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Chapter II

November 16, 1329

  • The Nature of Corsairs — Prince Samwell discusses the missive that has been sent from Sir Gauvain Tarris to each of those summoned to speak with the prince - Sir Jaren and Lady Claire, notably.
  • Troubling Thoughts — Lady Claire waits for and in some ways, seeks out her cousin, Sir Corwin to discuss the developments from her earlier talk with Prince Samwell and Sir Jaren (in The Nature of Corsairs). The latter joins the discussion between the two Sollingers.

November 14, 1329

  • News of the Wulf — Sir Jaren and Mistress Collette finally get to the Temple and need to deliver some news about Brother Merrick being detained in Estermarch, instead, they find Breanna who is immediately angered by the news.

November 13, 1329

  • A Chill in the River — On the return trip from Laketown after an impromptu visit with Leof at her shop, Prince Samwell and Lady Claire come across a bit of an incident on their way back to Wolveshire.

November 12, 1329

  • Of Fathers and Family — Merrick is still clueless about who is accusing him of theft, though Pawel gives some enlightening pieces to puzzle over.
  • Inconspicuous Visitors — Lady Claire goes to pay Mistress Leof a visit regarding a long belated request from her brother. Prince Samwell seems to be along for the incognito thrill that comes from being not recognized as royalty, but leaves after a short while before Master Duncan's arrival.

November 11, 1329

  • A Byplay of Glances —A casual meeting of sorts at Laketown, where Samwell and Deidra seek to visit Sir Gauvain and Bethany - and Lady Claire of course. The casual gathering is soon joined by the smith's apprentice Landros, and many glances are exchanged, not all of them friendly.
  • Bagged Tagged and Shipped - Brother Merrick is ferretted out of Estermarch to Wolveshire, as the Varghem's are the evident victim of his alleged theft.

November 9, 1329

  • A March to the March - Collette and the pair that go with her to Estermarch arrive on the doorsteps - all face consequences of their decisions!
  • Treated as a Thief - The consequence of one of the party leads to him being declared and considered a thief.

November 8, 1329

  • An Unlikely Group — Mistress Collette has gathered whom she could to be her entourage to Estermarch, it seems to be an unlikely group at the first meeting.
  • Pie and Prayers — A break for pie leaves room for prayers and sudden trists.
  • Admissions of the Heart — Emotional stuff, really! Drama of the heart.

November 07, 1329

  • Too High of a Cost — Lady Claire catches up with her cousin, Sir Corwin and maybe delves into what’s really bothering her when away from friendly acquaintances.

November 05, 1329

  • Just a Scratch — After being awake the night previous, Lady Claire is summoned to the Prince’s tent to treat what should be a small injury.

November 04, 1329

November 03, 1329

  • The Infiltration of Fort Brenton — Prince Samwell, his Blue Guards, and Sir Jaren Cassomir sneak into the Fortress of Brenton. Bandit-slaying ensues.
  • The March on Brenton — Prince Samwell’s group of Blue Guard return to Brenton with the intention of ensuring that the bandits and those guards who were assisting him are routed from the fortress.
  • Battle for Brenton — Gauvain leads an attack on the front Gates of Fortress Brenton.

October 29, 1329

  • Caravan Insurance — In which Ser Gauvain offers to send men with the Caravan to Rikton and purchase extra supplies.
  • The Back-Up Plan — Sir Jaren and Sir Gauvain have a plan….
  • Summons Too — Prince Samwell Taniford (separately) summons Sir Jaren Cassomir on the Robard Matter.
  • Summons — Prince Samwell Taniford summons Sir Gauvain Tarris on the Robard matter.

October 28, 1329

  • Harpy Voice May Have Side Effects — Sir Jaren Cassomir recovers from being enthralled by a Harpy, with only one embarrassing aftereffect.
  • Preparations for a Journey — Prince Samwell has summoned Lady Claire to make a request of her services.
  • Distracted Conversations — After having returned from Wolveshire shortly prior, Lady Claire and her lady maid spot Sirs Gauvain and Jaren and invites them over for catching up.

