Language is what separates humans from animals, and each culture creates their own shorthand that helps make them feel a part of something larger. This living document chronicles slang terms used throughout Eikeren, or within certain parts of it. Please feel free to add to it if you feel that a particular term you come up with would be widespread.

Because public channels are PG-13, while RP is R, this slang file has been divided into two sections by the raciness of the slang. When adding slang terms, please be sure to keep the spicier stuff in the collapsible section:

PG-13 Slang

Blond Bobble-head - (Taniford Kingdom) A member of the Rhaedan royal family. From their tendency toward blonde hair.
To Buy Out - (Malgrave area) To avoid a challenge in a cowardly manner. "Come on man, jump. You gonna buy out on us?" From the practice of buying one's way out of Challenge Day exercises.
By the Other - A strong curse/oath.
To Pillage the Night - To paint the town red, to have a loud night on the town, usually involving alcohol and rowdy behavior. A rather mordant comparison of Corsair tactics to the wreckage left behind by a serious bender.

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