Rumor Board Posts - September 2013

Rumor Board Posts for September 2013

A Knight?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 09/01/13

Word has trickled out of Taniford about the challenge with Sir Sammel going unanswered. What will the Queen do? Do the rumors of a certain knight being stripped of his title and position ring true?

Eyes on Fayre?
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 09/01/13

Small gossips here and there about Castle Wolveshire pool to form this collective tidbit: it seems that Sir Gustav is getting mighty, mighty close to Princess Fayre. No one can pinpoint anything large enough to be concerned about individually, but how many times must a maid say that she's seen him get quite near to her when they meet, before it starts sounding suspicious? Sure, he's her Royal Steward, but that doesn't entitle the broken knight to that much…does it?

A Knight Rider
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 09/15/13

"Where is Wulf?" one of the Chosen at the Temple gates grunts, eyes up at the sunrise, turning toward the fellow at his side, "He's late. He's never late."
The priest regards the Chosen with a short shrug, "You might be late too if you couldn't ride and had to walk back."
"Walking? Back? I'm missing something here. He was supposed to patrol the town tonight, not go off riding."
The dark haired priest looks over at the Brother, "Did you see him riding in when he first arrived? All I saw was a girl on a horse who was injured and a wolf or two."
"You think he went out with her and forgot his post?"
" Its not a matter of thinking. It's a matter of knowing. I was out last night in the market and I was just coming to return to the Temple before the gates closed up for the evening. I saw him, mounting up on a stallion and pulling a girl up behind him in the saddle. The girl wasn't one of ours."
"No? What in the name of the Four was he doing?"
"You might want to ask him that. All I know is that I burst out laughing when I saw him barely hanging on as the girl kicked the stallion into a gallop."
"Fine time for lessons. He's no doubt fallen off and broken his neck by now."
"Aren't knights supposed to learn how to ride? Especially Chosen?" the priest asks with a quizzical eye.
"I'm more intrigued by the mysterious night rider he had. Who is she?"
"Oh is that him-" the priest points aloft, toward a man walking with a cloak of Bornas swaying behind him, "-just as I said. He's walking back."
"Walk of shame that is."

Behind closed doors.
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 09/17/13

As the week long celebration continues on in Brivey following the Royal wedding gossip is ever plentiful. With so many nobles underfoot, there is always commentary on who wore what and just how fashionable or not it was. Speculation on which Lord has taken up a new mistress or in some cases if the Southern nobles would even make good lovers or if one was better off with some common ramble instead. And of course, which events had been rigged to produce more favourable outcomes. And it seemed the Temple was not immune to the gossiping trend as there ever overworked Aclyotes turned to gossiping to pass the time as they strove to keep everything clean and tidy with so many extra people in town.

"Marvin, have you heard about the Mother Superior?"

"Eh, I suppose not, Josephina, considering I ain't heard much of late beyond how the ceremony went. Been awful quite on that front come ta think of it. "The young lad giving a smirk, "Suppose we're over due on something about that one. What's it you've heard?"

"Wait..what..overdue? She's not pregnant again is she?" The lass pausing in her work to shoot a wide eyed look his way. "Oh never mind that, what I heard from Clio just this morn was about how prior ta the ceremony when things were yet being set up. Seems that Jort had gone looking for her cause of some urgent message that had come in. "

"What…oh no..least not that I've heard. But I don't see what about that is all that interesting."

"Of course not, I ain't gotten ta the part where it gets interesting. Let me finish." Josephina shaking her head at Marvin before she continues on. "Well seems when he finally found her, she was closed up in one of private consultation rooms. And was adjusting and getting her robes all back into place when she come out. Which rightly, he'd thought nothing of it in knowing she'd been injured not long back. Least until he done heard someone else moving around in the room as well."

"What..are you saying…."

"I am."

"But ain't she with…"

"Oh aye, she is…"

"But it wasn't him…was it?"

"That's the thing…we ain't fer sure who it was. She was seen talking and going about with so many folk that day with everyone coming and going, and things being readied. Welcoming arriving folk, even having a word with that Prince. But…"

And so the gossiping devolves into speculation on just who the Mother Superior was with and just what had been going on. From the mundane aid with wounds yet healing to a torrid affair interrupted.

