Rumor Board Posts - October 2013

Rumor Board Posts for October 2013

Continued Triangle?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 10/04/13

Over heard around between some washerwomen in the laundry room in Brivey Keep….

"Right glad fer them folk to be back off again, was getting right crowded about here."

"Oh don't be telling me you didn't like watching all that finery and seeing some of them fine young Lords prancing about?"

"I did, I did. Though I hear that mouthy healer was about to."

"The one hanging about our pretty Knight before? Heard that one got married, many a sigh of relief over that."

"The very same. And might not be the case, seems Roland say that girl running straight into his arms the one day. Looked might cozy together."

"No…surely not?"

"Worse yet, seems Merta saw the pretty one and that smith the healer's supposedly married ta now, heading off ta the tavern a few days later. Seems the healer joined 'em later. But weren't her smith she left with, were our Knight."

"Land's alive! Iff'n she's married, that's just not right."

"I know, been hearing some grumblings about the girls yet trying to catch his eye and ain't been havin' ay luck about it. Hearin' about this, they near frenzied. They figured time enough he'd be forgettin' about the las, but seems she ain't allowin' that and trin' ta keep him on the side."

"Got ta wonder what he's thinkin'."

"I know, he's not lackin' fer options. But then, she /is/ married and yet havin' interest…."

"No…you aren't suggestin'?"

"Would make some sense of the mess though wouldn't it?"

"Aye. It would. It would.…Can't blame him….But her?"

"I know. Got ta wonder what that smith be gettin' out of it all."

"Ya, mean if he is even aware proper. Might be all blinded by them charms of hers."

"By the Guardians!"

Political Rumblings
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 10/04/13

As the tensions seem to cool to a simmer between the two Kingdoms, it seems that there have been political rumblings amongst the nobles of the South. Many have long questioned the ability of the young Princess Fayre to step up and fill her sisters shoes, to become heir proper and it seems that the Summer Queen has not turned a deaf ear to the murmurs of her nobles. For the Princess seems to have been tasked to take up the position of the Steward, supposedly to learn better of the kingdom she might one day rule.

Yet there are whispers that it is but an opening presented to replace her. For more whispers carry of another already taken under the Queen's wing to fulfill the duties of heir, one Lady Jeslyn, first cousin to the Queen and already fifth in line to the crown. After all there are some who speak that certainly the Queen would not have allowed Sir Gustav, The Gimpy, of all people to court her daughter if Fayre was yet to be heir.

And yet others say it just a ploy to shake up the other Houses and they best be offering up their own suits soon else this might become an unprecedented chance for Prince Samwell to take what was rightfully his sisters, for word has it that the Queen has entrusted the oversight of the northern borders to him and just might actually be open to naming a male heir. While no official decrees have come, the whispers are thick with the possibilities of what is all means, but one thing is for certain, the Summer Queen has not been ignoring the whispers of her nobility and is stirring things up amongst them and her own House. Just where it will all lead is the question.

The Dragon's Note
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 10/09/13

Overheard around Laketown…..

"Nylie, I haven't seen you over by the markets in a fair while. Not been under the weather, have ya?"

"I've been fine, Rosel, just had yet ta bring myself near that place. All the damage. Chills me ta the boone every time I see it and has me ever looking and watching the sky. Quite expecting ta see that beast swooping back in."

"Got ta admit, I do end up checking the sky oft myself. Weren't ever expecting ta see such a thing coming sweeping inta Laketown like that."

"Seeing it was bad enough, but that fire and the damage it caused. It weren't but minutes and the Temple of Four is nothing but melted ruins now, Rosel."

"Ain't ever seen stone melt like that, and so quick. But they have gotten things cleared up, already seen one section being sounded out and setting ta getting things rebuilt."

"Really?" The woman shakes her head, "Just can't imagine how they can just pickup and continue on so quick like that."

"It is their way, plus I heard that there was actually a message left there. At the Temple."

"Wait? What message? I ain't heard anything about a message."

"Seems it was a right attack on 'em. Merta had ben there helping, and saw a tablet being brought out to the Mother Superior, said it was dripping like the message were written in blood even. Caused the Mother Superior to react quite noticeably, and you know how she is."

