Prince Samwell Taniford
Ben Barnes
Ben Barnes as Samwell Taniford
Full Name: Samwell Taniford
Byname: None
Age: 23
Kingdom: Taniford
House: Taniford
Title/Profession: Prince/Sir
Position: Commander of the Blue Guard, Commander of the Taniford Army, Knight of the Citadel
Place of Birth: The Summer Citadel
Father: King Greggen Varghem
Mother: Queen Aurelia Taniford
Siblings: Aylanora Taniford (Deceased)
Darrin Taniford
Fayre Taniford
Spouse: None
Children: None


Born in the royal family, Samwell always had everything he wished.

From his early years, the boy showed his strength and will. Combat and competition caught his attention, while tourneys and exhibitions were watched in eager delight from his playground. The dreams of a boy flew without frontiers, because them, the rulers of the south, were never taught about any limit. And so, the smile which drew while playing with other noble kids, could never compare to the one born from a tale from his instructors. Knights, gods, wonderful and majestic beings clashed on his sleep, letting their echo resonate in the halls of his life.

Immediate Family

Queen Regina Taniford — Mother
King Greggren Varghem — Father
Prince Darrin Taniford — Eldest brother and current Ambassador to Rhaedan
Princess Aylanora Taniford — Eldest sister (Deceased)
Princess Fayre Taniford — Younger sister

Character Features

Physical Features

A handsome, tall man, with the elegance and formality a Prince is expected to have. His hair, dark brown, falls with grace over his rather pale face. Striking eyes, equally dark, project a blazing light of pride, some arrogance, and a little tint of mischievousness, cut by a gentle smile and his always dutiful, formal, and refined delicate gestures.

At times of court, Samwell can be seen wearing fine, deep, royal blue doublets or robes, confectioned to his muscular, strong shape, but remaining the sense of royalty at every moment. While on duty, practice, or even most of his spare time, a silver armor adorned with the coat of arms of House Taniford is his personal attire, always worn with pride and even some betrayed delight.


  • Fiercely Loyal and Devoted to his Family.
  • Art Lover.
  • Flatterer.
  • Proud.
  • Jealous.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Regina Queen Regina Taniford : Ah, his mother, the queen. Samwell deeply respects her and (usually) does whatever she tells him. Evil tongues might accuse him of being a bit of a Momma's boy, but he doesn't really mind. He knows he can learn a lot from her about state craft… and scheming.
Fayre Princess Fayre Taniford : Our little sister. It is easy to feel the need to protect her, even though she is stronger than many. Unlike my older sister, I see her more of a friend, and less as a Royal member. A tittle she handles very well, truth be said.
Elenore Lady Elenore Taniford : An artist and a Taniford, what's not to like? This cousin seems to be as adorable as Lily, her horse. Well, at least very close to it, but kinder and funnier.
Aylanora Princess Aylanora Taniford (Deceased) : The former heir to the Kingdom, slain in horrid sacrifice. Her death and the incompetence of the previous Blue Guard commander made me stop to get new responsibilities. And, for her and my family, I will protect all Tanifords and find the guilty to be put to justice - both of Guardians and men.

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs

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