Rumor Board Posts - May 2013

Rumor Board Posts for May 2013

New Vineyard Sought
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/06/13

During the early morning hours, it seems that the young Lord Varghem has been busy. Sent out into the pre-dawn darkness, several barrels of wine were removed from the cellar and tested. Those that did not pass muster were immediately shipped away to be dealt with by donation or destruction. Several runners were then sent out to secure fresh wine from the nearby vineyards to be tested and a new vinemaster chosen. Furthermore, several brewmaster notices have been sent out in a challenge. 20 gold and a contract to find the meade that appeases Lord Sir Aethel's thirst. Noone knows exactly what caused the young Lyam to take a sudden interest in the drinks of the estate, but it is said that he is quite aware of his siblings tastes and as the Estate handler, he wants to make sure the house runs at optimum.

New hires
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/06/13

It's been heard that the sellsword is already looking to hire servers and someone to run the kitchen and man the drinks. Quite surprising concidering the tavern's still not built yet. Other agree that he might be jumping ahead a bit, Though its been rumored that Prince Stefan has spoken to the Sellsword on aiding him in its reconstuction. Also at the Tourney its rumored that Sir Aethel of Varghem offered as a wager to give the sellsword Twenty floin on the grounds of his brother losing? Another disagree's "no it was on the condition of him winning." Arguments ensue, as they cant make up their minds. Needless to say it appears that the Tavern's construction might be underway sooner than expected.

Tourney Summary
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/07/13

The winners and runners-up of the various events are as follows:

Sir Eldrick Lohstren(winner)
The Phantom Dancer

Lord Paidrig Riedel(winner)
Princess Amira Rhaedan(second)
Caspar Birch(third)

Horse Racing:
Lady Carisse Varghem(winner)
Sir Eldrick Lohstren

Sir Eldrick Lohstren(winner)
Sir Moirae Lohstren

Sir Nydan Krakensteel(winner)
The Phantom Dancer

Lost heads and detainment
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/07/13

It seems that the feast at the end of the Wolveshire Tourney was quite eventful. It's said that near the end, a group of Blue Guards brought in a makeshift stretcher, revealed to hold the missing Taniford heir, Princess Aylanora. Her head separated from the rest of the body. In the chaos that followed, a few things seems to have happened. Prince Samwell Taniford, youngest brother of the deceased Princess, took command of the Blue Guard, arresting the former commander in the process. In addition, it seems that the two Rhaedan Royals present, Prince Stefan and Princess Amira, was announced to be held as guests of House Varghem for an extended period of time.

The sounds of things thrown…
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/07/13

Later in the evening after the feast in Wolveshire, there was the sound of things being thrown coming from the rooms of the Duke of Wolveshire. In addition, servants was seen heading in there with strong drink. Seems people have different ways of coping with things…

Suspicious Persons
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/07/13

As the morning goes on, a pair of servants working on cleaning up from the party are overheard talking.

"I saw the pair of them come in late last night and demand to see the nobles."
"You mean a couple of just commoners?"
"Not just any commoners. He's from the North. You can tell. He smells. And was scraggly. And the woman with him. She was probably his child bride or something. You know they're as bad as Corsairs up there."
"Yeah, so we have a couple of filthy Northerners in the castle. What else is new?"
"The woman, a redhead, she was carrying a dress in Taniford colors. And he was carrying a bag - and I swear I saw blood and feathers!"
"…do you think they know who killed the Princess?"
"I ain't saying that, but he was muttering about the Chaos Bringer. As bad as he smelled, I bet he's one of them. Probably kidnapped the Princess and had his way with her before beheading her.."
"Then why would he have presented the evidence?"
"Because he's trying to throw everyone off of his scent of course! Hide in plain sight."
"I think you've been drinking too much."
"Says you. But I don't trust that Ranger or his woman. Even had the dagger of the Princess Rhadean I heard. Bet they sacrificed our Princess to Amira so that Amira could be free to marry Samwell. Aylonora would have never approved that match."
"Oh, now you're just being silly - quick look busy, I hear the Duke approaching!"

