Monster of Shelter Lake: Shedding the Skin

Shedding the Skin
Summary: The crew of a fishing boat arrives in the Temple at Laketown with a present for the Mother Superior. The beginning of the Monster of Shelter Lake plotline.
Date: 26 June 2013
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Tylon Storyteller 

Temple of the Four - Laketown
Like all temples of the Four, this one is a slightly stretched diamond in structure with lofty cathedral ceilings that let natural light shine in and illuminate this sacred place. It is accessed by a graceful archway on each of the four straight walls, emphasizing that neither direction holds prescedence over the other. Many of the craftsmen of Laketown have come together to carve, engrave, and accent this wonderous temple.

At each of the four corners of the temple are the altars of the Four. The northern corner belongs to Bornas the Mountain God crafted from hard ivory. There is an offering dish that is often filled with handfuls of earth, leaves, or seeds. Directly opposite of him in the south is the handsome and youthful statue of Ravas the Fire God carved from petrified crimson wood, and his offering bowl often contains hearth ash or bits of tinder. To Ravas's left in the western corner is the old and wise Stilltha crafted from polished blue marble; river stones and water occupy her offering bowl, including the occasional fishbone. Last, but not least, opposite of Stilltha in the east is the young Altheara chisled to life from the heart of a hard blackwood. In her bowl is held bird feathers and bones, as well as small carved flutes and chimes.

26 June 1329

The morning was slowly passing, even though it was hard to tell that the day had made it that far with how the sun struggled to pierce the clouds from which the dreary drizzle fell. It did give the acolytes extra fun in keeping the entrances clean for all the added dirt and muck that got tracked in. The last of which was getting cleaned as traffic about the temple had lessened after the morning prayer 'rush'.

Rising from having offered a prayer to Bornas, the Mother Superior comments gently to the pair at work,"It looks fine, they will be tracking it all in again later. Go clean up and see if Father Byron has begun laying out the midday meal yet." A request neither seems to need to hear twice as they are soon turning to head back into the chambers. A soft 'ah' comes as Tylon spies someone,"Brother Lyrt, I was hoping to see you. Could you see this message delivered to the Captain of the watch for me?" A bit of seal parchment being handed over to the Chosen.

"Make way!" the voice of Brother Josef rings out as it seems that Tylon's efforts to have everything clean were quickly made in vain. The Brother is not alone. Along with him is four men, carrying a large wrapped object between them. Behind them are curious on-lookers, men, women, and mostly children that have followed to see what the commotion is all about.

"I heard they dredged it up from the lake." one of them says.

"Oi, they said not to go swimmin their anymore."

"I know this group of kids, they went down there to swim in their unmentionables and bathe, and they said they saw something they did. Something evil."

"I heard it came from Underlake.."

And the chattering continues as the large wrapped object is brought into the main temple room and sat on the floor, lake water still dripping and pooling beneath it, leaving a long trail of water and.. something that looks like mucus and mud all the way back to the doors of the Temple and into the street beyond.

All the ruckus does draw Tylon and Lyrt's attention. The Chosen giving a look to the group, the parchment and then Tylon questioingly. "See it deliver, Brother," comes the answer to the unspoken question before Tylon steps towards Brother Josef,"Good Day, Brother. It seems you have quite the following today." Green eyes flickering to all the on-lookers who have followed after, then to the large object that the trail of water and muck now lead to. "Interesting morning, I gather."

And from the back door where the acolytes had gone, a faint groan comes as one of them looks back in with the ruckus. "Not the floors….already."

The poor acolytes will be busy with the waxing and polishing of the floors again, indeed. "I am sure that they are just as curious as I am." Brother Josef responds, as he turns to the crowd. "Shoo! Off with yous! When we have determined what's going on, the Mother Superior will release an eddict, I'm sure!" he says, as he works on getting acolytes and chosen to start to shoo out the gathering crowd. Some of the children are given candies and scriptures to read.

Once things are relatively clear, Josef turns to Tylon. "I'm not sure.. what this is." he admits to her finally, a hint of — 'fear?' — tinging the man's voice as he moves to gesture to the men that brought in the package to open it up. "Perhaps it is best to allow the fishermen be allowed to explain exactly what it is they came across." With that, he turns his attentions to the four men that are starting to open the sail canvas.

The life of an acolyte, alas. It builds character. Tylon gives a slight glance towards Josef, she gives eddicts….She does suppose it has been awhile, bit busy these days. On his way out, Brother Lyrt does give a little bit of aid in helping to clear along some of the on lookers.