October 27, 1329

  • It's Raining Man — A body Drops from the sky, some Harpies arrive and a warning is issued but was the warning taken as the harpies meant?

October 26, 1329

  • To Find a Cloak — A casual shopping outing turns up a cousin (Corwin) that Claire hasn’t seen in quite sometime. A little catchup ensues as well.

October 24, 1329

  • A Toast to Sanity — Castor and Niniane make camp just before leaving Sipdon behind as they journey back to Rhaedan with their entourage. Castor sticks his foot in his mouth.

October 23, 1329

October 20, 1329

  • An Invitation Taken — Lord Heir Augustus invites Princess Amira out to personally spend time with her and beyond her better judgement Amira rides out to meet him.
  • Hosting Dinner For A Princess — Lord Heir Augustus gets to host dinner for Princess Amira. It's a combination of awkward conversation and sympathetic gestures.

October 21, 1329

  • The Long Road Home — Sirs Gauvain and Jaren accompany Mistress Myrana and Lady Claire back to Laketown with idle conversation about what they may or may not do once there.

October 19, 1329

  • The Smell of Sulphur in the Morning — Between experiments in the castle, and trophies from the swamps, Princess Niniane has her hands full when she is finally able to reunite with both Westmark twins, Lord Castor and Baroness Coriaria.
  • A Delicate Situation — Prince Samwell has to decide in the matter of two bandits that have been captured by Sir Gauvain, who voices a severe accusation against their host..
  • Dinner at the Fortress — The group traveling with Prince Samwell finally reach their destination at Fort Brenton.
  • The Value of Drunken Rambling — Gauvain, Jaren and Myrana find out information from guards who have been liberally indulgent during and after the dinner.

October 18, 1329

  • It Depends on the User — Castor returns home after overseeing the withdraw of Westmark troops to their own lands, and is reunited with Princess Niniane, and the game is afoot…
  • Princess in the Park — Corwin stumbles across Amira in Wolveshire Town and they share some wine and conversation.
  • Bandits in the Woods — Still heading to the fortress, our traveling group comes across the bandits which had caused the problems at the village of Rikton.

October 17, 1329

October 15, 1329

October 14, 1329

  • An Unusual Request - Samwell approaches Claire with a request that might be a touch uncomfortable - for a prince.
  • An Unintended Lesson in Humility - Sir Deidra of the Blue Guard spars with Sir Jaren Cassomir and Sir Gauvain Tarris. Much pride is bruised.

October 13, 1329

  • Talking Shop - On a trip to the Blue Guards camp, Claire and Gauvain have a brief talk about things. General, non-important things.

October 11, 1329

  • Wine, Princes and Knights — Prince Samwell and Lady Claire finally speak at something of a brief moment. Later, she has a few moments conversation with Sir Jaren.

October 10, 1329

October 9, 1329

  • Murder On The Road — In the hamlet of Aldworth, Sir Gauvain Tarris and Sir Jaren Cassomir are summoned to investigate an assault that turns into a murder and injury. Lady Claire Sollinger accompanies them to assist.

October 8, 1329

  • A Few Fingers —Corwin encounters Isold in the Garden Court of Wolveshire.

October 6, 1329

  • Sitting Room — Abrahm D'Armaz has words with his daughter, Myrana.

October 5, 1329

  • The Broken Spoke — Princess Amira's entourage is delayed by a broken spoke and Sir Alek wishes them well.
  • Arrival Into Laketown — The Rhaedan Party make it to Laketown, half way there and taking a break!

October 4, 1329

  • The Prodigal Horse Returns — Destrian One-hand, Chosen of the Temple, returns from a secret mission for Mothe Superior Tylon, to find the Temple in ruins…
  • The Tears Of The Four - Princess Amira leaves the Brivey quietly, only her entourage and a few wayward commoners present.

October 3, 1329

  • Changing Paths — Kathryn and Tylon talk about working at the temple and thinking upon new paths.

September 30, 1329

  • Recovery and Friendships — Cassia goes to visit Collette to thank her with interceding with the queen, but old habits and feelings are hard to put away.

