Savaric Ashlan
Viggo Mortensen
Viggo Mortensen as Savaric Ashlan
Full Name: Savaric Ashlan
Byname: Ranger of the North
Age: 28 (Aug 21)
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: N/A
Title/Profession: Master
Position: Ranger
Place of Birth: Malgrave
Father: Eadric Ashlan
Mother: Vivane Conway
Siblings: None
Spouse: Talia Ashlan
Children: None Yet

One of the Rangers of the Northern lands, Savaric Ashlan currently serves in the service of the Rhaedan royal family as a tracker, ranger, and seeker as needed. Married to healer Talia Ashlan, both are generally found near the Rhaedan family and in their support.

Immediate Family

  • Talia Ashlan - Wife. Healer. Redhead.

Physical Features


Standing at just over six feet tall, the first thing that is noticable about Savaric is his hair. Just over shoulder length, the hair is dark and thick. It also matches the beard that grows over a strong and handsome face. A high forehead sits over thick eyebrows. Almond shaped eyes contain dark pupils and a hazel iris, on either side of a broad plain of a nose. His lips are full and inviting, his chin strong and covered with a thick coat of dark hair. His build is medium in size, but solidly built, a man that has spent a lifetime at work, his frame strong. Powerful arms end in thick hands - the left one is missing his pinkie and middle fingers, and the ring finger wears a simple silver band of marriage. His frame thins out towards the middle, leading into powerful legs and large feet.

Over his torso, Savaric wears a supple leather jerkin. Made from deer hide, it was once brown, but with continued use and wear has faded into a darker color, near black. Leather laces tie the jerkin down the center. Off of his shoulders, there is chain mail that leads down to the man's elbows, where the cloth of a fabric style shirt is seen again. Over his forearm and wrist on his left hand is a hardened leather bracer, while the right hand is covered in a thick leather glove for use in a bow pull for archery, or to protect his hand when using a weapon. A thick leather belt ties across his waist, several pouches tied to it, filled with herbs and other tips of the ranger trade so that he can tend to his own injuries should a healer not be around. A length of rope is also tied about, easily removable to be used in the field. On the back of his left hand near his ring is a tattoo of a compass rose, the mark of a ranger. His jacket flares out beneath his belt, leading into leather covered cloth pants, the leather reinforcing his knees and sides, and allowing an easier freedom of movement in thick brush. A pair of heavy boots, hints of steel bracing the toes and sides cover his feet, but do not add to his already normal height. Most times he wears a simple pack that carries most of his gear and is tied off with a bedroll.


  • Blunt Like a Mace - Savaric uses very few words and gets his point across pretty hard and flat.
  • Fear the Beard! - See that beard? It is an awesome beard. Don't mess with it.
  • Occasional Nightmares - Because of his childhood, Savaric sometimes has pretty traumatic dreams. Talia is doing well to fix this.
  • Survivalist - Savaric lives off of the land. He knows how to hunt, track and survive. These are skills that he is imparting onto his wife as quickly as she wishes to learn them, as she is a survivalist in her own right.

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