Slashing Swords and Piercing Words

Slashing Swords and Piercing Words
Summary: Another day on the ship. Young lady, healer (part of Sienna played by Carisse), two Blue Guards and lord from the north meet. Some slashing swords and piercing words happens.
Date: 08/06/2013
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TP room
A ship of two gray masts can be seen, never for too long. Considerably big for a sloop, though not as big as a proper frigate, sailed by a dirty crew, and a renown earned by trading spices and uncommon goods. The Stilltha's Dagger gives honor to its name, ending in a pointy bow and long flying, cutting the sea smoothly and faster than most vessels in days of good wind. Its speed sums to the ship's reputation and the suspicious looks it constantly receives. A body full of scars, more repairs than what the crew can explain.
Sat Jun 08, 1329

The motion of the boat is much calmer than the night before, the rain a thing of the past. Underneath the tarp, a young squire has awoken and sits up, rubbing her eyes, her tunic all wrinkled. She yawns and stretches, looking around to get the lay of the ship in the daytime. The sun beams down on the wood, drying it out, along with the stored goods with bottles of rum and other variety of items. Bella folds her arms over herself, shivering despite the sunny day, since her clothing had not had a chance to dry yet and there is a slight breeze that carries over the water.

Fiery blue guard is much more happier today. She is on the deck, there are no too much people around. The edge of her sword glints in the light, when Peronell makes an incredibly exact moves, fighting with her imaginary enemy. This is the best thing the Blue Slayer can do in a boring trip to the land.

Dalyros watches the other Blue Guard from his perch atop a barrel of mead. A smile is spread across his lips as he takes in her fighting style, obviously intrigued with her training. As the squire lady wakes from under the tarp, the young knight turns his attention in her direction before standing from his perch. He approaches, before offering a polite bow, "My lady." he says with another smile, "How are you this morning?"

From down below decks, A certain Northern lord and knight, can faintly be heard cursing and threatening to felay a certain somone for his underhanded, double dealing, sneaky tactics. Several men at arms, both taniford and Malgrave head up onto the main deck to avoid the angered knight. As soon there is the heavy footsteps of the fully mailed Augustus showing up helmet on and eyes red with anger. "So help me if I catch in alive and in good health Ill slowly skin him with a spoon, a very blunt, dull spoon. " at which time he turns and heads up to the Wheel house to look out the back of ship.

First thing Bella notices are the blue guards as she begins folding up the tarp, the sleepiness of the morning slowly leaving her as she begins to awaken more. While Nell is training, she watches a moment before the other guard approaches her. Offering him a sleepy smile, she stands up to respond to the bow with one of her own. "Good morning, Sir Dalyros," her smile widens as she straightens. "I am well, I think I overslept." Hearing the cursing and threats, her eyes widen. "Who is that?" She whispers softly.

Nell stops her training, when a figure of the north lord shows up. The angriness of the lord makes Blue Slayer grin and she offers "Lord of the North, would you like to calm down in a good sparring? I need to enliven my muscles!

Dalyros narrows his eyes as his gaze falls upon Augustus. His left eye twitches as he watches the man, pursing his own lips as he bites his tongue. "That is Sir Augustus Auldholme." His voice is not emitting a hint of disrespect. His gaze then turns to Peronell, "Sir Peronell, please don't hurt the good knight of the north… we may need him to show us the way once we make landfall." He speaks with disdain as he looks back to Gus, a brow slightly raised as he watches the angry man.

Augustus turns to face the lady blue guard and is about to make a retort but after hearing the one Called dalyros, his glare falls on to him for abit. Catching the hidden meaning and snorts a bit. He looks to Peronell and grins. "Thy offer is appreciated Sir Knight, but for now I'd really rather be alone. " he looks back at the wake the ship makes and adds in a somewhat softer tone. "Though …perhaps later, should thy offer still be valid."

At the introduction, Bella also watches the northern Knight with curiosity akin to examining a strange and new bug. Finally, she has had enough of looking and walks over to the side of the ship to look over at the water below, everything seemed so much better in the daytime. After a moment she turns and faces the others, wondering if there was going to be a spar after all. "If you like, Sir Peronell, I could assist."