September 28, 1329

  • One... Two... Three... Four... — Guinevere tells Jerric the happiest of news. News she claims is 'Blessed by the Guardians.'
  • A Wounded Ward — Guinevere meets Mother Cafell and her cadre on the road as they escort Lady Collette to Brivey for care.

September 27, 1329

  • A Departing Gift —Guinevere goes to visit Princess Amira as she packs to head South, she gives the girl some departing words of wisdom and a gift for her to never forget.
  • A Friend In Need — Amira knows she's leaving for the South and in a last ditch attempt to find someone she trusts to go with her, asks her knightly friend Kameron the Kid

September 24, 1329

  • Talking Chess — Princess Amira and Lady Cassia happen upon each other in the temple and talk Religion and Chess.
  • Talking the Talk — Ignacious and Breanna have a talk after the past problems

September 23, 1329

  • Awkward Family Moments —Breac sends word to Guinevere that he must have a word with her, talk of her married life and what she can do to help the King followed.

September 22, 1329

  • A boys night out — A chat in the gardens does somehow lead to a boys night out in Brivey.

September 21, 1329

September 19, 1329

  • Words before freedom — The final step before being released, the Mother Superior has words with Merrick and Breanna separately about Ignacious
  • Freedom? — Another night in the cell, another night of thing going wrong, though in the end things change.

September 18, 1329

  • The need for intervention — The Mother Superior returns from Brivey to find more issues than she had expected and has a need to intervene in the work of Brother Ignacious

September 17, 1329

  • The Pit of Despair — Trapped in the Temple Dungeons, Breanna was not sure what to expect, and the outcome a surprise.

September 16, 1329

September 14, 1329

  • Todway... — The Wedding of Prince Jerric Rhaedan to Lady Guinevere Riedel.
  • Going Shopping — Deidra and Samwell do a bit of shopping at the Merchant's Row in Wolveshire.

September 10, 1329

  • That window does look lovely — Sir Gustav approaches the Summer Queen about a potential courtship for her daughter and perhaps get more than he bargained for
  • To track and investigate — Roltoff and Breanna take to tracking the trail of the attackers on the Festival of Kites to see if anything can be found.

September 6, 1329

August 30, 1329

August 23, 1329

  • Mawige is what bwings us togevah.... —Jerric brings tidings from his father to Guinevere, talk of marriage ensues.
  • Moving Mountains — Lady Guinevere meets the road weary priestess, Mother Cafell. A conversation about the road and the dire straights that will soon follow for trade.
  • Mother Comes to Town — Mother Cafell arrives in Brivey before the Festival of Altheara. Father Ravos attends her.
  • Festival of Altheara : Festival of Kites — The conclusion of the Festival of Altheara, and the start of something more as thieves bring carnage to the festival.

August 22, 1329

August 21, 1329

August 19, 1329

August 18, 1329

August 16, 1329

August 15, 1329

August 14, 1329

August 13, 1329

August 12, 1329

  • Making Enemies — Sammel and Victricia share a picnic, while the handmaid Nina broods on silent hostility.

August 11,1329

  • Of Fish and Friends — Two Cousins Kingdoms apart come together to settle a long standing dispute in a fish market surrounded by friends.
  • Stable Talk — Victricia, Jerric and Sammel catch up and banter in the stables of Brivey.

August 7, 1329

August 5, 1329

August 4, 1329

  • The cost of Innocence — Regina questions Cassia as the Auldholme woman presses the matter of her innocence in the accusation of spying. Princess Niniane begs the Southern Queen to release the Auldholme woman to go back to the north with her.

August 3, 1329

  • Chess — Samwell and Niniane meet and enjoy a game of chess.

August 2, 1329

  • Threats of Rain — Niniane ventures despite the threats of a storm and meets Corwin Solinger
  • Escape From the Rain — As the rain decides to come down, a handful of people seem to find escape into the Temple of Four
  • A family reunion plus one stranger — A family reunion of sorts between several of members from House Sollinger, plus one Westmarkian Knight

July 30, 1329

  • Best Laid Plans — Queen Regina summons both Morla and Gustav to discuss her plans for the South. After all, the best laid plans are always several years in the making.

