Point levels

Point range Description XP Costs Attr. Cost Word Level
1-5 You have heard of the skill. For blades you know which end to hold. 1 2 Inept
6-10 You know something of the skill, you know how to hold a sword. 2 4 Novice
11-20 You have had some lesons in the skill. 3 6 Student
21-30 You have some talent in the skill, along with training. 4 10 Practiced
31-35 Has received regular training, skilled in most situations 5 12 Average
36- 40 Competent in the skill. 5 12 Proficient
41- 50 Seasoned veteran in the skill. Capable in training others. 6 14 Veteran
51-60 Well above average, extremely skilled, a leader in the skill. 7 16 Professional
61-65 Known well as some one that is above the rest with in their lands. 8 20 Expert
66-70 Commanders, leader, easily trains others in the skill 16 22 Adept
71-751 There is hardly a match for one at this level. Truly a master. 18 40 Master
76-801 One that can talk the talk and walk the walk. Few gain this level of skill. 20 44 Elite
81-901 A legend across the lands. Everyone knows and respects the skill this one posses. 24 50 Legendary
91-1001 A walking god amongst men and women. 30 100 Godlike

1 - Denotes must have Staff approval to raise in this level.


Name Description
Strength Affects how much damage you can do when attacking an apponent.
Stamina Affects how much HP you have.
Reflex Affects your ability to throw, shoot and avoid attacks.
Perception Ability to perceive your surroundings, factors in your ability to attack and dodge
Wisdom Learning skills, using the healing skills
Intelligence Affects many skills that rely on the use of the mind rather than brawn


Action Skills

Name Sub Category Description Ruling Attribute
Athletics N/A The ability to run and jump and do different stances with the body Reflex/Strength
Climbing N/A The ability to climb, duh! Strength/Reflex
Blades N/A The ability to use a Broadsword, Bastard Sword, Greatsword Strength/Reflex
Bludgeons N/A The ability to use maces, clubs and cudgels Strength/Reflex
Dodge N/A The ability to dodge a strike Reflex/Perception
Polearms N/A The ability to use glaives, poleaxes, halberds, and lances Strength/Reflex
Ranged Weapons N/A The ability to use a short bow, Hunting Bow, Long Bow and Cross Bow Reflex/Perception
Riding N/A The ability to ride and control a horse Reflex/Stamina
Shield N/A The ability to effectively use a shield Reflex/Strength
Small Blades N/A The ability to use of daggers Reflex/Perception
Stealth N/A The ability to sneak about and not be seen Reflex/Perception
Survival N/A The ability to survive in the wilds Wisdom/Perception
Throw N/A The ability to throw things and hit what is aimed at Reflex/Perception
Unarmed N/A The ability to fight with out using a weapon Reflex/Strength

Trade Skills

Name Sub Category Description Ruling Attribute
Economics N/A The ability to keep track of costs, savings, ect. Intelligence/Wisdom
Cartography N/A The skill to make maps Intelligence/Wisdom
Farming N/A The skill to plant and grow crops Wisdom/Perception
Falconry N/A The ability to raise, train and hunt with birds of prey Intelligence/Wisdom
Fletching N/A The skill to craft arrows. Wisdom/Reflex
Husbandry Horse The ability to bread and raise horses. Intelligence/Wisdom
Husbandry Domesticated The ability to breed and raise cows, chickens, pigs, ect. Intelligence/Wisdom
Husbandry Pigeon The skill to raise and train pigeons to carry messages Intelligence/Wisdom
Geology N/A The ability to read the earth and find locations for specific items such as gems or iron ore. Ect Intelligence/Wisdom
Leatherworking N/A The skill to work with leather, from tanning, dying and fashioning into usable items Wisdom/Perception
Masonry Iron The ability to smelt, work and build with iron/steel Wisdom/Stamina
Masonry Stone The ability to quary, work and build with stone Wisdom/Stamina
Masonry Wood The ability to select, work and build with wood Wisdom/Stamina
Merchantry N/A The ability to buy and sell things, shop owners Wisdom/Perception
Seamanship N/A The ability to use water vessels Wisdom/Perception
Smith Armor The ability to craft various types of armor Intelligence/Stamina
Smith Horses The ability to craft horse shoes, bridles, saddles, ect Intelligence/Stamina
Smith Jewlery The ability to craft jewelry with gold, silver, copper and gems Intelligence/Stamina
Smith Weapons The ability to craft various types of weapons Intelligence/Stamina
Tailoring N/A The ability to make, mend and alter clothing Wisdom/Perception
Torture N/A The ability to properly torture someone Wisdom/Perception
Track N/A the ability to track animals or people Perception/Wisdom
Weaving N/A The ability to weave, be it for baskets or for cloth. Wisdom/Perception