At first Dalyros makes Peronell grin, but just for a second, when she shrugs at Augustus "Well, as you wish, my lord…" drawls Blue Slayer and continues her training "Though," she speaks moving slowly, but firmly, slicing the air with her sword "May I get the name of that lucky man, who will be skined slowly with a spoon?" and knight tosses her head slightly for the young Blue Guard inviting him for some sparring. Though, young lady interrupts "You?" rises an eyebrow Nell "You are the age of my son… Just a squire. I am afraid of hurting you… Though… Training can be good for you, child. You are going to the battle!"

Dalyros furrows his brow, as he reaches for an apple. He takes a big bite of the apple, before wiping at his mouth with the back of his sleeve. He approaches Augustus, leaning against the rail. "Aye, I too would know the name of this man you plan on skinning." He says, his voice steady, his words calculated. He sizes the man up once more, as a grin spreads on his lips. Waiting for a response, he takes another juicy bite of his red apple.

Augustus keeps his back to the group as he says plainly "Why that double-dealing, underhanded and sneaky prince of yours. " he drums his fingers on the wooden railing, "causing me to break my oath, means I need to skin him alive, perhaps dunking him in boilig water first to soften him, up and peel him like a crab shell, or … (as he gets into more rediculus and ludicris Ideas) - though after a while one wonders if he's just randomly making up stuff to cool his anger as the things he comes up with become funnier and sillier by the moment. (depending on your perception rolls) one might realize something about his comments.

Moving back to where she had slept, Bella draws on her chain maile, the weight heavy on the squire. Afterwards, she reaches for her sword, a broadsword, then turns to face the intimidating Blue Guard. "I'm still in training, so I'm not as good as you, but I need to learn." Hearing the rant, her eyes widen, hearing nothing except rants and raves against the prince. "Wait.. Prince Darrin?" That one she can agree on. Yep. Blissfully unaware of anything else.

Peronell just chuckles and turns all her attention to the young girl "Yeah, you are learning. Though, your Master should teach you, not me," coolly explains Peronell and stands in fon of teh girl with ironical smile "Okay, you attack first, we will see how you handle the sword."

Dalyros smirks at the northern knight, leaning on the railing next to him, but keeping his line of sight on the man, "I didn't know you were a jester." His voice remains steady as his gaze, "I had it on good authority that you were a Knight, but now you make jokes." A casual shrug is given as he takes another bite of his apple. He then squares up on the man once more, "Of course, if you were serious I would be forced to have your head. It would be my duty after all." While Augustus may be venting, the young Blue Guard is whole heartedly serious of his intentions.

Augustus cocks his head, slightly so that his gaze falls upon the lohstren knight. "you would have tried and failed and if your whom I belive you to be, I'd have one very upset lady to deal with. " his tone no longer jesting but quite cold. "It if wasn't for the fact I concider Prince samwell a friend after all our long talks and meetings, I might have very well have done just what I talked about, but damn me if that man hasn't a charm about him which befriends all. "

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Isabella=Swords Vs Peronell=Swords
< Isabella: Good Success Peronell: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Still blissfully ignorant of the underlying currents and jests, Bella concentrates on drawing her blade, studying the Blue Guard. After only a moment does she go for a slash towards the Knights left side.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Peronell=Swords Vs Isabella=Swords
< Peronell: Success Isabella: Great Success
< Net Result: Isabella wins - Crushing Victory

Peronell grins at the young girl and easily counters her attack. Swords clashes and the sound ripples through the waves of the waters. "Not bad, not bad," whispers Peronell. She concentrates on sparring, so does not give any attention to the men. Tall woman springs to the right and turns round before sending a hit to the girls ribs.

Dalyros cannot help but laugh at the words of Augustus. "Aye. I know who you are, but you obviously have me confused with someone else, for if you truly knew who I was, you wouldn't make such a quick assumption as to how easy victory should be." He speaks with confidence, before casually leaning on the rail, "But…." a pause is given with a side glance, "Since you brought it up, Collette is my sister. With that being said, I think you and I need to sit down and have a talk. I mean, if you are going to be a Lohstren, there are some things you should understand first." His mentioning the Knight becoming a 'Lohstren' is meant as a slight, mixed with his own family pride.

