Sarah of the Sky
Katya Severnaya
Katya Severnaya as Sarah of the Sky
Full Name: Sarah of the Sky
Byname: Sarah
Age: 20
Kingdom: None!
House: None!
Title/Profession: None!
Position: Adventurer
Place of Birth: Three-Hills Forest
Father: Martigan Poacher
Mother: None
Siblings: Randall Poacher, Taggart Green, Sean Smith
Spouse: None!
Children: None!


Born the daughter of a widower woodsman, Sarah learned everything he had to teach her and raised her three brothers after his death. Now that they are grown, she roams the land, seeking fame and fortune with her bow and clever wit.

Immediate Family

Randall Poacher, Taggart Green, Sean Smith

Character Features

Physical Features

The woman known as Sarah of the Sky is a tall, long-legged beauty of 5'8", with rich, wild hair of fiery orange that hangs down to her mid back in a mixture of braids, curls, and waves. Shapely and curvy with strong, dense muscle in her arms and legs, she has the look of someone who has spent much of their time outdoors, and isn't afraid to show it. Her bright blue eyes are a deep sapphire, and she regularly has a faint blush from physical exertion.

A mantle of rich, heavy black felt hangs from Sarah's shoulders, with a deep, voluminous hood folded against the back, while a taut leather bodice with open leather sinew laces tightly binds her breasts. A short skirt with carefully folded pleats allows quick and agile movement, while metal-trimmed, leather shin guards and vambraces offer mild protection from skirmishers.

When outfitted for combat, she wears a sword on one hip, a dagger at the other, and a shortbow with a fully stocked quiver of arrows on her back. Another knife as been slipped into her left shin guard, while a shiv lies tucked up the right vambrace. When out in the wilderness, she occasionally straps a small hatchet to her quiver's black thong.


Homeless, Shameless, Loves Being Outdoors, Flirty, Trick Shooter, Wanderlust

On the Grid

Known Associates

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