Wash Basin Gossip
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 09/17/13

Servants speaking over the wash:

"A maiden, aye!" says Salen over the linens.

"Good, I suppose, there was some chatter a while back…"

"The Guardian's take your tongue for even thinking such things, let alone saying them, Aly." Salen says as she dunks a sheet in the water.

"T'wasn't me who said them first, Salen," Aly huffs, "besides, it seems the rumors of such things were unfounded anyway."

"No. They are not, so stop adding to the clucking of hens and get to washin' those stockings." Salen snaps a stocking in the woman's direction.

"I have heard there's been quite a bit of foolery going on up in those Royal chambers, however," Aly says with a giggle and a blush.

"Aye, those rumors be true. I believe that pretty little thing of a wife he's got is a lot stronger than one would think." Sal laughs heartily, middle-aged woman she is can find the humor in such things. "Strong sons that woman will give him, for that, I have little doubt. Ha!"

Another maid chimes in with a sharp tongue. "Will you two shush, I need not hear about their… nuptials. Group of gossiping hens you lot are. For shame! I will not be the one to lose my wages over such talk!"

The woman storms off leaving the other two to sit without a word, besides a few chuckles here and there.

Not So Charming Chosen
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 09/21/13

"Reckon be this old news," the dock worker leans against the bar, "but ya never know whar be old 'n whar be not 'n Laketown. Be it could be important, ta someone."
Bartender leans, "Aye, info is always that way around here."
Is that money changing hands? Are you listening too closely?
"Be it that blighted Chosen, sames one tha the rug rats be mewling bout cause he gave 'em a basket of food 'n some coin, the one with tha wolf."
Bartender: "Wulfgard, that's his name."
"Aye aye. Seems ta be the same one. Do be givin way coin left right 'n center till his pockets be empty."
Bartender shakes his head, "Righteous ones are always bloody poor, aren't they?"
Dock worker smirks, "Aye aye. Blasted son of a whore be so righteous as I can smell his falsehood from 'ere. He be chasin that pretty girl off our docks 'n I wanted ta see a show again."
Bartender snorts, "Pretty girl? Are you blind? Because there are plenty of girls out there, reckon lots that fit the bill."
"Narh like this one. Be she jumped in befer and be saved from death by the grace of the Four."
"Ahh, the girl who wanted to swim with the fishes?"
"Aye aye. She be probably goin ta do it again. I swear it. That Chosen be chasin her off he did. Made her cry 'n everythin. He was whisperin close to her ear like, so I couldn't listen in, was pullin in the haul at the time. Just knew her face. Knew his. Knew he was cold blooded moment I saw 'em. I thought he be chasin her back inta the sea at that point, might've just pushed her in see. Reckon instead, she be running away fast as she could."
Bartender, "That is old news. If we're talking the same girl, best we leave it as is. Eh? Jus have some more and try not to fancy yourself too fondly over the lad."
Dock worker snarls and spits, "Ahh ta the East with ya."
Both are utterly quiet, locked eye for a moment, then laugh and move on to other interesting stories of Laketown and its people.

Wounded in the wilderness
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 09/22/13

The gossips are buzzing with the latest scandalous news! They say that a priest and acolyte who work as wandering healers rescued a noble lady from a steep ravine beside the road that leads from Brivey to Laketown. Some wags whisper that she was delirious and raving about demons and Kharnas. Others, claiming to have seen her, say that she was unconscious. Those who claim to have seen her say that the healers took her to the temple in Laketown to recover. When she arrived at the temple, according to those same alleged eyewitnesses, she was wearing a man's leather riding breeches and a dark blue tunic. Booth garments were soaked in blood, and had holes where at least two arrows passed into the body. They say that the lady has dark, curly hair and pale skin.

There are a few mysteries here. If she is a noble lady, why was she wearing a man's clothing? Where were her guards and handmaid? Where was her horse? Everyone knows that a noble woman will not travel alone and certainly will not go that far on foot! The priestess and acolyte left as soon as they had entrusted the woman to the temple's care, but said that they would return soon to check on her.

The Nursing Lord
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 09/25/13

The man, who is barely above 30 summers, comes out of the Temple and stretches his arms to the sun, letting a strange, full of content, sound out of his throat. However, he is quickly tackled from behind and a squeal of the young girl can be heard: "Brother!!!"