July 29, 1329

  • A Cautionary Tale — Giving some time for recovery, Morla finally pays Collette a visit at the infirmary only to encounter Augusts as she issues some brutal warnings for the young couple.
  • Training the Priestess — Tylon takes up another training session in combat with Thomas when Destrian comes along and the conversation takes interesting turns
  • The Westmark Commission - Part 3 — Johan calls on Bryony to aid him with testing the weight of a couple of small womanly blades.

July 28, 1329

  • Casual Encounters — Stefan tries out his disguise as Thedius Barknell a bit more, this time against the lady Cordelia. With Alek swinging by later on.
  • The Westmark Commission - Part 2 — Master Johan meets with Countess-Palatine Katarina to discuss the details about her wants.

July 27, 1329

  • Just a Race... — Sammel and Vi, bet on a horse race and to the victor go the spoils…and the loser as well.

July 26, 1329

July 25, 1329

July 24, 1329

  • The Rules of Play — Morla and Gustav discuss the current dangers to the South and seek to understand and predict the rules of play from their opponents.

July 23, 1329

  • Big Brother Little Sister — Brother Destrian One-Hand and Mother Superior Tylon finally have a chance (after many years apart) to catch up…
  • In a Better Light — Lady Cassia enjoys the sunlight at Wolfshire Castle and is joined by the Duke where talk of life, death, and the Guardians, unexpectedly comes up.

July 22, 1329

  • Dangerous Games — Prince Jerric and Lady Victricia…talk. Plans are made, plots are hatched and with Vi named Ambassador…the games are surely afoot.
  • Time Teaches — Brother Destrian One-Hand and Sister Cafell Penderghast meet for the first time.
  • A Prince Returns — Deidra's and Marla's paths cross on a deserted tourney field to witness Prince Samwell's return sooner than they would have expected.
  • Down at the Docks — In the early morning after the closing feast, Collette tries to drown herself at the docks while the Mother Superior and Chosen Destrian see that she doesn't
  • Harsh Reality — Lady Prada Varghem visits the Temple infirmary to learn if rumors of Collette's attempted suicide are true
  • A Bit of a Lecture — The Mother Superior has a word with Sir Augustus about rescent events
  • Talking in Courtly Circles — Cassia is traveling on the road to Wolfshire when the party stops for a rest and she meets Sir Gustav. Sizing up ensues.

July 21, 1329

  • By Right or Pride? — Alek, Victricia, Sammel and Bryony meet, with the help of meddling. Clear lines are drawn! Was Sir Sammel upset by right? Or merely pride, before his feathers were smoothed.
  • Hiding Your Hand — Marla and Queen Regina discuss the closing feast in Laketown and Marla's next assignment.
  • Laketown Circus and Tournament: Closing Feast — The Laketown Circus packs up to move on, and political blood boils.
  • A Short Reunion — Princess Amira and Sir Kameron are at the docks in Laketown, avoiding the closing feast, when Princess Niniane and Cassia arrive unexpectedly.

July 20, 1329

July 19, 1329

  • Oh Brother... — Cassia speaks briefly early in the morning with her brother Augustus on matters of the heart and family, before heading out for the long, hurried ride to Laketown.

July 18, 1329

  • The Princess and the Sellsword - Niniane relaxes in the Drunken Clam talking with Roltoff, Gustav makes a rather formal appearance while Esther deals with a misbehaving barmaid.

July 17, 1329

  • Horsing Around - Bryony and Alek visit the circus pavilion in Laketown featuring the unusual creatures. Kameron is there, and Amira joins.

July 16, 1329

July 15, 1329

  • Infirmary Visit — Prada pays a visit to the injured Lyam and his worried Elenore.
  • A Prince and a Priestess — Discussion of the Circus and Tournament as well as life in general between Stefan and Tylon

July 14, 1329

July 13, 1329

July 12, 1329

  • Opening Circus Parade — A travelling circus comes to Laketown, and it contains more than what one would think.
  • Away From The Circus — Lohstrens and near-Lohstren privately discuss news and plans in Laketown.

