Southern Knight Northern Princess

Southern Knight Northern Princess
Summary: Princess Amira meets a Sir Corwin in the merchant quarter of Laketown. *First Scene for new FC player of Amira*
Date: 22/08/2013
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Laketown - Merchant's Quarter
The Merchant's Quarter lies between the glittering heart of Laketown and the rough older neighborhoods closer to the docks. Relatively quiet and well-to-do compared to the rest of town, there are a vast array of shops, inns, and taverns that dot the almost bucolic setting of flowerbeds, winding cobblestone roads, and the smell of baked goods. The residences are not large but meticulously cared for, and there is a genuine attempt by its denizens to try and keep the riff-raff of the docks out while letting in the shiny new money flowing through Laketown's center.
To the south is the broad cobblestone road leading to the docks.
Thu Aug 22, 1329

The merchant quarter is still bustling with activity, more so now that the high heat of the day has started to break as the evening begins to wear on the land. The summer heat after all, drains the energies of the nobles or those who have to walk around clad in armor or gear, so business is more suitable for these precious hours prior to the sun vanishing altogether. It's here, at this time of day, that one noble young lady, dressed in suitable gown made for movement and keeps with the current fashion trends, has come out of hiding to seek out some distraction at the shops arrayed down the street. She's waited upon by another lady, about her age, a handmaiden by the look of her, both which are watched ever so carefully by Royal guards. Amira, the one whom appears to be the one in charge, is confident in the way she moves, fearless in this time of trouble between Kingdoms. She browses the hawkers vendor carts first, those who at night will close down their stalls and pack their goods for a further attempt the next morning. They aren't as brazen as some could be with their shouts, still, they appear overly interested when the blond in the dress pauses for a moment to consider their baubles.

"I realize you carved it with your own two hands - but it's still just a fashioned hunk of wood. You're pricing it more like you moulded a pound of gold. I've no doubt its fine workmanship, but - don't interrupt me - I'm simply not convinced it's worth that. Look. I'm here another few days. I'll look around, see what my other options are, and give you a chance to match them before I go." Corwin sets down whatever it was he was attempting to buy and turns away from the protesting merchant. The knight doesn't turn his head though, drifting back into the crowd and doing a fine job ignoring the fellow. His rapid steps away from the stand take him on a collision course with Amira. No actual contact is made, of course. He veers off in plenty of time, eyeing the nearby guards and her attendant. He takes the time to tuck a bow. "My pardon. Crowded in here." He offers by way of apology.

The movement of one so near to a princess of Rhaedan, especially by a Southern Knight has her guards suddenly tense up and close in around her, at least, they had taken a step or two to intercept Corwin, thinking doom and assassins in every other glance they take. Amira doesn't seem as jolted by the appearance of a man, a knight, near her. Standards, oaths, honour have a way with keeping knights in check and balance. Her gaze does lift, tracking him with her blue gaze, tilting her chin with a soft fan of her hand toward her tumbled coils of hair. The bow is granted a moments consideration, levelling the object of her prior interest back upon the vendor cart where she had taken it from. From there she tips her head at Corwin, "No harm done good Sir," she feints a look toward the rest of the market, yet never really takes her eyes off the knight, drawn back from her curiosity. "Are you here for the tourney?" At least, the events that are left, since the horse races and archery took place a few days back.

Given a moment, Corwin is able to take a better look at the royal guards and have a much clearer idea who he's dealing with. He stands a little straighter. The southern knight doesn't seem like too much of a threat at the moment - while he does wear a weapon, he's otherwise without armour, favouring reasonably fashionable court attire instead while he's out in the city. He focuses his attention on the princess.

"I'm not, honestly. It seemed to come here for me, if anything. I arrived and the celebration began. Really quite the treat." He flashes and easy grin. "I didn't participate though. Haven't had much chance to practice at such games and I fear I'd get made quite a fool of. My sister participated in the archery, however, so at least a little representation for the family."

Amira doesn't react to her guards in the way Corwin does, likely, she's used to their overreactions and their uncanny way of keeping conversations short and proper. After all, not many people can stand to be stared down and watched with an eagle eye for too long without feeling some discomfort. Her attendant briefly touches her on the elbow, making a soft word about a trifle matter, since Amira flashes her hand up to dismiss it. The handmaiden nods and stands back, holding a basket with a few purchased items in it already. The guards at least, don't close in around Corwin, but they continue to watch.
"It truly is a treat," she reiterates, "I particularly like the fact that the Temple's own Chosen are competing. It isn't often that they participate in tourneys." Of course, it being hosted by the Temple was likely the cause for why. She shakes her head softly at his remiss about being mocked, "I somehow doubt a man would be mocked for entry into such games." She looks upon his court attire, the colors not of the North, "I do apologize, as I have no recollection of your name." It's polite and sincere, backed by a quiet smile. "And who is your sister?" A pause, with an additional remark, "I had heard a Chosen had won the archery. I'm quite disappointed I wasn't able to participate in the contest myself. I would've liked it."

If Corwin is uncomfortable with speaking to royalty - especially northern royalty - he doesn't seem to show it. He's certain to keep a respectful distance and his tone polite, but seems otherwise at ease with the conversation. His eyes occasionally note the position of the guards, but his attention is otherwise kept focused entirely on the princess.

