is paying him off to stop using the title." Andriy says.
Alwer just shakes his head a bit. "Now what makes you think so? Couldn't the King just order him not to use it?"
"I'm only saying what I heard. My brother has a friend that has a cousin working with the treasury, and he says they've paid large sums of money to that guy."
"Ah, just craziness. Forget about it," Alwer says, shaking his head and getting back to work.

Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/21/13

"Aye, I tell you. Tis true!" The smithy was telling his customer as he was finishing up a set of armor. "King Rhaedan paid his Steward an amount of gold, so much it would make your own mother blush, paid 'im to relinquish 'is claim on the title of Prince."

The customer refused to believe, "Nay, tisn't true. Why wouldn't he just tell 'im he isn't a Prince?"

The smithy dropped a piece of fire red metal in water, causing a hissing steam, "Tisn't that easy! The man is rightfully a Prince. King Breac's father, the King before him, gave the Prince that title himself, his own grandson. Aye, he has a rightful claim on it."

"Well, what did the Steward do then?" The customer asked.

"'ell, I hear he quit his post as Steward, took his chest full of gold, hired on some sellswords, and departed for Laketown. I 'eared 'im tellin' my cousin Connalt that he wouldn't ever come back onto his Uncle's lands. Aye, I don't know what was said in that Throne Room, but the King's nephew wadn't 'appy 'bout it all."

Power of Westmark
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/21/13

There's much gossip amongst the guards after Tomas has left the castle. As there is a changing of the shifts, there's whispered secrets and sharing of information.

Apparently Baron Westmark had grown tired of the stripped Prince constantly pursuing his daughter and had asked the King to remove Tomas so that he could no longer have any claim on the heiress.

Or the Baron made a vieled comment that the former Prince would be made into feed for his hounds if Tomas did not leave Rhaedan.

Or that the former Prince had acted untoward the Baronet of Westmark and the Baron walked in on the two and this was money to buy Tomas' silence.

Or that the Baroness of Westmark had heard of her cousin's behavior and offered the King the money herself to remove Tomas of title.

No matter what happened, as Tomas is now title-less, it seems the threat of a courtship to Coriaria is gone. Does that mean the poor girl will grow up with cats? Or hounds? Or a loveless arranged marriage? Only time will tell.

Healing mischief
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/22/13

The gossiping tongues in and around Wolveshire have a new tale to pass from mouth to ear. People around the town have spotted Young Lady Collette, of House Lohstren, often in the company of a stranger! Judging from his clothes, the young man appears to be a commoner of some sort. Nosy residents with time to ask questions say that the stranger is a healer, and new to this part of the land, having come, according to sone, from the western shore, and possibly as far north as the land of ice and snow. Some who have met the man swear that he speaks with a noticeable accent, but he does not seem like the one of the barbarians that storytellers describe in their tales. He does not wear crude clothing of skins and furs. People have seen the lady and this man riding daily along the roads and even in the woods (surely with the young lady's guards and the handmaiden with short, boyish hair who seems to be always with her!). Servants and patrons at the Golden Crown Inn say that the young lady has invited the stranger more than once to dine at her table. They talk about horses, herbs and their uses, and exotic places while Sir Augustus of Auldholme, who is supposed to be courting her, tends to business in the town.

Response from Bandit King
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/23/13

Nobles of Rhaedan,

For a long time, we, the bandits of Brivey, have stayed away from your number as we kept our attacks only to commoners or Taniford nobles. With your Crown Prince's denouncement of our assistance last night, your safety is no longer guaranteed. No longer travel alone, fair nobles, for now you are under threat of the highway man as well.

Responding to a thoughtless attack.
The Bandit King of Brivey

Missing Couple?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/23/13

After the wedding ceremony of Lady Elenore Taniford and Lord Lyam Varghem, there was supposed to be a large reception held in Wolveshire. Well, the party is set up and ready to go - but there is no Lyam or Ellie to be found. All that is left is a note for Elenore's mother that reads:

Couldn't wait. Started honeymoon. See you soon.


