Shiny New Update

Shiny New Update
Summary: A disguised Stefan meet up with Cassia to exchange information and seemingly help her with jewelry.
Date: 28/07/2013
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Wolveshire - Golden Crown Inn
The main room of the inn serves as a gathering place and an entry hall. A broad staircase follows along the left wall toward a wide balcony-style loft above, and from there carpet runners lead guests down several different hallways lined with doors. Tiles of muted tones with the odd glimmeringsquare are arranged in the symbol of a sun that dominates the center of the main room. A long, low counter of a dark wood lies to the right, where an attendant can assist with getting a room; behind the counter, a nondescript door leads into a private chamber in the back. A large chandelier hangs from the center of the ceiling, and light from the wide front windows strikes the teardrop crystals to send colorful motes of light around the room.

Directly across from the entrance lies another set of double-doors leading into the common room. The sounds of dining and general carousing from within can be heard at all hours of the day and night.

Fri Jul 26, 1329

The atmosphere in the Inn is warm and inviting this fine evening. Music is softly playing as a troupe of musicians gather around a table and pluck at the strings of their instruments; they spend the coin they made that day, merrily playing for those who care to listen. The barkeep and his wife mill about collecting coin and placing trenchers of foodstuffs before some of their road weary patrons.

Cassia Auldholme walks in with her guards, after receiving a mysterious missive and well after Princess Niniane has gone to bed. She beckons to the barmaid and slips a few coins in her hand, gesturing to the men who came with her. "Keep their cups full," she says, "and be sure to pay the minstrels a coin or two, I should like it if they played a bit longer." The barmaid nods and curtsies for the noblewoman and scurries off to procure the cups for the four guards, two Cassia's own and two the Queen's loyal men.

She takes a seat a few tables away from her guards, and quietly hums to herself as the minstrels strike up a well known tune. She straightens the skirts of her deep, purple velvet gown and plucks and errant thread from the the soft cloth of gold that lines the insides of her sleeves; adjusting the circlet at her brow ever so slightly to hide the scar at her forehead.

The disguised prince Stefan sits at the bar already. Watching the people that are around. Spotting Cassia as well but not quite yet moviing towards her, waiting on a good moment perhaps. He does study her though, from under a type of travelling hood, that merchants usually have.

The barmaid returns, giving the men mugs of ale and shuffling over to the table Cassia sits, giving the lady a cup of wine. Cassia smiles at the woman's intuition and happily takes the cup of wine, sniffing the contents before taking a sip. After a moment, she shrugs and takes a sip setting it down to favor the bracelet at her wrist. "By the Guardians, I wonder when this happened to this old relic?" she looks at the break in the circle of plain gold that sits there and sighs almost dramatically.

Being close enough to pick up on the talk Stefan makes his way towards Cassia. "Gone an' broke ya bracelet?" He asks, sounding a bit rough around the edges in the way he speaks. "I deal with similar things. I could perhaps take a look at it for you if you wish?" He suggests, waiting for her to invite him to sit.

Cassia takes a brief look around for the voice and nods. "Goldsmith, are you?" Her brow raises slightly before a small smile curls the corner of her mouth. "Do. Come sit with me good fellow and tell me what can be done about this trinket of mine. I do so hope it can be saved, it was given to me by my father on my thirteenth birthday." She smiles and gestures to the man to sit across the table from her. The guards look to the table and the merchant man and shrug slightly after she invites him to join her.

Stefan nods, "Well, something like that. I deal with a lot of different metals. Almost as a whitesmith. But focused on jewelry and so on." He explains and smiles. "But yes, mostly gold and silver." Nodding about the trinket. "I am sure we can save it." Sitting down and reaching his hand for the bracelet.

Cassia nods to the man as he takes a seat. "Well, then, I find myself most fortunate for your company, good man." She hands the merchant her bracelet from over the table, pointing out the break as she does so. "See it is just… there." She lets go of the bracelet and takes up her cup, waiting for the man's appraisal to begin.

Stefan ahs and nods. Glancing discreetly to the guards as well to make sure they are not suspicious of him. Then eyes go back to the bracelet. "I see. That should not take too long to fix. But I might have to take a moment before I can get what is needed. If you wish I could go to get my kit and I could meet you at your room later? I don't have my stall set up at the moment and it would take too long to do that. Think it might be easier to just come over perhaps?" He suggests. Watching to see what she says.

Cassia slides a glance to the guards a few tables down, giving them a smile as the barmaid comes back to top them off with her flagon of ale. The Queen's men turn away with a shrug as the man looks over the trinket. Cassia looks away from the guards as they do and furrows a brow. "I could not permit you to do that, perhaps I can have it fixed on the morrow?" Her look is a touch saddened as she worries her lip and slips a glance back towards the Queen's men. "Though in the meantime, good fellow, you could tell me of your other wares. I have some gifts that I may lay some of my coin to. Perhaps some news from your travels, if you travel, that is. I long for a good story."

Stefan nods and smiles. "I see. Well, that is no issue." He assures her. Hand going under his hood, carefully, scratching at his head. "I am sure you can do so, if you wish." He says. "Well, mostly talk about the talk between north and south and something about weapons being deconstructed. I am not sure. It might as well been talk of a craftsmen's refusal to work." He says and chuckles. Though the first talk of weapons being deconstructe got a shake of his head. Either that he does not believe the rumours of such agreements, as many other commoners might offer. Or is there more to it? Probably no one other than Cassia would suspect any as it is the usual talk from the commoners around here it seems.

