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To the east of Eikeren is the mysterious and dark land of Ellowe. Once a technologically advanced culture, it fell after a terrible cataclysm that wiped all human life and mutated the surviving fauna and flora into monsters. Its cities still stand, tempting treasure hunters, warriors seeking to prove their worth, and scholars hungry for knowledge into its blighted lands — though few are ever heard from again.

Applications of Ellowean — even distant bloodlines — are strictly restricted. There is no grid location for Ellowe, for it is a place from which darkness comes. Eventually, adventure plots will take characters into the dark landscape of Ellowe to test their survival, but for now, it is a place where talltales are set and monsters are born.

More information on the Fallen Kingdom of Ellowe

Policies Concerning Travel & Time


In order to promote RP, travel times are not restricted. However, one must employ common sense when traveling from place to place, particularly as the grid begins to grow to incorporate more areas. It is difficult to have a scene in Brivey in the morning, and then justify another scene in Wolveshire in the early afternoon.

In the case of combat scenes or sending messages, travel time will be held in strict accordance with the table below. For example, if you are in a scene at Brivey Keep, and word comes that there is an attack clear across the grid in Wolveshire, it would be impossible to arrive within the hour in order to participate.

This table provides suggested travel times based on mode of transportation. If you have any questions about travel times, please do not hesitate to submit a +request to Staff.

From To On Foot On Horse
Brivey Laketown 12 Hours 6 Hours
Laketown Wolveshire 12 Hours 6 Hours

Time Ratios

The time ratio on Game of Kings is 1:1, which means that one RL day equals one IC day.

There are not hard and fast time restraints, however, here are some guidelines that may prove to be helpful when determining the length of time required for certain events. Ultimately, common sense must be used when determining how much time should pass for things such as betrothals, mourning, and the like.

  • Marriage - From betrothal to the ceremony suggested is 1 Month. This allows planning, both IC and OOC, and for folks to settle affairs to be able to attend.
  • Pregnancy - We hope that no one will find out they are pregnant and then have the baby a week later. Use your best judgment.
  • Mourning - You know your character best so do what is right for him or her. If your husband dies and you announce a marriage a few days later, eyes will be cast with wonder if you had something to do with his death (which also is not a bad thing).
  • Injury/Sickness Recovery - Again, use your best judgment and let common sense be your guide. But we will look closely to the player that is injured to near death and then enters the Joust the next week.

All we ask is that that common sense prevail in your decisions regarding the timing of certain events.

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