Threat to Neutrality?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/23/13

Rumors come flying out of Laketown after the death of a Taniford Knight. The Rhaedans claim that bandits were to blame, but there is also rumors that there was a healer there, a Lady Westmark that declined treating the wounded Taniford until he spilled his mission and the knight chose to expire than ruin his mission.

People also claim that the knight was carrying a missive from Ellowe. But also that he may have been crazy, as a journal was confisicated by Mother Tylon - and some say that it was a journal filled with the sexual exploits of one Sir Wesson of Taniford - perhaps the Mother needed some.. pointers? Or did not want the young Lady of Westmark to get any ideas?

The other rumor coming out is the Queen's Champion openly mouthing off to the Crown Prince of Rhaedan, nearly causing an incident as both the Taniford Guards and Royal Guard of Rhaedan rose against each other, and Prince Jerric, though wounded, called for his armor, ready to face off against the Queen's Champion himself in defense of Lady Westmark, before Sir Dalyros stepped down, and away from the battle happening, drawing jeers from the Rhaedans. If such wars could nearly happen over a book, how close is that fuse to the powder keg?

Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/23/13

"Did ye hear?" A merchant is speaking to another in a tavern. "Did ye hear that Prince Jarric has lost his mind?"
"Nay," said the other merchant. "Why say ye this?"
"Well, he got hit in the head with an arrow, and nearly bled to death! Then, when he did come to, he was cursing the corpse of a dead Taniford Knight. Aye, I seen it all."
"Surely you jest."
"Nay, I saw it. Then, when the Queens Champion attempted to defend the honour of Sir Wesson…" he puts his hand over his heart, "God rest his soul… the northern Prince, almost dead, threatened the Hero of Blasted Fens!"
"Dalyros Lohstren?!" The second merchant asked in shock.
"Aye, the one and only! Then, that Lady Westmark stole a book from the dead body, a journal with the seal of Taniford. When Dalyros attempted to get the book back, the Prince, who is almost dead, mind you, tried to start a fight with him!"
"Aye! But, you know our Blue Guards. Too much honour and dignity to be slaying half-dead Princes."

Anger all around…
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/24/13

"Honestly did ya here about that Northern Princess."
"Ya mean the ambassador?"
"Nah the one who stuck north to join that battle."
"Oh that one, what about her?"
"Well it turns out both kingdoms are right angry with her. The Queen is fuming about her sleeping with a Lohstren Knight and the Northern King wants her under lock and key till she is married or something."
"Wow, they really that angry?"

Another voice chimes in, "That ain't the problem with the northern king. I heard that Lohstren knight is on a list of them to be killed on site. Molesting his daughter and all.
"Ah well I'm just telling it as I heard it."
"And the queen is right fuming at the Lohstren too."
"Well ain't that dandy…them nobles need ta keep their pants on."

Family Bonding?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/24/13

It seems that Dalyros Lohstren isn't the only Lohstren that is having some.. luck.. good or bad with the women. After being gone for quite some time, Xander Lohstren, the tournament knight has suddenly shown back up with of all people, Prada Varghem. And oddly enough, the two of them already seem thick as thieves as they celebrated at the Drunken Clam and then snuck away for some alone time at the Inn. It seems that perhaps that his sister is not the only member of that family getting familiar with a member of the Varghem family.

Conflicting reports
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/25/13

Two men are at the Drunken Clam, arguing over the events surrounding the situation with Princess Amira Rhaedan, Lady Carisse Varghem, and Sir Dalyros Lohstren. One man believes the nasty rumors being spread, while the other maintains it is all lies!