construction Anew
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/07/13

Well it seems the rumors are true, as All the guilds have come together on a large table just outside the ruins of the Clam tavern, the old foundation has been cleared and reshaped as the building seems to be going to be slightly larger and a tad wider, as more rooms are to be added. Even the kitchen has been improved upon and a new foundation for what is deemed a water tower is to be built in adjacent to the new tavern.
Loads of freshly Hewn timbers, and quarried stone is being brought in by the wagon load as worker proceed in the unloading and sorting of goods. When asked the Guilders just mentioned that a sizeable down payment was delivered to each and they were told to proceed with the construction of the new and improved 'Drunken Clam Tavern'

A Prince in the Dungeons
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/08/13

Samwell Taniford has been seen in the Wolveshire Castle's dungeons, paying a visit to the previous commander of the Blue Guard. Many say words about the offense he made to the royal family, by bringing Princess Aylanora's body in the middle of a feast, were heard repeatedly, alongside many other comments equally tinted in bitterness. And, by the end of the uncomfortable meeting, the Band of Taniford and the Blue Cloak were taken from the man.

There are, again, only eight members in the order - but there are nine rings and Blue Cloaks to be used. Does it mean the empty spot the Blue Guard had is open again?

Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/09/13

With the news of the murder of the Southern Princess and the missing Northern Princess, a redhead most often seen in the company of a certain Northern Prince, even self confessed as working for him set out to look around the area from the Ruins and spanning outward. During the search, she ran into the Lohstren Heir Eldrick along with his own tracker and guards. A couple of clues were found, a clasp made of silver that is too large for a ladies dress, it has an etching of a horse on it. The clue the Lohstren Heir found was even more disturbing. Long, red strands of hair tangled in some branches. Neither Princess had red hair, and again, it was remembered that Kaelea was known to work for the Northern Prince, Stefan. Detaining her, Eldrick Lohstren is bringing her back for questioning.

A Blue Guard slain
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/10/13

In the few past days, it is said one of the Blue Guards was challenged by a woman in Wolveshire, and he died! Some say it was a matter of damaged honor, some say it was just to take his position - and, indeed, the woman known as Sir Peronell Savage has taken the Blue Cloak and sworn her service to the royal order. Another one of common birth and uprising? Isn't there a place for us nobles in there? Another redhead with a sword?

New Weaponsmith in Wolveshire
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/11/13

With the current weaponsmith taken ill recently after an accident in his shop, one of the Guild Master Apprentices from Lakeside has taken over running the weapon's stall and forge in the city of Wolveshire. Known simply as Brody, he's a young man and seems to be more brawn than brain, though there's not many complaints about that from the young women that work the market.

New Information
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/11/13

There is gossip amongst the Wolveshire castle after a package was sent from the ranger and his healer wife that there was information on the disapperance of Princess Kerilyn that is leading them back into Taniford lands - more appropriately the rumor that somehow the Lohstren family is involved in the kidnapping of the Rhaedan Princess, including the mark of the noble House on a parchment found by the ranger.

Night-time Maneuvers?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/15/13

The Riedels must be on the move. At least a hundred knights left south from Brivey Keep tonight, under the cloak of darkness. I wouldn't want to be a brigand on the road tonight, I tell you. Tore out of there like they was on fire, I says. 'Nother o' them nobles must'a gone missin.

Calamity at the New Drunken clam
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/18/13

"Did ya hear, there be an accident at this new drunken clam, yeah seem them carpenters were trying new hoist and pully system and the darn think broke free. Then that sellsword.. oh whats his name.. " another voice.. "Roltoff or something!" a nod as the origional speaker says. "well anyway seems the sellsword shoved two of the workers out of harms way and caught the beam, or maybe " aged chuckled.. " the beam caught him… " more laughter.. " Seems the young fella busted up his arm bad, to where the mother of the Temple had to go and set his arm and there's talk he might have come down with sumpt'n too."
There is some Idle chatter. "yeah so what?" one man asks.. "So What!, " the origional speaker says.. "Why in saving thow two carpenter lads, they are more than determined to work harder to get that blasted tavern built now, when a common sellsword's willing to risk his hide for one of them, thats what. "

A Lohstren and a Silver Ring
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/21/13

The youngest daughter of the Lohstren Lord, Lady Collette, arrived to the Wolveshire castle covered in mud and telling stories of wild hounds in the ruins. But she was carrying a silver ring she found, a ring with the sigil of House Taniford, and /yet another/ sample of red hair.

The second Lohstren who adventures in the eastern ruins, and the second who arrives with clues, presumably, at least. What are they up to, anyway?