"Aye, I do…I'd expect something with the Temple attacked as it were, but ya say it made her go off a bit? Who was it from? And what was it saying?"

"Ain't sure what exactly it said, and heard a few different things on the who. But hear most talk about it having actually been from that traitor Prince Darrin."

"By the Guardians, ya have ta be pulling my leg. What would he be having against them?"

"Don't know. Just heard it was from him, not what he was saying."

"Wonder what the kingdoms be thinking about that."

"Rather wonder that myself."

"Oh hey….I did heard about this pair of missing nobles…."

The gossip moving on and fading as the pair continues on their way.

A coming change…
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 10/9/13

Heard around the Guild Quarters in Laketown…

"Did you hear, Freddie? They called the best healers over ta see him?"

"Who? What are you talking about?"

"Dorvin, you know head of the Metalsmith Guild. Been getting on in years, and sounded like he's fallen quite ill. Got the best the Healer Guild had to offer to come and see after him."

"Dorvin you say? The man always seemed as strong as an ox. Suppose he had seem more tired this past year. But he's doing alright then?"

"For now, though heard that they aren't expecting him to last much longer. You know what that means…."

"That I do. Time ta get a couple of ales and watch them others start scrambling their meetings and jockeying for position to replace him. "

"I heard that a few areas already spreading the word and planning their meetings on who they'll be putting forward or supporting."

"Ain't surprised, always a quickness to starting the process. The Clother's had someone picked in two weeks. But perhaps it'll be like the time they had ta come up with a new Guildmaster for the Healers. Took what, near a year and a half weren't it?"

"Almost two by the time they actually got it done official."

"Time ta watch the show though."

Murder on the Road
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 10/10/13

The company moving through the marches with Prince Samwell Taniford had stopped for the evening about a mile from the Hamlet of Aldworth. Rumor through the camp as it prepares to strike out for the day's travels is that the Hamlet had suffered an assault, a murder and a horse theft.

Aldworth sent somebody to the camp for assistance. Two Knights, Sirs Gauvain Tarris and Jaren Cassomir escorted the Lady Claire Sollinger to the town. The details are unclear, but the trio returned, and the Hamlet burried two men. One in a marked grave with a widow standing by weeping, but being held up by another woman, while another went to an unmarked grave, was burried alone.

Of borders and betrothals….
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 10/16/13

"Hail and greetings there, Garis. Weren't expecting to see you about for another week."

"Got through business quicker than I thought, passing through that southern border has been getting easier. A bit looser about checking offer the papers, seen 'em letting a few of them crafters up from Brivey through without to much a fuss even."

"That right? Be a fair bit of folk liking that. Know it's been a right pain dealing with them tighter controls. Seems ta happen every time either of them go about getting offended about something or another. One border or another be getting tightened."

"Don't I know it. Always a waiting game though, I tell ya, a main of one. But once the feathers get settled things run smooth again. Though I did hear a bit oh news that seems contrary ta what we'd done heard from Bastian, about what went down in the back of that fish house of his."

"And what that be, ya know he's always coming up with some wild tale or another."

"About them royals meeting and striking up some deal about marrying their kids. Doesn't seem the way of it, we never heard nothing announced and from what I heard down south it seemed like the Summer Queen be entertaining prospects for the Prince just as easily as for the Princess."

"That so? Weren't sure I should believe it, but last week when Mel returned from a trip up near Haven. Went on about hearing how there were a number of suites being put in for Princess Niniane, but weren't a one that pleased the Northern King in the least."

"Guessin' then Bastian was just a spinnin' another of his stories on what he thought happened after a pint ta many. Best be getting on, see ya on the 'morrow."

A return of red…
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 10/18/13

Heard down at the Wolveshire markets…

"Greetings Marret, been over to the butcher's stall yet?"

"Aye, I been, what you looking fer."

"How's the chickens looking, fresh today? Oh and you hear, that redhead's back."

"They be, got a few of just butchered out not this past hour. Oh is she now? I knew she'd gone of with that brother of hers and the Duke's sister, back to Estermarch fer a bit. Hadn't heard she was expected back."