"Nay, I tell you. I was there… on the ship. It is all a nasty lie." The skeptic says.
"But, I heard the barkeep say tis true! He said he heard it from his Uncle's wife's sister's son's companion that it was true! Who could argue with such proof?"
"Bah! Heresay, I tell you, I was there! That Lohstren Knight had done a gallant deed, by giving up his room for those noble Ladies. The poor Knight got drunk one night…" The skeptic elbows his partner, "…and he can't hold his spirits, if you know what I mean. But, he got drunk, and stumbled into his room. T'wasn't but a moment later that the Princess and the Lady Varghem fled from the room. Nay, he couldn't have had time to remove his armor and get his little willy wet." A laugh goes up from both men.
"Are ye sure?"
"Aye, I am positive. There is no way anything happened between the three of them. I asked the Lohstren fellow about it the next day. He didn't even know what I was talking about. He said that was the first time he had ever drank spirits, besides a single glass of wine, and that he had never…. well… you know."
"No, I don't know… he had never what?"
"Come on, pignut, you know what I am talking about. He had never…" a face is made.
"Aah, well t'would be a shame for a man to get beheaded before he ever…. you know."
"Aye, would be a right shame. But, what I feel for is that Princess. The innocent lassie still has her honor untainted, yet people all over the two kingdoms are talking about her like she is a whore! I'm telling you, pignut. Nothing happened."

What is truth?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/25/13

A nobleman and a merchant are sharing drinks at the Golden Sword, in Brivey. Among other things, one of the topics that comes up is the rumor of war, and the situation with Princess Amira Rhaedan.

"Did you hear about the Princess?" The merchant asks the Nobleman.
"Yes, I heard about it. But, you remember that I was on that ship?"
"Yes, that is why I am asking you. Is it true?"
"No, it isn't true. I was in the room next to the Lohstren. He didn't do anything with the Princess, /or/ that southern Lady. As much as I hate the Taniford's, I just don't see a lie as a valid reasoning for war, or for killing an honourable man, southern or otherwise."
"How do you know it isn't true?" The merchant asks with curiosity in his voice.
"Well, those panels on that ship are parchment thin. I could hear everything. I heard the Knight trying to run those women out of his room. The booze had made him forget that he performed a chivalrous deed by giving up his room to the Princess. So, he was simply trying to run them off."
"Run them off? The Princess?" The merchant doesn't believe.
"Yes, run them off. And run off they did. They left the room immediately, and that was the end of it."
"And now we are going to war, over lies?"
"It does seem that way. Then again, maybe the crown was just looking for an excuse to fight? I believe they are just picking at any little thing to start a fight. The Prince nearly started a war only the other day. I believe that arrow to the head has made him lose him mind. He is mad, I tell you, mad!"
"Well, I heard the Lohstren could have cut down the Prince, but he chose not to. He does indeed seem honourable, if your words are true."
"Yes, they are true. I know them as fact." The nobleman gives a nod, "And, I spoke to a consort of the Princess. She said the Princess had not even been asked about the situation. She believes that the crown doesn't want to hear her side of the facts because they would be disappointed, disappointed that their reasoning for war is invalid. So, they have put her away so nobody can speak to her."
"Going to war without confirming the facts? Absurd!" The merchant believes the nobleman, and within minutes is relaying the same story to other in the pub.

Scandalous Varghems!
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/25/13

While most of the rumors of the Kingdoms seem to be focused on the Rhaedan and Taniford conflict, there's a small conversation in Wolveshire castle:

"Sick she was! That's why she missed the reception!"
"The Taniford Lady that took our little wolf? Sick with what?"
"With child, of course! Why do you think they rushed to marry so fast after the betrothal was done?"
"But they wouldn't… would they?"
"Oh, aye, didn't you see how close they got while everyone was away? And look at their examples! Prada off prancing around with a Lohstren knight, Carisse with another Lohstren, the Duke shacking up with yet another Lohstren.. perhaps the Wolves are hunting the horses to take in their lands, and the Lyam was given up for the Queen to turn a blind eye to the attempt?"
"Wait Carisse?"
"The Princess of Rhaedan wasn't the only one visited on that boat, lass!"
"Do you think…"
"…that is why the Lady Carisse is under the weather as well?"
"Oh, well chicken soup won't fix that!"

More giggles and gossip continues as the women continue to work on the wash.

Hangings a'Foot
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/25/13

Late in the night, or so they say, two men were dragged out of the Flowering Vines in Sipdon. They were questioned until the early morning by the Baron of Westmark, and as the sun rose on the shores of the Barony, scaffolding and gallows were put into use, and the two men were hung and the bodies left to be picked at by the seagulls of the coast.