Not all who wander…
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/22/13

Apparently the northern ranger and his healer are heading back north again. A young woman in training at the Haven temple arrived under the escort having rescued the Acoylte from Fen Wolves near Haven Lake. The ranger and healer left before morning light after gathering some supplies, but left some information to be delivered to the temple priestess in Laketown to be taken to Wolveshire for the royal families to figure out.

A spot of sunshine in the gloom
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/23/13

Found amongst the various announcements and news that float around from House Taniford is simple news that will surely surprise none currently residing or staying on as 'guests' at the Castle Wolveshire…..

/"\/\_..---------._/\/" ( _|| ||_ )
\_/\/ || || \/\_/
|| House Taniford is pleased to announce ||
|| the betrothal of their own ||
|| Lady Elenore Taniford ||
|| to Lord Lyam Varghem of Wolveshire ||
|| ||
|| ||
--------|_/\/" ( _| |_ )
\_/\/ ‘
--------—’ \/\_/

The announcements comes with much talk of fine feasts and even better, a grand tournament leading up to the marriage ceremony and celebration. Something pleasant for the gossips to talk about during these times of sorrow and uncertainty.

To be the messenger…
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/23/13

Somewhere in Laketown….

"Fenric, you about? Brought a few of them teas and come ta see how that cough be coming along?"

"That you, Yolia? Wasn't expecting ta see you, thought the Mother Superior was coming about today," comes the response from Fenric as shuffles on out. A haggered breathe before a rattling cough comes. "It is getting better but were running out of that tea."

"Ah, yes…she was meaning ta come but saw ta sending me after some odd package and note showed up fer her. Not quite certain all was in it, something about a journal and some pictures. But came from a couple who'd been in getting some help from her not long ago. Something about it actually made her frown, had her heading out ta that Wolveshire in a thrice. Should be back in time fer yer next visit."

enric shakes his head as he laughs, which just ends up causing him to cough again. "Now, I know you're joshing me, ain't ever anything that can cause that girl ta frown, solid creature that one. But headed off ta Wolveshire ya say? Do hope ya are right about that, she being back and they don't end up swallowing her up in that castle like the rest of them." Taking up the kettle of water that starts whistling,"Been hearing ta that there are more Chosen lingering out about the Temple these days?"

hat brings a laugh from Yolia,"Oh, that….seems Sister Alyona is back around for a bit…and I keep hearing about how some remember just what she did to Guy of Brivey once, so they are just being caustious."

And on they chatter….But it does seem that whatever was delivered onto the Temple Priestess of Laketown was taken up by her personally and seen on to those in Wolveshire…

General Gossip
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/23/13

As of this date, a silver claps and ring both with horses have been found. Clue perhaps? Local gossip would make it so, with wagging tongues and pointing fingers at House Lohstren. Further rumor seems to say this cannot be possible as the house is turning over what is found. Would they dare place blame on their own doorstep? Yet other clues speak of journals, combined house sigils, wolves, and religion. Yet the oddest of all are claims the missing Princess may in fact not be missing at all, as a few children of the North swear they have saw fit and healthy only a day ago near Haven. They cannot though say if she was alone, with one, two, or three companions. Gossip? Rumor? Truth?

There is but one truth in this to be sure, the North comes South, the South shores up it defense.

Punished Acolyte
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/24/13

Word spreads amongst the Chosen and temple of the acolyte that was rescued by Talia and Savaric was brought down to the Wolveshire temple to be questioned by the Mother Superior and the Deputy Commander of the Blue Guard. Apparently she had withheld something because she was seen later being made to peel a mountain of potatoes and having her mouth scrubbed out with lye soap anytime she attempted to make a comment. Apparently the Haven girl is being held until the Mother Superior is ready for her to leave.

Taniford Expedition
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/24/13

Rumor has it that a Taniford expedition set out from Wolveshire for those remarkable ruins two days ago, led by the newly appointed Deputy Commander of the Blue Guard, Sir Deidra the Swift. The group consisted of two more Blue Guards, several regular Taniford guards and, most importantly, a ranger. As if those Tanifords have learned from past mistakes…

Alas, the expeditition returned one day ago, late in the evening, the long faces of the three Blue Guards indicating that neither the expedition nor the enlistment of a ranger has brought the expected success. But then again, hasn't the area not been searched over and over, with always new questionable evidence turning up? Maybe the investigation should turn to other areas now that this particular place obviously has run out of new leads. At least all important trails must be trampled now, by so many eager investigators.

