John Solomon


Former long-time veteran of the Red Hand Company, Solomon doesn't tend to talk about anything before that, and anyone that probably does is either long since dead from on the job work, or probably by him personally. The kind of person that has few scruples about doing dirty work. Or as he calls it the 'mean and nasty' work. His kind of work.

But apparently, that's all behind him now. After becoming jaded to how the Red Hand was being run, or lack thereof, he decided to part ways amicably, taking his savings that he had accumulated over the twenty plus years of working the hard life of a mercenary and settled down in Laketown.

There, he opened a tavern just on the fringes of Laketown, catering to the sorts that might not be as welcomed in more 'finer' establishments. In essence, he gives a place for the more questionable types to go and he's never been the sort to ask too many questions on just what people do for work. That doesn't mean he won't solve any disputes that occur in his bar, especially if it threatens his operation. But more often than not, he's happy to let fights resolve themselves as they always do. Hell, he probably starts betting pools as to who'll win.

He's also a brewer of sorts, specializing in strong, tasty meads and heady dark lagers. The most famous of his drinks was something called Tib's Morning After, or simply 'a Red', being named for the effects of having one too many of the particular mead.

And while he claims he's 'retired', it's likely that's only partly. Because that double-bearded axe that hangs above the bar doesn't ever seem to collect that much dust on it. So maybe he's looking to get back into the game, just needs a good enough reason.


  • Crotchety
  • Dark Humor
  • Gravely Voice
  • Hard to Kill
  • Heavily Scarred
  • Large

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