Augustus its augustus who chuckles now "I never said it would be an easy victory, that was you who implied such against me. All I said was that you'd fail. " he grins more. " well since it'd be Collette becomeing an Auldholme, Im sure we do have things to discuss. " as he ignores the slight and glances back at the two sparring. "you see I have every intention of marring your sister and bringing her in to the family. She'd prefer you were happy about it and understanding but being a brother myself to a younger sister I can see your view quite clearly and just hope you'll not do something foolish as to try and stop this. I have a great deal of respect for your sister and love.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Isabella=Swords Vs Peronell=Swords
< Isabella: Good Success Peronell: Good Success
< Net Result: Isabella wins - Marginal Victory

Anticipating the hit to her ribs, Bella moves her sword to counter the attack and succeeds beautifully, the sounds of steel a pleasant sound. Without waiting another moment after the parry, she draws her sword back and goes for a slash towards the the right side of the Blue Guard, mostly trying not to pay attention to the conversation around her yet, so that she can concentrate on the fight.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Peronell=Swords Vs Isabella=Swords
< Peronell: Good Success Isabella: Good Success
< Net Result: Peronell wins - Marginal Victory

Peronell gets hit from the young girl and starts laughing "You are quick. I like you! Though, now we have to start the real fight!" and she grins evilly before her sword strikes to the right arm of the young lady.

Dalyros grins at Augustus before looking sharply toward the sparring match. The young squire's ability is rather distracting as he watches them for a moment, before looking back to Augustus. He sizes him up yet again, before nodding, "Aye, I will be honest, I am not happy about my sister marrying a northern man." He hesitates a moment, "I respect your understand, Sir." He offers a hand to the older knight, leaning in close, "But you had best respect my sister, or we will have to find out who would win."

Augustus looks at Dalyros and shakes the knights hand. "If I didn't I'd not have asked to court her. We dont do things on false pretenses, Sir Dalyros. " he replies.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Isabella=Swords Vs Peronell=Swords
< Isabella: Success Peronell: Good Success
< Net Result: Peronell wins - Marginal Victory

Augustus and Dalyros are talking, making amends over a handshake while Bella and Nell are sparring. When her blade strikes the Blue Guard true, her own guard slips and she takes a hit to her right arm, luckily the armor was there though it jars her roughly as she goes for a slash towards the older woman's shoulder, her shoulders already rising and falling with the exertion.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Peronell=Swords Vs Isabella=Swords
< Peronell: Good Success Isabella: Success
< Net Result: Peronell wins - Solid Victory

Peronell quite easy counters the attack of the young girl. She grins and shakes her head "you are quick, but never be too quick," she explains and once more tries to hit the left ribs of the young girl. Strike is firmly and quite strong, without any ruth or concession because of girl's age.

Dalyros shakes the man's hand firmly, before glancing back to the sparring match. He speaks to the northerner but continues watching with interest, "Although, I am not sure how you will like moving into the south." He jests again as he tosses his apple core into the water. "That squire is rather good with a sword."

Sienna, one of the healers sent by Mother Tylon, is stirring above the deck. She's kept to herself, perhaps unsurprisingly, and is still there, hood and cloak against the cool of ship travel. Though perhaps she is watching the sparring, cautiously from her spot. Occasionally her dark dull brown hair can be seen, due to wind or movement of her cloak.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Isabella=Swords Vs Peronell=Swords
< Isabella: Good Success Peronell: Success
< Net Result: Isabella wins - Solid Victory

When her own attack is easily countered, Bella draws up her blade, misreading the movement of the Blue Guard and the mistake costs her the breath in her lungs as the hard hit knocks the air out of her. "Oomph…" Sucking in all the air she can, she draws her sword back and goes for a slash across the middle of the guard, hoping to score a hit.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Peronell=Swords Vs Isabella=Swords
< Peronell: Good Success Isabella: Good Success
< Net Result: Peronell wins - Marginal Victory

Such a quick answer was unexpected and the hit goes there it was send to. It makes Blue Slayer to raise an eyebrow. Though, Peronell does not totter or something like that, just frowns a little bit and answers with the same attack just with a more older knight strenght. "Damn, this child is good. When she will be old enough and with a lot of experience, her enemies will be so doomed," for a few seconds Peronell turns her attention to Dalyros and Augustus.