A note left on the bodies is said to read: This is what becomes of any agent of Taniford that attempts to spy on us. The shadows are everywhere.

Vengeance burns
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/25/13

A story begins to spread throughout the land, of vengeance killings in Estermarch. After Baron Westmark killed two Lohstren agents, agents the Taniford's claim were simple diplomats, riders wearing the Lohstren colors abducted four men. Some say the Lohstren riders crossed the border to do so. Three of the four were reported to be Westmarks, while the fourth was allegedly a member of the Caprios house. It is said that Count Dedrick Lohstren ordered the men to be burned at the stake, and not hung, for trash is usually burned and never hung in the air. It is also said, in other tales, that Count Lohstren was so enraged by the killing of his 'diplomats,' that he swore vengeance on Baron Paule Westmark himself, and his entire family. Whether or not these reports are true remains to be seen, but one thing is certain. The Horse Lords are read to ride north.

The corpses of the men were decapitated, and the heads sent to Sipdon, with a note: For every one you murder, we shall take two.

When the calm flutters…
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/26/13

Overheard as a pair of Acolytes scrub away, cleaning the floors of the Temple…

"Did you hear about the commotion here yesterday afternoon?"

"Commotion? No, Sister Nyrid had me run off my feet. What happened?"

"Way I heard it…with tensions only getting worse, there were a pair in here yesterday that upped and forgot where they were, started having words, heard fists were about ta fly. But then the Mother Superior showed up, and you know she doesn't take kindly ta anyone disrespecting our place here. I hear it was a sight, plum caught them both up by the ears and had 'em dropping ta their knees before they even knew what was what. Heard one of 'em was twice the size of her even. "

"Truly? Someone was dumb and forgetful enough ta have words in the Temple? And I bet they dropped, ya ever have your ear twisted, feels like it's about ta be pulled right off. Bet they never saw it coming, not with her. I swear, ain't a thing that uncalms her. "

"I hear she still looked as calm as a spring pond, even when she hauled them off ta have a word with 'em. Heard they left looking mighty sheepish."

"I bet! You ever been on the receiving end of one of her talks after doing something right, or heard someone get one? Almost like ya got coldcocked by a summer breeze, followed-up by a sucked bunch from a flower. Never quite ever seems ta touch ya, but leaves ya dazed and feeling something awful, certain ta not do it again and mend ones ways. It's the most awful thing ta go through. Always that calm voice, that look of hers….I swear, it'd be far better if she did up and scream at ya."

"By the Guardians, it would be! I got a talk once, and came away feeling lower than a slug. Never raised her voice, or even had a hint of anything in her words. Was more her eyes, but never knew til then….nor could have ever fathomed I'd be wanting ta be screamed and hollered at, cause it would have been a better way of it……But I hear the Mother Superior is ta be meeting with the Captain of the Watch this afternoon."

"Again? Do they really think there will be trouble?"

"Seems like, you've already seen the extra patrols again. And if folk are stupid enough ta forget themselves in the Temple like that, ain't no telling what can happen outside it."

With that, the pair seem to fall silent as they reflect upon the matter, and the floor that is being scrubbed.

A Fish Story
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/26/13

As the fishing boats return from Shelter Lake, Laketown will notice that there is a smaller than usual haul of fish from the usual 'good spots' in the lake. A couple of fishermen at the Drunken Clam were liberated with spirits and made their way down to the Temple to pray at a certain altar about it. A pair of acolytes were seen with one of the junior preists the next morning at the market, blessing the fish stalls, and the wrapping up a large shapeless object and bringing it back to the Temple for investigation.

Tributes to Stilltha?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/26/13

Apparently rumors of what was found in Shelter Lake is getting out as a makeshift altar has been set up on the shores of Shelter Lake in Laketown. Several vials of seawater are set up as are bottles of wine and fresh fish. Prayers are being offered and made - away from the Temple - as the people of Laketown seem to be imploring the Guardian of the waters.. for.. something. Did the rise of Kerilyn Raethkin awaken the anger of the Guardians?