Shouts in the Castle
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/25/13

Collette Lohstren was seen entering the Blue Room in the Wolveshire Castle. Quite problematic was her visit, it could be said, after stomping through both Taniford men-at-arms and even Blue Guards to hastily reach her destination.

Inside, Prince Samwell Taniford and his squire, Lady Aylin Sollinger, were having a talk, but without doubt it was interrupted by the newcomer. Even with a closed door, a very loud discussion could be heard, and after some instants, the Prince left the place completely upset and in evident anger. The squire followed him promptly, though she looked certainly more serene and mannerly, at all sights.

What would be the cause of such intrusion? Some say words about the irresponsibility of the royal were openly said by the Lohstren lady, but given the harsh mood of the Prince, no one dared to ask.

Cold as Death
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/26/13

"Child, you look like you've seen a ghost!"

Now in the safety of her own home, in the arms of her mother, Myrisse stops pretending to be a cynical, grown woman and just lets out a loud, crooning sob - completely oblivious to the window open to the square of houses in the working-class section of Wolveshire. "I did, I did, ma. It was awful, he killed himself!"

"Wha… why would a man do that? You mean, at the Inn? Somebody killed himself at the Inn? Was he drunk? I told you those drunks…"

"No, ma… he had one ale the entire day. He just sat there like something was troubling him, but he didn't want to talk. I went on my break…" Myrisse sniffles a few times, dragging the hem of her apron across her eyes. "And when I came back, Misette was yelling at me for letting his ale go empty and I says to her that he didn't want anymore and while we were arguing, Geoffie came back and said there was a fight…"

"Well, that doesn't sound like suicide, dear. These things happen…"

"He picked a fight with a Chosen, ma, Misette's friend from Laketown was in town escorting the Mother Superior. And that knight, Ser Maldred, he stepped in to help. But when he knocked the man down, his girl squire - the wild girl - sat on him with her dagger. But, but, the Chosen, ma. She was so quiet and still, she was like death itself - angry and cold. The man threw himself on the knife to avoid her!"

"Who would be that terrified of a Chosen?"

"Misette … Misette grew up with her and says she's not like that, but I saw it true! She even knew who he was! But the worst part… she did try to stop him from the hands of Kharnas, but the squire fought her off, and the man died foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog. Ma, what does that even mean? I've never seen the like."

Myrisse's mother shudders softly, and uses her free hand to make a symbol against evil. "Let us hope it wasn't the hand of Kharnas, little one. Well, did you at least stay and help Misette clean up?"

"No, no, Ma. The Chosen came back… and did everything, took the body away, cleaned the blood…"

"Silver lining, my love. If you're going to have fights in your bar, at least make sure they're clean."

Northward Bound
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/28/13

A messenger has arrived in Wolveshire, delivering a message to the Mother Superior. He spoke of the message writers, the Northern Ranger and Wilderness Healer and that they had a dirty waife of a child with them, a local street rat to Haven that was speaking vividly of the missing Princess spending time with a whiny raven haired southern noble that she was going to find and land herself a Prince of a husband. The small group was heading north, and there was no more reports of sightings of Princess Kerilyn around Haven. The group headed north out of Haven, towards the lake and the Blasted Bogs and mountains beyond.

Consoling the Duke?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/29/13

"I swear Agnes, I saw it with my own eyes! The Duke has taken a lover to the bed he used to share with his wife!"
"Pfft. Who cares? I don't keep track of what the Duke does in his bed, Bertya. I hear him yellin' and throwin' things 'round his room all the time in fits of anger."
"Agnes, what iffin' he ain't alone in them times and is in there with that purty blonde woman I jus' saw him with? Think she likes him to be all wild like that? She's gotta be noble, saw the dress she was wearin', t'weren't no common rags I tell ya."
"Oh hush now, Bertya, let the Duke have his fun. Don't matter who he's havin' fun with, long as it keeps him in a good mood. You ever cleaned up after one of his tempers?"
"Can't say that I have, Agnes. Can't say that I have. Jus' wait an' you'll see, there's a blonde lady roun' the castle done sleepin' with the Duke."
Waving the servant away, Agnes hobbles off towards the kitchen to ask anyone there if they know what's going on.