July 11, 1329

July 10, 1329

July 9, 1329

  • The List — Tylon and Thomas discover an odd list.
  • Unaligned — Niniane and Stellwint meet.

July 8, 1329

  • A walk in the gardens — Princess Niniane gets to step out for a bit of fresh air and runs into Sir Eldrick and Lady Elenore.

July 7, 1329

  • The Friendly Southerner — Morla visits Niniane at Wolveshire.
  • Changing of the Guard — Baron and Baroness Westmark are approached by Prince Jerric with a unique opportunity.
  • Rule 1 — The Mother Superior is given her first combat lesson by Her Chosen
  • Two Matters — Eldrick seeks out Pawel to discuss a pair of issues.

July 6, 1329

July 5, 1329

  • Two Against One — Two Chosen against a Priestess, Two women against a man

July 4, 1329

  • Wine Stains — Whilst having dinner with his parents and the Princess of Rhaedan in Laketown, Castor makes a mess of things… in more ways than one.

July 3, 1329

  • Letters — Niniane gives Castor some letters for his father and her brother while perpetuating the rumors of the northern princesses.
  • The Scions of Lohstren — Eldrick and Morla discuss the current affairs of the South and House.
  • To have wandered to far — When Elenore goes for a walk and it become something else entirely

July 2, 1329

July 1, 1329

June 30, 1329

June 29, 1329

  • Matters of a Delicate Nature — Morla is summoned by Prince Commander Samwell Taniford to discuss some recent murmurs heard through the South which lead to more delicate matters fit for discussion between House Lohstren and Taniford.

June 28, 1329

  • In Defense of a Prince — Following the Lohstren duel, Morla pays a visit to Xander and Prada in the infirmary only to further discover another of Dalyros' misdeeds.

June 27, 1329

June 26, 1329

  • Shedding the Skin — The start of the Monster of Shelter Lake TP - the Mother Superior is brought an oddity found in Shelter Lake.

June 25, 1329

  • Nothing happened — Duke Pawel Varghem finds the Queens Champion in the Wolveshire Courtyard. Words are exchanged and a punch is thrown.

June 24, 1329

  • Apology required — Collette stumbles over a a commoner's cloak and falls - or did she trample on it on purpose? However, the incident requires an apology, and Dalyros, Deidra, Cafell and Cristof have different ideas on how to attain it.

June 23, 1329

June 22, 1329

  • The Taniford Traveller — A Knight from Taniford is rescued from bandits by Rhaedans, but his parcel he carries may be damning.

June 20, 1329

June 19, 1329

  • Days of Past Present — Lady Coriaria meets with her parents to discuss Prince Tomas' courtship declination.
  • Course Correction — Castor Westmark discusses his future, with Mother Superior Tylon.
  • Moving On — Finally leaving the battle scene, those left of the north and south part ways.

June 18, 1329

  • A Minor Disagreement — Baron Paule and Baroness Katarina discuss the courtship request of Prince Tomas.
  • Angels of the Battlefield — The day after the battle in the Blasted Fens, Tylon comes across a creature of Ellowe while tending to the wounded.
  • Request Declined — Prince Tomas asks Baron Paule about pursuing Baronet Coriaria's hand in courtship.

Chapter I: The Betrayal of Darrin and Kerilyn

June 17, 1329

  • Revelations — The conclusion of the 'Murdered Princess' storyline leads the Rhaedan/Taniford army into the Blasted Fens, in time to catch the wedding of the traitors Kerilyn and Darrin.

June 16, 1329

  • Training and Chatter — Paule and Katarina get in some training and talk about the state of the Kingdom. They get visited by their oldest and her protector.
  • What Lies Ahead — Deidra engages in a conversation with the pair of healers, about the unsure fate that lies ahead of them.

June 15, 1329

June 13, 1329

  • Meeting the Steward — Baron Westmark meets with the steward of Rhaedan and surprises him with information.
  • Pawns of Fate — After speaking with Prince Tomas, Baron Westmark has a seperate discussion of a private nature with Lady Guinevere.

June 12, 1329

  • Travelling Incognito — Two travellers meet a Priestess of the Four on the road to Laketown… and run into trouble.