The truth is unclear
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/27/13

When it rains, it pours….Kharnas unleashed upon the world itself, ever further evidenced by the drums of war that not beat upon the borders. The rising of tensions that raise ever more….and then this news of the strange 'thing' pulled from Shelter Lake in conjunction with poor fishing, fishing that continues to be poor. Some say it was just some rotten, slimed up sail cloth, others say it was really just some odd seaweed, and yet others say that when it was shown to the Mother Superior the words uttered were 'sea dragon'.

Closer to the Temple, whispered words say it was the shed skin of a growing sea dragon. Those seeking to seek a glimpse to see if it is true have had no luck in seeing or even finding out what has become of the object delivered to the Temple. Some say they have hidden it away, trying to erase the whole matter, some say that the Mother Superior has seen it stored in her own room, others say it has been given Last Rites and a few even scoff at the matter as a whole.

Out upon the shores of Shelter Lake….City watchmen and Chosen have been seen patrolling, often just studying the waters of the Lake itself. It is rumored that various acolytes have come to 'observe' the makeshift shrine and those who come to it, never interfering, only watching. Rumor has it that amongst the tributes delivered to this alter was a silver tray with an offering that none can agree to just what exactly it is…or was, for any attempts to touch it had it disintegrating beneath their very fingers. Others speak about how the shrine is found ordered and tidied each morning, the very sand around it even ranked out, proclaim some.

At the markets, the fishing still seems to be down. There are a lack of options, a general lack of fish to be had.

While there seems no official word has been forthcoming in the day or two since the 'thing' was taken to the Temple, an increase in activity has been noted. A flurry of messengers have been seen leaving, some say they have seen the Mother Superior herself going to the Lake, and then heading northward. To circle the Lake? To head to Brivey, perhaps Haven Lake? To head to another Temple and take up post there? The whispers speak of many things. Some say the Temple is planning action, some say they are simply more active in preparing for the upcoming Festival of Ravas, for they dare not spurn the Guardian and his day.

Whatever the truth of the matter is, these things are known for certain….Something large was pulled from Shelter Lake, the make shift shrine upon the shore of Shelter Lake to Stilltha is getting 'tidied' every evening, more watchful eyes are upon the Lake itself, and the Temple of Four in Laketown is ever more a buzz of activity.

Duel at Sunrise
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/28/13

The two men met at the fields outside of Summit Halls. One Knight, wearing the blue cloak of the Guard. The other, the colors of House Lohstren. With Lady Morla Lohstren as the witness to the battle. She laid out the rules and conditions, before Sir Dalyros carried out his threat on Sir Xander, and the two exchanged blades and blows on the field of honour.

The sound of swords rang out for nearly fifteen minutes before a clear victor emerged. Bloodied and battered, the tip of Sir Xander's sword rested on the throat of Sir Dalyros. "Yield." Dalyros managed to say, his lips bloodied by a sharp punch to his face.

By all rights, he should have killed the man for insulting him the way he had. Instead, Sir Xander turned and bowed to Lady Morla. "Your will has been carried out, m'lady. Sir Dalyros is for you to deal with, and my honor has been sated. I will not be a kinslayer this day."

And with that, Sir Xander, wounded and bloodied stepped from the field, the better man that morning.

Word heard in a Taniford Hamlet
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/29/13

Whispers begin to make their way around various parts of the South in hushed tones amid the daily commoners:

A rather homely woman with pocked complexion clucks her tongue, pausing as she carries in the basket of wash, "Didja hear about those Northern Princesses? Bad blood every last one of them."

Taking a break from his daily chores, an elderly man perks up a bit at the mention, "I heard they were Chasm spawn."

Scoffing slightly, the unsightly woman continues with an air of superiority, "Don't be ridiculous. Everyone knows they were suckled by Fenwolves."

"I heard they'll toss any man they see," the elder man adds with a waggle of his bushy brows, puffing out his chest with a degree of machoism.