Social Skills

Name Sub Category Description Ruling Attribute
Acting N/A The art of being able to act within a role, as a character for a performance, such as in a play Intelligence/Perception
Administration N/A The ability to administer to the upkeep, the day to day operations from the smallest household to kingdoms Intelligence/Wisdom
Brewing N/A The art of creating alcoholic beverages. Wisdom/Intelligence
Chess N/A The skills to play the game of kings, Chess Wisdom/Perception
Diplomacy N/A The ability to negotiate in various circumstances Perception/Intelligence
Diguise N/A The ability to disguise one's self or create disguises for others Perception/Intelligence
Drinking N/A The ability to hold your alcohol. Stamina/Strength
Espionage N/A The ability to spy and gather information. May cause disruptions behind enemy lines Perception/Intelligence
Etiquette N/A The ability to act properly in various situations Perception/Wisdom
Forgery N/A The ability to create forged documents Perception/Intelligence
Gambling N/A The ability to play games of chance - cards, dice, ect Perception/Wisdom
Larceny N/A The ability to appropriate that which does not belong to you Perception/Reflex
Religion N/A The knowledge of the Four Guardians Intelligence/Wisdom
Singing N/A The art of singing Perception/Stamina
Storytelling N/A The art to telling a good story. Wisdom/Perception
Streetwise N/A The knowledge and talent to handle one's self in the streets Perception/Wisdom
Training N/A The ability to effectively teach some one in a skill. Intelligence/Wisdom

Background Skills

Name Sub Category Description Ruling Attribute
Alchemy N/A The art of a power or process of transforming something common into something special. Must be approved by Staff Intelligence/Wisdom
Art N/A The ability to draw, paint Perception/Intelligence
Astronomy N/A The ability to navigate by the stars, the study of the heavens Perception/Wisdom
Apothecary Herbalism The ability to gather, prepare various herbs for the use in medicines and other nefarious deeds Intelligence/Wisdom
Apothecary Medical The first responders of GoK, the medics that help treat on the battlefield, emergincies. Those with limited income would go see one of these folks instead of a full healer Intelligence/Wisdom
Cooking N/A The art of fixing food for a meal Perception/Wisdom
Dance N/A The ability to dance Stamina/Reflex
Geography N/A A knowledge of the lands, Intelligence/Wisdom
Healer N/A The doctors/surgeons of GOK. Wisdom/Perception
History Eikeren The study of the history of Eikeren Wisdom/Intelligence
History Ellowe The study of the history of Elowee Must be approved by staff Wisdom/Intelligence
History Folklore The study of various folklore Wisdom/Intelligence
Instruments N/A The ability to play various instruments Perception/Wisdom
Invesitating N/A The ability to investigate crime scenes for clues, as an example Intelligence/Wisdom
Navigation N/A The ability to navigate across the lands and seas Intelligence/Perception
Swimming N/A The ability to swim Stamina/Reflex
Warcraft Command The ability to command troops in the field Wisdom/Perception
Warcraft Engineering The ability to construct and use siege engines Intelligence/Wisdom
Writing N/A The ability to write stories and literature Intelligence/Wisdom

Luck Points

//Define luck points and their uses //

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