"Seems she's just gotten back, came back alone at that. Heard some business with helping trained up someone or another, ain't quite sure about its. But is many wondering if she's yet got the Duke's eye. You know how it wanders."

"Heard it already wandered off, not long after she headed out at that. Long been since anyone speculated about there even being a match anymore between 'em. Figured that all but been lost as an option, think something will come of it yet?"

"Might be, did hear they be seen together at that celebration the other nihgt. Might not be, just be time seeing how it all goes. Ya know how fickle a beast that wolf is. But best get on and get them chickens and get back."

"Ah, you'll have ta let me know what ya hear. And be seeing ya!"

Tales of the River Bitch: Part 1
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 10/19/13

"Yah hear?" says Pate to the bar wench at an Inn in Laketown.

"Nah. What am I supposed to be hearin' now?" says Jillian with an exhausted sounding sigh as she slides a mug of ale in front of the patron Pate.

"That tall Breaktide woman's looking for a new crew," Pate laughs, "for what ship, only the Guardians know."

"Din't 'er ship get stolen?" Jillian says while she washes some mugs.

"Not stolen. No. Might as well've with what her crew paid 'er for it. I've been hearin' the terms was 'er life, 'er belongin's and a pittance of coin afloat on a dingy, or nothing and a swim in the river." says Pate over a mug of ale.

"That's no way to do business, no way t'all. 'Specially with a noble, right lackwits they is. Did they say what she planned on sail'n, I might know a young lad or two that could work the poles?"

Pate shakes his head. "No. They didn't, though it's said she'll pay coin for good word on her former ship and its crew, an' likewise for a reliable crew for her new ship. Methinks she has no ship t'all, but we know how wrong I've been. A bitch that one is, not sure I'd wanna work for 'er. Did you 'ear, she was down at the docks a seven-day or so ago, singing like a sailor, swill'n rum in her dingy in the pour'n rain. Crazy bitch is what I'd call 'er, not no River Bitch, though suppose both would work.

Ser Catellus and the Giant
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 10/19/13

A work of fiction, 'Ser Catellus and the Giant' recently surfaced in Laketown through one of the bustling city's publishers with the subtitle: 'an adventure in parts' printed beneath.
It has proven to be just that; an exciting piece of fiction focused around the journey of the titular Ser Catellus, a knight of the South— not PRECISELY the real world kingdom of Taniford, but one which certainly draws heavily on it for theme, making it relateable to the Laketown reader…. and thus a little bit provocative. It is the first part of what is clearly meant to be a serial series, with the next installment not yet available. Thanks to the savvy of Laketown's printing press managers, it has been published on cheap paper, making it available for most everyone.

~ 'Ser Catellus and the Giant' opens with a spectacular holy day feast being held in the castle of young King Hagrin. Catellus is speaking with the King's Barrister when the festivities are interrupted by the arrival of a frightening giant who crosses the length of the hall in three long strides. Green as summer leaves with the rolling red eyes of a bull, he challenges the king to a game; he will let his majesty strike him with any weapon as hard as he can, if only Hagrin will agree to the giant having his own turn at this one year hence. The prize would be anything the winner would have of the loser's possesions— the giant smiled as he said this, and eyed King Hagrin's beautiful Queen.
Incensed, the young king rises, but is stopped by Catellus. Ser Catellus offers to play the giant's game to save his liege's honor (and perhaps his life).
As he looks up at the giant, however, and sees the strength in his mighty arms and how the light touches the sharp blade of his axe, ser Catellus knows he must kill him dead in the very first blow, or have his own life be forfiet in this deadly game… ~

The author is listed as a Bryn Angharad, and is assumed to be a resident of Laketown. No one has seen him, however, and the publisher has been far too happy with counting his earnings to answer any questions about who Angharad might be.

Metalsmiths Guild Politics
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 10/20/13

Heard between two boys loading coal outside the Metalsmiths Guild Hall:

"My Master has been going on about how the old coot needs to just let it go and keel over. What's the question in it? Even if he don't kick the bucket, he isn't fit to be holding the reins now is he?"

"Oh is that what your Master says, is it?"

"Shaddup. You know it's true as the sky be blue."