A rather scrawny man emerges from the stables, adding in a nasal tone, "Well, then, looks like you'll finally be getting some, Vaas, won't you now. Besides, that's just the one. Saw her skirts above her head I did with me own eyes. Likes to pretend she's all innocent, Royal and the like. I sure wouldn't mind me a piece of that." He licks his lips longingly.

Vaas turns to the newcomer with a hardy laugh, "Och now, you couldn't afford a night with her. You ain't got nothing to offer her, no title, nothing. Besides, I heard she's setting her cap for that Prince."

"Sure I do, I'm the King of my own Castle," declares the scrawny man with a toothless grin.

The homely woman guffaws at both men as she shakes her head in return, "King of a Puddle of Mud is more like it. Now get back to your chores, the both of you, or you'll be doing mine as well."

"Yes, dear," the scrawny man grumbles before going back to mucking out stalls, letting out a whistful sigh, "Still, a man like me bagging a Princess. Wouldn't that be a hoot!"

Song of the South
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/29/13

Word has come out of the Taniford lands. A merry little tune. When asked what the words are….

Listen up my friends as I tell a tale
One of fright and terror true.
A song to be sung throughout the lands
About the people we thought we knew.

So grab a chair and sit a while
Don't forget to lock your door.
Soon they'll come to beguile
The Harpy and The Whore

For once there roared a Lion,
A mighty Lord was he.
His people called him Braec
He sired daughters three.

Nursed they were from Kharnas' cup
and bred to cause misery.
He sent two South to steal the pups
of the rightful Eikeren Queen.

The eldest came to spread her waste
like Father did command.
With a thirst for blood and pulse for hate
For Kerilys was her name.

She wove her spell with Kharnas' help
to twist our Prince into her slave.
Then with the darkness at last the Harpy struck
taking our beloved Princess away.

With a smile full of sunshine and ringlets of gold
the youngest came South the same.
Disguising herself as a royal of compassion,
for Amira was her name.

All around about the South,
She showed /every/ man what compassion was about.
From lackey to lord and higher still,
there were no coins gained to experience her /thrills/.

A most lovely flower too overly plucked
Is there any man who she has not fuc—-
She wandered about seeking men of prestige,
Playing each for fools with her incessant need.

To all the women of the South
Be mindful of your men.
For in the dark they roam about
No one can know where or when
The daughters of Braec are on the prowl
The Harpy and The Whore.

Paints and Swords
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 06/29/13

"Was that really who I think I saw out there with the swordmaster?"

"Depends on who you thought you saw, if you thought it was that wispy artist, then you were right."

"Why in all of Altheara's Winds is the swordmaster even trying to teach her? He should be sending her packing. She has no place out there, not even practicing. Has he or anyone else not noticed that she cannot even lift the bloody sword? Let alone have a snowflake's chance in Rava's Fire of swinging it?!?! Time should not be spent allowing some flight of fancy, real training needs to be the focus."

"Calm down there, Lerin. Ain't a thought there other haven't already had. And the swordmaster has tried to disquade the girl. Figured if he went hard on her when she first showed up, that it'd put her off. Assumed it was a flight of fancy as ya say. But seemed ta only make her more determined. Spent hours after he left working at it. Fear it was the hardest thing fer us not ta bust a gut laughing at the thing. Ain't meant fer fighting, as ya have seen yerself. But the girl is determined ta learn and swing about a blade."

"Fine…she is determined and it ain't a flight of fancy. But why!?! She ain't doing anyone, let alone herself any favours. Be far better off going back to that charcola and paintbrushes of hers. I mean what does she even think…."

"We haven't a clue ta be honest what has gotten into her, won't tell the swordmaster nothing byeond it is needed and to continue. No matter how hard he has pressed her, bruised her up, the thing has returned every day this week and on gone on for hours on her own after. Least she manages to hold the thing and almost half make a swing, got ta give her that much. She is giving it all. But the Guardians only know what's gone and gotten in to her head. We're just hoping it'll get back out, cause it's ceased ta be funny, like watching a helpless pup gettin' beat and just doesn't know ta stay down."

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