"Ah," Cassia smiles, "that seems to be the only talk anywhere." Cassia's brow shoots up at the shake of the man's head, she gives a nod of her own. "Well, it is good that they tear them down, had they not, they better have hid them well. In some form of ruse, perhaps the four walls of a house and a thatched roof, empty inside?" Cassia's smile crooks up at the corner, turning it into some from of grin. "Though His Highness, well, he wouldn't be so foolish as to leave them up or construct them elsewhere with the Queen's man and blue guard poking about, I do not think." She sighs lightly in a flurry of a huff that only lessened her grin momentarily. "Well, it will be good to see this business done and sooner rather than later. Safely, I hope," Cassia's brow raise up again, though this time it stands to pose a question at her last.

Stefan grins and shrugs. "Knowing the north they might hide it in plain sight." He says and laughs. Leaning forward a bit. Studying the bracelet a bit more. "I am sure it will all go well. Occasionally it can be a fifty-fifty kind of thing. But I am skilled in my trade. So I will do what I can to increase my odds of success with it." He says.

"Knowing the north, aye," Cassia retorts with a bit of a chuckle, "still, one would be wise to tell the Prince in good counsel to conceal these things in some fashion. The way I mentioned would be best, I /assure/ you." She waves a hand at this, as if to dismiss the idea as her gaze catches the gaze of one of the guards a few tables down. "No matter, soon enough. Her Highness is doing well, I believe. If not, she has not indicated such to me, not yet, anyway. I fear I do not make the best companion, though I doubt many would be at this juncture." A soft smile rests on Cassia's delicate features before nodding to the bracelet. "I have no doubt you can fix my trinket, smith. I would not trust such things in the hands of someone that couldn't."

Stefan nods, "I am sure there are some kind of buildings. But would the north really do anything to defy the south? Do they have the balls for that?" He asks and grins. "Though buildings in their standard might be ruins." He says. Nodding as she goes on. As for her last, he smiles. "OF course. That is what I do." Giving her a soft smile and nods.

"Ruins in and of them selves are not the best of things, if I were of the South, I would check there first." Cassia's eyes flit to the guards who are now singing merrily along with a well know tune. Hastily she whispers for the duration of the song that has the guards so distracted, sitting back a bit before it ends; with a smile firmly planted, as guards turn and lift their mugs in her direction, supposedly in thanks for the ale, Cassia nods back beaming a brighter smile. "Oh, I can only imagine. You have my thanks for your assurances."

Stefan nods a bit to what she offers, During the whispered part offering the same in return. Smiling at her, "Oh, thank you. You are the one offering work for me after all. And while I've sat with nobles a few times before I admit that it is a pleasure to get to sit with you." He says politely.

She nods to his whisper and tosses a riotous chuckle. "What good manners you have, smith. I have no doubt that this is why you're so skilled. I assume it makes you good coin as well, flattering the ladies like that." Cassia tosses the man a smile as the guards are given another round. "I jest truly, it is kind words you lay upon me."

Stefan chuckles and nods, "Something like that." Winking to her. "But you are quite kind, my lady. I never did catch your name." Acting the part of a merchant speaking to a client. "I am smith Thedius Barknell. Not that famous unfortunately." He says and chuckles a bit more.

"Lady Cassia Auldholme, good fellow, daughter of the Iron Lord and Lady to the north in Malgrave, if your travels have taken you that far," her smile is bright and full of pride. "Well met, Thedius. You will find that my kindness is shared to all, no need to be cruel just because I can be. If I were, I wouldn't hear such stories or learn as much as I have."

<FS3> Stefan rolls Acting: Success.

Stefan shakes his head. "Apologies about the comments off the north. I…" He does manage to look a bit scared about it. Being a decently skilled actor. Looking down to the table. "I didn't mean disrespect." Though as she goes on without seeming too angry he does slowly go back to his previous state. Nodding to her last as well.

"This man giving you any trouble, my lady?" one of the Queen's guard's asks as he hears the man's apology. Cassia waves a hand dismissively. "Oh no, he does not. I cannot fault him for not knowing where I hailed from. I doubt he knows much of heraldry." As he apologizes further Cassia nods to the man and looks back the guards. "You see. No harm done," she says as she looks back to the man, "no worries, good fellow, I take no offense. I cannot expect you to know me and my house by colors alone." Her smile is warm, though she has no need to convince anyone of anything beyond her personal comfort. "Though, I do so wish I could hear more of what is going on. I fear I am rather cut off."

Stefan nods his head a few times. On his face there might be some brownish red stubble. Knowing disguises and so on it is not too odd perhaps. Though his face is still mostly hidden. "Thank you, kind lady." As for her last, he nods. "I am sure you can hear more soon enough. Rumours and thinks come a lot and if I am around I'll be happy to gossip with you. It's an honor to spend time with cute nobles after all." Just keeping a lowered head to the guards. "Apologies." He offers to them as well. His voice being a bit different from Stefan's usual so they shouldn't be able to pick up on it.

Cassia nods to his words. "You are most welcome, Thedius, smith of precious metals," she says with a smile as her cheeks flush at the compliment. "There you are again, good fellow, with your flattery. I feel as though I must seek you out just for those alone, you have made a patron out of compliments alone." She laughs at this, stifled mostly with one of her pale, slender hands. The guards watch for a moment longer until Thedius turns an apology in their direction. They nod, satisfied with the resulting answers from both lady and man. "Well, I am quite sure you are right. As that is how rumors come often and soon, though hopefully these are sooner than most. I shall like to escort her Highness back to her /brothers/ and kin." She smiles a bit, accentuating on the word intentionally and looking quite proud of herself for it.

Soon after the two part ways.

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