Augustus cant help but laugh at Dalyros's comment. "Good sir, South isn't my destination, though Im sure Collette will enjoy the north country and the many festiviles we have. " as he too watches the sparing and agree's the squire does have some talent."

Sienna stirs a bit, but then she just curls up a bit more, watching from a safe distance. She winces when blows are stuck, and seems to be looking at her kit of healing supplies, though she does not yet go to see if anyone needs any.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Isabella=Swords Vs Peronell=Swords
< Isabella: Good Success Peronell: Good Success
< Net Result: Peronell wins - Marginal Victory

The hit had again been expected, but Bella just doesn't manage to get her blade there in time to block the attack and she takes the blow to the midsection once more, so that she clutches it. "You win this time.." Bruised ribs, but nothing is cut, she offers a slight bow. "Thank you for the spar."

Dalyros continues watching the sparring match with interest. "So, how will your family handle their keep being full of Lohstren southerners?" He asks, still attempting to tease the man. His voice now emits a fair hint of respect as he speaks to the nothern knight. Something has changed in his attitude.

Peronell just shrugs and follows with her fiery eyes the young girl, who rushes somewhere away. Now Blue Slayer hides her sword in the scabbards and turns to the men. She comes closer near the rail and leans over to stare at the waves. Though, she does not hear what they are talking. It looks like Nell becomes a little bit thoughtful and just delights in a refreshing wind, which plays with her curls. However, Blue Slayer peeks at the healer a few times, not saying anything.

Augustus grins impishly at dalyros and says. "Well I guess that depends on what they want to do after we thaw them out, in front of our hearth. " he teases. "I've always wondered what a lohstren Ice ball would look like." he chuckles lightly. "though Im sure they'd have fun and we'd treat them as family and fill their bellies with food, drink and their hearts and minds with song and dance."

Quiet and reserved, as befits a Healer of the temple. Curiosity might be there, but it's generally not allowed voice, as Sienna watches. Her gaze relaxes, as the sparring match ends with no serious damage to either participant.

Dalyros raises a brow at the man, "Frozen Lohstren?" He shakes his head, "You sure do have an odd sense of humour." He shifts his weight slightly, "I think we should have some mead." He motions toward one of the deck hands, "Mead." He orders the sailor, before turning his gaze on Sienna, looking her over a moment. "How long have you been a knight, Sir Auldholme?"

Augustus shrugs as he's told he's got an odd sense of humor and at the offer of mead his lips and throat feel parched. "I have been a knight for fourteen year, was Squired for four and then knighted on my eighteenth birthday, I've been in command of the Ironclad for the past five years now. "

Peronell leans back and turns for a few seconds to the men. She bows her head slightly to them "Have a tasty mead. I think I will try to find kitchens, you know, if this ship has one," she grins and leaves, glancing at the healer before that and nodding her a little bit.

Sienna returns Peronell's nod, with a slight one of her own, seeming perhaps a bit shy. She turns to busy herself, checking over her supplies, perhaps not noticing Dalyros' glance her way. She's just out of range of the conversation, oblivious of all the talking going on.

Dalyros takes the two glasses of mead from the deck hand, offering one to Augustus. He raises a toast to the man, "Here is to the future Augustus Lohstren." He smirks lightly, a slight chuckle escaping his lips.

Augustus laughs as he raises his mug. " to the future Collette Auldholme." as he downs about half the mug. He then looks at the young lady down below and asks. "so whom else do we have with us on this journey? As I dont reall seeing her before now."

Sitting on the deck, Sienna simply remains oblivious to the folks speaking about her. She looks at all the items in her pack, unpacking it all, and then carefully packing it back in. Her hands are marked and stained, apparently from long years of child labour working with potions, poultices and salves.

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