"Yea, well, as I hear it, some folk aren't trying to rush the process none. My Master be saying we need to get on board with patience if we're going to be in the good graces later on. No good raising a ruckus now if it is gonna paint you bad down the road."

"And whose 'good graces' would that be?"

"Master Grimson fer one. And any of them Masters that thinks like him."

"What's Master Grimson got to do with the price of cats in Wolveshire?"

"He's one of them being looked at to maybe replace Joan LeArch when she steps up. But it's more about what he said than who he is. Overhead some politickin' for the seat. Grimson didn't like that none. Got hot under the collar bout how none of them had no business goin' after anything before the man had been burned, much less let his ashes cool. Said we should let a good man die in peace, let the guild mourn, give the man his respects, before we go picking like vultures at a carcass for promotions."

"Oh come off it. No one's gonna listen to that."

"I don't know. My Master seem to put an ear to it. Could be others with the years to take the seat put an ear to it too. Then where's your Master gonna be?"

"Ten deep in his cups and whippin' my hide for taking too long getting this coal."

"And yet you keep waggin' your tongue."

Tales of the River Bitch: Part 2
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 10/22/13

Traders in Tharnham speaking on the recent 'trade of ownership' of a certain River Bitch and her new captain.

"Why's that Breaktide lady so… surprised," the trader Salin says to his apprentice. "T'isn't like she's spent the time on her ship, she should've seen it comin'. Serves her right, really."

The apprentice shrugs. "Them there traders in Laketown seem to feel otherwise, sayin' that if the crew was so upset about the lack of captain, they should've found themselves a different ship. That the price and way they went about it, that it wasn't too fair," the boy says as he flops a few items on a pallet, "but who'm I to have a say."

"I care little and less truly, been dealing with her current crew long 'nough, they pay their dues, that's all that matters to me. Them traders in Laketown, they's deal with the noble folk more oft than us, of course, they'd say otherwise." Salin sighs as he tallies off the wares the boy just tossed to the pallet.

"Suppose'n you're right. Where's this lot goin' master?" the boy asks as he finishes up the order.

"Down river boy, on the Bitch, course. Why do you think I've been talkin' bout it?" He says as he swats the boy upside the head. " Now, finish up that lot there so it's ready for transport."

"Ow!" The boy proclaims before he nods, rubbing the spot on his head that was just swatted. "That new captain be brave, if you ask me… but you didn't, I suppose. I'll get it ready, master."

Those Two … Again?!
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 10/22/13

A temple priestess sighs, after ensuring her patients are asleep. She shakes her head and wanders off to her counterpart, who had also taken care of one of the recent returning patients.
The Priest looks up at the Priestess, sharing a look until they move some distance free of being overheard.
"-She- should be taken to the guild," the Priestess looks annoyed.
"Now now Mother, you know very well that we do not turn anyone away if they come bearing gifts," he says as he nods toward the Chosen.
"I'm starting to think they're cursed," the woman says, ignoring the incredulous look from the Priest.
"It is possible the Four have some plans for them, seeing as they never return to us dead."
"True… That or the ONE is eager to punish them."
"Don't think like that Mother. You know naught of what happened."
"And you do?"
"Of course."
"You know better than that."
"Don't give me that lame excuse that it's between you and the Four!"
"Well it is. And the Mother Superior."
"Did it have anything to do with the other week that he brought her in here, all beat up?"
"No. Separate incidents I believe. Same area, which is why I think it'll be wise to tell our Superior."
"Were they attacked? And where?"
"Isn't that obvious by their wounds dear? By those ruins I think, north of here."
"Evil place that." She makes a shudder and before they can say anything else, they are interrupted and thus, the conversation abates.