Love in the air
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/30/13

"Rumor has it that one of them Northern nobles has requested the means to Court one of our Southern ladies", replies a serving girl at the Golden Crown Inn. "I seen it myself that one, ya know the one they call the Iron lord. I hear he was send'n some official like notice to Estermarch to the Lohstren House itself." The serving boy chuckles, "Eh so what, that don't mean nuth'n. " the girl replies "It sure does when I's hear him speaking of courtship and the Lady Collettes name be mentioned, and something about honor and stuff like that. All that proper talk.." The boy shrugs this off. "I doubt they'd allow one of them northerners to court one of our Ladies. "
The boy stops to rub his chin, " but Iff'n they do I wonder what that means for us?" The girl shakes her head. "I dont know shamus, I just rightly dont know.." Latter that evening a courier wearing the house Lohstren colors arrives with a sealed envlope and slips it under Sir Augustus's Door and heads down to the bar for a quick drink. Charlette, tends to him and asks why was the man delivering such a message to the northern lord. His only reply was.. " The approved it.. they sure fire aproved it.." Charlette blinks and asks.. "Approved what..?" At which point the courier says in a whisper, "the courtship of lady collette, thats what." As he pays for his drink and heads out the door to mount his horse and take additional letter to their destination.

Disappeared Blue Guards
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/30/13

After all these princesses disappearing lately, now there are two Blue Guards missing. Deputy Commander Sir Deidra the Swift was seen leaving Wolveshire in the company of another Blue Guard three days ago, heading northwards to Laketown. But from here on the story gets a bit mysterious. Sir Deidra was seen two days ago when she visited the site of construction, where the burned down tavern is being rebuilt. She was alone and even overheard exchanging a few words with the Sellsword Roltoff Delmort, who oversees the reconstruction work, and soon left with him for the Blue Duck Inn. On the next morning, however, none of the two Blue Guards were seen again, neither in town, nor did they reportedly pass the gates. Vanished as if Kharnas himself had dragged them into his hell.

An especially attentive guard at the North Gate claims though that he saw a dubious pair, clad in slightly worn plate and chain armour below cloaks of a brownish grey colour, the hoods of which were covering the heads and most of the faces of the two people wearing them - ahorse and heading further northwards in the direction of Haven.

A disturbance in the force
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 05/31/13

The white robes mark the pair as Temple Acolytes as they moved down the street towards the markets of Laketown.

"Did you hear that ruckus last night, Dorin?"

"The one that came a few hours after dinner? Yeah, I heard that alright, rather figured it was Seria trying to sneak something out of the cubboards again and instead bringing the entire thing down on her head…yet again. Figure she'd learn by now not to do that." The lad shaking his head a bit,"Why do ya ask?"

Lowering her voice as Gytha leans in to answer, "Because, I hear it wasn't Seria, not in the least. But the Mother Superior herself who caused all that noise. Came back from delivering another of them messages, you know all them trips to Wolveshire she's been taking, half coated in blood and just plum ransaked her own office before letting a soul in ta see ta her. and then only that Alyona."

Eyes widen in shock and disbelief, "Surely you're trying making that up. The Mother Superior? Ain't no way she could make that much noise, she barely raises her voices even with doling out punishments, let alone ta be screaming like that. Or throwing things about to make that much racket. And blood? By the Guardians what happened on that trip?"

Gytha gives a look around before answering Dorin's question, "Seems with all them trips, they decided to take a shot at her, knowing she'd be traveling out like that. But they didn't account for Sister Alyona. Seems the Guardians were right in having her path cross back here. I hear they still got the drop on 'em, a few hits…but well you know, ain't nothing that can best our Chosen, especially them. Ain't heard just what went down at the end, but it obviously isn't setting well with the Mother Superior."

Dorin just listens in shocked disbelief, "By the Guardians, they actually went after her? I'd heard whispers of something going on of late. But I figured it was just that whispers, trying ta keep us on our toes and all…nothing real. But it…." Shaking his head, "I got ta wonder what passed to cause the Mother Superior to go like that, ain't ever seen her anything but calm and tranquil. Guardians preserve us."

A nod simply comes from Gytha, whatever response she might have been ready to make gets left unsaid for now as the markets are reached.

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