June 11, 1329

  • The Hooded Ones — Stopping for a bit of rest on the road northwards, the hooded healers continue to rouse the curiosity of some.

June 10, 1329

  • Prepared for Anything — Deidra and Brennart catch up to the Rhaedan/Taniford force that travels by land. Deidra engages in a conversation with Roltoff and Stefan, and a pair of healers draws some unwanted attention.

June 9, 1329

  • Rule 6 — Paule and Katarina decide to start leading Coriaria down the path of leadership. She can't help but to keep secrets still.

June 8, 1329

  • Night on the Town or Not — Free after their family heart-to-heart, the Westmark children head into Sipdon to enjoy the night. On the road, they unexpectedly meet Ser Maldred and his squire, Krea.
  • A Storm of Shadows — The Westmark family is together for the first time in years, and there is much to discuss! Tempers will rise. Arrows will fly. Tears will fall.
  • Reunion in Wolveshire — Pupil and Teacher reunite in Wolveshire.

June 7, 1329

June 5, 1329

  • Misunderstandings — Deidra and Brennart continue tracking Savaric and his group and they have yet another misunderstanding.

June 4, 1329

June 3, 1329

  • Hunting for Purpose — Castor goes seeking Alyona for some advice…
  • Visiting Coriaria — Paule drops in to visit Coriaria after she survives her first assassination attempt on her life.
  • Relatives and Recovery — Castor and Alyona talk with Cricket about the investigation, but things become tense when a certain relative arrives. Then it is Father to the rescue…

June 1, 1329

  • Reinforcements — Deidra catches up to Savaric and Talia, leading to a tense stand-off.
  • Whodunnit — Castor and Alyona, with the Mother Superior's blessing, go looking for answers to Cori's poisoning.
  • Black Lavender and Old Lace — Something has happened to Cori - and Cas and Alyona must find out what!
  • For Family Near and Dear — A discussion between Tylon and Paule turns into an issuance of an ultimatum from Paule and Katarina to Coriaria.

May 31, 1329

  • Temple Temptations — It is immediately after the Westmark Baron and Baroness have retired for the night, and the twins (Castor and Coriaria) are left in the care of the Chosen, Alyona, to ponder their situation…
  • Westmarks in Laketown — The Westmark family pays a visit to the Mother Superior and learns of the attempt on her life.

May 30, 1329

  • It All Comes Apart — A messenger arrives to share the information that Savaric and Talia have discovered in their investigation and the response is rather explosive.
  • Dagger Tag — With deployments and rumors of war galore, Paule summons his family from Laketown for training in the woods in Westmark.
  • A Stormy Passage — While crossing the Lake of Haven, Deidra and Syd make a strange observation.

May 29, 1329

  • Cranky and Calm — A family dinner is not always the best place for conversation.
  • Sunset Boulevard — Lady Collette Lohstren is sitting in the Garden Court, when approached by Lord Castor Westmark, and his trusty (if gargantuan) fenhound - Cerberus. As they become acquainted, more folk arrive: Lyam, Elenore, Carisse and Pawel. Lyam immediately tries his hand at match-making…

May 28, 1329

  • Keeping up Appearances — Boys will be boys - and Castor Westmark is no exception. His second day staying in the Golden Crown Inn after a long, lonely trek in the wilderness has him seeking wine, women and song - all of which he finds… until his father, the Shadow Baron, finds him…
  • Breaching Defenses — Deidra and Roltoff have a talk, when she buys him a drink she ows him - for a lost spar!

May 27, 1329

  • The Haven Pirate — Savaric and Talia have their investigation into the disappearance of Princess Kerilyn turned on its ear.
  • A Lesson in Stealth — Deidra and Samwell discuss their next steps regarding the investigation, when Samwell's squire Aylin makes an entrance of the surprising kind.
  • The Gathering — Having spent time apart for various reasons, the Westmark family reunite in the Golden Crown Inn. Castor is up to his usual tricks, and makes a new acquaintance: Koll - the Bear of the Mountain. Now that the Westmarks are together once more, anything is possible…

May 26, 1329

  • Dagger to the Throat - An innocent stop into the Golden Crown Inn earns Alyona the Still some unwanted attention - of several flavors.