The man grabs that creature from his back easily, tossing it straight into his armful and a kiss to the tip of the nose is given. "My little angel…" he whispers.

The young petite girl, just about 13 summers, chuckles and steps on the ground. "So, now you are healthy enough to help our father in the farm?! Mommy misses you so much. Me too. Don't get sick again. Those infirmaries are incredibly boring!.."

The man laughs loudly in his low voice, ruffling the little one: "You are wrong, my dear. I would love to get back there. You can just enjoy the stories, flying around, you know." The man smirks a bit evilly.

"What do you mean? What do you mean?" - girl tugs the sleeve of her brother.

"You see, the young lady was brought three days ago there. The one, with these curly wild locks…" a bit dreamily drawls the man. "She is really charming, as they say, even when she is unconscious, you know?.."

Girl pokes her brother: "Hey! You have Vanda. I like her… What's about the stories? I don't care about ladies…"

The young man giggles. "With her arrival all the stories started! I heard she was shot in the woods. More than once, you know. Hurt badly. I was quite sure, she won't wake up like seven days or more."

"But?.." bounces the girl curiously.

"Do not interrupt me, little one!" frowns a bit the man and leans closer near his sister. "The same day, a young lord ran into the infirmary quite worried. He paced straight to girl's bed and was sitting beside until some kind of priest or acolyte asked to leave. Had to ask a bit firmly, you know. Though, he came back the second day, and the third day, and I saw him today too. He comes and sits there, and…"

"Wait wait wait!" bounces the girl "Curls? Wild curls… Don't you say, you are talking about that girl, who was saved by Mother Superior? The South one, who is betrothed to the Northman now?"

The young man rolls his eyes: "Yes, indeed!.. So, that young lord was sitting each day near her bed and speaking with her. Speaking a lot… Why would one speak with someone, if can't be heard?.." drawls the man thoughtfully. "Anyway, today he took her hand, whispered something to her ear. Was speaking a lot and… she woke up! Isn't that strange? It's obviously too early! She barely spoke, but she opened her eyes! That lord did something or…"

Girl chuckles "Brother, this is called love. They are betrothed! Love can heal easily!"

Man takes the hand of his sister and leads her to the Inn, though, he shakes his head. "The fact is, I saw that man in the Laketown. He is vivid figure, wearing all these natty clothes and proud. He always was with the people from the south! He is not the Northman…"

Girl just shrugs "When he is a friend or a brother. They can love her too!"

But the young brother of the girl continues shaking his head: "I am not sure…"

Suspicions Arise
Author: Gossip
Post Date: 09/25/13

"What was he doing out there?" A curious acolyte wonders outloud in a group before their daily lesson.
"Riding to her rescue," the doll faced girl sighs, as if it were a romantic tale.
"Don't be stupid," another boy pipes in with a snort, "He's got no involvement with noble ladies, he's a Chosen remember? Loyal to the Temple and the Four."
"That doesn't mean he can't be loyal to his heart," the same girl retorts, trying to hold onto the vision of an epic romance.
Another girl, with dark hair, interjects, "Wait, wasn't he into that wolf girl? The one that's a witch?"
"She isn't a witch. Mother Superior said as much."
"You're off topic! The girl, the Chosen, his departure and then a day later she arrives wounded!"
"Yeah, don't you remember what was said about the conversation they had on the docks. Apparently he was really mad and made her cry."
"You all can't be serious? You do realize that what you're saying is surely treason! Why would a Brother attack a noble lady?"
"Maybe he has something to hide?"
"Shut it you two! That's no way to talk about our respectable Brothers. They would never break the Oaths they took!"
"Are you sure?"
The group is forced to grow quiet as their teachers file in, but there are disapproving looks sent between the group. Some apparently are suspicious, others defensive.

Author: Gossip
Post Date: 09/26/13

Word has reached both Kingdoms and Laketown of further Corsair incursions. It seems that the foes that came and temporarily united the two Kingdoms have returned and their attacks are getting bolder. Small hamlets along the river Rothim are looking to their lords for additional protection. Could this be the prelude of another large scale attack?

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