Rendezvous Princess
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 10/22/13

A knight loyal to one of the Northern houses, Auldholme to be exact, seems relieved as he pulls up a stool at the local Blue Duck Inn.
Another knight comes in after him, looking to be more of a sell sword than anything. He looks toward the Northerner and snorts, "What are you looking so happy about?"
"Ahh just a bit of good news," he politely responds.
"Eh? Really. What where when and why? Ain't been nothing but bad news here. Dragon's being ridden around by Ellowe Queens, Temples falling in on themselves, bold faced mutinies on the seas, murders on the border lines, Chosen taking to the streets 'n stealing wives, you know, next we'll be seeing a Royals head on a pike."
"You're an optimistic one aren't you?" the knight of the North responds wryly, with dry sarcasm.
"It makes for good conversation." A pause to drink, "So unless you have something to add, there's no room for a glee man in this tavern."
The knight hesitates and shrugs, "It's just that my liege and heir of Auldholme is recovering well from the disastrous venture to try and woo a Southern Belle. That was his first mistake, trusting those Southerners, but, he's doing the right thing now, spending time with a Northern Princess."
"Oh heavens, you really are a plucky sod of a man aren't you? Happy about your Lord dipping his quill in a pot of ink?"
"Don't insult my Lord, Sir, or else you might get an ending that satisfies your entreaties."
"I ain't insulting no one. Don't have time to, less it pays good." A beat, then a sardonic smile toward the Northern Knight, "So what was this all about then? Quills and ink?"
"NO. Lunch, dinner, and a spot of archery. Most of all, a way to get over the ill deeds of others. You should try that sometime." The knight finishes his brew and departs.

Horse retrieval services
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 10/27/13

Lady Collette Lohstren was seen with her beloved horse Arrow before first light on Saturday the 26th. The returning party was a woman with short hair clad in muddied leathers with a hunting bow, who seems to ocassionally venture into Brivey proper. The returning woman was seen with some bruises and a split lip. A gift parcel was given to the noblewoman and coin openly refused. The woman departed on a borrowed horse and took back to the woods headed for Laketown without wasting the woman's time or incident.

Movement in Brivey
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 10/27/13

Movement in Brivey Keep has increased tenfold since a missives arrival early this morning. Though none but the Prince and Princess have seen the contents of this missive, Princess Guinevere has been seen running about in her condition, gathering various servants in the Keep. It seems they're readying for something, or someone. And that something or someone is either coming or going, either way, the tidings are not glad.

Ellowean Fallout
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 10/28/13

Rumors have an interesting life span, and seem to ebb and flow like the tides…when certain triggers cause one or the other. In the case of the Ellowean expedition sponsored by Queen Regina, the rumors of the after-effects of Ellowe followed that rule precisely…there were short tales of what happened on the trip and the strange behaviors and looks of each member of the expedition springing from the homes of those sad folks, but the rumors died away until enough travelers visited each place in turn and realized something of a pattern…

As it happens, there are a few bards now who will tell a tale or three of the brave fools who went to Ellowe, which is little more than a compliation of the individual rumors of the members that went. As it happens, few are left alive - and those that are, have suffered some physical altering…mutations, for lack of better term. Tales of the Green Captain, whose skin has become quite as deeply colored as his name suggests, the Rat King, whose features have become so very rodent-like in appearance, and whose chittering cries seem to attract the tiny versions of what he has become…to the dead woman, whose wounds turned her slowly more and more arachnid-like, until her cold, lifeless stare at the cieling of the chamber she passed in came from not two eyes, but eight…

And more and more besides. Some of those least affected are rumored to have violent mood swings instead, and whether or not that can be attributed to the Kharnas-touched land, or simply from a short temper at the rumors themselves is up to anyone's guess…of course, the bards will suggest whichever way the audience seems in a mood to hear, for coin and tale is the bard's bread and butter.

The only thing crystal clear from all of these rumors and tales suddenly sweeping back in, is how ridiculously dangerous Ellowe is - for the men and women of the expedition spent little more than 3 hours ashore, and all are permanently marked for it. It is Kharnas' land, indeed.

The Horse Who was Force South.
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 10/30/13

Word trickles down from Brivey, the Princess Guinevere herself has been seen to escort Mistress Collette out of the north. It came this day that the Princess saw the woman to the southern border and left her with some parting words. Warning her that the titles she was given, and protections that title gave her, are now revoked. Of course, this was by order of the King, after some investigation into Collette's actions. It would seem the north wants nothing more to do with this once-lady-now-mistress, Collette.

As for what she's to do? Well… some say she heads to Wolveshire, determined to gain some support to gain back her titles and fall back in under her house. A large undertaking.Others… Ah. Those rumors are best left quiet.

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