May 24, 1329

May 21, 1329

  • Clues — Savaric & Talia find more clues and are hot on the trail after the kidnappers.
  • The Silver Ring — Collette Lohstren finds new evidence in the ruins.

May 18, 1329

  • A New Deputy's In Town — Prince Samwell has a special task and proposition for Sir Deidra the Swift. And Deidra in turn makes her first decision in her new position — as Deputy Commander of the Blue Guard.
  • Marked with an X — Long lost friends reunite in Laketown Temple - in much different stations in life than they parted. The chiurgeon's touch reveals sinister evidence behind a simple theological disagreement.

May 16, 1329

  • Dinner Surprises — A Dinner date between Lord Lyam and Lady Elenore ends up in plans for their betrothal.

May 14, 1329

  • Interlude - Curing the Curse — While on the trail of Princess Kerilyn's kidnappers, Savaric and Talia visit Tylon at the Laketown Temple to cleanse a dark part of Savaric's past.

May 12, 1329

  • Incriminating Evidence — Kaelea relays the clues to Prince Stefan, and adds a little more of the rumors on to the conversation.

May 11, 1329

  • Healers cannot heal thyself — Wounded in a chance encounter with bandits, Savaric & Talia call for help and Krea answers.
  • Rebuilding — Macsen sticks his head in to greet Roltoff and a group of guildsmen talking about rebuilding the Bad Clam Tavern, and he seems a bit taken aback by what he hears.

May 9, 1329

  • Laketown Investigation — Talia and Savaric come across a clue while travelling north that turns the entire investigation into the disappearance of Princess Kerilyn around - literally.
  • Not Quite an Inquisition — Questioning a red head turns into a pissing contest.

May 8, 1329

  • To Track a Murderer — Kaelea sets out to work on tracking killers, she is joined by Eldrick and his guards.

May 7, 1329

  • By Your Leave — Savaric just wants permission to leave town. Some people make that job tougher than it should be.

May 6, 1329

  • CSI-Ashlan — While out hunting, the Savaric and Talia Ashlan discover a gruesome scene and investigate it.
  • Closing Feast — The closing feast of the tourney brings about more than good wishes as a murder is revealed and the Rhaedan's are detained. Hey! It's for their own good!
  • Suspicions — After the celebration comes to an abrupt end, the Rhaedan's are led off for a more private discussion.
  • No, not a Corsair!?!? - Prior to the closing feast, a much more pleasant matter of potential bethrothals if broached by Elenore with Samwell.

May 6, 13295

  • Jousting — The Crown Jewel of the tournament - The Joust!

May 3, 1329

May 2, 1329

  • Hearts and Horses — The morning of the Archery Tournament - Lord Lyam and Lady Collette discuss horses and their status as spare heirs to their respective lands.

April 30, 1329

April 28, 1329

April 26, 1329

  • Opening Feast — Everyone is welcomed to Wolveshire for the tourney.

April 22, 1329

  • Four Tasks — The Lady Victricia and Lord Paidrig practice archery together and discover four tasks they set on each other.
  • Long Road Nearly Ended — A normal day between father and son is brightened by the arrival of a weary Princess.

April 21, 1329

April 20, 1329

  • Beauties with Swords — Two female Blue Guards give a prince and a duke a demonstration of their superior sword technique.

April 19, 1329

April 18, 1329

April 17, 1329

  • The Inn that didn't Burn — Prince Samwell goes out to walk. Some drinks, gambling, but fortunately, the Inn didn't burn.

April 16, 1329

April 15, 1329

  • Swords and Flames — A fire inferno, panic and sword fighting at the Bad Clam Tavern in Laketown.

April 14, 1329

  • Armor and things — Prince Stefan goes to see Galvin Weir for armor and weapons.
  • An Uncle's Return — Antyllus Varghem takes a trip to Laketown to meet his nephew.

April 11, 1329

  • First Meetings — Chosen Thomas and Priestess Tylon meet for the first time

March 10, 1329

February 24, 1329

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