"Are you a fair hand with a bow, then? I am sure many would have been excited to see you participate. Perhaps the next time. Did the Chosen win? See - I was tending to some business the day of the archery and lost all track of time. I didn't actually get out to watch the event. I fear my sister wasn't impressed." He gives a helpless shrug. Keeping appointments isn't one of his primary skills. "As we've never met, recalling my name would be difficult. Sir Corwin Sollinger. My sister is Cordelia Sollinger. And she's much better with the bow than I am. I need closer combat where my height is an advantage." He adds another bow after introducing himself and his absent sister.

"I must profess that I am," Amira replies with a hint of modesty befitting the young woman, "I enjoy the respite it allows me at times." There's a movement from one of the guards that suggests he's not impressed with her leaking such information. She merely ignores him with a tilt of her head and a graceful repositioning of her arms, smiling at his words, "It would have been exciting though the timing a little off, I'm sure." She shows no signs of being weary of speaking to a Southern Knight, it may one day aid her to be polite now. "I believe a Brother Thomas won, if I do recall his name. It is a most popular name these days. Some are daring to say the archery was rigged so that the Temple would secure a victory." There's a hint of disapproval for the rumors, instead, focusing on his lack of keeping to an appointment, "You'll need to find some way to make it up to her. Sisters don't let you forget a thing like that." A curious look overcomes her, as if experienced in such.
The introduction is easily kept to noble standards, the young lady making the right gestures and posturing to accept his name, "Forgive me Sir Corwin, but you do remind me of a gentlemen I had come across a few years back. I had thought for a moment," she shakes her head and lifts a hand to ward off her thoughts, "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Does she need an introduction? For some reason she doesn't and takes to the topic of swords, "Height is an advantage, as long as a shorter smaller man doesn't have the drop on you first Sir Corwin."

"We play the hand we're dealt, Highness. Height and reach are find cards to have, but they still need to be played properly. It always comes down to an individual’s skill and how they play to their strengths. So far I've managed to play to mine and not been cut open. Saying that, I'm still young. If I make it to thirty summers I'll consider this knight business to be a success." Corwin announces this with another easy grin. "I'm certain we haven't met before - I wouldn't have forgotten it. But, I hope whoever it was I reminded you of was a fine fellow."

He pauses a moment and then adds - "As far as cheating in the archery, that seems unlikely. It would have to be quite the production to pull off. I'm certain this Brother Thomas was just a damn fine shot."

"You speak truly good Sir," the Princess of Rhaedan at least seems impressed with his sentiments, listening politely as he concludes he has been playing his cards as well as he can, avoiding a bust. The easy grins are at least disarming, allowing her to be a little more open and not so back-straight proper, despite the eyes boring into the back of her. Royal guards will never be completely at ease around Southern folk. Schemes and dangerous ploys tend to lurk in the South after all. Amira herself isn't caught up in playing that hand, rather, the one which respects the neutral desires of Laketown, "Pray to the Four that you're able to see such good fortune." It's not said unjustly or with spite, but rather in good taste, wishing the man good fortune on his life and to the hopes that he'll see thirty summers. "I'm quite certain he was, otherwise I would be recoiling from you good Sir," she has a playful curve to her lips just then and her tone mimics the expression. A good indication of approval at least of their current conversation.
The last, of the Temple finding a way to cheat makes her hmm softly and nod with agreement, "I'm sure he is." Her tone rings with a hint of wanting to challenge that, she even looks eager to grab a hold of a bow the way her hands twitch and she has to force them still, yet it escapes anyway, "I wonder how he would've done had I played my cards."

"Not a doubt in my mind that you would have bested him, highness." Corwin replies with a confidence. Not that he should really have any - he has never seen the woman with a bow in her hands - but a little bullshit never hurt anyone. "And I'm quite pleased you haven't recoiled. It's hard on my ego when that happens too many times in a week. That said, I should let you be about your business before I stress out your guards any further." He shifts in place, patting absently at his body to ensure it's all there, making ready to depart. "If you're ever in need of someone to embarrass on the practice field, send someone to find me. I'm always game for a lesson." A bold invitation to offer to the daughter of a northern king, but he seems to think little of it. He bows once more. "Has been a pleasure, highness."

A little flattery goes a long way when it comes to a noble lady, who is still rather young at heart. Little bits of confidence do wonders for the girl, whose had to watch every step she's made even more closely now. Thus, she shows a hint of color on her cheek for it, until she turns that into an easy soft laughter, hand upon her breast, "You ego is secure and safe Sir Corwin, though I find it hard to believe you're the cause of my guard's stress." She quickly peers over her shoulder at one of them, watching how he straightens under her stare. Amusement shines in her blue eyes as she pivots her gaze back toward Corwin, eyes widening a touch for his invitation. Bold but clearly intriguing for the Northern Princess, "I just might," her response quick and no doubt prompting a kneejerk respond of her guards, once he's out of earshot. "Good eve Sir Corwin," she tips her head in respect and then turns back toward the vendor she had kept anxiously awaiting, her handmaiden ducking her head down as words of advice to stay clear of the Southern Knights undoubtedly begin to flow.

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