There is a slight glance to the Chosen with the hint of something else in his voice. It just isn't something often heard from…Chosen. Her eyes drift to the package and then the men,"If you would then, please, tell me of the matter. "

"Well, Mother Superior.. it be like this. Me and my men, we were out fishin'. And usually, we gets lots of fish. Today though, not a nibble or a bite." One of the fisherman says as he helps with the canvas. "Ain't never had a day where we ain't caught a fish. And then Zach, he sees something off the port in the water. Shiny thing, it was."

Zach, a large, burly man, tanned by years on the water, picks up from there. "So I get out my hook pole, see. And I catch it. But it ain't no little thing. It be huge." he says as he works with the others, and finally, the canvas is released and with a wet sounding 'plop', the object they are discussing is unfurled.

Measuring nearly fifteen feet long and three feet across, the skin is a shiny, translucent, almost otherworldly color. It apparently has scales, judging by the ripples in the skin, and arms. But no legs, just a very long tail that makes up most of the body. It's not a snake, one can tell that immediately, despite the snake like apperance, snakes don't have arms.

In fact, it's only something that Tylon and others have read about. Or seen depictions of. This skin, this shedded, crystaline colored and goregous skin can only come from one source.


The sea dragon is in Shelter Lake.

Green eyes calmly settle upon each of the men as they impart the various pieces of the mornings events. Some things tkane with a grain of salt, they are fishermen afterall. "Not a single hint of a fish?" Glancing some to Brother Josef,"I have heard some rumblings about the fishing being poor lately."

A slight nod goes to Zach,"It was just floating along then?" But then the sail cloth is undone and the 'thing' is actually revealled and Tylon's eyes widen just a touch as 'it' is taken in. Murmuring softly as she steps to take a closer look…as in circles it before moving and actually moving to touch it…"By the Guardians…" Fingers do gently seek to move over the skin. A slight inqirey,"And there was never sign of something like this before? When did the fishing start to…decline? Less fish biting then usual?"

The skin is crystalline - and fragile. Indeed, at Tylon's touch, the skin breaks, much like spun sugar. "When the skin was wet, it didn't behave like that, Mother Superior." Zach points out as he shakes his head. "We been noticing less fish since the thing in the Fens." he admits. "But we had assumed that it was getting close to the spawn season, the lassies, they be laying their eggs, and the men, then be looking to ferment them, so we ain't thought much of it til today."

"My grandfather used to tell me stories of these things, but ain't rightfully ever believed them." one of the other fishermen comments as he looks down at the skin on the canvas. "What ya want us to do with it? Wes got to try the river before word gets out about this.. this.. monster."

Fingers slowly curl back as the skin breaks at the slightest touch now that is drying. It perhaps luck that it even made it to the temple in as good as shape as it is. "Much changed that day, was changing already," murmurs Tylon. So much, and yet the bigger picture was beyond her vision, she was just the servant.

"Stories always begin with least a shred of truth to them, " comments Tylon, yet ever calmly. Moving back up to her feet after giving the shedded skin another look,"We will see that it is taken care of properly. And sea dragon is perhaps the move correct term, if I am correct. But I do not expect your fishing is going to be much improved for a time."

"I don't care if it's Stilltha herself come down to have tea and scones with ya, give us a way to get it out of our fishing spots!" one of the fishermen reacts angrilly at the correction, before Josef grabs him by the shoulder. "Now Mikhail, ain't no way to talk to the Mother Superior. We did our duty, lets get back to the waters 'fore we lose our full day's worth of fishing." he says as he turns to look at Tylon. "We ain't believeing in much, but ya think this is one of your signs, see what you can do to respond to it, iffn you don't mind?" he says, as the four men turn to head out, leaving the Chosen, Acolytes, Priests, and Mother Superior to ponder over this.. new event.

A look is cast to the angry fisherman,"I understand your frustration, however, I have known of the situation for a whole of five minutes. " Tylon gives a slight incline of her head to the more even tempered outlook,"A way will be found, and the spots reclaimed. Now is not the time for rashness, it'll not end well. Take care and keep a eye out when you return, signs that the birds are perhaps lingering in one area different than norm, or scattering without reason."

A simple, if ever calm look is given as Tylon does promise," We will do all that we can to resolve the matter, and see that your fishing is restored. I would simply ask for patience in this uncommon turn of events." What ever is common these days?

A bow is offered by Josef, as the crew of the 'Baited Breath' heads back out to start fishing again, leaving the Temple in peace with their gift.

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